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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 69)

The_May_Rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 9:28am | IP Logged
Can't wait!!!Big smile

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rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 9:29am | IP Logged
Saazy: sorry...i was busy with my grad party...lekin abhi thoda free hui hoon...

neways I read the part and I loved it!!!

so Khanak is finally starting to realize that Shaan is there and slowly she is noticing everything about him. not just as a wife but more...loved the little fight they had on his clothes and all...so cute. so couple fight...

as for that pic...i totally forgot. lol but yea this is awesome...I can see Shaan getting a bit jealous now...natural.

loved the ending scene...the little Sh and Kh thing is like Khanak finally seeing him as more than a friend or suraj's friend. so significant.

thanks! I loved it...

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Wednesday..5pm..Hostel 7 Mess

Karthik: (sipping his tea): ..Arrey yaar..I think diagnolly, the detector is going to be more efficient..

Shaan:  (eating his bhajiya):But I think there is a change in the equilibrium with diagnol placement..??!

Harshad enters..

Harshad: Hi guys..Murli kidhar hai?

Karthik: Woh Poona ke liye tickets book karne gaya hai..

Harshad: Oh Shit! He is going to be off 'this' weekend..yaar I had some work in Poona too..

Karthik: Kyun be..tujhe kyun jana hai Poona?

Harshad: Dad ka ek property matter handle karna tha mujhe..arrey Shaan, you were going to give me that lawyer contact right?

Shaan: Oh yes! Let me call Bhaiya right now..(calls Akki)

Karthik: (his phone rings): Murli hai line pe..bolu kya tere liye bhi ticket book karne ke liye..

Harshad: (his hand forward)..de mereko..Hey Subramanium Seth..(gets up to talk else where)

Karthik is downing the bhajiyas while looking around in the canteen..can hear Shaan's side of the conversation.even without eavesdropping..

Shaan: that's okay..text it..what do you mean?..when?..this morning?..what did she say?..really..no no..of course..baiya..two weeks..haan haan..kal..how about 5pm?..yes..I will tell her..no she's not here..Bhaiya..I will..

Shaan ends the conversation and looks at the plate to eat some bhajiyas..

Shaan: Abey..sab kha liya kya..

Karthik: (matter of factly): Haan..

Shaan: De mera bhajiya de..Harami..

Karthik: (chomping the last piece): Kal sabere aake lele..

Shaan: (grins): tera toilet humor kabhi band hota hai kya..?

Karthik: Hota hai na..bedroom mei ..!!

Shaan:  (grins and hits him): Khanak theek kehtee hai..tu pagal hai..

Karthik: Ay haye..thinking of biwi..Bhabhee hai kidhar btw??

Shaan: (non caring): I don't know..

Karthik: (looks at him crouching his eyebrows): whatchamean??

Shaan: (irritated and non caring): I don't know..

Harshad is back..hands over the phone back to Karthik..

Harshad: ek problem hai..Murli could not get tickets..

Karthik: Kya..does not make sense..no tickets available to go to Poona..poora Bombay jaa raha hai kya?

Harshad: Abey..he needs to get there by a particular time..main soch raha hoon..bike leke chalte hain..Friday raat ko nikalte hai..

Karthik: Haan wohee kar le..Murli tere peeche..aur tu uske aage..aish karo dono LOVERS..

Shaan hits him on his head..

Harshad: OH SHIT! Main tho bhool hi gaya..Saturday ko Mohita ka birthday hai..

Shaan: Tho usse bhi leke jaa.. birthday poona mei mana..

Harshad: Arrey I can take her..thats not a problem..lekin Murli ka kya karoon?

Karthik: Chal main bhi chalta hoon..teri help kar deta hoon..

Harshad: thanks yaar..Tu Murli ko bol degaa..

Karthik: Murli jaanke kya karne walla hai ki..main Mohita ko apne peeche bithane walla hoon..

Shaan and Karthik high five each other..and laugh..

Harshad: Main teri khaal kheech na loon..

Karthik: Meri khaal tu kheech..yeh bata..Mohita ka happy birthday ke liye..tu birthday suit pehenke jaa raha hai ki nahin..

Shaan: Haan bol..uske happy birthday pe tu happy banega ki nahin..

