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QSS THREAD # 5, QSSII imp note on pg 30 on 13-7-11 (Page 10)

..Chanakya... Goldie

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Self deleted

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topsyturvy23 IF-Dazzler

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u must be wondering that every time i promise to comment regularly on ur ff but i never do it...this time i am really really very sorry dil se i wasnt well...i have been gng through a lot of ups n downs in my life n believe it has changed completely bcoz of that...i just read quite a lot of updates and i am still reading more...but till now all i can is the story is gng way a fantastic track and i am simply loving it...i am gng through a rough patch in my liferight now ...i lost someone who was my life my reason to live and i wanted something to take my mind off from it...ur story was a complete distraction for it...thanks for including me in ur pm list still now also

and congrats for the new 5th thread i hope there will be as many as 10th or 20th thread
thanks Tongue
Riddikulus IF-Rockerz

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Heyy...!! Okay, I'm appearing in here after a century, I know, but I had to pop in since I had some time on my hands after a looong time. Hope you remember me, although it has been more than a little while. Been silently reading most of your parts, though, and loving them all, needless to say. Smile
I logged on after eons today, and thought I'd congratulate you for thread 5 too...congratulations and great going! I hope this fic runs into as many more threads and beyond, because I know most of us here won't ever tire of reading there. Approve
And thanks so much for keeping the PMs coming despite my complete lack of response. Sorry about that, life's been more than a little topsy-turvy, but you'll be seeing more of me around now, and I hope I can make up for lost time! Smile
Take care and much love,
P.S. I'm in que for QSS 3 too. Pleeease!

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Originally posted by ssh57

Originally posted by kweetrockstar

hey di
how r u? hope ur tight schedule relaxes off soon
i am so sorry for not commenting properly since so long
actually u know my hostel problem na, even when i came back, i was on a tight schedule due to some reasons
so whenever i saw ur pm, i just read the part, n was too lazy to reply
kaan pakadke sorry for tht

this is the first time am commenting properly after i came to know u r taking a break from the ff,
n mind u, its a break, coz we all want you back soon
thoda sa rest chalta hai,
even u deserve it, i guess, Tongue
anyways, even though i luv ur style of updating the parts in details, still i dont mind this fast pace

coz i am luving the fast happenings of the events

coming to the story, as always its going on rocking
i never know which scene to appreciate in ur ff, becoz all of them r superbly so good, tht i luv them a lot

basically, am sad i wont read QSS for sum time, becoz as u know, i am really really attached to ur story,
but i'll always be waiting for u to make a comeback with a bangg
luv u loads n loads di

n hope u kick off soon again



He Pooja,
Good to see you back. When are you going back to the hostel? Glad to note that you liked this fast pace, but i don't feel very satisfied. Yes, since so many readers requested me not to stop writing I've promised to come back but I'm not sure when or with what story. everyone wants QSS III, let's see what I can do about it.You all will miss me for afew days and then you'll get used to it. When Bheegi left we missed her so much in the beginning but now we've all accepted she's not coming back. Just like that. But i'll surely come to the forum at least read the other ffs. Enjoy the last few parts of QSS II. Love, shardha

Hi di,
how are u, am also so happy to be back,
now i dont go back until july, lol, vacations u c,
u know di even i like writing in details, n if i miss sth, i feel the piece incomplete,
so its only natural for u not to feel satisfied,
but trust me, as a reader, i really love it,
i know di, n i'll wait forever for u to come back, be whatever story u write,
no di, i guess u r wrong at this point if u think i will forget u,
i dont know abt the others, but trust me, i dont forget the people i value,
talking abt bheegi di, i dont know why she left n all, becoz i was absent when she left the forum, but even today, i miss her n her ff, 'It had to be u', n just becoz of tht, i go n read tht part, where Armaan n Riddhima skate, n Armaan sings ride it for her, dats my favourite memory of the ff,
there r 3 more ppl i actually miss,
do u know Aimee di(Wild Aimee), Maryam(armaankashrock), n simi di,
Aimee di used to write the ff called Apne, Mini as in Maryam wrote many of them, n Simi di also used to be there, she used to write yaare dildaare, n talaash,
i was really attached to all these 3,
Aimee di was to my inspiration, but they all left, n though i cant do nething to bring them back, i still miss them, n wish they were here,
i'll miss u too di, becoz i've bonded with u on a personal level too, so keep it in ur heart tht a small sister is waiting for u back here, n do return for her,

love u loads di

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ssh57 Goldie

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Originally posted by meow23

we don't mind prts in installment QSSIII

Sorry I wouldn't like posting instalments. Maybe shorter parts.
ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 2:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by topsyturvy23

u must be wondering that every time i promise to comment regularly on ur ff but i never do it...this time i am really really very sorry dil se i wasnt well...i have been gng through a lot of ups n downs in my life n believe it has changed completely bcoz of that...i just read quite a lot of updates and i am still reading more...but till now all i can is the story is gng way a fantastic track and i am simply loving it...i am gng through a rough patch in my liferight now ...i lost someone who was my life my reason to live and i wanted something to take my mind off from it...ur story was a complete distraction for it...thanks for including me in ur pm list still now also

and congrats for the new 5th thread i hope there will be as many as 10th or 20th thread
thanks Tongue

