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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 93)

purvimeh IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by lghosh

Haila Friday morning!!! Aaj raat ko ek update de de pls!! Do din baad updating??! Tujhe toh main...ruk ja!! Humlogon ko aise mode pe chhodke udanchoo ho jaati hai! And we r left with nothing but to speculate & dream! And then u will give us ek piddi si chhoti si update like an appetiser!! Angry No mercy here, aaj ek update chahiye!! Morcha nikal rahi hoon main!!
I am taking up the role of Shylock now! LOL

Saazyyy If u don't update am unleashing Ramdev on you.. Angry

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SachDJ Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 8:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by purvimeh

Originally posted by lghosh

Haila Friday morning!!! Aaj raat ko ek update de de pls!! Do din baad updating??! Tujhe toh main...ruk ja!! Humlogon ko aise mode pe chhodke udanchoo ho jaati hai! And we r left with nothing but to speculate & dream! And then u will give us ek piddi si chhoti si update like an appetiser!! Angry No mercy here, aaj ek update chahiye!! Morcha nikal rahi hoon main!!
I am taking up the role of Shylock now! LOL

Saazyyy If u don't update am unleashing Ramdev on you.. Angry
Saaz you defintely don't want this happening to you or your Shanak. Update please...

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
jaldhi update dho..

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lghosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 9:06pm | IP Logged
Allah megh de paani de paani de re...yehan toh main Saazy ki raah dekh te huye yeh gaana gayoongi.
Saazy update de, update de, update de re, Saazy update de!!!

Edited by lghosh - 09 June 2011 at 9:12pm

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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@Anu: Aiyoo di..you came..thanks re..of course mechie mechie bonding it has to be..

@Vandoo meri bandoo: tussi mentally great ho..

@ mystory: thanks re

@ Suchi: She is not..becos Shaan walked out of it..hope the next update throws some light on that..

@Krithika: Thanks re

@ Ramani: Your smile pastered a smile on my face..thanks re

@ Varsha: Thanks re..sorry re..had a really looong day today..not a minutes rest..

@Shiksha: thanks sweeties

@Ujjwalla:  what choti si...dhamakedaar thin a..next walla long..but dekhte hai..dhamaka hai ke nahi

@ Rooji: THANKS so much re..your comments made me realy realy heappy

@Ag: thanks re

@ Candy: YOUR LINES RE..kill me everytime..fabulous!!

@ Neha: TU aur Vandoo ka mentalpanti ka gaadi dus pages tak chala..took me some time to get my update..bakwaas band karo tum dono..sab kuch milega abh chup..

@ cutipie: thanks..thanks..thanks..here you go next part

@ Krishna: Lavs nahin mere paas sivaye iske ke aapka gulabi rang jab cha jaata hai mere FF ke thread pe..gulabi mera din ho jata hai..

@ gaayu: hope the Q was answered..hmm you didn't see it coming..how could you?? Electricity jo nahin tha..

@ DJ: thank yu jee..

@ Lana: THANKS THANKS THANKS..she should call him more often..I vote for that too..yes I did want to bring a touch of 'haq' also alongwith it a mundane hubby wife convo..with a peep into where the story may be going..MY VOCAB is not Shaan..it is more Karthik than Shaan..but like the idea..let me think of something

@ Minnu: A bigger hug back to you..

@ May: haila..aap kyun sorry? ..nahin re..take your time..enjoy this ..umm shall we say while it lasts

@Dish: I am so sorry re..had a looong day re..was very tough to write up something..A BIG HUG TO YOU RE..thansk sweetie

@RAFIA: LOVED LOVED our observations and comments..cannot believe how soon you caught up..fabulous..you are a star lady..

@ Zaara: Haila..beyond your expectations..chalo that shall be the direction of my writing everytime..thanks so much re

@Ad: I KNEW you would love the kiss..I knew it..thanks re..

@ Chris: Thanks re..did not get the part about 'trend'..was there something similar somewhere else??

