Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Celebrating The Birthday Of Television's Princess!

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lubslubsyshivu_monayaMiya_Malikmisslaugheasilycrystalrosealishba45GoDsLoVeJotz_92Zephyr8love-MoNayasubtlesapphirekrazzy4ArHiAlexandrarosegurti2012Arrogant-Poojasabatahirhbkumarnehnehnejiamara23khalida4ualina_lalesajanlovermsainhjaugruby.Armu4evaShaily.marisol45a little faith-Gayathri-AmnaIsh-sia-..-Niru-..NikkiNupurTheBlueAngelFlamingsOfLoveTheRoopsyrabia04ful_SilverLining_Sanlicious1gunjan7duskIshrafan11FebruaryFlowerNatluS-SahibaPN_luvs_Arjun_deepshi_-Indescribable-noorie_LavarniaSunriseGreenPayal25-HappyBird--Appy-Aaru77melody442_anu2908_SwaNia_1-BrokenDreamer---softyy--leeseunggilovechucklebuddy-Ammie-HealMeForeverPohaJalebi.-Leah-wadi..dollNautankiSaali17SandCastle.SwaNia_2stardust-soniaduttacrazyskypakpearl_Darling_Aru.Neloufer...-Ayesshhaa-....Enchanteur..-Jahnvi---sunshine--SillyPepperSK1991Fatima_QlonelyshadowsanwDark-Huespinky_blueskiesyulZBayAreaGuru*Adorable_Anu*Siddhi_naddiya26Rafa.LunaPotterMillerrr88naz17555Anam...DiyaS-Drishti-mazkachazka.Saraa.adits7-CreativeSoul-tinselsaraaa.well-wisherDelightedHeart.Jane..relentless.kavya.bjyothi-Faraan92mishti_17AASUS.StarryPhoenixragzz.Dilbole_ShiOmRusunaina02saher_90Roshini1494--Sanchu---Deepali-x-affy-x.DulcetPreeti.xominuuRamKiSeetaNadz_YuNaloverNikki_Titlisanober.

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blue heart
About Sanaya Irani
blue heart
blue heart
Some Facts About Sanaya Irani
blue heart
blue heart
Sanaya Irani Herself Speaks About Herself
blue heart
blue heart
Sanaya's Achievements
Winner of the ITA Face of the year 2008

Nominated for New Talent Awards Best Actress 2009
Nominated for best actress on an award show at Colors T.V
Nominated for GR8 face of the year,2008

blue heart


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shivu_monayabarunkifan172crystalroseGoDsLoVealishba45alina_lalekrazzy4ArHigurti2012sabatahirnehnehnejiJotz_92marisol45AmnaIshTheRoopsy-Gayathri-Payal25nav_batIshrafan11--softyy--melody442-BrokenDreamer-SwaNia_11gunjan7duskSwaNia_2SandCastle.stardust-pakpearlSillyPepperSK1991-Jahnvi-..-Ayesshhaa-..saraaa.Mariaa.SG-CreativeSoul-tinsel.Saraa.naz17555Dark-HuesRafa.LunaPotterSiddhi_pinky_blueskiesyulZmadsangelic shazsaher_90.StarryPhoenixkavya.bAASUSmishti_17Faraan92--Sanchu---Deepali-Nikki_TitliNadz_YuNaloverRamKiSeetaminuu

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 Trip Down Sanaya Irani's Successive Career

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crystalrosehillyGoDsLoVeJotz_92avekshasabatahirnehnehnejialina_lalekrazzy4ArHigurti2012TheBlueAngelNikkiNupurmarisol45a little faith_Jiya_-Gayathri-SunriseGreenPayal25--softyy--1gunjan7duskneha_mjhtnav_batFebruaryFlowerstardust-SandCastle.SwaNia_2..-Ayesshhaa-..fend-CreativeSoul-naz17555.Saraa.Dark-HuesSiddhi_pinky_blueskiesyulZangelic shazSillyPepperSK1991pakpearlsaraaa...Enchanteur..-Jahnvi---sunshine----Sanchu---Deepali-sunaina02kavya.bsaher_90Faraan92The_May_RoseAASUSmishti_17Nikki_TitliNadz_YuNaloverRamKiSeetaminuusanober.