Hey dear,
I'm very sorry to note that you lost someone very close to you. I can understand that you are going theough a very difficult phase. But as they say what can't be cured has to be endured. however difficult it may be, life has to go on. Just think what that person would have wanted you to do at this time and do exactly that. that'll be somewhat comforting.If this ff can brighten your day in anyway, I'm extremely happy. Only time can heal such sorrow. May God give you the strength to face the loss and move on in life.
The qotation u've posted regarding life not being smooth always is ver true and so is the rest of it. Take strength from that.
Love and blessings,

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 2:26am | IP Logged
so keep it in ur heart tht a small sister is waiting for u back here, n do return for her,

love u loads di

Hi Pooja,
I'm definitely not leaving IF because it's very close to my heart and a place where i've made over 100 friends. I'll be reading all your ffs and commenting on them too. the only doubt is about my writing.
Of the three you mentioned, I've read only Talash and love it. As you say 'It had to be' is also a very unique story. hope someday Sangeeta will come back and complete it. She has been my inspiration. I don't know how many times I must have and re-read all her ffs. she's one versatile writer. each story had a different equation and a different speed. (she must be getting hiccups right now.) she had written she's doing a course to improve her writing skills and will be back after that, but she hasn't kept her promise.
Love and best wishes little sis.

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ssh57 Goldie

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Part 197

Riddhima drove home very happy with herself but she couldn't reveal her happy news to anyone. When Kaka opened the door he noticed her joy and asked "Kya baat hai bahu? Aaj bahut khush lag rahi ho." "Haan kaka aaj main bahut khush hoon, lekin sorry filhal main uski wajah nahi bata sakti. Maine aaj bhagwan se ek mannat maangi hai. Aap please mujhe ashirwad dijiye ke meri mannat poori ho." She said touching his feet.


K: Bhagwan tumhari har mannat poori karey, bahu.


Riddhima took akka's blessings too. Akka smiled and touched her head muttering in Tamil. Then running her palms on either side of Riddhima's forehead, bent her fingers and cracked the knuckles against her own temples. (A way of removing nazar). Riddhima offered them the pastry and then went looking for her sons who were busy playing Mario. Akshat was playing and the little one was enjoying clapping his hands. He had tried playing but was not quick enough so lost the game soon. So her preferred to watch his anna play.


Seeing their mama both of them ran towards her and were thrilled to see that she had brought pastries for them. She also joined them in eating, by then akka got her the hot chocolate she had asked for. The kids had already had their milk.


That evening Armaan came on the chat line. He had taken a break and was sitting in the hospital cafeteria. She was dying to tell him the news but she knew if she did, he would catch the next flight out of Boston and land here. But her excitement didn't go unnoticed by him. But talking to Armaan had to be in ascending order. Ani had to talk first or else he wouldn't let anyone speak. Then Akshat and last Riddhima.


That morning akka had taken Ani to the play group school to watch his interaction there. Akka was very much against sending him there as she felt he was too small to go to school. Riddhima had tried to convince her that it wasn't a school but just a place to make friends and get into the habit of being away from home. In the end she said she would take Ani there and see if he would be happy in that place.


"Dad, Ani ghoda ghoda khela. Baut saade khilone hain. Aunty boli sab khelo. Ani cake khaya." He said it all in one go. When Armaan seemed to be clueless about what he was talking Akshat yelled from behind that he had gone with athai to the playgroup that morning to have a look. But Ani didn't want him to talk in between so he kept pushing him away saying "Ani dad baat kalega." Then Armaan asked the little master "kaisa laga wahan? Tum jaoge unke saath khelne?" Nodding his head he replied "Ani jaayega. Fast fast ghoda." He started rocking forward and backward on the bed to show how he'd ride fast on the horse.


A: Good boy lekin ghode par sambhal kar baithna aur aunty ki har baat manna. Ok?


Ani: ok, ok.


Then Riddhima said his turn was over and now it was anna's turn so he should say bye bye to dad and move from there. She had made them understand that each one would talk in turns to dad, no fighting. Since she always gave him the chance to talk first, Ani moved out when she asked him to. His turn over Riddhima sent him packing to the hall to watch TV. Akshat didn't mind taking second turn if he could talk without his bro's interruption. He spoke about his school, football friends, so on and so forth. Then he also bid his dad bye and followed his bro. Now  she could talk in peace with her sweetheart.


"Kya baat hai aaj bahut excited dikh rahi ho?" was Armaan's first question. How she wished she could tell him the real reason. Instead she told him it was because Dr. Mohan was very impressed with the way she was handling her ward, which was of course true only. She told about the important progress of a few of her cases. Then went on to enquire about his day. He seemed to be quite happy with what he was doing, only thing he was missing them. Especially during the weekends he felt lonely.


