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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 73)

jyothi1989 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 6:05am | IP Logged
its okk saaz will wait for it dont worry take ur time do take rest

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Am so sorry..shall do a thank you note later..am in a mad rush..just putting up an update..extremely sorry for the delay..love you all and thanks a million to all of you...
*edited* thank you on Page 74

Part 16

Thu 9:30am..Hostel 7 Mess

Shaan and friends were busy jibing each other and upto their usual antics while downing poha and omlettes..Khanak had just woken up when Shaan left the room to join the boys for breakfast..He was watching Murli laugh while Karthik and Harshad argued over the bike arrangments..

Murli: Ek problem hai..btw..

Harshad: Kya?

Murli: We can't take the expressway..bikes not allowed..we have to take old road..

Shaan: Mera jeep leke jana..

Harshad: Jeep tho tere ghar par hai?!

Shaan: Haan..I am going this afternoon..to meet Bhaiya..shall bring it back..

Karthik: Tu bhi aa na..kya natak kar raha hai..

Harshad: Actually why don't you and Bhabhee join us?

Karthik: I thought she is going to spend her weekend with her friend Pooja..

Murli: Then what are you going to be doing here..all alone?

Karthik: cheat on bhabhee with Amit..??

Shaan: Shut up!!..okay, I will bring the jeep..shall decide about joining you guys later..

Karthik: Here comes Bhabhee..chal usse bhi thoda manate hai..

Murli: Hi..

Khanak: Hi ..

(She realizes there is no seat available..Harshad seated next to Shaan immediately gets up..forces Khanak to sit in his place..while he gets a chair for himself)

Karthik: What will you have Bhabhee? I am going for a second round..

Khanak: Hmm..

Karthik: Shaan is having omlette..

Khanak: Main ande nahin khatee..poha chalega..

Karthik: alright..one poha coming up..

Shaan moves his plate a little..and whispers..

Shaan: Ande nahin khatee?..lekin ande walle ke paas tho baith saktee ho na..

Khanak: (smiles at him):  Of course..jab andewalle ke saath reh saktee hoon..tho baithne mei no problem..

Murli watches them and winks at Harshad who is back with his chair..Harshad smiles..

Harshad: Tho Bhabhee..why are you not coming to Poona with us?

Khanak: Actually I promised my friend Pooja..

Karthik: (back with a plate of poha and gives it to her): Bring her along..

Murli: See..Shaan is not coming..at least you and Pooja come..

Khanak: Okay, I will talk to her..

Shaan: Yeh kya hua? You are all ready because I am not coming..

Khanak: Arrey..this has nothing to do with you..they asked, I said I will think about it..

Karthik: I agree Bhabhee..Shaan, this has nothing to do with you..

Shaan goes back to eating his omlette in silence..irritated..his friends grin at each other..Khanak begins to eat her poha..glancing at Shaan..

Harshad: Hi Mohita..I thought you were not coming..

Karthik: Woh tere liye thodee aayee hai..

Mohita: High hopes..main tum dono mei se kisike liye nahi aayee..

Murli: (laughing): Mohita aur mera connection hai..

Mohita: (looks at Murli): I am here for Khanak..

Khanak: Bol na..

Mohita: aaj sham ko aa rahee hai na..

Khanak: Class ke baad..

Karthik: Where you girls off to everyday?

Shaan: (listens intently wanting to know exactly that)

Mohita: Convo mei they are showing a movie..

Khanak: (she whispers)..aaj mujhe mood nahi..(only Shaan has heard her..no one else..because everyone is discussing the movie etc..he watches her eat her poha quietly..and her eyes are sad..)

Harshad: Oh yeah!!!..okay..Bhabhee you have got to come..we have a blast..usually Movie club Thursdays ko movie doosre auditorium mei dikhate..but the last few movies of the summer, they show at the Convocation hall..come on Bhabhee..

Bhabhee: (small smile): okay..as soon as I return from my class..

Karthik: Yipeee..Shaan you are coming too ..right..

Shaan: Actually I am going out with friends..

Murli: Who?

Harshad: I thought you are meeting your bhaiyaa..

Karthik: (takes his fork and hits his chest): Friends?? ..tho hum kya huye??..(and starts singning loudly): Dost Dost na raha..

Shaan: I am meeting old friends after meeting Bhaiya..for dinner..

Khanak: (gets up..has finished eating..): Okay..I need to leave..need to practice..so have to leave for the academy early..

Shaan: (gets up too..)Chalo..main bhi chalta hoon..

They leave together..but walk way from each other..

Murli and Harshad stare at each other..

Mohita: this Shaan is an idiot..

Harshad: Hey, come on ..it is not like she is very forthcoming..

Karthik: Bhabhee ke baare mei kuch mat bol..

Murli: Who the hell is he meeting for dinner..?

Mohita: His old girlfriends for sure..!

Karthik: I don't think it is any of our business..it is between them!