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Love itself is a universal experience. Yet, every individual occurrence - while perhaps bound by a common thread - seems absolutely unique. Love is what love is! To everyone it expresses itself differently.

Love is something that grows inside us. It does not grow on trees that you pick at random when you want it. To be able to get love, we must learn how to give it first. Love exists in the deepest part of all our souls, as a jewel or a lamp that needs to be kindled for the energy to flow out. Its one process which lead person to feel soul of their soulmates its soul connection with heart to heart connection with its holder no any expectation no any condition but only to give ur soul ur heart without wanting anything back its unconditional.

Sanaya irani found her soulmate with her second show MJHT in Mohit Sehgal. They met and found each other's pure soul and heart connection with each other. Every person who falls in love have their own essence and their uniqueness in their love story with same but with different and unique fragrance of their own love's essence, it happened same with monaya.
Monaya are one of television's popular couple who has millions of fans dying to see their interviews each day.. Although the much in love couple was already dating since September 2009, they declared about their relationship publicly when Miley Jab Hum Tum was going off-air in November 2009.. Miley Jab Hum Tum will always be special to both of them as they found their life partners because of it and has lived their most memorable moments together because of it.

It was just like one beautiful story where they both met they had their own opinion then they became friends and then slowly slowly they found their heart and soul in each other they gave time to each other for realization ,after consideration they felt their love their TRUE and DEEP love. Their love is based on pillar of understanding where they started first understanding each other's povs they RESPECT it ,relation has to be built up on base of trust ,understanding faith and respect and monaya's relationship and their love always give this best example.

Monaya's beautiful bonding always made us to know their real side both r different and opposite. Mohit calm and composed and sanaya lively ,full of life and loud having mixing nature from her heritage of parsian and that balanced and balancing in their life and relationship with maturity level. Monaya's each and every phase of their relationship always showed their maturity level to get into relationship with 100% involvement of ur EMPATHY ur pure feelings of ur happiness, ur satisfaction and ur soul and heart.
Its true love where u feel depth of each other's heart without saying anything and u understand what u meant to say... 
On this beautiful day wishing them , may they will remain always like this together forever for always...

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crystalroseGoDsLoVeavekshanehnehnejialina_lalekrazzy4ArHigurti2012TheBlueAngelNikkiNupura little faith-Gayathri-Payal25memories_imWooHooHaha21--softyy--1gunjan7duskSwaNia_2SandCastle.stardust-NautankiSaali17naz17555.Saraa.Siddhi_yulZpakpearlSillyPepperSK1991-Jahnvi-..-Ayesshhaa-..-CreativeSoul-saraaa.AASUSmishti_17--Sanchu---Deepali-saher_90Faraan92ragzz.Nikki_TitliNadz_YuNaloverminuu

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hey sanaya Hug

we have made small gift for u with this vm i hope u will like it Embarrassed

From my side EmbarrassedHug

with love Aashi (aashizin)

Glitter Graphics |
From Deeplli 

 with love  Deepali88 EmbarrassedHug

Glitter Graphics |

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meena2011crystalroseGoDsLoVekrazzy4ArHialina_laleNikkiNupurTheRoopsyTheBlueAngela little faith-Gayathri-Payal25WooHooHaha211gunjan7duskSandCastle.SwaNia_2..-Ayesshhaa-..-CreativeSoul-saraaa..Saraa.SK1991-Jahnvi-pakpearlnaz17555Siddhi_yulZkavya.bsaher_90--Sanchu---Deepali-Faraan92AASUSmishti_17Nikki_Titliminuu

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From Aashi (aashizin)

