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QSS THREAD # 5, QSSII imp note on pg 30 on 13-7-11 (Page 23)

Suvarna.... Goldie

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
I am falling more for Akshay now. He has got best of both parents and is more close to an ideal person. Loved the way he consoled Armaan and the way he tried to explain to Ani. Hats off to the parents who can bring up such kids ...
:((( Why is this fic coming to an end? I hope you are going to be back with another AR, ArSh story soon and not going to stop writing.
Waiting for the epilogue.

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amazing one yaar
loved it
both the parts were amazing...ani was cute right ot the last part.
loved the name for princess.

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when u will start qss3??????????

plz plz plz do it soon coz i cant wait

concluding part was just awsome love all the mallik's a lottt n will miss my ANI a lottt

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comments edited on page 21 Big smile
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EDITED comment on page22 :D
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Part 201 (EPILOGUE)

A young lad was walking up and down across the room looking at the wall clock every now and then. A couple was seated on the sofa watching him. The lady called out to him saying "kab tak idhar udhar chalta rahega? baith bhi jaa. Tere chalte rehne se kya woh jaldi pahunchne wali hai?"


"Mama, dad, aap logon ne usey bahut choot de rakhi hai. You don't know this generation." The man looked at the lady and nodded saying "we surely don't".


Ak: aapko aapki beti ki fikr nahi hai? aap logon ko mazaak sooj raha hai? You know you can't trust the boys these days.


(In case you haven't guessed, this is the Mallik household.)

Riddhima giggled as she said, "Boys can never be trusted. Not then, not now." Armaan looked at her shocked asking "Matlab you don't even trust betu?" Akshat turned around exasperated and went and sat on the sofa opposite them grumbling "aap logon se baat karna hi bekaar hai. I'm telling you I saw the other guys coming out at 7 pm. And let me tell you, no farewell party in our school extends beyond 7. It's 9 now."


Armaan went and sat next to him and putting his arm around his son's shoulder said, "betu, she called just 15 minutes ago saying she's on her way. Wahan se yahan tak pahunchne mein waqt to lagega na? and she had even taken prior permission saying she may be late."


Ak: And I suppose the thought of refusing her permission never occurred to you.


Hearing a bike drive up to their gate, all of them got up. Riddhima caught Akshat's arm to restrain him. "Let dad handle it." Akshat wanted to jerk her hand away and go, but couldn't. Holding her shoulder he said "I'm worried for Princess mama. Woh bahut bholi hai. Anyone can take her for a ride."


Seeing his sis walk in with their dad, talking very amicably, made his blood boil. She had her arm around her dad's waist, her head resting on his shoulder and his arms were around her shoulder. Was dad even questioning her as to where she was all this time? He wondered. And her dress, what was that skimpy thing she was wearing?


"Arunima" he called out to her loudly which made her head jerk up. She knew her anna was very angry because otherwise he never called her by the name, which he had given her. But she also knew how to twist him around her brightly painted finger. Leaving her father's side she went and hugged him asking "bro, aap kab aaye?" without replying to her question he asked "who dropped you home?"


Seeing that her idea didn't have the desired effect, she very politely answered his question. "Jamie."


Ak: Is he your classmate?


Pr: No my senior. He's in tenth now.


Ak: so you were with him after the farewell party was over.


Pr: Bro woh hum sab friends saath the. We went to the lakeside.


Ak: Did you tell mama and dad that you were going out with them after the party?


Pr: it wasn't planned. We just decided on the spot.


Ak: then how did you know you were going to be late? You had taken their permission na?


Pr: we had decided we'd go out somewhere but hadn't decided where. Why are you questioning me like a criminal?


With that she burst into tears. At once Armaan came to her side and hugged her and said to Akshat. "James, Jamie lives in our colony, so he must have volunteered to drop her. Riddhima came to Akshat and said "come on Akshu, chodo. Chalo khana khane. You've been walking like a caged tiger all evening. You must obviously be hungry."


Akshat gave his mother a blank look and once again turned to his sister and asked "Aur yeh kaise kapde pehene hai tumne?" Now she couldn't tolerate it anymore and her dad was beside her. So she boldly asked him "if your Tania doesn't wear anything besides jeans and kurtis, does it mean everyone should wear that only?" Now Akshat totally lost his temper. "Where did Tania come into all this?" he shouted.


Before anything further happened, Riddhima pulled him away and said "Please Shona khane chalo mujhe bahut bhook lagi hai." Akshat just jerked his hand away and ran up the stairs two at a time and went into his room banging the door shut. As he lay on his bed he thought why were his parents not understanding his worry and concern? Didn't they care if their Princess unknowingly took any wrong step? He knew his dad would never be able to say no to anything his Princess said, but his mama? She was so strict with the boys, keeping tag of them all the time, especially Ani. She'd keep going through his things every now and then, making sure he wasn't smoking or getting into any bad habits. But now?


