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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 76)

purvi08 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 10:15pm | IP Logged
saaz di 
loved the update

-Ray- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
Lovely Lovely part !!  Loved it re.Smile
thanks !!  jaldi update karna pls Smile
saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 10:48pm | IP Logged


@Varsha: Thanks re

@ Sneha: believe me ..harilal is more excited than you are..

@ Gaayu: have not decided about the Poona trip yet..hope the next update answers what has gone wrong..

@ Shriya: thanks re..aww you don't like T..T is important part of any story re..

@ mystory: Thanks so much..for those lines..welcome ..to the forum

@ Vandoo meri bandoo: Khanak's anger and irritation is a combination of many things..hopefully next update throws some light..showdown you are expecting..haila..then tho next update may seem lame to you

@ Shiksha: thanks

@ Swetshona: this FF is called Katra Katra for a reason..hosla rakh..hogaa ..

@ Bubbly: thanks.. J

@ Saranyacharu: thanks so much

@LANA: Awww..your imagination is so helping me..so poona trip or no poona trip..I am myself a bit confused..hope you are happy with Tina ka meeting..

@ DJ: Frankly I am confused as to whether poona trip should happen or not..

@ Rafia: THERE IS A REASON my stories always look for readers like you..you have always given me so much in every story of mine..really makes me so happy

@ If-Rida: see one non poona supporter..I like your idea too..hmm..your Tina calling twice expression cracked me up..hehehehe

@ Ag: thanks re

@ Deepa: are you aksing queschens like this without commenting on last part..jhadoo leke aaon kya??

@Purvi: Thanks sweetie..

@ Roopa: thanks re


Next part coming up

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 10:57pm | IP Logged

Part 17

Thurs 1:30pm..Andheri Station..

Khanak has just got off her bus and is trying to fetch an auto..she is quite delayed..the fact that Shaan left without even a bye or his lunch bothers her a bit..she was harsh, she realizes, but she is tired..tired of what? Her life has just begun..and..she gets hold of an auto..she sits inside..and tears that she has held back all this while flow down..

Unknowingly..she texts him..reaches the institute..and cannot pay attention..she falters when the teacher questions..at the end of the class, her text has not received any reply..expectations creates unnecessary anticipation..and anticipation kills..she thinks on her bus journey back to the institute..

Thurs 5:30pm..Penthouse, Nep1 Apts, Pali Hill, Bandra

Akshay enters the home..realises he is late and is surprised when Harilal tells him that Shaan has been home since 1 in the afternoon..and finds him not in his bedroom but in the study..fast asleep on the sofa with his hand hanging off the sofa holding a book..He removes the book from him..and the title baffles him..it is his father's..a book called Agnirekha and written by some one called Mahadevi Verma..he opens the first page..there is a dedication and a message..


Itihaas anokhee hai kyunkee woh khud ko dohratee hai..History repeats itself and that's what makes it interesting..hope you love this as much as your mother did..


Brigadier. K. Shaam

What the hell is Shaan doing reading this..and for god's sake..it is in Hindi..Akshay thinks..he shakes Shaan..

Akshay: Shaan..Shaan..

Shaan: Haan?? (takes him a minute to realize his surroundings): Bhaiya AAP?

Akshay: Abey..aap kya? Tu ghar pe hai..

Shaan: (sits down on the sofa): I guess ankh lag gayee..

Harilal enters..

Harilal: Chai Nashta leke aaoon?

Akki: 2 cup coffee leke aana..

Harilal: chotey baba ne khana nahi khaaya..

Akki: Really! Okay sandwiches bhi leke aao.

Shaan: Arrey Harilal..phone mere kamre mei reh gaya hoga..zara usko charging pe laga dena..

Harilal: Theek hai Shaan baba..

Akki: Arrey kya baba..abhi tho iskee shaadi bhi ho gayee hai..abhi baba bulana band karna padega..(grins)

Harilal: (huge smile): Jee..

Shaan: (clearing his eyes and running his hand over his face): Bhaiya..aap bhi na..

Akki: Ja..fresh hojaa..and lets chat and catch up while you get something to eat..

In the next one hour, Shaan and Akshay sit down and discuss his plans on the prototype..by the time, Shaan is done..Akshay gets a couple of calls..which means he needs to get on some international conference calls..

Akki:  Look, I know we have not yet got to the other thing yet..but you have to bring her home esp when Daadi is here..it is important, Shaan..

Shaan: I know, don't worry..how is Bhabhee doing?

Akki: Stay for dinner..you can meet her and talk to MOM too..