Shaan and Karthik laugh and high five each other again..Shaan's phone rings..Shaan notices the caller and ignores it..

Karthik: Haye haye bhabhee hai kya??..giving the thanda kandha!!..

Harshad: Kyun bhai..?

Karthik: She's disappeared somewhere and he does not know..if I ask him..he gives me a want to kill you look..

Harshad: She and Mohita went shopping and one of those nail things..

Shaan: (suddenly extremely irritated): How do you know?

Harshad: Mohita told me..

And just then, the two ladies in question enter..Harshad who is seated next to Karthik sees them come in..Harshad grins and waves..Karthik whistles..Shaan who is quite irritated and has resolved not to be affected does not turn..until she is very close..he looks up at her..she smiles..and his resolve almost breaks..he is angry yet not angry enough not to notice she looks radiant, beautiful..standing there in a white churidhar with a sea green duppatta..chunky earrings and bangles and his most favorite part..her hair is open..she sits next to him..and Mohita pushes her futher by sitting next to her..

Shaan is now stuck to the wall..and so that his wife can get more comfortable..he moves himself some more..Khanak takes her hair all onto one side..and some of it sticks to his shoulder due to static..and as though God intended it that way and he cannot but help it..he feels the edge of those tendrils in between the tips of his fingers..the pleasure this gives him breaks his resolve completely..Mohita, Karthik and Harshad are discussing something..while Khanak stuck in between..is adjusting her duppatta so that it does not touch Shaan..completely oblivious of part of her hair stuck on him..he turns to her..

Shaan: (bends towards her ear): Hi..

Khanak: (without turning towards him..plays with her duppatta): Hi..

Shaan: Kahan thi tum?

Khanak: (turns towards him trying to figure out his expression, realizes it was a harmless question): Mohita ke saath thodi shopping..

Shaan: (whispers into her ear): Maine socha ki dhobi ke saath bhagayee..

Khanak: (looks at him..smiles): You wish!!

Shaan: (smiles back): waise maine almost akhbaar mei ishtahaar bhi de diya tha..

Khanak: (looks at him): Missing persons?

Shaan: Nahin matrimonials mein..mere liye nayee wife..

Khanak looks at him..and suddenly they both start laughing..the kind that newly married couples share..soft and secretive..Khanak notices her hair resting just below his shoulder between his fingers and his shirt sleeve..she tugs it..he feels it until he cannot anymore ..

Khanak: Sorry!

Shaan: No problem..

Khanak: (tucks her hair behind her ear)

Shaan: Waise..you are looking nice..

Khanak: (gives him a questioning look): maska lagaa rahe ho..??..Maine abhi tak reply nahin kiya..

Shaan: (puzzled face): to what?

Khanak: To your matrimonial ad..

Shaan bursts out laughing..and before he can say anything..Mohita's words shift her attention..

Mohita: Arrey Khanak..tum bhi chalo na..

Khanak: (turns): Kaha?

Mohita: Arrey hum chaar Poona jaa rahe hai..tum dono bhi chalo..and then while coming back we can go to Lonavla and Matheran. Plan banate hai..

Khanak: (glances at Shaan who is buried in his phone): Actually iss weekend, mujhe apni friend Pooja ke yahan jana hai..

Karthik: LO..Murli bhi aa gaya..

Murli: Hi guys..(looks at Harshad)..Dekate..what did you decide..??

Harshad: Change of plans..!!

Shaan: Okay guys, I need to take a swim..

Mohita: Main bhi chaltee hoon..Khanak..yaad hai na..H-11 ajaa 8 baje..

Karthik: Arrey wah..hum kyun nahin..??

Mohita: Kyunki H-11 mein non intellects not allowed..!!

Khanak and Mohita laugh..and high five..and Mohita waves and leaves..Harshad follows her outside..

Murli: Tu swim ke baad session pe aaja..poori raat karenge jagran..

Shaan: Alright..

(Khanak is picking her bags up from beside the table..Shaan picks one and hands it to her..She begins to leave..Harshad is back..Khanak waves to everyone..and is about to leave..)

 Shaan: Ek minute, I am coming..

Murli: So all set..Dekate..in two hours..session..

Karthik: Aaj raat..hum tum aur Maggie..

