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QSS THREAD # 5, QSSII imp note on pg 30 on 13-7-11

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Part 195 - pg  1,     Part 196 - pg 5,     Part 197 - pg 11,
Part 198 - pg 14,    Part 199 - pg 17,   Part 200 - pg 20,
Part 201 (epilogue) - pg 24.

Part 195

Their heart to heart talk was very shortlived as the little one came dashing in shouting "mama, didi ikeam nai karidi. Paisa nai boli". The girl came chasing him saying "Shoes nikalo" and took off his shoes. He ran to his mama and pulling her saree said "Mama peeaase ikeam". Kunjmon's sister told Riddhima she wanted to go home as some relatives were coming over. She also informed that she may not be able to come for two days.


She left but Ani kept pestering her for icecream so his mama asked him "tumhe ikeam chahiye ya dad?" Chotu thought for a few seconds and then said "dad". That brought a broad smile to his dad's face and he called out "Chotu". He looked all around wondering from where the voice was coming. She pulled him on to her lap and said "laptop mein dekho". As soon as he looked, he saw his father and shouted "dad" and tried to embrace him, banging his nose on the screen in the process. To distract him before he started crying, his mama said "dad ko Happy Birthday kaho." Saying "happy bilday dad", the little one immediately leaned towards the screen, to kiss him. "Chee screen ko lick nahi karna," Riddhima pulled him away. "Hum dad se baat hi kar sakte hain, unhe choo nahi sakte. Woh camera mein hain."


A: kaisha hai mera chotu?


Riddhima prompted him "kaho, dad I'm fine. Aap kaisey ho?" and the parrot repeated it. "Main theek hoon lekin mere chotu ko bahut mish kal laha hoon" his dad answered in his language. "Main bhi aap ko bahut mish kal laha hoon" came the reply, without any prompting this time. That made his dad flick away the tears from his eyes.


The next moment the elder one entered the house and kicking off his shoes shouted "mama bhook lagi hai." As he entered the room he noticed his mama and bro peering into the laptop. Riddhima beckoned to him and he joined them on the cot and seeing his dad shrieked aloud "dad!" "Hi betu!" came his dad's reply. "Dad aaj aapka birthday hai na? Happy birthday dad! Then seeing the cake next to him asked "Dad aapne cake kaat diya?"


A: tum log nahi the to main kaisey kaattha?


R: ab to sab hai kaato na.


Just then akka came with biscuits and milk for the kids. "Akka, kaka ko bhi bulayiye na. Armaan birthday cake kaatne wala hain." Akka went and called kaka and all of them witnessed him cutting the birthday cake. He picked up a piece showed it towards the camera and then put it back.


Ak: Dad hum yahan se cake kha nahi sakte, aap to khaiye na?


"Nahi betu" said Armaan tears rolling down his cheeks, "I'll choke on it if I eat it without feeding you all first." All eyes were filled with tears for different reasons though. While the others were moved to tears seeing Armaan in tears, the little one's tears were because he couldn't eat the cake. Kaka intervened, "beta, bahu aur Akshu ne bade dhoom dhaam se tumhara birthday manana chaha, tumhare America jaane se pehle. Par maine hi kaha ki janamdin se pehle usey manana apshakun hota hai. Aur unhone meri baat maanli. Aaj tumhe bhi meri ek baat maanni hogi, hum sab ki taraf se tum apna mooh meeta karoge woh cake khakar."


Armaan couldn't refuse kaka whom he considered the eldest member of his family. 'aap ka hokum sar aankhon par kaka, lekin aap aur akka pehle mujhe aashirwaad dijiye" he said bending his head.


Kaka: beta hamara aashirwaad to humesha tumhare saath hai. Hamesha khush rehena. Bhagwaan tumhari har kaamna poori kare." Akka's words were "for your loving heart, God will always be with you." Armaan ate a small piece of the cake and said "Hey this cake is really very yummy. Lekin I won't be able to eat the whole thing. It will get wasted."


R: waste kyon hoga? Tum hospital le jao aur sab doston ko khilado.


A: Thank you guys, you've made this day special for me, even from so far away.


AK: dad aap ne mera wala cup use kiya?


A: no tomorrow I'll my coffee in that cup. It will make the day special.


Akshat had painted a cup with the words 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE WORLD'S BEST DAD' and Riddhima had gifted him a personalized pure leather briefcase, with his initials monogrammed on it, in advance for his birthday.


All of them wiped their tears and on Akshat's idea wished him 'Happy birthday' in chorus, with a smile on their face. He blew a kiss to all of them after wiping his own eyes.


R: Armaan it's very late now. Go and get some sleep, we'll talk in the morning.


Reluctantly he bid them goodbye and signed off. They also moved to the hall. Ani was only repeating the same thing over and over again "Mama ab dad chale gaye to mujhe cake chahiye." "Ok sham ko le aati hoon" she told him very sweetly but when he started crying and throwing a tantrum she shouted "Ani". All of them were shocked to hear her because she rarely raised her voice. Then she sat on the sofa holding her head while the little one burst out crying.


That brought tears to her eyes too. Akshat came and sat next to her asking, "mama aap theek to ho na?" She nodded and wiped her eyes. Kaka got her a glass of water and said "Don't worry I'll go and get the cake. You go and lie down for sometime. You'll feel better." In his mind he thought beta's being away is working on her, poor thing. She's not able to handle it.


Akka had taken Ani outside. Riddhima followed her and taking the baby from her hugged him tight. Then holding her ears said "sholly." Akshat who had come along said "dadu cake lene gaye hain. Ab chup ho jao." That silenced the little one. Both akka and Akshat insisted that she wasn't looking Ok so she must go and rest.


