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QSS THREAD # 5, QSSII imp note on pg 30 on 13-7-11 (Page 16)

-Seri- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 7:25am | IP Logged
aaawww such a CUTE part !!! Day Dreaming
especially at the end Embarrassed
i was guessing that he will get angry but he already knew so thats even Better Big smile
n so Glad that he accepted ! Big smile

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 8:05am | IP Logged
Awesome update di
loved it loadz
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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riddhan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 8:39am | IP Logged
the part was mindblowingClapClap AR r very nice Big smile

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dmg_roks_antara Goldie

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 11:15am | IP Logged
awww dat was sooo cute...loved it to bits...cont soon

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miss93 Goldie

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ssh57

Originally posted by miss93


that was just great and superb I just loved it sooo much. I was really surprised when I read that Armaan knew it already but after all we are talking about ARMAAN he knows everything about his darling. Poor Riddhima was sooo scared to tell him:((
Can't wait to know all the other's reaction and I hope they don't blame Armaan for it.
just one question is it late to abort the child now?? because if I'm not wrong then Riddhima is 2- 3 months pregnant and then it's illegal to abort right??
tnx for the pm
take care
love miss93

Armaan has been away for 10 weeks. Assuming she had her previous period 2-3 weeks before that, she's now in her 12th or 13th week.i.e. 3 months. They usually say you should go in for abortion within 3 months. Anyways here neither of them wants that so the question doesn't arise.
tnx for the replay, now my confusion is clear hehe
take care
love miss93

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 11:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Rishx_KSG-

aaawww such a CUTE part !!! Day Dreaming
especially at the end Embarrassed
i was guessing that he will get angry but he already knew so thats even Better Big smile
n so Glad that he accepted ! Big smile

I knew everyone's guess will be that he'll get angry that's why the twist.
fri42911 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 4:39pm | IP Logged
loved it.
perfectly written.
thanks for the pm.

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 1:49am | IP Logged

Part 199

Finally Riddhima dropped off to sleep with a serene smile on her lips. After 10 weeks she felt she was home, where she belonged, in his arms. He was unable to sleep as he had made the mistake of sleeping the whole afternoon. But he didn't mind it at all. He kept admiring his sweetheart who was changing her position now and then and trying to get closer to him everytime. Some things never change he thought to himself.


As he stared at her, he dreamt with open eyes. What would it be like to have a cute daughter like her? Her beautiful eyes, her pretty nose, that adamant chin and the soft hair which kept flying over his face, tickling his nostrils.


Feeling her move, he opened his eyes and only then realized he had fallen asleep with that beautiful dream. She came back from the washroom and once again snuggled against him whispering "thank God today is Sunday. Jaldi uthne ki zaroorat nahi." He realized in this condition, it must have not been easy handling all the early morning chores alone.


Daylight was just just breaking. Armaan once again lay watching her sleep. That seemed to be his favourite pastime now. He knew she musn't have slept so peacefully ever since she knew of her pregnancy, as the guilt of not having confided in him would have weighed heavily on her chest. So he decided he wouldn't wake her till she did so, on her own. Till then he would just keep admiring her. But that was not to be.


At 7 am pandemonium seemed to have broken lose in the house. They were banging the door down, two voices shouting in chorus "mama, dad" over and over again. Armaan could also hear akka telling them not to create such a ruckus. Gently he laid his sweetheart's head on the pillow and opened the door a wee bit. Signaling them to be quiet, he slipped out closing the door behind him.


A: Itni shor kyon macha rahe ho?


"aap itne der tak sote kyon rahe?" Akshat asked. "Jab se aaye ho, so hi rahe ho."


"Isey 'jet lag' kehte hain," his dad explained. "Mera body ab tak Boston ke time se chal rah hai isliye. Aur ek do din mein yahan ka timing se adjust ho jayega." Pulling him by the hand the little one took him to where his baggage was kept. Pointing to it he said "Ani choket do". Armaan had already told him on the phone that he would bring only chocolate and no icecream, as it would melt.


Ak: bhukkad kahin ka, hamesha khane ki hi padi rehati. Abhi to doodh ke saath biscuits khaye the.


Armaan sat down and opened the suitcase having the chocolates. He removed just one bar without showing Ani the packets and handed it to him. He purposely didn't give Akshat any and waited to see what he did. Immediately he put his other hand forward saying "anna". "Main bus ek hi laaya tha. Usi mein se do na anna ko." He hesitated for a moment and then tearing it open, removed an ant sized bit with his nails and took it towards Akshat's mouth.


Akshat burst laughing and Armaan said "Wah re mere dildaar bete." "Thanks mujhe nahi chahiye tum hi khalo." Akshat said to his brother and he obliged instantly. Seeing his bro enjoing his chocolate, Akshu move on to his dad's lap and said "dad, pata hai, ek din iski playgroup mein ek ladki ki birthday thi. Usne sab bachchon ko chocolate diye. Isne ussey do cheen liye yeh kehkar ki mere anna ke liye bhi chahiye. Actually he loves me a lot na?"


