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QSS THREAD # 5, QSSII imp note on pg 30 on 13-7-11 (Page 19)

KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 2:34pm | IP Logged
awesome updater
loved it
mallik family is adorable
love them
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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ammy_ka_ashu IF-Dazzler

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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riddhan IF-Sizzlerz

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the part was awesome ClapClap ani is naughty LOL n akshat is opposite very mature Big smile n thanxs di for such a big part it was mindblowing Big smilen thanxs for the pm

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 2:32am | IP Logged
congrats for new thread
awesome part
continue soon
hope u will write new FF also
sorry for late replays

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vj2102 Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 3:46am | IP Logged
i m totally in luv wid ur ff..

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Ethereal-Path IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
Hey Di Hug

Yay! Armaan is back..  and gosh! he knew about her pregnancy .. that was unexpected .. I really wish it to be a daughter !
I love Ani in both the last updates.. he's a sweetheart but Akshat wins my heart always.. he reminds me so much of caring Armaan , just that he doesnt have a naughty side like his dad... lol
I love the way Armaan handles everyone.. its like he's back to his world or shud i say heaven) again. .=D
Oh no! do v have only a part left now? ShockedOuch I ll miss this FF badly ..


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shruti_luvs_msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 1:46pm | IP Logged
love the updates 
the moment u mentioned that ridhima was feeling lethargic n her symptoms i guessed taht she was going to have another baby 
akshat is so sweet worrying abt his mother n ani is so chalu 

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 5:46am | IP Logged

Part 200

Armaan stood all alone on the terrace looking up at the dark sky as if waiting for some divine intervention. And for the infinite time, cursing himself for his carelessness for which she was bearing the brunt. "How could I do this to her when I profess to love her so much?" he questioned himself. "Ganpati bappa at least now open your eyes. Punish me in any way you want, but don't let any harm come to her. She trusts you so implicitly," he pleaded feeling helpless and lonely.


Riddhima was fast asleep, being sedated. He was not the sort to pour out his heart to anyone. Hence he had come here alone after everyone had gone to sleep. He was fed up of pretending to everyone that everything was fine. He needed to let out his feelings. Tears ran freely down his cheeks.


Hearing "dad" he brushed away his tears and turned around seeing his betu standing there. Rushing to his side and kneeling down beside him he put his arm around his shoulder and asked "kya hua? Are you ok?" Handing him the sweater he was carrying, he said "Yeh pehen lo bahut thand hai." As Armaan took it and slipped it over his head, he was stunned to hear him ask "Can I ask you the same dad? Kya hua? Are you ok?" hugging him Armaan stuttered "mujhe? mujhe kya hona hai? I'm fine."


AK: Aap jhoot bol rahe ho. You say I'm your best buddy, not your son. Phir aap mujse kyon chupa rahe ho?


Armaan stared incredulously at the ten year old who was behaving much older than that. He couldn't control his tears then. He pulled him as close as possible and showered him with kisses "Jiske aisey betu ho, usey pareshani kaisey ho sakti?"


Ak: nahi, kayin dinon se aap pareshaan lag rahe ho lekin aaj jab se mama ke check-up se laute ho, kuch jyada hi tense lag rahe ho? Dad is there some problem with her?


His voice quivered even as he asked the question as if he feared that the answer might be "yes". "God how can you be so heartless?" Armaan screamt in his heart. All along I was thinking only how I would survive if anything happened to my Riddhima, but see this innocent kid. What's his fault? What answer can I give him now? Could he tell him he hadn't slept much in the last few days worried because his sweetheart was having high BP? That it was dangerous to her as well the baby?


Then suddenly as if making up his mind he wiped his son's tears as well as his own, and confidently said "nahi tumhari mama ko kuch nahi hoga." Then holding his son's hand firmly in his, said "aur hum kuch hone bhi nahi denge. Right?" "Right" his son replied as confidently and they hi-fived each other with the other hand.


A: Chalo bahut raat ho gayi hai. Let's go to bed.


Ak: dad mujhe aap se aur ek baat kehna tha. Anyways kal se to chutti hi hai.