She went to her room and decided to lie down for a bit. When akka came and peeped an hour later, she was surprised to see her sleeping but thought better not disturb her. It was only when Akshat came and woke her up for lunch that she got up. "kya hua mama? Aapki tabhiyat to theek hai?" "Haan bilkul theek hoon. I fell asleep that's all."


After lunch they watched a children's animation movie with the kids rolling over with laughter and then went for their nap. In the evening the children wanted to go to the park but Riddhima was feeling too lethargic. So she asked akka and kaka to take them, while she waited for Armaan's call. When she called him earlier he said he was out shopping for grocery and would call as soon as he reached home.


Armaan was terribly hungry and dying to eat. There was absolutely nothing at home to eat. He was fed up eating bread. He wished he had listened to Riddhima and carried some paste or chutney which he could have mixed with rice and eaten. That's why he had gone shopping for grocery early in the morning, so that he could come home and cook something.


But the first thing he did on coming home was to call her. He put the grocery away as he spoke to her and picking up a packet of chips started munching it. She told him about the play schools she had visited. He preferred the one with fewer children because he knew his son was very naughty and would need constant vigil. Hearing him munching chips she asked "Why are you having this junk food? Didn't you have any breakfast?"


The first day she had enquired whether veg food was available there and he had told her that there were many Indian restaurants and he could get veg food easily. But he didn't tell her that once he came to the room and showered, he felt too lazy to go out again for food. He just wanted to laze in the room. So settled for some bread and cheese etc.


A: Aaj sochta hoon kuch ghar par hi paka loon.


R: Theek hai, what do you want to cook? I'll help you.


So with her instructions he made a pulav in the microven and raitha. "I'll mail you some easy receipes" she told him before cutting the call.


The next morning Riddhima was woken up by Akshat holding out the cordless phone to her saying "mama dad ka call hai." She looked at the clock and was shocked to see it was past 8 o'clock. Though it was Sunday, she'd never slept so late. Last night also they had gone to bed early, as the kids had been tired after played a lot in the garden. They had come home and dropped dead immediately after dinner.


When Riddhima took the phone from Akshat, Armaan literally yelled. "Riddhima, are you ok? Akshat bol raha tha you are sleeping. It's almost 8.30 there na? you never sleep so late even on Sundays."


R: Armaan itna hyper kyon ho rahe ho? I was up till late in the night looking up the net for one my cases. Isliye''


A: Par betu to bol raha tha that you all went to bed very early last night.


This was getting to be too much. Akshu was following his dad's instructions to the dot. Conveying each and every matter to him without any omissions. "Arrey we went to bed early, so I woke up at 5 and then couldn't sleep. So I sat reading and I don't know when I fell asleep again," she tried to pacify him.


A: You know how worried I got when you didn't pick my calls. I've been trying for over an hour. That's why I called on the landline. Riddhima I hope you are not hiding anything from me. Kaka was also saying you are looking a bit pale. You better get your blood tests done and confirm you are not getting aneamic again or is your BP going low?


R: Armaan you are making a mountain of a molehill. I just overslept. I haven't fainted or something that you are so worried. If anything happens to me you will be the first one to know, since you have 3 very loyal spies in this house.


He started laughing at that saying "that's absolutely true. I trust my spies' loyalty more than you." Then talking for some more time they hung up as it was Armaan's bedtime.


As she showered, she herself wondered what could be wrong with her. Though she managed to pacify Armaan, she thought she should get some investigations done. The last time itself she had excruciating pain during her periods. She hadn't been able to even stand. But because she didn't want Armaan to get worried, she had come home from the hospital saying she was having very heavy flow. Immediately she had tried contacting Dr. Kalyani, but she was out of town. She had been alright the next day and totally forgotten about it.


When was that she tried to recollect the date. It had been a Friday. Yes the Friday before mothers' day. She remembered they were to go for an outing that Sunday, it being Mother's Day, but since Armaan felt she needed to rest, they had cancelled it and ordered food at home itself. She came out of the bath and looked up the calendar. That was 8th May. That meant more than a month, almost 5 weeks''..






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nice part

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God is Riddhima pregnent oh i so hope she is... it will be so awesome to read Armaan n his baby girl stuff... waiting for the next update continue soon n thnx for the Pm :)

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CONGRATS for the 5th thread Thumbs Up

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That was such an adorable part , seeing Armaan and the entire family so emotional makes one feel really teary too and you have written all of it so well that it touches the heart everytime we read. Would love to see how Ani misses his dad, thats what I was thinking about when Armaan left, because the others always do express how much they miss him directly.
Riddhima I guess is heading towards pregnancy , I hope before you end this ff ,we do get some moments between Armaan and his princess :S

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Hey!! Congratulations on the new thread! Big smile

I was out of town for the last week and wow! i see that i have missed a lot of updates. I shall update myself and comment when i do.. Smile

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so i was right riddhima is indeed pregnant
Love ani antics...every1 was crying coz armaan was far away n this little one was crying as he cannot eat cake lol
Congrates 4 the 5th thread :)

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Congrats for the new thread Di.  I don't know whether to feel sad for Arman's absence or laugh due to my little ,cute parrot. LOL Ani 's really sweet.  He is always in his own land. Crying coz he was not able to eat the cake.. And the way he was trying to kiss his dad was really sweet. I hope Arman comes back soon.

See i was so right to guess first that our princess is coming.. Can't wait to see Arman's reaction on this.

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