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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 79)

RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 4:52am | IP Logged
hei saaz,
my comments for PART 17
wow!!!!khanak is bothered abt shaan leaving without a bye n his lunch..she realized n she cried..so did she had her lunch?i think no..poor khanak..(dont cry dear..)
really..she texted  him..i'm loving it..she anticipated his reply but didnt get any..now i feel bad for her..she would be happy if she got an reply..(ok let me see wat stopped shaan from texting r calling her back..oh no..he didnt see ur msg till now..)
shaan slept in the sofa holding a book..for a minute i thought shaan is studying something for his project..but na..he was reading "Agnirekha by Mahadevi Verma"..akshay wondering "What the hell is Shaan doing reading this..and for god's sake..it is in Hindi.." i loved it..
poor shaan didnt realise where he is for a moment..shaan didnt have his lunch till now..loved the small interaction between shaan-akki-harilal..
his marriage is a juicy gossip..akki teasing shaan with his wife reference..i enjoyed their talk..i had a huge smile plastered in my face for shaan's reply when asked abt the book he was reading.."Shaan: (pulls the book away from him): I think she is Khanak's favorite.." loved it..(felt like pulling shaan's cheeks sweetly n wished to say so u remember wat ur wifey likes..)
"Akki: KYA?..OMIGOD.. mera bhai cradle snatching ka victim ho gaya..this piece of news is going to kill Khusboo.." this line by akki was simply wonderful..shaan worried genuinely for khanak n asking akki not to make things tough before she meets with his family and akki's reply "Akki: Oh my god!!..you shithead..you are falling in love with her.." (i felt like jumping in joy..) wow!!!!shaan is taking the book for his wifey..(i'm very eager to see the reaction when she sees the book..as they have not yet come to the terms of good friends i cant expect a hug from her..but i love to see her getting excited n giving him a hug..)
so there comes the most awaited Thursday 8 pm in YOKO..
ufff..i was glad that tina came with other friends..loved their small convo there..reminding "IT IS EXACTLY A WEEK"..so shaan seeing his wifey's msg only now..how sweet of khanak she for the 1st time showed her care for shaan..just 3 words "Aapne khana khayaa??" i loved it totally..(i'm thinking did she always address him as aap..need to check reading all the parts again..)
wow!!!!!!!!shaan...mmmwwwaaa..u wanted to leave immediately after seeing ur wifey's msg..now i feel glad that he didnt see the msg earlier..so if he saw it earlier before he went to meet tina may be he could have canceled out on her n that means he may come later to meet her..so now our worry abt tina is over..i loved this reply from him "I made you no promises..had I, I would have not been rushing home to my wife..and that is a fact.." and he made clear that he is rushing to his wifey now..
shaan driving like a maniac to reach his wifey..wow!!!!he reached out to his wife.how??really i wonder how he went to the music room..did he reach there hearing the piano playing..loved the part in the music room..it was so touching saaz..i loved the moments they had in the music room..
the talk they had abt suraj..oh my god...loved it saaz..i'm feeling emotional yaar..u r wonderful saaz...no words can explain that..Star
suraj asked finally from both of them..and shaan's reply "Shaan: and the more I think of it..he did not ask for himself..!!"
"They stare at each other..Khanak goes back to playing and humming ..and in honour of completing one week of their marriage..Shaan listened to Khanak's music and Khanak heard Shaan's lengthy explanations on how the machinery of the piano worked in order to get the right sound.."

loved the part so much i felt like having tears reading the final part..khushi ka aansoo as they opened up to each other..
love u loads saaz..mmmwaaa..Hug
PS: loved the idea of purvi (purvimeh) of both of them having  a candle light dinner in their room..as v know shaan didnt eat anything n have a feel that khanak too didnt eat anything..

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NinjaInPyjamas IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 5:12am | IP Logged
Tina toh badi tiny si problem nikli :P

The last part was so overwhelming...I had to clench to not choke...I absolutely loved how in a span of just one week he is so mature and so caring towards her...tries to read her...the book...Khanak in reply doesnt go to the movie w/o him...the last sentence was so touching...

I am sorry I havent been commenting...been really busy...hehe..sorry :)

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rafia 24 IF-Dazzler
rafia 24
rafia 24

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 5:12am | IP Logged

Part 8: YES Finally more easy going interaction between shanak the walls are slowly but surely starting to come down, I loved their whole talk and cute argument and totally agree with khanak you cannot wash the dishes you use in the same sink you always spit in which is also in the bathroom, im surprised shaan doesn't see it as being unhygienic himself but then again he is a guy lol. Aww seriously I love khartikh and Murli they're so nice to khanak lol.

Aww the scene at the table when they bring up suraj being kunjoos and khanak tearing up was endearing for a moment I forgot under what circumstance she is now they're friends, but like good friends they drop off when they realise she is getting upset and then they all give their numbers. This Amit character seems sweet at first I wasn't sure about him but he seems normal lol.