A: kyon?


Ak: Dad, my half yearly vacation. 


A: Your half yearly exams are over?


Ak: of course! dad.


Armaan held his ears apologetically. "aap sorry kyon bol rahe ho?"


A: Neither mama nor me paid any attention to your studies the last two weeks. I'm sure even then you'd have fared very well. Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?


Ak: Nahi dad, that's ok. What's the date tomorrow?


"19th, 20th?" asked Armaan pursing his lips.

Ak: 20 th. Dad, this weekend is the Christmas party at MSHC. Please don't think I'm asking for myself, but we haven't been to Kochi or purchased gifts for the children at the Kids' center. They don't know mama's problem. So they may be disappointed if you don't get them gifts.


Armaan just kept staring at his betu wonderstruck. Finally finding his tongue he said "You are absolutely right shona. Anyways don't worry. Let's go and order everything right away."


Ak: Is waqt?


A: Of course! We'll order online chalo.


That weekend Armaan managed to take the kids for the party and even put on a smiling face, but inwardly he dreaded that day as it had always brought some drastic change in his life. But fortunately the day passed off smoothly. All the children loved the gifts and went home happily.


The next day was Riddhima's prenatal check up date. Dr. Kalyani had said she would have asked any other patient in this condition to be admitted but since there was a doctor at home to monitor, she had let her be at home. But the urine test that day brought a shock. Dr. Kalyani's worst fears came true. Riddhima had pre-eclampsia, a medical condition which could be dangerous to both the mother and the unborn child. Managing to sent Riddhima away with the nurse on some pretext she dropped the bomb on Armaan.


He felt his heart squeezed and couldn't speak a word. Then he simply asked "what now?"


Dr. K: wait and watch. As long as the child's growth is not affected ther's no problem. I wish her to carry the child at least till the 37th week.


A: But she's just in her 33rd week now.


Dr. K: yes, let's see what God has destined. You've got to be strong. Don't worry if we feel things not going favourably, we can always deliver the baby prematurely by C section.


But Armaan knew the earlier it was delivered the greater the risks. He felt as if he was trapped between the devil and the deep sea. If he thought to relieve Riddhima and have her deliver, the child would have problem. if he wanted to protect the child, Riddhima would suffer. He felt his head would burst open that very minute.


Seeing his condition, Dr. Kalyani said "There's nothing we can do except pray Dr. Mallik."


Riddhima walked in hearing the last part of her sentence and questioned what the matter was. Dr. Kalyani explained her condition to her very calmly and added that they would have to monitor the baby very closely now. So she would have a sonography every week. She asked Riddhima to stop going to the hospital and rest at home lying on her left side.


Both of them couldn't find any words all the way home. Each was afraid they would break down crying if they as much as opened their mouth. They silently headed to their room. Fortunately the kids were out to the park. As he sat down on the bed, she quietly sat down beside and held his hand. That was enough to jerk out the tears from his eyes. Smiling a sweet smile she wiped it away and said "He's given us this child, He'll take care of it too. Leave everything in His hands. He knows what's best for us.There's no point worrying. Otherwise you'll also fall ill. With akka falling ill every now and then, it will only add to the problem. Will you accept one suggestion?" when he just nodded she said "Let's ask maa if she could come here."


A: Riddhima you know if she comes here in winter her arthritis problem aggravates.


R: I know but at least she'll be a moral support to us during these trying times. At least let me talk to her.


Armaan thought as her parents they had the right to know. And later on if they come to know they might feel hurt. So he decided to talk to them himself. He called the Gupta residence and fortunately maa only came on the line. After their prelimnary enquiries etc, he said "maa main aap se Riddhima ke bare mein kuch batana chahta hoon. Uska BP zara high hai."


P: beta don't worry. Manu woman get gestational hypertension and immediately after delivery the pressure will come to normal.


A: Yes, that's what Dr. kalyani also thought initially, but today seeing the edema on her feet she asked the nurse to take the protein and uric acid test.


P: even edema is quite common in pregnant women


A: Par maa her face is also slightly puffed and of late she's gained considerable weight too. Her urine test showed the presence of protein.


