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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 98)

soni4eva IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 10:06am | IP Logged
awsome update as usual
his friends r 2 gud poor shaan
plzz update soon

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mystory IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged
hai saaz inhe pls alag mat karna,fr the sake of love.tumhe rbo ki kasam.Crywell nice updt.keep updatin.love u.

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 11:22am | IP Logged


@cutipie: thanks re

@ Ramani: hmm..jaldi aake tera trademark fab comment de

@ Rooji: Hahaha…bomb for sure..lets see how they deal with it..phoos ya phaadoo..I LOVE his friends too..they are the best..aww reading it twice walla comment made me samile

@Ag: Thanks so much

@Purvi: Hmmm..seperate is a very strong term..lets see..fasten your seat belt..the ride shall be rocky..I mean maybe

@ Roopa: HAHAHAHAHAHAH..what offence?? Pagal hai kya?…I take it as a complete compliment..it is a true tribute to my buddies from college..I always was closer to my guy friends than girls..

@If-Rida: Thanks re for your comments..they really make me so happy re

@Chris: thanks sweetie..hmm..shreela ki batti abhi bhujji nahin..

@deepa: double posting shosting..hehehehe..don;t try to act too smart..come regularly and comment lamba walla..nunsense

@ Souma: Nahin pata nahin..there was too much sannatta after I had posted the previous part..of course 12 hours later, sab sannataa khatam..hehehe..shall wait for your detailed comments

@Shanaksansar: Thanks re..for yur vote of confidence..yep, his friends are a blast!!

@ Lana: Mai aapke comments pe kya bolu except bow down and say THANK YOU..THANK YOU..as for poona trip..hmm kuch sochna padega..

@ Shal: Thanks re..your comments are so cute re..and I agree with the Lana comment..TOTALLY!!

@Vandoo: HAILA..you know something you are what I used to be in my college..matlab itne bhi olden days nahi hai..lekin..I was a total RIOT myself..the comment on AMIT has actually been made by me on a guy friend trying to patao a girl from across the street..he died of embarrassment..she laughed and he would not talk to me for days..until I told him that I had convinced the girl to go for coffee with him..those two are married now..and have a 11 year old boy..cuties..AND your counselor analysis..WOW!! itna tho maine bhi nahin socha..boss tussi great ho..tope ho..iss FF ki hope ho..

@ Sweetshona: thanks re

@ DJ: thanks re..for your comments..yep, Shaan getting irritated and Poona trip..hmm..am taking my time..enjoy the update.

@ Navven: I remember now re..what re you doing here? Go study..all the very best re..shine through..nothing more liberating than excelling at something..bestest wishes to you

@Jyothi: Thanks so much re..hmm..staying together and all..dekhte hai..

@Souma and Vandoo: CUTIE aur PATOOTIE…mere..pagal pantars..HUGS lele mujhse who bhi bade waale..waise Souma..tang mat kar vandoo ko..instaed idhar aake comment likh..bakwass ladki kahin ki..tera prep kaise chal raha hai re?? ..LOTS and lots of best wishes to you..hope you get into a great school..Vandoo, you fikar not..main hai na..souma ka mazaa chakhaoingee

@ candy: OMG that song..brought back memories man..Juhi chawla looked the cutest in that movie..and what a song!!!..taanks..ehehehehe on the murder part

@ Anu: yep, I did..and tahts all you are getting for now..or then again maybe not..aww cute jansport comment made me smile re..bindi post it acha lagaa??..thanks re..VIRTUAL HUG for it all

@Neha: hehehe..marketing angle se bol kaisa lag raha hai FF..hehe..thanks re..poona trip aayega..dekhte hai.filhaal tell me what you thought of next update

@ Varsha: acha..show mein tera pyaas nahin bhujj raha hai kya?..heheh

@ rafia: Hmmm..lets see how they deal with it..thanks re

@ Vandoo and Neha: Mere PATOOTIE aur NUTOOTIE..tum dono ke bina mera FF ek page aage nahin badhta and that is a fact..THANKS SO MUCH RE>.mere puntars..HUGS TO YOU TWO..waise mere story plan ka dhajjiya udane ke liye thanks..thanks a lot..

@ gaayu: Ab?? Tho pehle ky a tha?? Sazaaa???...ehehehe..thanks re

@ Ujjwala: Hmm on the comment and shaan wanting to know about it..okay shall think of something..LOVED the Amit comment??..totally real life experience..as I said to Vandoo..