The cute interaction with the cheeky boy on the bus was sooo sweet and that smile of khanak's in the end made me think that smiles now here to stay.

Part 9: loved the squash game like I said before there bollywood filmi sheen to there interactions they are typical college students very natural. And when amit extended his hand and offered his congratulations shaan seems more at ease and seems to have accepted and gotten to grips with the situation. First acceptance then comes friendship (which is slowly building between the two0 then love lol.

Aww back in the room its so cute that shaan is starting to notice her presence and things around his room, the little things like her comb, bindi and safety pins lol, he even takes an interest in the novel she is currently reading haiii too cute lol. But in this moment even is he is starting to become more curious about her seeing suraj's pic brings him back to reality and the fact that khanak did and probably still loves him.

Haha shaan didn't like the fact he wasn't clued into what khanak had planned with his friends, a sensed a little jealousy lol not that he will admit it, like a typical husband he wants to know her plans ect but will not ask lol

Part 10: aww the whole meal and then dessert, omg khanak doesn't like choc well normal choc lol I swear like shaan says we all do and dark is bitter lol oh well each to their own lol

And I loved it when he tells murli she's not interested trying to answer for her as she cant be heard lol and khanak is a girl I want to be friends with even I like my food lol

The following lines sum up what I felt in this part

Shaan smiles at her adoringly..how can he not? ..this is a girl who loves her food..one after his heart..far cry from the girls he has been with..

Haiii the smile and that too adoringly the attraction is growing it seems and he likes her for the fact she is normal and not out to impress anybody she lives the way she wants to and eats the way she wants to lol and then haiii theyre eye lock across the table and shaan not wanting khanak to get embarrassed subtly indicates she still has a little something next to her mouth. How sweet  and then like a good husband and true gentleman he pays the meal she said she would, it also nice way of him showing her his proud of her. Then theyre text exchanges at the end how sweet even if they are not talking everynight they still manage to have a conversation how sweet that's how it should be start and finish the day talking to one another lol.

Part 11: aww so she still isn't sleeping was she waiting up for him lol. Wow shaan is noticing her more and more not just taking in her appearance and wow saaz the girls hair is longgg lol but what shes also wearing she must look cute in those jaamies . oh no poor khanak was throwing up and shaan genuinely seems concerned that's why he offers to take her to the hospital, but when she says no like a good friend/ husband???? He does the next best thing and tries to arrange for some meds.

Aww theyre nightly convo's of khanak sharing something little but significant, her like the barish is sooo endearing, haha and the wada pav khanak is mad and its nice shaan seeing this childlike innocent side of khanak, its these things that we remember in the long run. Wow khanak still wants to go in even though she is unwell that's dedication I like it lol and she's scared of hospitals so that's why she didn't go in the evening – and again their past comes flashing in front of them as they both acknowledge that fateful night and suraj's death.

 I love the concern he shows for her and even though he needs to go for his session he doesn't want yto leave her but she assures him she's fine and I think she did that too as she knows how behind and imp this project is for him and doesn't want to hinder him in any way.

Part 12: aww shaan maybe physically present in that study session but his thoughts are clearly preoccupied by khanak haiii how cute lol

Aww shaan is too cute he's brought food for her and the excitement in khanaks face to know the upma is made by the canteen uncle is too cute. Then him checking on her condition and getting irritated at her for still insisting on going even though she is not well is exactly how my mum feels when I do similar antics lol. But even though they are argueing/shouting theyre arguments are soo sweet and non threatening or full of anger more like playful banter even though they are annoyed lol, liked shaans reference back to the wada pav lol.

Mohita seems nice will be nice getting to know her and khanak does need a female friend lol. Wow back in the sangeet maharbhartee it must have been such a sight and pleasure to see and hear khanak sing, this beauty clearly adding to her overall beauty bechara shaan toh dheere dheere se pyaar mein dhoob raha hai lol. His admiration and pride was clear very cute.

Ok cant wait for the next part but need to grab lunch so will come back in the evening or tomz xx

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soni4eva IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 8:06am | IP Logged
both da pats were awsome
da last part was sad cnt w8 2 read more

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k.krithika Goldie

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Hi Saaaz Smile
Awesome updates loved it all Heart
Last part is simply superb Shaan comes back to his wife. Loved everything about the part beautifully written Clap
I love every part of this FF its fabulous Heart
I keep reading it many times its so nice I feel so happy and i cant wait for the next part Big smile
Enjoying their journey with ur writing everyday Big smile
Ur writing is just amazing hats off to u Clap
Thanks a lot for the lovely parts Big smile
Keep writing Smile

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rafia 24 IF-Dazzler
rafia 24
rafia 24

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 9:27am | IP Logged

Part 13:  wow their walk on the beach was very sweet seeing them share more of their likes and dislikes and opening up, wow shaan is really passionate about mechanics and how this interest grew from when he was a kid and saw a ferris wheel  nice to see him passionate about something lol. It was nice to see that he was enjoying this session so much he was reluctant to go back and join the guys to discuss the prototype. Again at the canteen I love how the guys never leave or give up an opportunity to raaz shaan lol- these guys are so funny lol usually I don't focus on background characters and just on shanak but all your characters add a dimension to the overall and that's an amazing gift saaz.