Hugging his betu and kissing him Armaan said "For sure, lekin teacher ne usey daanta nahi?"


Ak: Pata nahi maybe she didn't even know.


Seeing his anna on dad's lap the little one ran and sat on the other side and gave his dad a chocolaty kiss. Pulling them both close to him he asked "Akshu, tumhe tumhara gift nahi chahiye?"


AK: Mujhe to mera gift kal hi mil gaya tha.


A: kal to maine suitcase khola hi nahi.


Ak: Jab aap Boston gaye the, tab maine aapse kya gift maanga tha? Woh to mujhe kal hi mil gaya.


Armaan smiled at him and ruffling his hair said "you are one of a kind betu. Sometimes I feel you are my father and I'm your son. I'm so proud of you." Riddhima was watching the scene from the bedroom door, tears flooding her eyes. He's absolutely right she thought in her mind.


Then digging into the bag Armaan took out a pair of Pro-Direct soccer shoes.


Akshat was overjoyed seeing it and let out a scream "Wow dad it's really cool." At once the little one asked "Ani choosh?" "Yeh tumhare liye" Armaan said handing him a pair of shoes of the same colour. Imitating his brother, the little also said "cool dad". All of them including Riddhima burst laughing.


Three heads turned around hearing her voice. "Good morning mama" Akshat called out, while the little one ran to her and raised his hand asking her to pick him up. When she was about to Armaan said "Rukho Riddhima" and went and picked Ani in his arms. She blushed understanding why he did so.

For Riddhima he had got a beautiful and fashionable wrist watch and simple ones for Kaka and akka. When akka asked "what do I have to do wearing a watch?" Armaan replied to take your Kutti paiyan on time to the play group and fetch him back on time.


Akka had brought a cup of hot chocolate for Riddhima and asked Armaan what he wanted. Armaan already had some coffee, so he said he didn't want anything to drink, but told akka to call kaka also as he and Riddhima wanted to give them some good news. Akka laughed aloud and he looked at her surprised. She asked "What does Thangam think? If she doesn't tell, this old lady won't know? My hair hasn't turned grey in the sun. Shall I tell you how many months it is now?" she asked surprising them both.


By then Kaka had also joined them. He confirmed that Muniamma had mentioned to him last month itself that perhaps we are going to have one more member in this house. Riddhima blushed and apologized to them for having kept it a secret and explained that she wanted to tell Armaan before telling anyone else. Then both she and Armaan took the elders' blessings. "This time she's not having so much trouble like last time. If the Devi sets her heart, she may come to reside here." Akka said hinting it might be a girl and hugged Riddhima.


Riddhima indicated with her eyes that they should tell the kids too. So they sat on the sofa, Riddhima sipping her chocolate. Armaan called the boys to them. Putting one on each thigh he first asked the younger one, "aunty ke ghar par tumhare kitne dost hain?" "Bahut saade dost hai." Then addressing both of them he asked "agar hamare ghar mein aur ek baby aaya to tumhe kaisa lagega?"


Ak: Kaun aa raha hai? Kya Akshita aa rahi hai?


Smiling at what he asked Armaan shook his head and touching Riddhima's stomach said "mama ke pet mein ek chota babu ya baby hai. Tumhara bhai ya behen. Kya tum dono ko uske saath achcha lagega?" Ani showed no expression whatsoever but Akshat seemed shocked. Then asked "mama ko aur ek baby kaise ho sakta hai? Kya kisi ko teen bachche ho sakte hain? Mere sab dost ke ghar mein one ya two bachche hi hain. Three kaise ho sakte hain?"


These were the words his parents least expected from him. Armaan explained to him that these days people preferred to have just one or two kids. But there was a time when people had 10 and 12 kids. Akshat just found it unbelievable. When Armaan asked him "are you happy about it or no?"  Akshat said "mujhe kuch problem nahi hai, main to apna sab kaam khud hi kar sakta hoon, haina mama? Par mama kaisey Ani aur baby dono ko sambhal paayegi? Aajkal athai bhi to bahut bimaar rehti hai." Riddhima asked "Par kya tumhe khushi hogi agar tumhari choti behen hui to?"


Ak: Of course mujhe to bahut khushi hogi, lekin Ani se bahut sambhalna padega. Woh usey maar bhi sakta hai ya gira sakta hai. We have to be very careful.


A: chotu, hamare ghar mein ek aur chotasa babu aayega to tum kya karoge? Uske saath kheloge?


Ani: chota babu aneesh jaisa?


Aneesh was a neighbour's baby.


Ak: haan Aneesh jaisa.


Ani: haan kheloonga.


A: usey pyaar karoge?


Ani: haan haan. Anna bolta hai babu kitna koot hai.


All of them started laughing and Akshat corrected him, "koot nahi cute".


Then Akshat's face suddenly dropped. Shifting close to his mama he asked "matlab aap phirse bimaar rehne lagogi?" he hadn't forgotten how she used to be always retching before Ani was born." "Nahi Shona, is time mujhe koi problem nahi hai. See I'm fine" she assured him.


Ak: lekin mama aap Ani, baby, hospital sab kuch kaisey sambhalogi?