Shaan: No I am meeting Tina for dinner..

Akki: Really? Does your St.Anne's gang know..I mean most of them probably already do..Khusboo's circle of friends would have made sure..such juicy gossip..

Shaan: I am meeting Tina..I don't know about the rest..none of anyone's business frankly..

Akki: That is exactly why everyone would be interested..Okay listen..have a nice dinner with your girlfriend while your wife (winks)

Shaan: Bhaiya..seriously!! come off it..my ITI friends give me enough grief about it..

Akki: That's what true friends are..Shaan..Haan, aur btw..tu yeh kya baba Azma ke zamane ka book padh rahe ho??..woh bhi Hindi..for crying out loud..(holds the book)

Shaan: (pulls the book away from him): I think she is Khanak's favorite..

Akki: KYA?..OMIGOD.. mera bhai cradle snatching ka victim ho gaya..this piece of news is going to kill Khusboo..

Shaan: Bhaiya..promise..aisa kuch nahin kahenge aap..please..don;t make it tough even before she meets them..

Akki: Oh my god!!..you shithead..you are falling in love with her..

Shaan: Bhaiya..I am leaving..

Akki: (holds his head and lovingly ruffles his hair): Jaa..pagal..

Shaan picks up the book..leaves the study..goes to his room..puts the book in his Jansport..unplugs his phone..pockets it..opens his drawer and takes the keys for the jeep..

Shaan: Harilal..

Harilal: Jee..

Shaan: Jeep saaf ho gaya?

Harilal: Jee haan..

Shaan: Acha main chalta hoon..

Harilal: Jee woh aap next time..

Shaan: yeah..Harilal (rolls his eyes)

Gets into one of the two lifts that open directly from the front lobby of the house..and presses the UG1 button..at around 26th floor, the door opens and Samira his classmate from ninth grade enters with her dog poochie..


Shaan: Hi Samira..

Samira: Hi (gives him a kiss on his cheek)..Pocchie..you remember Shantanooo..

Poochie: (barks): Bow bow..

Samira: Oh my gosh..auf course he remembers..tum tho ITI join karke humein bhool gaye..

Shaan: (can this lift move any slower he thinks): How are you?

At around 18th floor, the door opens to yet another girl.. (Cute, he thinks..but does not recognize her)..who enters with a Doberman..who does not stop barking..at Shaan..

Cute girl: Bruno..Bruno..stop that now!

Shaan: Am I on the wrong lift or something?

Samira: Actually Shaanoo, after 6pm, lift three is exclusively for dog owners..

Shaan: (smiles): Oh..I am sorry then..

Samira: (turns to cute girl): Nikita, this is Shantanoo..

Nikita: Hi..

The elevator opens to UG1, Shaan gets out..as soon as he is out of earshot (or so the lift ladies think)

Nikita: OMG..what a hottie

Samira: He is off the market yaar..there is this crazy rumor..

Shaan smiles to himself..yep, Bhabhee's network ki pahunch..he gets into his jeep..

Thursday 8pm..YOKOs, Santa-Cruz (w)

As soon as he enters..Tina is right there with two of his St.Anne friends..and he knows this is a bad idea and the evening shall turn out not good at all..He approaches the table..Tina gets up and air kisses him..

Tina: (in his ear): You said, it wasn't a date..so hope you don't mind some of our friends joining..

Shaan: (back to her): I am glad they did..

Sahil: Hi Shaan..(shakes his hand)

Shaan:  Wasssup buddy?

Sidhant: Hey Shaan ..

Shaan: hey Sid..kya chal raha hai? Tu US se kab aaya?

Sid: Just here for the summer..

Shaan sits down..

Shaan: Have you guys ordered? I am crazy hungry..

Sid: We are just downing some beers..T wanted to have some wine..so Dhruv is gone to get some..

Shaan: Dhruv is here too..cool so everyone;s here..

Sahil: Yeah..when we heard the news ..we were thinking..WOAH!! apna Shaan married..impossible..

Shaan: (smiles..just then the waiter arrives): Umm..(looks at the menu): I think I will what the guys are having..

Sid: its KF..

Shaan: there you go..and some fries..

Tina: (stares at Shaan and is uncomfortable at his comfort): So Shaan..spill..

Shaan: I am sorry..

Sid: Come on yaar..I think you owe T an explanation..

Shaan: So if I owe T ..what are you guys here for? Her bodyguards?

Sahil: Listen..

Shaan: No..you listen..If I am going to say anything I will say it to her..I don't need her rakhwallas around..get it?