P: Oh God! You mean she's got Pre-eclampsia.


A: Haan maa.


P: Did she tell you how's the child's growth?


A: as of now the baby seems a little underweight but ok otherwise. She'll be monitoring it closely though. And another thing is after we came back from the trip akka had a throat infection. She's not been keeping well since then.


P: oh! You thought Riddhima could relax at the lake side resort and it would be a quiet birthday there. Perhaps the atmosphere there didn't suit Muniamma. My I can imagine the chaos there now. Who's dropping Ani to school?


A: The boys are having a few days off. Their half yearly vacation. But Ani doesn't let Riddhima rest peacefully.


P: Don't worry I'll take the earliest flight possible and reach there. Let me talk with Riddhima.


Padma spoke to her daughter asking her not to get dejected but put up a brave fight. She promised to be by her side at the earliest. 


Though Riddhima's parents arrived two days later as promised, Armaan was far from relieved. He couldn't sleep a wink at night. He would hold his sleeping sweetheart in his arms and cry himself to sleep in the pre-dawn hours. But during the day he never let any of his anxiety show on his face. He put up a brave face in front of others. Riddhima looked stronger and braver than he expected.


In the midst of all this Akshat's birthday arrived. Seeing the atmosphere in the house he could gauge that all was not well. He refused to celebrate his birthday, wear the new clothes ordered for him online or even distribute sweets to his friends. But Riddhima compelled him to do so saying that he shouldn't disappoint his friends. All of the elders promised him gifts later, giving him cash instead. Even that he refused to take saying "mera mann nahi karta."

The following day, another tsunami hit them. Riddhima's BP continued to remain high and the medication was proving ineffective. The baby hadn't grown as much as it should in the past week. Dr. Kalyani decided that the baby should be removed at the earliest. Riddhima chose the date closest to her heart as she felt it would prove lucky for them, their wedding anniversary.


It was Riddhima's and Armaan's fourth wedding anniversary. But there was no sign of any celebrations in the AR house. The only sound was that of an infant wailing away. Padma was rocking the little one trying her best to quieten him, while Shashank was looking helplessly on. He picked up his cell and called Armaan.


S: Beta, Riddhima kaisi hai?


A: Papa usey abhi tak hosh nahi aaya hai. Lekin Ani itna ro kyoon raha hai?


S: Keh raha hai mama ke paas jana hai. Muniamma ki tabhiyat bahut kharab thi isliye woh apne rishtedaar ke yahan chali gayi. she didn't want to be an additional burden on us. Par yeh hamare paas nahi rehna chahta. Tum kuch der ke liye ghar aa sakte ho?



A: Papa aap log yahin aa jaaiye. Main Riddhima ko is waqt akele chod kar nahi aa sakta.


S: theek hai.


They called Shafi and reached the hospital. Armaan was waiting at the entrance. As soon as Ani saw him, he pounced into his arms. Armaan wiped his tears and hugged him. Then kissing him he asked, "kya hua mere chotu ko? Kyon ro raha hai?


An: Mama paas jaana hai.


A; Achcha chalo mama ke paas chalte hai. Pehle rona bandh karo.


At once the child stopped crying. He took them into the ward where Riddhima was lying unconscious.


AK; Dad mama baat nahi karegi humse.


A: Beta ab woh  behosh hai. Hosh aatey hi baat karegi. OK?


AK: Dad baby kahan hai? Kya hum usey dekh sakte hai?


A: Haan chalo.


He took them to the nursery where a tiny figure wearing only a diaper and with tubes attached to her leg was lying in a glass box (incubator).


AK: Kitni cute lag rahi hai na. Par kitni choti hai.


S: What's the pedriatician's opinion about her.


A: She's underweight but no other problem, so she may have to be here for a week or 10 days depending on her progress.


Riddhima had delivered a baby girl that morning. She was 5 weeks premature but had to be delivered by a C section as Riddhima's high BP had started hampering the baby's growth.