@soni4eva: thanks re

@Purvi: am glad you approved of candle light dinner..the whole idea came from your comment..thats why I always say comments inspire me..they really do.just did not get this.. What shocks me the most is that Khanak trusting over Soraj's is better judgement  here..

@ Shanaksansar: there have been quite a few requests on how did the wedding exactly happen..i have not figured out yet..or I have an idea but I think I shall wait a while before it plays out..thanks re for your comments..such a treat to read..love how you said you want to befriend this shanak..that was so touching..as for reading books totally out of realm..well, if you noticed..I did show him sleeping off reading it..maane usko mazaa bilkul nahin aaya on the contrary so gaya..heheheh

@ Roopa: if you read 4 times..your comment could have been one line for each time..nunsenselessness

@Shria: yaar..yeh dono itne kareeb aaye..and you liked frogs croaking..hehehe..thanks so much re..such a nice compliment about the nuances..it is something I heavily strive for in my stories..nuanced narration

@ Shal: Thanks so much re..your comments made me SMILE..a wide smile

@ Souma: BINGO!!..and I shall wait for the same too

@ Purvi: thanks re..kahe ke liye sorry..did you have a good budday?? That part was your birthday gift

@ Jyothi: Haila..your comment made me sound like a genius..thanks so much..eheh

@IF rida: the gud nite gud morning ritual only happens at the end of their 2am convos..LOVED your observations..loved them..and when you reproduced the highlight..i blushed a little too..ehhe

@ Navven: thanks re..kidhar thee.I was missing yu too

@ Angel: shall wait for you after June 18th..

@ Vat: thanks ..your repeated use of the word sexay..was a bit ahem!!..me also little blush became

@ Krazee: you read it all over again..now tahts my kinda gal..hehehe..thanks so much re

@ Deepali: Kyun naye lag rahe hai yeh dhartee gagan..maine poocha tho bole yeh paglee pavan…chup chup chupke se..thank you my dear



@vandoo, lana, DJ, ramani, purvi, dish..

YA ALLAH!! In pagalon ko baksho aur mujhe Shakti do..!!!

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lghosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 9:17pm | IP Logged
Yayyy aayi re aayi re Saazy!! Thank u!! Beheno aur doston...update coming up!! **dancy dancy**LOL

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IF_rida Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 9:20pm | IP Logged
u update kar rai ho na... main raat main nai aai so was pretty sure k update milega subah and abhi tak kuch nai... jaldi update kardo plzz

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Part 19

Friday..10am..Hostel 7 Room 201

Shaan wakes up slowly..his phone is ringing on his desk..he looks at the night stand and realizes, it is quite late in the morning..he then stares at the empty bed next to his..wonders where his wife is??..gets up.. stretches..attempts to fold his blanket..gives up..walks to his desk..it is a missed call from home..probably his mom chiding him for leaving early yesterday..glances around the room..she is not anywhere to be seen..enters the bathroom..

Rubs his eyes, ready to brush..when on the mirror, he can see a piece of paper stuck with a bindi..it reads..

Kitna sote hai aap? Breakfast at the mess..

He smiles..touches the bindi..and says.."good morning to you too, Khanak!"..and for some very odd and yet not so odd reason..he hums while he brushes..while nature pays him a visit and in his shower..he unplugs his phone..humming..picks up his jansport..hums while he shuts the door and on the way to the mess..

Friday..10:45am..Hostel 7 Mess

Harshad: Come on Bhabhee..you have got to come..

Khanak: Arrey baba..I am not saying no..I will try..

Karthik: Lo..Shaan bhi aa gaya..

Khanak instantly turns and instantly turns back to her plate..she has almost finished her toast and orange juice..she picks at the crumbs..plays with the empty glass..avoids his glance while he is standing next to the table chatting..

Harshad:  Arrey bol na..tu aa raha hai na?

Shaan: Umm..(glances at Khanak): actually I was thinking ki I need to make some headway with the prototype..

Khanak: (glances at him): Mujhe Pooja key yahan jaana hai..

Shaan: (turns to Karthik who is seated next to Khanak): Abey uth..

Karthik: Kyun..I am very comfortable..