The one who jokes around seems to have made the most valid point..ending the discussion.


Thurs 1 pm..Penthouse, Neptune 1 Apartments..Pali Hill, Bandra.

Shaan was staring out of the lower floor balcony..he rode here as fast as he could..skiiping lunch with friends..he needed to get away..the conversation between them when they got back to the room kept playing and replaying in his mind..

Khanak: If you don't mind, I need to have a bath first..

Shaan: Why should I mind?

Khanak: Maybe you do, but you don't want to say it?

Shaan: What the hell does that mean?

Khanak: I have no time to argue..I need to get to the academy..

Shaan: Your class is at 2..

Khanak: I said, I need to practice..

Shaan: Did you tell me?..and why can't you practice here?

Khanak: I cannot..there is no place..

Shaan: What do you mean no place..?

Khanak: Yahaan..

Shaan: Yahan kya?

Khanak: (after almost five minutes of busying herself taking her clothes..)

Shaan: Yahan kya?

Khanak: Kuch nahin..

Shaan: What is it that you don't want to say?

Khanak: Its practically impossible to sit here and practice..the only place is in front of the door..

Shaan: (beginning to get irritated): So?..do it when I leave..

Khanak: (enters the bathroom): The empty room suffocates me..ghutan hoti hai..(and shuts the bathroom door)

He remembers being taken aback..remembers taking his Jansport, books and papers..and riding home..no one was home..he knew that..except for Harilal..his father was in office and his mom and bhabhee were anyway off somewhere..He was supposed to meet Bhaiya at 4pm..so there was no one..

As he stares outside the balcony..he can see the Sea..from afar..it is hilly around..she likes water..she will love my room..I am sure..he smiles to himself..how is it that he cannot be angry with her for long..He is glad he came home..he needs to get away for awhile..meet his school friends..drink and make merry..his school friends..in so many ways, he cannot seem to relate to any of them any more..the girls have become models or TV actresses..the guys have all followed into their dad's businesses..but no matter what, they have had some real good times..his St.Anne's gang..He smiles thinking of all the good times..his phone rings..

Shaan: Hello..

Tina: Where are you?

Shaan: I am home..

Tina: We are on for tonight right?

Shaan: (smiles): By calling me twice everyday about it..were you hoping I would cancel?

Tina: No..but I miss the times, you would call me twice everyday reminding me of our dates..

Shaan:  T..you do realize this is not a date right..?

Tina: (laughs): There is something sexy about married men..

Shaan: Bye..T..

Tina: See you soon, Shaan..

They hang up..Why can't SHE take my name..??..Harilal enters the room..

Harilal: Shaan baba, aap kapde leke aaye..

Shaan: Nahin..

Harilal: Main khana lagaa doon?

Shaan: THodi der mein..

Harilal: Theek hai..aap next time, Bhabhee ko leke aayenge na?

Shaan: Kya?

Harilal: Jee kuch nahin, Dharam ne Bhabhee ko dekha..tho main..

Shaan: Acha Acha THeek hai..

Harilal leaves..

Shaan goes back to staring out of his balcony..a part of him wanted to get away..and another part wants to get away with her..


halake halake kohare ke dhuae mein
shaayad aasamaan tak aa gayee hoo


Review Mandatory


Next part- Page 77

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love the last line.awesmeee yaar.plz cont soon...

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snehapatro IF-Sizzlerz

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awsome updateee Saazzz...HugHug
Shan has got rocking friends...amazing convo all of them...Loved Shanak Convo...by the way wen is harilal going to meet khanak...LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL...waiting for the next updateee...Big smile

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tvrasika IF-Rockerz

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Cold war shuruLOL Something happened... between Khanak saying she didnt mind sitting next to an egg-eating homo sapien, and when she talked to Mohita... hmmm...

Idiots the two areSmile... but it's alrite. its too soon anyway... let them take their time... eventually, the Amits, Mohitas, Tinas, Karthiks, Murlis, Harshad and other random folks will give way... and it wll be just them...

Are they still going on the Poona trip? I hope so...

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destinylove IF-Rockerz

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awww loved this update
yeh T ki bachi shaan ke peeche kyon padi hain yaarAngryAngry I dont like her   but like gaayu said eventually it will be two of them
superb upate keep it up Smile

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mystory IF-Dazzler

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single  line is like kilin us.woh kehte hai na tanhiya kaat rahi hai.waisa hi kuch.very mature piece.good work.

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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Lovely Lovely part !!
Why is Shaan soo annoyed and pissed off and what are they fighting about???
Ye kya hua?? Why has this irritation crept into their relationship??
Shaan ke irritation ke reasons to I can get...But ye Khanak ko kya hua??
Room me ghutan hoti hai and all??
Did he refuse to take her to his house...thats why??
Yeh Tina is such a creepy female...Shucks !!
Sumthing tells me that this get together is gonna result is a showdown between them coz of this Tina female !
Continue soon !!

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