@ Shiksha: thanks re

@Purvi: GOT it now..yep, I wanted to make a complete departure from the whole 'unable to understand..wanting to run'..I wanted to show a 'making lemonade when given lemons' characters..becos in life, true happiness comes out of letting go and taking it as it comes..not resisting but accepting..at the same time not being casual about it but respectful..am glad you like it..such a cute song re..they are getting there..ummm..what is a DP?..dhandapaani?

@Soni: thanks re

@mystory: tenshun naahi leneka..

ALL THOSE WHO PRESSED LIKE: Hmm..kya aapko type karna nahin aata?

Coming up: Update 20- THANKS to all of you for making it last so looong!

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Ujjwala Groupbie

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by saaaz



Coming up- Update

Cool... Can't wait ...

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged


Friday, 12pm..Tumtum stop, ITI Campus..

They stand waiting for the tumtum to take them back to the hostel..

Shaan: I think its going to take awhile..Do you want to walk..?

Khanak: It is too hot baba..lets wait..it will come in some time..

Shaan: Khanak..baat suno..I think one just left..it is going to take a while..

Khanak: Uff..patience naam ki cheez hotee hai..just wait for awhile..

Shaan smiles at her..and suddenly seems to have noticed something above her head..in the opposite direction..grabs her hand and starts running to the opposite side..reaches the other side..lets go of her hand..waves at the tumtum to stop..the tumtum stops..he walks towards the opening, lets her get in first..he follows her in..waves a thanks to driver..and the tumtum sets off..the tumtum is empty except for one geeky scrawny guy who is seated at the end..they sit down next to each other few seats ahead of him..

Khanak: ultaa hai na??

Shaan: ghumke jaayegee..pahunch jaayenge..and to prove I have got patience..lots of it..

They stare at each other for a minute..a strand of hair falls on her face..before she can move it..he touches it without touching her face..just holds it between his finger tips and shifts it to the back of her ear..shakes her earring..a small purple glass bead hanging by a silver wire..to match her mauve duppata over her mint kurta..she stares back at the man wearing a casual T-shirt over his jeans..they smile at each other..she goes back to looking out of the window..and he stares upfront..both of them smiling..as though in a trance..

The trance is broken with a jerk ..the tumtum has come to a stop and a group of boys enter..Amit with his set of friends..dimwit 1 and dimwit2.

Dimwit1: Hi Khandoo..

Dimwit2: Kya baat hai..lage raho..

Amit: Hi Khanak..

Khanak: Hi Amit..

The guys move to the back of the bus..laughing and behaving rowdy..Khanak continues to look outside the window..Shaan stares at her duppata, the edge of which is over his jeans..he holds it..she turns..he is lost looking at his hand on it..she is lost looking at his hand on it..

Amit: (leaning on the bar of the seat adjacent to them): hey guys..quick question..

Shaan: (lets go): Ya?

Amit: what time is the dinner tonight?

Khanak: I think they are expecting everyone at 7pm.

Amit: Ok, cool..so Khanak, will you be singing?..cause I am coming just for that..

Shaan: Actually she will be teaching at KV soon..why don't you apply to class (grade) 5-8..?

Khanak: There are going to be lots of people..

Amit: Oh I thought it is just us..

Khanak: No No..Tripathi Mam said this is a dinner she hosts just two weeks before school opens for all the teachers and their families who return from summer vacation..

Amit: Oh my god! Now I am suddenly not interested..I don't think I want to come..

Shaan: (mutters):good idea..

Amit: (catches him, grins) But, Khanak..just for you I am going to be there..(winks at her and gets back)

Khanak: Aap ko ho kya gaya hai..?

Shaan:  (irritated): Arrey yaar.. I never get a minute with you..why did you go away when I came down for breakfast..?

Khanak: (hides her smile):  Arrey I had to meet Tripathi Mam..I told you na..

Shaan: (continues to be irritated): and you left me all alone with them..savages saale..

Khanak: Kaun? (starts laughing): Karthik and Harshad..the sweethearts..

Shaan: Please..give me a break..(stands up)

Khanak: Kahan jaa rahe hai aap?

Shaan:  Stop aagaya meri maa..

Khanak: (laughs): Chalo beta..