Shaan: Abey..I am not

Karthik: Haylo..tumhari kiski paddi hai??

Shaan: (glancing at Khanak): Speak for yourself..

Harshad: Ay haye..

Karthik and Harshad: "Kahin pe nigahen ..kahin pe nishana..kissy vissy karne ka dhoonde yeh bahana.."

Shaan hits both of them ..while Khanak wants to dig a hole and bury herself..

Murli: Guys..Shaan ko chedho yaar..lekin don't embarrass her..

Harshad: (grins): Seriously Shaan..don;t embarrass Bhabhee..

Karthik: (turns to Khanak): Bhabhee..aap batayiye..kya aap Shaan ke saath baithna pasand karoge ya duniya ke sabse handsome aur cute insaan ke paas??..boliye..(and thrusts his fist as though holding a mike in front of her)

Khanak: (looks straight at Shaan): duniye ke sabse handsome aur cute insaan ke paas..

Karthik: Ay haye..Bhabhee..maar dala..

Shaan: (irritated): You know what..chod..!!

Khanak: (small smile): Actually..mera breakfast ho gaya hai..why don't you sit down..?

Khanak gets up and begins to leave..Shaan stares at her..wonders if she is peeved..he was irritated..

Shaan: Khanak..

Khanak: (turns back with a small smile): I am serious..aap baitho..main chaltee hoon..mujhe Tripathi Mam se milna hai aur haan..Shreela Mam ka email aaya hai..

Shaan: (smiles): Oh! Okay..

Khanak: Check kar lijiyee..(she turns and leaves)

Shaan: (removes his phone to check): Khanak..Suno tho..

But she has left..he turns to sit at the table..only to catch his three friends staring at him..grinning away..like a bunch of idiots..and just as he pushes Karthik into the wall and sits down..Karthik and Harshad break into song..

Karthik: (puts his hand forward holding his fork): SUNO..

Harshad: (puts his hand forward and hits the fork with his): KAHO..

Karthik and Harshad playing Garba with their forks..stand up and singing loudly..

Karthik: SUNO NA.

Harshad: KAHO NA.

Both together: kehte sunte baton baton mein ..

Murli and Shaan: Baith jao yaar..

Shaan: Mujhe please chain se khane do..

Karthik: (grinning at Shaan): Kyun bhai ho kya raha hai?

Harshad: (grins): Wassup buddy..??

Shaan: what the [email protected]#% are yu guys on about ..leave me alone you [email protected]#$

Murli: (grins): Leave him alone..he has someone to take care of him..

Harshad: Ay haye..

Karthik: something has happened between yesterday and today..

Harshad: (snaps his fingers): Current jo chali gayee kal raat ko..

Karthik: OH MY godwan..kuch nirala hua hai..

Shaan is too busy downing his omlette..he finishes and gets up..

Shaan: guys I am off..shall see you at 3pm for our session..

The other guys get up too..and of course not to let Shaan have the last word..

Karthik and Harshad break into a filmy jig ..thrusting their chests out..

Karthik: Raat akeli hai..

Harshad: (air guitars and shakes his hips): Tang Tang Tadang..Tang Tang Tadang

Karthik: Bhuj gaye diye

Harshad: Tang Tang Tadang..Tang Tang Tadang

Karthik: AAke mere paas..

Canteen uncle: CHUP BAITHO TUM LOG..bahut ho gaya..itna shor karoge kal se yahan no entry..

Shaan: thank you Uncle..

All of them step out of the building..only to see Amit across the road chatting a girl up..

Karthik: (yelling across the road animatedly): AMITTT'Main tere bache ki Maa bannewali hoon..

Amit glares back at Karthik while the boys high five each other and laugh.. Amit crosses the road..

Amit: Kya yaar tum log..izzat ka falooda banana pe tule ho..

Murli: Tu do din se hai kidhar??

Amit: Had to wrap up at BASF..

Harshad: See you at 3pm

Shaan: Okay guys..I got to go..Shreela ki jawani ka luft and all that..

Murli: Good luck..