He heard a knock on the door, but didn't get up to open. The knocking continued. It must be mama, he couldn't ignore her. He went and angrily opened the door. It was not his mama but Princess standing there with her head bent. "I'm sorry anna, I shouldn't have brought Tania into the matter." He knew what an effort it must have been to come and apologise to him. He went forward and lifting her face saw the tears threatening to fall out any moment. "You think I was angry about that? No way Princess, I was worried for you." With that he hugged her tight, resting his cheek on her head.


"When I was driving home this evening I saw well dressed students coming out of your school." He continued. When I came home and asked mama she said you ninth standard students were hosting a farewell party for your seniors. I sort of got worked up since you were so late. You are too innocent. Boys might take undue advantage of that. That's why I was worried. I'm sorry I spoke to you so harshly." Pulling apart from her, he wiped her tears with his thumb and kissed her eyes.


Pr: ab to khana khane chalo. Sab aapka wait kar rahe hain. Mama mujse naraaz hai kyonki unka favourite beta bhooka hai. Keh rahi hai jab se aaya hai ek dana bhi mooh mein nahin daala. Aur woh bhi meri wajah se.  


As they both walked downstairs hand in hand, the doorbell rang. Akshat opened the door to a shabby looking guy with a dirtier backpack. "Ani" he shouted and hugged him. "arey tu ne to kaha you are not coming this weekend. I myself arrived just three hours ago. I'd have picked you."


A: I wasn't sure till the last moment that I could make it. But I was through with my pracs by five, so I decided to come over.


Hearing them talking Armaan and Riddhima came out and their son went and hugged them both. "Hi guys, how are you?" "Eek Ani mujhe choona bhi mat. How many days has it been since you had a bath." His mama asked holding a hand to her nose.


Ani: Kya mama? Kal hi to nahaya tha, ya shayad parson.


R: Go straight into the washroom and don't get out till you've scrubbed every inch of your body. And better be fast, we'll all wait for you for dinner.


Ani: mama I'm dying of hunger. Kal naha loon to nahi chalega?


R: bilkul nahi.


Ani: Ok, ok khana khane ke baad.


R: No.


A: Chotu please yaar, bahut bhook lagi hai. You know ek baar tumhari mama ne order de diya to khud bhi usey wapas nahi le sakti. Jao jaldi nahakar aajao.


After dinner all of them sat talking and updating each other about the happenings during the week. This was the usual weekend scene at the Malliks. Armaan sittting with princess on his lap, Ani lying on his mama's lap and Akshu hugging his mama and resting his head on her shoulder.


Suddenly Akshat's phone rang, and as he pulled it out of his pocket, Princess pulled it out of his hands. Seeing  the callers name as Tania, she started talking "Hi bhabhi!" seeing her brother glare she at once corrected herself saying "I mean Tania, how are you?"


Pr: yes we are all fine. You haven't come over to our place in a long time.


Pr: of course you I know you will. Anna has come na!


Akshat pulled the phone out of her hand and whispered into it, "I'll call you later. Bye."


Few months later,

Armaan and Riddhima had just returned from the hospital. Seeing Akshat with his laptop, Armaan asked him, "Betu, visa appointment le liya?"


Ak: Ji dad it's on 8th at Chennai.


A: Orientation kab hai? When do you have to leave?


Ak: I'll have to leave by the end of the month. Orientation is on the tenth of next month.


Princess, who had just returned from her tution, heard that and coming over to Akshat and hugging his neck from behind said, "Anna please aap mat jao. Itne saal to aap MBBS aur internship ke liye Kochi mein rahe. Ab aate hi US jaane ki baat kar rahen hai. Ani bhai bhi Kochi chale jaate hain aur main yahan bahut bor ho jaati hoon." Akshat treated her more like a daughter because of their 10 years age difference. Pulling her to sit beside him, he consoled her, saying "Dad to Ani ka 2nd year admission, Engineering college Munnar, mein hi karva rahe na? Ab woh kyon Kochi jaayega?"


Pr: phir bhi aap itne door kyon jaa rahe ho? You helped Ani bhai during his 10th and 12th exam so much. That's why he was able to score so well and get admission into Engineering. Now you won't be here to help me.


Ani suddenly got up from his mama's lap and literally pounced on his sis. "Anna only guided me, hard work to maine ki thi. That's why I got good marks."


Ak: I helped Ani, now he'll help you.


P: he only keeps teasing me.


Ak: he cares about you as much as he teases you.


Pr: Agar aap chale gaye to main aapko rakhi kaise baandoongi?


AK: main raksha bandan ke do din baad hi ja raha hoon, and I'll definitely come over for it, every year. That's my promise to my Princess.


Riddhima touched her daughter's cheek saying "That's life gudiya. You think it's going to be easy for any of us?"


A: For his wonderful marks your anna would have got admission in an even better government college, but your mama didn't want to go further than Kochi.


R: yes, he was too young then. It would have been difficult for him also. Kochi was convenient because he could come during the weekends and if he couldn't come, we could go and see him.


Then leaning against him, as he towered above her, she said "Ab to mera shona bada ho gaya hai. He has to go, to have a rewarding career later in life."