Tina: Don't get mad at them, Shaan..I called them..I mean less than a week ago we were having a gala evening and then a great night out..and then the next day you are back in town with a wife..

Sid: No a week..

Tina: What?

Sahil: Exactly a week..

Shaan: (suddenly looks at his watch,  hurriedly fetches his jansport..gets his phone to look at the day..): IT IS EXACTLY A WEEK..

Sahil: that's what I am saying..

Shaan: NO..Exactly a week..to the point..(he notices a missed message from W)

Aapne Khana Khayaa??

Shaan: Guys..I need to leave..

Sahil: WHAT?

Tina: WHAT THE??

Shaan: Listen..Tina..yes, we did have a great time..but both of us knew that it was not a commitment of any sorts..it was just that ..a great time..I made you no promises..had I, I would have not been rushing home to my wife..and that is a fact..

He rushes out..bumps into Dhruv..

Shaan: Hey Dhruv..eat my fries..

Dhruv: (holding a wine bottle and completely confused):  Hey..yeah sure!

Shaan gets on his jeep..and drives like a maniac..he knows he cannot make it in time for the movie..in fact if he is lucky..he might catch her coming out of the convo..along with all of his puntars..AH! who cares??!

Thursday..9:15pm, ITI Convocation Hall

He has parked his jeep and is trying to get in..but cannot at this point..it is too dark..and the chowkidar uncle tells him..'dus minute rukoge tho sab log bahar niklenge'..He can't wait..notices another room behind the Convo hall..it is the Music Room..he can hear the piano playing..He enters..it is 'quite' ..except for the whirring of the fan and the keys of the piano and it is dark..except for the light bulb above the piano..and the radiance emanating from the piano player..his wife..

Shaan walks slowly towards her..and sits next to her on the piano bench..she is of course startled..She stares at him and then moves the hair that has flown on her face due to the air from the fan and change in her position..

Shaan: You know how to play the piano..

Khanak: Same keys as the harmonium..different sound..but placement is the same..

Shaan: continue..don't stop..

Khanak: (plays a piece): He has never heard me sing..or play..

Shaan: How can that be true? You are always humming..

Khanak: (stops for a minute)..Well..even if he has..he has never asked me about it..

Shaan: He was a very quiet chap..he never asked or said anything..

Khanak: He did ask finally.. from both of us..

Shaan: and the more I think of it..he did not ask for himself..!!

They stare at each other..Khanak goes back to playing and humming ..and in honour of completing one week of their marriage..Shaan listened to Khanak's music and Khanak heard Shaan's lengthy explanations on how the machinery of the piano worked in order to get the right sound..


katra katra milti hai
katra katra jeene do
zindagi hai, behne do
pyaasi hoon main..pyasi rehne do..


Review Mandatory


Next Part-Page 80

Edited by saaaz - 13 June 2011 at 9:51pm

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-YasharanArshi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
Somehow This part made me emotional !!!!!
I dont know why !!!!
Aapne Khana Khaaya ... Awww ... I want a convo or a reply for tat question Saaz !!!
Please !
Loved it !
*chokes...dunno why*

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-YasharanArshi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
I am going to update comments sooon ...
Let me read again ...
I loved this part ..
the realisations.. Shaan especiallly ...
Khanak's concern !
GOD Bless them !

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christmas Senior Member

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
seeing this shaan. its hard to believe that he was every anything but this level headed person.

yay! him for leaving the dinner...for a second i actually felt bad for this tina girl when he gave it back to her. just a for a second.

and him reading that book! he had me there completely.

glad his brother said what all the boys were probably thinking...he's falling in love! or perhaps is already.

love the fact that he is so aware of her. in all aspect.

and she is accepting this all. i mean saying and thinking that her life has just begun is a big step.

and the more i hear her talk abt sooraj the more i wonder what kind of relationship they really shared.

aise updates deke. you expect us to wait how long exactly until the next one?:\

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-Ray- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 11:32pm | IP Logged
Loved everything abt it !!

Loved when he said that he wanted to go back home, to his wife ..:)
Loved their convo in music room !!

They stare at each other..Khanak goes back to playing and humming ..and in honour of completing one week of their marriage..Shaan heard Khanak's music and Khanak heard Shaan's lengthy explanations on how the machinery of the piano worked in order to get the right sound..

@bold...a typical guy thing to do na, they wll explain their favorite thing without even bothering  if the person opposite is if at all interested...:)

thanks ..:)  

wll wait for the nxt !

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