Friday 11:30pm..Outside Deans Office..

Shaan comes sprinting..he can see Khanak waiting for him from a distance in the corridor..

Shaan: (grins): HI..

Khanak: (small smile): Hi..

Shaan: (continues grinning): Waassup?

Khanak: (smiles): No one is here..the peon has told us to sit inside..

Shaan: (smiles): Lets go..

They are seated in front of the desk..on chairs next to each other..Shaan's right hand on the armrest and the other below his chin..Khanak's left hand on the armrest and the other near her mouth since she is busy biting her nails..

He notices..he wonders at her nervousness..suddenly he is aware that they are close..her face is turned away from him..but he can see her left hand very close to his right..her mehendi is extremely faint..her bangle resting on the arm of the chair..creating a small gap between the upper curve of her bangle and the top of her wrist..he slides his finger in between and without touching her skin..hooks the bangle with his index finger and tugs it slightly..she turns to him..he mouths..'don't worry'..she shakes her head as though to say..'I am not'..and before she can let go of her bangle..Prof.Shreela enters from an inner room..

Shaan tries to get his finger out but Khanak;s duppatta falls on his hand..and the duppata gets entangled with the bangle and his hand..Khanak is already pulling at it..and so is Shaan..Dr. Shreela is amused but hids her smile..

Khanak: (loud whisper): Kya kar rahe hai aap..

Shaan:Maine kya kiya?tumhaara dupatta ?

They disentangle..and smile at Dr. Shreela..

Dr.Shreela: Hi..both of you..sit down..

Shaan: This was sudden..

Dr. Shreela: Actually no..I had sent an email a few days ago to both of you..however, Khanak replied and said she shall check with you..

Khanak: He was busy with his prototype..the deadline is fast approaching..

Dr. Shreela: How are your classes going, Khanak?

Khanak: OK..

Shaan: OK???!!..oh hello..she is the best in her class..

Khanak: (glares at him and turns back to DR.S): He is kidding!

Dr. Shreela: Well..I for one am glad..actually the reason I have called you two is..while a letter shall be sent officially to you by Dean. Choudhary, I thought it would be prudent and correct on my part to let you two know earlier..

Shaan: (suddenly not liking the sound of it): About what?

DR.S: Khanak shall remain in Hostel 7 until the duration of her certificate course, once she takes up the job as Asst. Music teacher at KV, which is in two weeks, she shall be moved to Hostel 11.

Shaan: Sorry..

Khanak: Matlab..

Dr.S: As you know the rules of the institute with regard to stay arrangements is very clear..singles hostels..married couples cannot stay with each other. In Khanak's case, since she is not a student and given the unusual circumstances, this arrangement was approved for a brief period of time with the understanding that you shall undergo counseling.

Khanak starts to twirl her duppatta..she realizes that this is what she was waiting for..the shoe to drop..this is what was messing with her head..like a sixth sense..she knew this was coming..an offer she cannot refuse and yet shall not be able to take..a decision taken for her ..one that she does not want to make..she is here yet again..pushed into and pulled from..she is here..and yet again..she will overcome..

Shaan: But there was no counseling..???

Dr.S: That is because you refused it..so that is the reason we chose to give Khanak an opportunity to get back to music..this way she qualified for the teacher's post and shall now have official access to either family housing or the ladies hostel.

Shaan: (beginning to get agitated): I don't get it..are you saying we could stay..I mean, she could stay in the room had we undergone counseling..it does not even make sense..

Shaan does not realize..but under the desk..he is fisting her duppata ..he is grappling for what is left..he cannot be here again..he needs something to hold on to..to tell him..he shall not have to accept a decision already made for him..yet again..he shall have no control..yet again..he is here..and yet again..he will rise..

Suddenly, both stand up..say their thanks and leave..Dr.Shreela is taken aback..but when she watches them leave together and especially when Shaan held the door open for Khanak..something inside her clicks..and she picks up the phone..


girte girte baahon mein bachee mai
sapano pe paanw pad gayaa thaa


Review Mandatory


next Part- Page 99

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