The following lines are soo cute

Khanak: yeh bilkul pagal hai..

Shaan: Pagal tho tum ho..

They both glance at each other and smile at each other like as though someone has just revealed a secret the other already knew..he realizes her hair is wet..her shampoo smells of flowers and the beach..and then he realizes it is he who smells of the beach

Lmao shaan uses khanak's shampoo that's one way of having her essence or her close to him and haiii at their ritual convo before they sleep, maybe soon shaan can discuss how many kids he would like lol

Part 14: wow now its khanak's turn to finally notice shaan's attire lol cute full circle moment saaz lol. Lol the cockroach scene and the domestic related tiff was sooo cute I seriously love these two haiii lol. And khanak must of sensed he got upset with the cups saying K and S thinking the S tood for suraj imstead of him so shemakes it clear by making it kh and Sh sooo sweet lol

Part 15: lol again shaan is irritated at everyone except him knowing where/ what khanak is up to. But upon seeing her and her sitting next to him he forgets everything and relaxes again and manages to share a joke with her on sending out a missing persons report lol, clearly the seed of love has been planted.

Wow even khanak must be feeling things for him now as she went and brought him a kurta, and you can see how happy he feels at this little gesture/gift. Lol he wants her to call him by his name, I guess this will show less formality and more apna pan hopw cute I too want her to start calling him shaan.

Saaz im loving this ff will read the last 2 parts (16 and 17) soon and comment

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destinylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged
aww nice update with shaan rushing to be with her and telling tina clearly Smile
that one simple msg " aap ne khana kaaya" changed  all  his plans Smilegood imagination
loved their one week of marriage  completion part

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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@ Shal: Aww cutie..yes, god bless them indeed..

@ Chris: sometimes ..actually most times..circumstances and people around us change us..or will us to change..your values and convinctions determine whether you shall rise to the occasion or not..I am trying to show Shaan as a guy with a pristine set of values and convictions..hence also a peep into his family beliefs through the book..

@Roopa: Yes..that is so a guy thing..esp the overbearing engineer type..hehehe

@ Purvi: thanks sweetie..hope you like the next part..apna birthday gift samajh lena..happy birthday dearie

@ Purvi: So he did..yep..yep..and hmm..hope you like the next part..dinner hai aur candle light ..ahem almost..

@Lana: She is just not a responsibility but a part of his life now, a part of his very existence!!..love how you put that out there..now lets hope he reels her in..

@ Vandoo meri bandhoo: when you are poetic na..it kills me..really does..thank re

@ deepa: Haila..you are actually emotional..I am touched you are touched..as for friends like Shaan for all the Suraj's..well IMO it shall always take TWO to tango..

@If-Rida: yep..only non poona supporter..I think slowly Ramani seems to be coming into your camp..loved reading your comments..too cute..thanks so much re

@ Souma: Suraj never heard her sing or play because she was always his...They say the true nature of a person comes to the fore in the eye of the storm..Shaan is getting to see this side of hers and is falling in love with the real woman..so beautifully put..dil khush kar diya..your analysis..come often re..your comments make my heart smile..and to think you read it again and again..haila..maar daala..you hit the nail on its head with Khanak's feelings..

@ Neha: Love you for loving it..thanks re

@Jyothi: Its funny isn't it..everyone says take it slow..now everyone says wow..they have come a long way..ehehe…thanks so much

@Gaayu: Hmm..the book..shall come up at the opportune moment..shall check out your link soon

@ Varsha: Yep…mystery over..hope it was worth it..

@ Ujjwala: THANKS SO MUCH..your comments made my day..hope you like the nextupdate too

@ Minnu: Thanks dear

@Ramani: I hope the next part meets all of your expectations and answers all the questions and doubts..I love that you have followed this journey so closely..I and this shanak shall forever be indebted..

@ Vat: See..Tina came becos you wanted..hehehe..then you dissap..so made her into a small prob..hehehehe.. come by when you can..thanks so much re

@Rafia: My dearest dear..loved loved loved how patiently you have gone through and commented on every part..you are a true gem of a reader..really are..thanks so much

@ Soni4eva: thanks re

@Krithika: thanks so much

@ Shriya: Kiskee imagination ki tareef ho rahee hai?? Khanak??

ALL THOSE WHO PRESSED LIKE: yaar..next time..please..you know what!!!

Next part coming up..

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