Padma: Beta, tum thodi der ghar jaakar aaram karo, main baithi hoon Riddhima ke paas. Tum subah se yahin ho aur tumne kuch khaya bhi nahi.


A: Nahi maa. Please, main Riddhima ko chodkar nahi jaa sakta.


When Padma told him that Ani had not eaten anything after lunch, he asked Padma and Shashank to stay with Riddhima while he took the boys to the canteen. He fed Ani his faourite idlis. The child had been upset on not seeing all the three adults familiar to him. They returned to Riddhima's ward and soon Ani fell asleep in Armaan's arms tired with all the crying.


A: Papa, mama, aap log ghar jaaiye. Jaise hi Ridhima ko hosh aata hai main aapko phone kardoonga.


Just then they heard Riddhima making mourning sounds. Armaan laid Ani on the sofa, and went and sat on her bed. He put his palms on her cheeks and she slowly opened her eyes. Her first question was "Armaan how's the baby?" He smiled at her, kissed her forehead and said "she's fine don't worry. She's in the NICU.


R: Armaan I want to see her.


A: I can't bring her here, but I'll take you there when you are a little better.


R: I'm fine Armaan.


A: Bahut dard hota hoga na? (He had tears in his eyes)


R: Zyaada nahi. (lying so that he won't be sad)


Only then she noticed all the others in the room and smiled at them. Akshat ran to her and sat on the other side of the bed. He kissed her cheek and asked "Mama aap theek ho na?"


R: Haan shona, tumne apne behen ko dekha?


AK: Haan mama bahut cute lag rahi hai par bahut choti hai.


Shashank and Padma came and congratulated her.


R: Maa aapne baby ko dekha? Kaisi dikhthi hai?


Padma: Bilkul tumhari tarah. Usey dekhkar mujhe woh din aa gaya jab maine pehli baar tumhe apne haathon mein uthaya tha.


Riddhima winced a little but it didn't go unnoticed by Armaan.


A: Ridhhima ab aaram karo. Main yahin hoon, tumhare paas.


Padma picked up the sleeping Ani and brought him near Riddhima, so that she could kiss him. Padma also kissed Riddhima and asked her to rest.

A: Ab Ani nahi uthega. Subah akka nahi aayi to usey yahin le aana.


Akshat went to his mother and kissed her. She kissed him back.


AK: mama aap fikar mat karo main ani ko sambhal loonga. Aap apna khyal rakhna. Dad, aap bhi tension mat lo. Aap sirf mama ki dekhbal karna. Baaki hum log sambhal lenge.


His matured talks brought tears to his parents' and grand-parents' eyes. Arrmaan hugged and kissed him saying "you have become a big boy Akshu beta. I'm proud of you." Then they all left.


Armaan saw them off into a cab at the hospital entrance and came back to the ward. He sat next to Riddhima and kissed her forehead.


"I presented you with such a beautiful gift on our fourth wedding anniversary and is this all I get? Father of my three kids still doesn't know how to kiss properly. You can really do better than that Dr Armaan." She teased him. He smiled at her but had tears in his eyes. Then bent down and kissed her thoroughly.


A: Congratulations and thank you verrry much for such a wonderful gift sweetheart. But you put me through a lot of tension too. Agar tumhe kuch ho jaata,


He couldn't continue, as his throat choked with emotion and his eyes filled with tears.


R: Par hua to nahi na? Promise, ab se tumhe koi tension nahi doongi.


The nurse came in then and seeing Riddhima awake suggested that she pump out some colostrum for the baby. Though it was quite painful Riddhima bore it quietly. But the tears gathered in her eyes told Armaan when entered in again how painful it must have been. The nurse then suggested that hse try to walk a few steps as the earlier she walks the sooner the stitches would heal.


As he helped her put her foot down she couldn't prevent the scream which came out with the shooting pain. After the first couple of steps she just came back and lay down on the bed. Even that was an ordeal. Seeing her in pain Armaan was in greater pain.


The next day Riddhima went to have a look at her daughter. She was allowed to hold her for a few minutes. Seeing her so tiny brought tears to her eyes. But at once Armaan's reassuring arms were around her. He hugged them both together and wiped the tears from Riddhima's eyes shaking his head.