On Sunday evening after walking along Charles river, he had gone to the Prudential Mall. He hadn't really shopped only walked around it and was planning to go one of these days to the observatory on top of it. He had been informed by some friends, that Indian bread was available at Trader Joe right opposite it. So he had bought some readymade frozen parathas which he had to just heat and eat.


A couple of other doctors had also come from Delhi, and one from Nepal too. The following weekend they were all planning to go together on a duck tour i.e. part tour by bus around Boston and for the remaining part of the tour the bus changed into a steamer and took them sailing down the Charles river. The weekend after that was a long one. So they were planning to go to New York or the Niagra falls. Riddhima was happy that he had some friends who were also away from their families and so were sticking together.


Days flew by in the same way. Ani started attending the playgroup but wouldn't let athai move from there. So on the first two days they stayed there for about an hour. Since he was new, the other children let him take the toys he wanted. After two days the teacher told Muniamma that she would have to slip away when he's not seeing. But akka's heart wouldn't let her do that. So she went out of the classroom but remained near the school gate, lest he should cry.


He was engrossed in playing for some time, but then suddenly noticed that Athai was missing. He started wailing loudly "Athai, athai" and his athai came running hearing him. The teacher told her rather strictly, that from the following day, she should just leave and go. She complained to Riddhima that evening about the teacher being very "Khadoos" but Riddhima convinced her that she has to follow her instructions. She went away mumbling to herself that these days kids were sent to school even before they outgrew their cradle.


For two weeks things moved smoothly. Then came the first complaint from the teacher that Ani was very adamant when he wanted something and didn't hesitate to beat the children if they didn't give him what he wanted. As the complaint was passed through akka who went to drop him and pick him, she started grumbling. "After all he is a baby. What can he understand? She's simply complaining because she doesn't know how to sort out the issue. Why is she running the school then?"


Riddhima didn't say anything to her, but she took Ani on her lap and explained to him that the toys were meant for all. He could play with it for sometime, but when some other child wanted it he should share it. The next time she spoke to Armaan, she asked him also to advise him because she knew he had a better knack than her. But it ended father and son making an agreement that everytime he shared toys with the other children, he would get a chocolate. "Armaan I told you to correct him and you've made arrangement to rot his teeth." She reprimanded him.


Thankfully this time Riddhima had very slight morning sickness. She had hardly thrown up twice or thrice in the past two weeks. June was over and the following day Armaan was going alongwith some of his colleagues to watch the fire display on th occasion of American Independence Day, the 4th of July. Every weekend they visited some new place. Either within Massachusetts or outside. He had also met a lot of Indians there and was invited to many of their houses for dinner, as he befriended them very easily.


Riddhima was very regular with her appointments to Dr. Kalyani in spite of the rain and bad weather. She would usually make an early appointment and leave hospital early on those days and manage to come home on time. No one seemed to suspect anything, but only Armaan kept teasing her that she was very happy to be away from him and was hence putting on weight. She had to admit that this baby was making her very hungry.


One afternoon after lunch she went to the cafeteria as she was still feeling hungry. She decided to have some milkshake. She saw a group of nurses sitting and eating. She noticed that the new nurse who had joined their hospital that same day, was sitting among them and they were all offering her food from their tiffin as she hadn't brought anything. As Riddhima sat sipping her milkshake their talk fell on her ears.


New nurse: Please don't mistake me, but I won't eat any rice preparations.


Other nurse: Why? You don't like rice?


NN: No I like it very much. But I've taken a vow. My son is in Std. XII. My husband and me want him to become a doctor, but he's not very ambitious. So I went to our guruji to ask for his help. He asked me to give up one of my favourite food item for a year, as penance. Then he said my wish would come true. So I gave up rice, my most favourite food.


Other N: But that's so difficult.


NN: I'm doing it for my son, so it isn't so difficult. I took the vow impulsively. But then I couldn't understand what to eat. Initially I used to get frustrated but now I've learnt so many new receipes thanks to my son.


She laughed and continued to tell about herself. She had actually worked as a head sister in a hospital in Kochi and her husband in Kochi harbour. Since both of them had shifts she had left her son and younger daughter with her parents at Munnar,. Now since her son was in Std. XII she had moved here to be with him. And had joined MSHC as a staff nurse.


"How much sacrifice and trouble parents take for their kids, but will the kids realize and appreciate it?" Riddhima wondered to herself. Suddenly she had an idea, she would also give up something wishing for a daughter this time. She wouldn't give up anything which was important for her baby's proper growth though. It should be something she loved, but the baby could do without. She would think over and decide later.


That evening as they were having dinner, akka served her some khichdi. How lovely the khichdi tasted with the mango pickle she thought to herself. After having eaten the raw mango near the temple, she had asked akka to make some raw mango pickle. She was eating that to her heart's content, with Armaan also not there to stop her. Suddenly she knew what she'd give up – mango. So this was the last piece of mango she was eating till her baby was born.


Whenever she got free time he mind would play the guessing game. This time the morning sickness is less unlike the two previous times. So maybe this'll be a girl she'd hope. At other times she'd wonder what if it was another boy? Even the thought of it sent shivers through her body, imagining another Ani in the family. She'd go totally berserk for sure, she thought.



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