Sanaya You're simply the best, better than all the rest 
Better than anyone , bestest our sweetheart  HeartHug

some ppl come in our life and become most imp part of our life u come in our life and make it shine with ur wonderful and heavenly presence sanaya 

ur eyes can speak a more than we think more than u want to say anything ,purity and innocence of ur  heart  always make u  more and more beautiful ur  eyes speaks ur heart , our princess sanaya irani ,u always rule over our heart with ur  presence , with ur  witty thoughts with ur  innocence, and honesty , ur dignified persona always steal our heart ,ur one glimpse makes anyone to notice ur purity ,ur spark set fire on screen and off screen ,none  can resist from ur charm , ur beautiful eyes , ur angelic face ,ur pure heart , ur  graceful and classic  smile which is god gifted to u HeartHug

sanaya ur 
passion ,devotion , hard work , dedication craziness for ur work always represent ur love for ur work u  always believe in positivity and hard work to get what u want , ur  optimist nature always bring u ahead to take any risk in ur  life , 
sanaya  u r  perfect and beautiful being herself , simple sober but eyecatcher of any person none can resist from ur sizzling presence ur magnified persona, u r balanced person who can mix up with any atmosphere and make anyone to mixing up with u , ur  rocking nature  always make u different from anyone ,ur chirpy and bubbly nature makes  anyone to praise u more and more u r  perfect combo of maturity with honesty ,beauty always lies in simplicity and sanaya u r perfect example for it u have beauty in ur eyes and u can  see beauty everywhere in everyone its her best quality  sanaya u r doing extremely awesome job as khushi u always come up with wonderful chars and making it alive on screen and we all r so proud that u r doing outstanding and marvelous job as khushi with ur brilliant work Clap

i once read  most beautiful person ever existed today i can reply this yes such a beautiful person exist infront of my eyes i adore u and  respect u love u  and always pray for ur  best future and success in ur  life ,sanaya on this wonderful and special day wishing u wholeheartedly many many happy returns of the day sweetheart may ur all wishes and dreams come true u seriously deserve best in ur life and u will def get my love wishes and blessing will be always there for u  and for mohit , sanaya u and mohit r special part of our life god bless u both with wonderful and everlasting togetherness may god bless u both love u both endlessly HeartHug HeartHug
 HeartHugonce again happy birthday i hope u will like my small gift of vm and also want to gift u this siggy Embarrassed

May this year be your best ever.
I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.
Not just a year older, but a year better.
Here's to another year of experience.
A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.
A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.
Happy birthday, may this day always be a special one to remember.
May the best of your past be the worst of your future.
Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!
I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.
May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.
Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day.



we wish God bless you'
With all joy and cheers'
May you live a long life'
May you get all good thing in your life'
May you have happy days and nights'
May all your dreams come true'
May all your desires be fulfilled'
May you spreading happiness everywhere'
Stay away from every sorrow and grief'
we all r glad to celebrate our sweetheart's b'day 






once again many many happy returns of the day sweetheart have a wonderful day and year ahead muahhh Hug
HugHugwe all love u HugHugHugHug

with lots of love 

Aashi Hug

From nattie resss Embarrassed

From pragya (pragya_luvsajan)

When the candles glow

With the Lights Down low

Close your eyes real tight

And wish what's right

That's what today is for

To dream like you never have before

And if you ever doubt

As you blow the candles out

That wishes can come true

They do'..

Cause we have YOU

Happy Birthday

With all my love


Dear Sanaya,

Firstly wishing you a very very Happy Birthday. I hope you really enjoy your birthday. You get lots and lots of love and wishes from everyone with lots of sweet surprises.

On this day I wish you have all your dreams coming true. This day is not only important for you, but for we fans too coz you really mean a lot to us in many many ways. I have been you fan for like 3 years now and I feel so proud of the fact. You're so talented. A very popular face today on the television and yet so down to earth. And this quality is really hard to find today. I have seen so many other actors but none as sweet as you are. The amount of love you have given to your fans and the way you interact with them.