 R:Armaan kya yeh mere jaise dikti hai?


A:Bilkul. See her lips, nose, exactly like yours.


Just then the little one let out a little cry and opened her eyes, and her parents started laughing. Because though she resembled her mother in every feature, she had the trademark blue eyes of her father. Her parents kissed her lightly and put her back in the incubator.


Armaan wheeled her back to her ward. Gently picked her up and laid her on the bed. She winced as the stitches still hurt. He bent down and kissed her stomach asking "Is it very painful?"


R: You just kissed  away all the pain.


She put her hand on his cheek and felt the rough stubble on his cheek.


R: Armaan I'm OK now. You haven't gone home since yesterday. You look very tired. Please go home and get some sleep.


A: No I'm OK. After maa comes I"ll go and get freshened up. I slept on the sofa last night after you slept.

Her eyes became moist. She pulled him towards her and kissed him. "I love you Armaan" "I love you too" he said as he deepened the kiss.


Ten days later mother and daughter were discharged. Riddhima could have left earlier but she wanted to go home only with her daughter. Armaan was carrying his little princess in one arm and his other arm was around Riddhima as they walked to the car.


When they reached their house, they were halted at the doorstep. Akka came with the aarti plate and handed it to Padma. The tiny lakshmi was welcomed into the house with due formalities. Armaan took his princess straight to her crib. By the time Riddhima could sit down Ani came and hugged her feet wanting to lifted. But he had to be satisfied at being picked by his dad and put in mama's lap. He was thrilled when she hugged and kissed him. He put his arms round her neck and said "love you". Riddhima knew he had really missed her. Akshat had bonded very well with Armaan during her second pregnancy and Ani was quite a mama's boy though father and son teamed up for all masti.


The next few days were not the happiest ones for Ani. He couldn't stand his mama holding the baby in her arms every now and then. That evening when Armaan returned from the hospital he went and sat on his lap. He kissed him and said "love you". Armaan also kissed him but knew something more was to come. So he asked "Kya hua chotu?" But he never expected to hear "Dad baby ko hospital chod do. Woh kuch kalti hi nahi. Mele saath khelti bhi nahi. Sif mama ke godi mein soti lehti hai." Armaan understood his insecuritiy but burst out laughing.


But the mature elder brother explained to him, "Ab woh choti hai na. Kuch mahine baad who hamare saath hasegi, khelegi aur Raksha Bandan par humey rakhi bhi bandhegi. Agar usey hospital chod diya to humey rakhi kaun bandhega?" All the adults were stunned by the mature talk of the ten year old child. Riddhima had walked in hearing Armaan's laugh. She came and hugged her eldest son, tears pouring from her eyes. Armaan pulled her on his lap and wiped her tears and all the four got into a hug with Riddhima smiling and crying at the same time.


P: Ok have you all decided on a name for the princess?


Ak: yes I've. We'll name her Arunima the start rhymes with dad's name and the end with mama's. Me an Tania thought of it. We even googled and found it's meaning "It means 'early morning sunlight'. But Tania said parents don't like our choice, they choose their own. Aap logon ne kya naam socha hai?


R: Humne to koi naam socha hi nahi tha.


A: Aur soche bhi hote, to bhi ARUNIMA ke alawa kuch aur nahi rakhte. After all uske bade bhai ka choice hai. Right?


R: yes, so Arunima it is.


Akshat ran and kissed his mama and the baby's hand. Then ran and hugged his dad. the copy cat had to follow suit. Armaan picked both his sons in each arm and kissed them. Then taking them to Riddhima, he put them down and picked up his princess. As he put her cheeks against his, he felt eternal bliss. While the sons clung on to their mama. The grandparents simply watched the wonderful family drama unfolding before their eyes.

Hi Friends,

I hope the extremely long concluding part made up for all the short parts posted. I hope you all enjoyed reading it. a short epilogue will follow in a day or two. Those of you had requested for some Armaan moments with his princess will have to wait for QSS III. hope i get as long comments for this gigantic part. Lots of love, shardha



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