Shaan and Khanak leave together..Shaan takes a bag from her..they walk up the stairs..

Wednesday 6:30 pm..Hostel 7, Room 201

He keeps the bags on top of the bed..goes inside the bathroom..collects his swimming shorts and his swim goggles..and notices one of the bags is on his bed..

Shaan: (peeps into the bag): Yeh kya hai?

Khanak: Aap ke liye..kurta hai..

Shaan opens the bag and removes a pure white kurta with self embroidery on it..slightly embossed..he looks at it..he stares at her..

Khanak: Kya hua?

Shaan: I don't know what to say..

Khanak: umm..how about thank you?

Shaan: (smiles): thank you!

He stares back at it..puts it back..and realizes the last time he wore a kurta was for Bhaiya's wedding, he did plan to wear the same one for Suraj's..but landed at the mandap and the hospital and then the mandap again in the same clothes..a chocolate brown shirt and jeans..completely in contrast to her in her red bridal wear..He smiles at her and steps out for his swim..He shuts the door..She opens the door behind him..

Khanak: Listen..

Shaan: Bolo..

Khanak: (grins): Good night..

Thursday, 2am..Room 201

Shaan is on his stomach..right hand dangling out of the bed..rubbing the edge of the bag placed on the floor near his bed..peeping inside..grinning outwardly..Khanak turns..he automatically removes his hand..and puts it under his head..

Shaan: H-11 mei dinner kaisa tha..?

Khanak: Hum log ne Maggie ko bahut miss kiya..

SHaan: (grins): Next time we will join you with Maggie..

Khanak: Aapke bhaiya ne phone kiya tha sabere..

Shaan: (turns away from her and stares at the ceiling): Pata hai..

Khanak: (thinks he is angry): I am sorry..I had picked it up without realizing..

Shaan: Its okay, Khanak..

Khanak: (turns and stares at the ceiling)

Shaan: Thanks for the kurta..

Khanak: its okay..

Shaan: Mera naam Shaan hai..

Khanak: Jee..

Shaan: It bothers me you never call me by my name..

Khanak: I do..I mean..

Shaan: You don't..

Khanak: I will..

Shaan:  Okay..

Khanak: Lets go back to thanking me for the kurta..

Shaan: (laughs): Good night, Khanak..

Khanak: Jee..Good morning..

Shaan: Hmm..


teree do nigaahon ke sahaare
dekhoo to kahaa tak aa gayee hoo


Review Mandatory


Next Part- page 73

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
i was deprived of FF updates..thanks re!!
*off to read*
really saaz the guys r simply awesome...real stress buster u know..
tho shaan called akki bhaiya n came to know he called him in the morning..looks like shaan made an appointment for thursday 5pm..will u say wat they talked abt r will u say i didnt hear akki talking n shaan didnt say abt that?
the poona plan sounds gr8..i too thought y not shaan n khanak go with them..
shaan is irritated as he didnt know where his wifey is?really u shud make khanak inform abt her whereabts..sometimes this will be more embarrassing for him na?he always informs her where he is going..it doesnt matter really he is there r not..but he informs..likewise she could text him if she is going out na..i really felt bad when harshad said shaan abt his wifey's whereabt even though he know it thru mohita..so better u make her inform abt where she'll be..
shaan must have really felt bad as harshad knows n he didnt..
wow..the person responsible for his irritation is on the way..n he couldnt keep the same emotion after seeing her..loved it..n now i love mohita for making them sit too close..ahhh..n shaan got to touch her hair..he is clean bold..all his irritation washed away seeing her smile..
*died* this is the 1st time they have talked like this..i was blushing reading it..it was so cute saaz...
they casually talked..he teased her abt running away with dhobi n saying he gave an ad..n her asking for missing persons n his reply for need of a wife..oh god..
really they r starting to talk..i love it..superliked...
so shaan-khanak r not going to poona?
khanak is going to H11 for dinner..
i loved when shaan accompanied her..that was so lovely..now i feel shaan is very much attracted towards her..wow!!!she bought him a kurta..is it for him to wear for sleep?LOLLOLLOLbut the way u described it doesnt look like that..may be he'll treasure it..
he didnt know wat to say..aww..cute..n she suggested him to say thanks..
again 2 am..daily it seems a routine for them to converse at 2 am..
really he loved the kurta na?he couldnt stop feeling elated seeing it..
wow!!!next time guys are also going to join for maggi..
loved it when he said she never calls him by his name..he must have thought about it..haan..there again u go..shaan saying good night n she replying good morning..
continue soon saaz..