The respect you give to each and every person. Being so bubbly and cheerful yet not outspoken. So humble and polite. I feel these are rare qualities found in actors today and that's another reason which makes us love you more and more. With every new interview with every new article we fans love you and respect you more. Simply coz of the way you are and I really hope you never ever change. I am loving you in IPKKND. Loving to see you with Barun, although not as much I love with Mohit Its nice to see Iss Pyaar ko.. segments. However miss MoNaya Interviews like hell. And I hope with your birthday we fans are lucky enough to get one int of MoNaya.Thats all I wanna say now. Have a blast and enjoy yourself. And I wish you all the success..


Wishing you all life's bright and happy things

All its beautiful moments

On your birthday and always


Well there is just a small thing I made for you I hope you like it..

With Lots Of Love



From Charmee (charmee_sammy)

Happy Birthday SanayaHug

Sanaya, Happy Birthday!Hug You are truly our treasure... Thank you for giving us Sanaya in Radha ki as the young and hip girl, for giving us Sameera who always learned to fight in Left Right Left, for giving us Bobo in fanna that made us laugh and thank you..for giving us Khushi n many many thank you for giving me Gunjan...thanks a ton for giving us samrat's chashmish, thank you for giving us sajan, something we will treasure forever!! love you sanaya Hug

M so glad that n proud that ur now in a starplus show n u'll soon be seen dancing with srkTongue

You have always given justice to all ur characters n so now u have reached to this height.. I wish to see more success in ur truly rock my dollBig smile

Now coming to Monaya.. i really miss you two togetherOuch i wish to get you two back together soonBig smile Love MonayaHeart

Wish you loads of happiness.. May all ur dreams n iwshes come true sweetie..n wish  loads more success in ur life.. May ur love life with Mohit bloom as alwaysEmbarrassed Happy BirthdayHug Love you dollHeart

"Fly in the plane of ambition,
and land on the airport of success,
Luck is yours,
wish is mine
may ur future
always shine. . .

"Fly in the plane of ambition,
and land on the airport of success,
Luck is yours,
wish is mine
may ur future
always shine. . .

Happy Birthday SanayaHug Love you dollHeart


From jyothi (monaya_MS )

Happy B-Day Sanaya.

  Wishing u Lots and Lots of Happiness In U R Life.

With love Jyothi Hug

From tanzeel (hiii)

So the day is finally here for the past 2 3 weeks we all have waited for this days arrival for it to be 17 September so we can wish our sweetheart a very very very happy birthdayParty Hug

Happy birthday Sanaya I hope all your birthday wishes come trueEmbarrassed and may you have many many many more amazing birthdaysBig smile

You are seriously my favourite actress of all your acting is fabulous and every day you amaze me with your fabulous expressions Embarrassed

I first became a fan when I saw gunjan in MJHT which is my most favourite show in the whole world and will always beApproveHeartthrough gunjan I got to know that u are sanaya Irani and then I started watching your interviews as well as you were to adorable I couldn't resist and watched every interview there is of yoursEmbarrassed

Of course my most favourite once were the one with you and mohit both as you too are just way to adorable togetherBig smile Embarrassedthen I watched IPKKND and saw a whole new level of your acting skills seriously you surprised us allClap after playing the delicate character of gunjan you went on to such an opposit of gunjan by playing khushi kumari gupta and I am seriously loving her every day she is to incredible and you portray her beautifully<3

Have an amazing birthday Sanaya I hope you get even more success in the future and you keep doing the amazing job you are there really isn't any other actress like youBig smile I am proud to sa that I am a sanaya irani fanEmbarrassed


love your fanEmbarrassed

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sweetgigglescrystalroseGoDsLoVegurti2012alina_laleJotz_92avekshaNikkiNupurTheBlueAngela little faith-Gayathri-Payal25memories_imWooHooHaha211gunjan7duskSwaNia_1SwaNia_2SandCastle.stardust--CreativeSoul-SK1991pakpearlMitu_..-Ayesshhaa-..-Jahnvi-saraaa..Saraa.Siddhi_yulZjyothi-saher_90charmee_sammyFaraan92AASUSmishti_17--Sanchu---Deepali-minuuNikki_Titlisanober.