Next day was Sunday. After breakfast, Princess went to her room to work on an assignment she had to submit the next day. Ani was still asleep. Armaan and Riddhima went to Akshat's room. He was lying on the bed with his laptop open and a smile on his face as he clicked away at the keyboard. He was probably chatting with some friend.


A: Akshat we need to talk to you.


Seeing them he immediately closed his lappy saying "ji dad."


A: Betu before you go to the US we want you to make a commitment.


Ak: What commitment?


R: To the girl you love so much. It's not fair to make her wait without commitment of any sort. Lets talk to her parents and at least have the engagement before you leave.


Ak: mama, dad aap kya keh rahe ho? Kiski baat kar rahe ho?


Playfully pulling his ears Riddhima asked "humey andha samaj rakha hai ya buddu?


A: betu, we've also been through all this.


Ak: mama, dad if you are talking about Tania, we can be nothing more than friends.


R: Matlab?


Ak: mama, her parents won't let her marry a Hindu. And I'm not converting for their sake.


Armaan and Riddhima were shocked to hear that and sat down on the bed beside their son, on either side of him. They had never thought about religion. To themTania had only been their son's friend, best friend and then his love. Armaan noticed the way his son's face drooped and his filled up.


He thought for some time and then asked "just tell me one thing. Do you really love her?"


Looking at his dad with tear filled eyes he confessed "Yes dad, main ussey bahut, bahut pyaar karta hoon. I don't know how I'll live my remaining life without her."


A: Then what's your problem in conversion?


Riddhima looked at Armaan stunned. What was this man talking? While Akshat burst out "Dad yeh aap kya keh rahe hain?"


A: Betu tum apne bare mein soch rahe ho. Par us ladki ke bare mein bhi socho. Poor thing she's torn between her love for you and her parents. She can't give up either. Her parents haven't refused to get her married to you. They only object to your religion. It's not as if we never go to a church. Or that because of the conversion you can't ever go to the temple. You'll have two Gods to worship that's it and above all you'll have your love with you.


Akshat turned towards his mama and she nodded, tears pouring down her cheeks.


R: What your dad says is correct. I made the mistake of not confessing my love at the right time and paid heavily for it. I wouldn't wish that suffering on anyone, least of all my Shona. We'll go and tlak to her parents. Don't worry, your dad will sort out everything.


Akshat's face lit up like a 1000 watts bulb. He hugged his mama and she kissed his cheek. Then giving his dad a bear hug saying "you've proved yet again that you are world's best dad. thank you sooo much." Armaan patted his son's back saying "anytime betu." As they both left his room, they saw him excitedly open his lappy and banging on the keyboard with all his might.


That same evening the Malliks reached the Mathews residence. Armaan had called them up in the morning and said he wanted to discuss something important with them. But since they had to go to the church they decided to meet in the evening. Tania had perhaps briefed them of the reason of their visit. That made things easier. Armaan and Riddhima told them of their mistake and sufferings of seven years. Their story moved the Mathews to tears. So when they pleaded that the same shouldn't happen with their kids they agreed at once. They were even ashamed of putting such a pre-condition to their wedding. Finally they agreed to go ahead without Akshat having to convert to Christianity provided Tania, and later her kids, were allowed to follow the religion of their choice.


They was a lot of rejoicing and leg pulling after that.



Two weeks later:


Akshat's and Tania's engagement was conducted in a grand manner in the presence of his nani, mausa, maasi, rahul chachu, muskaan maasi, Abhi uncle, Nikki aunty. Mini maasi and her husband, Gappu chachu and his wife and all their kids. Everyone made it a point to attend the grand occasion. So also did all the relatives from Tania's family.


That night in the privacy of their bedroom Riddhima said "Life has come a full circle na Armaan? Kitna achcha laga aaj Shona ko itna khush dekhkar."


Hi friends,


Though I promised a short epilogue it's turned out to be quite a long one. That's my parting gift to all of you.


Though I'm an avid reader of fanfics this is my first attempt in writing a ff,. This mini  ff  is based on my favourite pair, the KaSh couple of DMG.


Wondering what's this? Well these were the introductory lines of QSS I, posted on IF on 12th December 2009. I'm myself shocked to see where I'm today, after over a year and a half. It's just unbelievable for me. Had it not been for your love and encouragement I surely wouldn't have reached thus far as the main ispiration, DMG, was no longer inspiring. Thankyou all so much ke tum logon ne mere is ff ko itna saraha aur itna pyaar diya . At least for that I should definitely come back. Only thing I can't say when. But whenever I do I'll send a pm to all on my buddylist. That's a promise.til then take care, good bye. God bless everyone. For all the students here, loads of blessing and best wishes for your exams, from an ex-teacher.

Tons of love,




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omg.. an api.. n brilliantly written..pointed out al d facts..
nw 4 sure i need qss 3...
i want 2 see all those masti n fun in mallik household..
princess n ammy's scene.. akshat gettng protective abt arunima.. wanntng 2 see al dat in qss 3...
so please do cum bak weneva ur free wid a bang..
wil miss u

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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