R: ab baby ko aane mein six months hai. Tab main hospital se chutti bhi le loongi aur tab tak Ani bhi to bada ho jaayega.


"Six months matlab" Akshat started counting "Ab August hai, September, October, November, December, January, February." Matlab February mein born hogi na? Haan, Ani tab tak three years old ho jaayega aur main ten years old! Wow! Main baby ko utha bhi paoonga na?"


Riddhima was smiling and nodding her head and so was Armaan. The younger one was least concerned about anything happening around him. He was busy trying to pull out the toy doggy's eyes.


The Malliks settled into their usual routine. The boys and their father were splashing around in the bathroom as on any other Sunday morning. As Riddhima lay on the bed, under strict instructions from her husband, she just imagined how it would be with another baby among them. Immaterial of whether it was a boy or a girl, she knew it was going to be pampered like crazy because now there were two men in the house to do that. Her Shona, proving to be his dad's son, not letting her lift a finger. She tried explaining to him that she was pregnant not ill but it fell on deaf ears as it did with his dad.


Overnight Akshat seemed to have become a big boy. He never expected anyone's help for any of his work except a little guidance for his studies. As expected, all duties for Ani were shared between Armaan and akka. Kaka and akka had taken charge of Riddhima's diet under the supervision of the man of the house. "Oh God!" she felt smothered. She had been free to do as she pleased when none of them knew about her condition.


One day during dinner, khichdi had been prepared. Seeing Riddhima eating it without her usual pickle Armaan said "don't you want to have pickle with it? You can have a little." Akka said, "she asked me to prepare mango pickle and used to enjoy eating it. But suddenly one day she said, "from now on I won't have pickle." Maybe that was when she came to know that she had conceived," she concluded. And Armaan beamed proud of the fact that his sweetheart had given up eating pickle just for the sake of the baby, even though he was not there to remind her about it. Little did anyone know the real reason behind it!


Now Riddhima's only job was her hospital duties and taking rest at home. Her only worry, Ani, was also beautifully handled by his dad. Every evening there would be a questioning answer session between them .as usual one day Armaan had put his chotu on his lap and asked "Aaj kisi bachche ko mara?" the spontaneous answer was, "Ani goobboy. Kisisko mara nahi."


A: lekin aunty ne mujhe phone kiya tha, ke Ani ne,


Ani: nai mara nahi. Alavind se bola dool laho, paash nahi aana. Lekin Ani usey push nahi kiya. Shif aisa kiya, (he stretched forward his hand to show how he stopped him) woh apne aap se gil gaya.


A: aunty yeh bhi keh rahi thi ke tum kisko toys nahi detey.


"shab ko Ani ke caal hi chahiye." He said pouting exactly like his dad. Riddhima smiled to herself watching the 'nautnakbaaz v/s natasamrat' session. "Phil aayama ne caal alavind ko dediya, aul Ani ko sheshaw mein bita diya," he continued.


A: Chotu maine kaha na, aunty ke wahan jo khilone hain woh tumhare nahi hai. Woh sab bachchon ke liye hai. Aur agar tumhare bhi hote, to bhi sab ke saath khelne mein hi maza aata hai. Akele khelne mein kya maza? Tum ek gaadi chalao to Aravind doosra chalayega. Dono saath saath gaadi mein gumma jao. Ok? Ani to good boy hai na?


Ani : ok, ok, Ani goobboy.


Riddhima admired the way Armaan had got the truth out of him, without having any idea of what had happened. She thought in her mind, "beta yaad rakhna tu seer hai to therey dad sawa seer hai. After all psychiatrist jo hai."


Days flew by. Though Riddhima didn't have much of morning sickness, she tired easily. That led to irritation. Even nurses at the hospital felt her get annoyed at times without reason. They knew her hormones were in a way responsible for it, but some used to say "If she couldn't manage, who asked to go in for a third one?"


Once Armaan overheard such a comment and apologised to that nurse on Riddhima's behalf. "I'm sorry if she shouted at you without reason, but please don't let her hear what you just said, she'll be very hurt." The nurse felt ashamed of her remark and said "Sir, don't make me feel more ashamed by apologizing. I shouldn't have spoken like that about my senior. I'm sorry." Thereafter that nurse started taking extra care of all the cases and especially Riddhima.


Armaan made sure Riddhima had her regular checkups. Now that the baby's movement could be felt, when the family sat huddled together as usual, each one took turns to feel the movement. They would talk to the baby and kiss Riddhima's stomach and say "Love you baby."


One day Armaan asked Ani "jab baby aayega, tum apne sab toys usey doge na?" First he said "shab toys pudane hai. Baby ke liye doosre toys lenge." Seeing the other three laugh at his suggestion he immediately modified it saying "Nahi Ani shab toys baby ko doonga, aur dad Ani ke liye naye toys lenge. Ok?" They started laughing all the more hearing that and his bro remarked "Tu to mahaan hai Ani. Apne liye naye toys maangne ka fantastic idea hai."


you may have to wait for a few days for the concluding part of this ff.

Love, ssh57






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