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From Miss-Pakiie-KMH
Heey Sanaya Hug

i wish uu A Very happy Birthday Clap
was waiting for this moment from a very long time ..i know its not my birthday but your like a Family Member coz i'm used to see uu !! LOLMuust Say you've totally Impressed me As Khushi and i'm addicted to uu !! Your Soo versatile Yaar :D Can't believe you played Gunjan or the Mean Sanaya in "Radha ki betiyaan"LOLor even the bubbly and cuute Girl in LRLHug I just loove uu a looads loads loads ::) Keep Rocking as always and you can be suure that you've a huge fan following and we'll Support you in every Moment Of Your Life !! Loving Arnav-Khushi too Muuch Heart but i'm also Obsessed byy You and Barun LOL You guys are Soo Good !! Your chemistry is so Natural and seems like both of you are really Good Friends Off-Screen too so that's a pleausre to knowHug
i wish uu A Long Life with loads of Hapiness , Love , Luck , Money (...)HugKeep Shinning Roxstar and May all your Wishes come Truue ==) Wish a happy Life ahead with Mohit too HugMade some gifts just below !! Only and Only for my angelHeart as your Very precious for u Hug
God Bless EmbarrassedHuugs


M a r i a < 3
From  -Fatz-
Happy Birthday SanayaParty...may alll your wishes and dreamz come trueDay Dreaming...u are a superb actor and u do amazziinnggg actingClap...i've always been a fan of uEmbarrassed...ur simply gorgeousBlushing...
I became a fan of u from the first epi of IPKKNDSilly...i just love ur characterStar...ur acting is always perfectThumbs Up...
once again happy birthdayParty...

my gifts for u:

From -Ammie-
Hey Sanaya,
many many happy returns of the day. May u have one the bestest birthdays of your life and may all ur wishes come true. I love your acting, specially as gunjan and khushi. U have done a great job and both the characters that u have done are really close to my heart.Embarrassed
You are a gorgeous person and one of those few people who always have a smile on their face...i wish u a good future and hope that u always keep smiling...Big smile

from ur sincere fan

here's a little present from me:

From  yulZ
Dear Sanaya,

First of all toh Many many manyyy happy returns of the day, doll Hug OMGG FINALLY this day is here YAYY !! The special day when a special angel was born who brought loads of love and happiness to everyone's life Embarrassed San, u are the most prettiest girl i have ever seen or met (sapno mein mulakat hoti rehti hai WinkLOL) Love u SOOO much Hug U are soo caring, beautiful, free, bubbly , honest, ADORABLEE, caring and last but not the last SIMPLYY PERFECT !! I dont know wat to say coz m like all speechless becoz of happiness LOL Girl everytime u have been on screen there is NOT EVEN a SINGLE day when i have NOT dreamt abt Day Dreaming..  Along with being a gr8 human being u are an AWESOME actress aswell Embarrassed u just make my day with ur bubbliness as khushi Embarrassed and today toh (14th September) u were the C U T E S T Blushing Lol the way u cried awww LOL The first time i fell for u was when u entered as Gunji in that blue salwar kameez Day Dreaming It shd be the BEST day of my entire life Heart .. the haal Sammy was in wohi same to same haal was mine LOL felt like music was playing around me, birds were singing Embarrassed and yeah everything flying and LOVE-ly ROFL .. i shd say Mohit is truly lucky to have u in his life Embarrassed But i bet u would say the same thing for him right :P u both are soo damn lucky to have each other and we ALL love u both soo much Hug u both are different from other ppl in a good way and the way u both keep on supporting each other.. its just AMAZINGG !! even ur pure rishta made me gave up on uBroken HeartROFL .. Sorry sorry dont wanna get beaten up by Mohit ROFL but San LOVEE YOUUU Hug 