They grin at each other and get off..they get off a stop away from the hostel..its the garden by the lake..Shaan gets in..Khanak follows him..they seat themselves on the grass..next to each other staring at the lake some distance away between the trees..

Khanak: mujhe bhook lagi hai..

Shaan: Mujhe bhi..

Khanak: THo phir..?

Shaan: I am too lazy to get up..

Khanak: Oh god..so am I..

Shaan: Ghar pe hota tho Harilal leka aata..jahan pe bhi baitha hoon..cannot believe I am missing him..

Khanak: who else do you miss?

Shaan: (is extremely silent..)

Khanak: (turns to look at him..his serious face..): I meant at home..

Shaan: Oh..hmm..I think I miss my bro the most..we are very close..

Khanak: Aapki mom?

Shaan: See.. I love my mom..but she is never around..don;t get me wrong..jab hum school mei the, mom was always around..Mai aur bhaiya since we have been out..she has also gotten out..actually I need to call her..missed call ayaa tha aaj subah..

Khanak: kar lijiyee abhi..

Shaan: (dials): engaged hai..

Khanak: Khaana Khane chale..

Shaan: Oh ho..okay chalo..

They get up..

Shaan: Tumhare dupatte pe kuch hain..

Khanak: (moves her duppata): Kya..

Shaan: I think some insect of some sort..

Khanak: KYA?!! (slides it off her shoulder..and stars heavily shaking it..)..KYA..KYA??

Shaan: Oh my god..calm down..(laughs at her antics)

Khanak: YOU calm down..(and walks away)

Shaan follows her..rolling his eyes and shaking his head..follows her out of the park..bumps into a hostel mate..who wants to chat with him..he can see Khanak enter the hostel and walk up the stairs..he stands with the friend and chats for some time..

Friday 1:15pm..Hostel 7..Room 201

Shaan opens the door..notices her duppatta lying on the bed, the edges a bit wet..the fan whirring..mixed with the sound of the water running in the bathroom..he keeps the food he brought from the mess on the table in the enclave..he keeps his jansport over on his chair..the water is off..she is singing..he can hear her voice through her anklets while she moves and her bangles brushing the sink..he picks up her duppata..holds it..and when he hears the bathroom door open..he stuffs it in his jansport quickly..he grins at her..she has a small smile..

Shaan: brought sandwiches from the mess..

Khanak: OH! Mohita just called..some girls are catching lunch outside..I said I will join them..

Shaan: (extremely disappointed): Oh okay..

Khanak: (extremely guilty): I am sorry..when I saw you chatting with the guy downstairs..thought you have a session..

Shaan: Nahin nahin..you go..I have to anyway meet the guys in a bit..

Khanak steps away..opens the door..turns to look at him..Shaan is in the enclave..his back towards her..she walks to his back..places her left palm on his shoulder..her right hand is holding her bag..

Khanak: (softly): Shaantanu..main reh jaaon..?

Shaan immediately turns..stares at her..her hand moves from his shoulder..his left hand cups her right cheek and his right hand shuts the door loudly..and before he kisses her..

Shaan: (whispers into her lips): Reh jaao Khanak..

And this time in broad daylight..lips don't miss..


Sapnon mei behne do..


Review Mandatory


Next Part- page 111

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 11:32am | IP Logged
hei saaz,
my comments r still pending for the previous part..but u updated the next one..will leave comments for both together..
oh my god!!!!*feeling short of air*
killer saazy..
she called him shantanu again n they kissed..kiss on the lips in broad day light..OMG!!!*faints*

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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 11:43am | IP Logged

Vandu will NOT write a long comment...Because...

Vandu has died and gone to heaven !!! Hayeee !!!! *sigh*
Shantanu,Main Reh JauEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Reh jaao Khanak...!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Dil Mereee...
Tu Deewanaa haii...Embarrassed
Pagal hai..
Maine maanaa hai...Embarrassed
Pal pal aahein bharta hai...
Kehne se kyun...
Dartaaa haii...Embarrassed
Dil Mere tu deewanaa haiiiEmbarrassed
Maate...Apke charan kaha hai !!! Aise likhte rahe toh main zyada din zinda nahi rahungi...Heart stop ho hoke mera dil kamzor ho gaya hai iss forum ke FF padh padhke !!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed *sighs loudly*

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mystory IF-Dazzler

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dil ke sare saaz cherdiye saaz apne.aur kya kahein.luv u

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