Edited by RB81 - 06 June 2011 at 10:37am

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OlicityFan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged
good night!.
jee, good morning!..

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kubare IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Saaz darling *hugs & muwah*
Sigh...what a story and as always love love love the way you incoporate the song with the story and happenings..and feelings...sigh..I love this song...
Read it all in one go and want to read more...
From the beginning with Shaan and Suraj introduction and bonding to the KH &SH...
Loved how you got to show how strong their friendship is...with Shaan ready to do anything for Suraj even before knowing that the words he told Suraj would "Anything for you" would become a reality of his life in for such drastic measure and reason.
Form the time you had Shaan and Khanak in the same train compartment doing the same thing staring out into the night
The first sharing of room
Her without knowing using his desk, his bed
The waking up and being mere inches apart from wone another and the Mangal Sutra hanging from her neck between them...and clincher drinking water from his glass..
Then we have their talking in the night
Her all upset on not getting the call at 10 and his understanding of it
Her wearing Suraj's blue shirt not knowing it was gifted by Shaan her hubby and like here he hate blue...
His Good Nights her Good mornings follwed by his Hummm..
Their first cute Nok Jhok over the tea making, then her kichdi, then her washing the dishes and his suggestion of her taing her bath there on the room itself as she found the bathroom disgusting...lol cute that was ...lol
The ride in the Tumtum and him realising that the thrid person is his wife.
The intrigue of her smile and the lake together.
The friends and her and him
His talking to her to divert her mind from the time 10 pm when it was mentioned ...sigh the care...the concern..
Her signing and his interest even though he does not know the  A to Z of her kind of music...
The treat,the looks they share, the happiness on knowing she is a women after is own heart on knowing she loves to eat, his paying the bill, her being miffed at his high handedness, the motor bike ride and her not holding him and his intrigue...Oh and ofcourse the jerk...heheheh
The SMS,  the saving of her number with a W,  and the mystery of the miss call in the afternoon being sovled, and his reaction to  being miffed on not being called first but Amit receiving the call and his friends .
The food poisoning, the effect of the hair on him, her irritation on his being there seeing her thus and his concern...and the next day the truth of her being scared of Hospitals and the silence ...sigh
The worry fro her through out his session..
Murli and Shaan sharing the inside joke when the other friends show concern by not allowing her to go to the music class.
Her first day and him being there and sitting in the same seat that was used by her
His possessiveness on hearing the other man praise her and wanting to punch him...lol
Her eyeing him in the crowd and her happiness though telling the heart otherwise
The day at the beach and the talk and closesness they shared.. and meeting Dharam, the talk about kids and the future...and Suraj...
The sense of smell...him smelling her and she smelling her on him
The use of her shampoo by him lol
The cute nok jhok over it lol Rat poison indeed...lol
The picture of her and Suraj and his inner turmoil and thought on it
His looking for it under by shaking the book and near her
The ease wiht which they talk about Suraj and the Tum Phagal on each other that was once used by her for Suraj and he for her..
The first couple fight over hygiene...hehehhe clothes the cleanliness of the washroom, the stuff lying around...and the best...ROFL...his holding of the Sanitary Napkin...ROFL...heheheheh what can say a couple more then that and truth of having a woman in ones life...heheheheheh
The iritation on finding the picture in her pillow and the wondering and anger on not knowing where he will find it next...
The S irritating him and the attitude while leaving in a huff
The call by Akki an her happiness on seeing and being with his family
The K & S turning into KH & SH ..her understanding of what bothered him...very prespective both in their own way...sigh...
All that left and impact on me may  not be in the correct order but...these small things ...sigh...shows how they are effectced by each other even though they haven't accepted it to themselves or realised it yet...
And the stanza of the song complimenting the whole feel..
Saaz once again a master piece...ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

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Yasharanrocks IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 9:51am | IP Logged
wowww love it.and 2mrw thursday n ur fic yay,update soon plz jaldi...

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 9:57am | IP Logged
freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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