I dont think i need to say how special this day is gonna be but let me tell u one thing.. Girl ur bday is not wat makes this day special but its YOU that made these days ALLL special Embarrassed Ur smile is that one thing that drivess me crazy Blushing u look CHOO cute when u smile yaar.. so dont ever stop smiling coz u never know who, where must be dreaming and crazy abt ur one SINGLE smile Embarrassed Man there are so many things i wanna say but abhi when its the time m confused LOL I know this wont happen as u are strong but ALWAYS remember if there is any problem or anything then Mohit toh hai hee apke saath and ur families but WE are also with you in each n every steps of ur life supporting u and being ur Armour Hug so never let urself down :) Whether its ur happiness or sad we are always there for u Hug When u are happy we all are happy and when u are sad its same with us therefore always be optimistic in ur life Hug

Damn why the hell m I so serious LOL i think i shd stop now but before i go Happy Birthday once again Sanaya Hug
Enjoy ur day to the fullest :) Make it one of ur most memorable moments of ur life Hug Love u always doll Hug

Btw this is sth i wanted to give u and the text is what i mean it from my heart Embarrassed Actually i wanted to gift u an avi on the video where Mohit proposed you as i know that must have the most unforgettable moment of ur life Embarrassed but due to lack of time couldnt get inside the deadline:( but i will SURELY make it Embarrassed Anyways just a small siggy for you HugHope u like it !

Last but not the least i wanna dedicate a song to u Hug
Apparently toh i have LOADSS of fav songs but this song is my latest fav as this just reminds me of you Embarrassed

"Kisi Ko Sapna Lage Tu, Kisi Ko Behti Hawa, 
Kisi Ki baas Baaton mein Kare Pal Mein yahan wahan
Kisi ki sau jhooth sun le,Kisi ka Sach bhi Gunah Embarrassed
Kisi ki bas yaadon mein Karein Hulchal sara jahan
Te Amo Me Te Amo Taare Ginun Tere Liye
Te Amo Me Te Amo Saare Chunun Tere Liye
Khwaab Saare Bunun Tere Hi Tere Liye"
Once again Happy Birthday Doll Hug
From ChandSePyaara
From -Destiny-
Hi  Sanaya (di)
Here's  wishing you  Pooori  Duniya  Bhar  Ki  Khushi  And    Joy  

And  may  You  Grow  to  be  toothlessLOLWink

  I hope   God  gives  You  All  The  Reasons  To  celebrate  in  Life  and  Keep  The  Happiness & Joy  Forever !!!

  Love  You   Sooo  much   

Aapki  Apni
  Lekha  Ishwar

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From Aashi


From Yulz
From jenny1000



Wishing you a very happy birthday. may this birthday bring you lots of joy and happiness. You are already rocking this year as Khushi and your chemistry with Barun Sobti is scorching and is real treat to see. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!! 


Gifts/sigs for the thread/ or in general:

From saher_90

From amnaM
1st siggy :)

2nd siggy with two icons :D


From bollywoodcrazed


 From lovebapu18

Happy Birthday Sanaya!!Party
Hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday and year ahead!!Tongue


From Miiss_Urooj


From idreamaboutyou
To my angel Sanaya,I hope you have the best day ever,love you<3

From neloufer_IPKKND
for sanaya-

From shobrakapooor

From -nautankidollz-

stacked vertically :)

animated siggy type>>

(i just love the way the above one came out .. aww dii sanzz is soo sweet :)


From memories_im
Hey..I made a birthday sig it is..

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crystalrosehillyJotz_92avekshaalina_lalekrazzy4ArHigurti2012..-Niru-..lakshmi_SGsreelu.januableNikkiNupura little faithPayal25iruaG1gunjan7dusk-BrokenDreamer-Ishrafan11memories_imSandCastle.shobrakapooorstardust-SwaNia_2..-Ayesshhaa-..-CreativeSoul--Jahnvi-Dark-Hues.Saraa._symphonymazkachazkapakpearlSillyPepperSK1991HSFAlonelyshadowSiddhi_yulZsaher_90--Sanchu---Deepali-Faraan92AASUSmishti_17RamKiSeetaNikki_Titliminuusanober.

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