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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 59)

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 9:03pm | IP Logged

Wow Saazzy,

Beautiful... I am loving this Shan very much...he is halfway in love with his lovely wife...
Keep going.. Do not end it...

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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hei saaz,
main picture ke liye ready with snacks n cool drinks???

ok..this is the 1st time u have shown shaan like this..he is listening but his mind keeps wavering..
so he really cares for khanak..the way harshad showed his frustration when shaan said he needs time to look over it...
"Murli looks on..while Harshad has an irritated face..Karthik is confused..Amit wonders.." all their emotions wonderfully said in just few words seeing shaan..
amit is having something for khanak which makes shaan jealous..but his idea of suggesting someone can drop her off was a good one..earlier i wished that shaan drops her buit they have meeting with Tripathi..harshad suggested mohita would take her..that was so thoughtful..wat was amit thinking?u left it as such..(did he think of dropping her there personally..hope he didnt think that way..else i would beat him up..)
so sweet of shaan..he didnt call but came to her with upma..he is wondering seeing her?i really like the way he touches her hair..y did he took her scrunchie?did he had an idea to put it on her hair?
their convo is very nice..she insisting on going to sangeet mahabharatee as its her 1st day..he helping carrying the bucket n leaving the room for her to practise..wonderful touch..khanak moving closer to him n he moving back was very nice..loved it..
she is irritated 1st as mohita is accompanying..she wants to be independent..but her health condition suggested that was the right thing to do..but loved the way shaan gave the reason as "wada paav khane ke liye"..
their presentation n their talks just reminds the UG days..he made almost everyone of us remember those sweet memories again saaz..kudos..
tripathi ji invited the newly weds n the friends for dinner on friday..the friends teasing murli with tripathi aunty..oh god..these guys r so cute..
shaan is going to pick khanak..as i saidearlier i'm maha happy with his..he heard sing too..wow!!!shaan is so possessive abt his wifey..he couldnt stand someone mentioning his wife's voice as sexiest..
loved the small wave she gave him seeing him there..she convincing herself saying that he came only coz she is sick..shaan suggested to take her to beach if she wishes too..really i didnt expect that shaan would ask it..lovely update saaz..couldnt wait for the next update..as lana mentioned today he was supposed to meet tina na?i dont want that to happen actually..but to clear off certain things that is necessary..so waiting for it..jaldhi update dho..

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soni4eva IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 9:34pm | IP Logged
lovly ff
cn u plzz add me 2 ur pm list

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 10:42pm | IP Logged


@ Purvi: thanks re..yep they are at the beach

@AG: Thanks re

@Shanaksansar: Umm..Shaan made sure..liked the song reference..cute re..

@Gaayu: thanks re..it is the first song that always comes to mind for the rains..based on Malhaar raag

@Suchi: umm abhi tak evening in beach hua nahi..anticipation made you say that kya??

@Vandoo: Haye you like my boys more than Shanak..chal tere liye, shall try and have them in every update

@Ammu: Actually its not the prf re..it is his wife..

@IF rida: what a sweet thing to say..hope rest of your day goes better..

@Roopa: the next update shall take a looong time cause I have yet to recover that you commented..kemon aacho?? Ki khobor?? AAshoon AAshoon..boshoon aamar kotha ta enjoy koro..thanks my dearie..

@Shriya: Haila you are the second person to call my stories hrishikesh style..I am so overbowled ki I am going to shut up out of overhelming madness taking over my brains…show your mom this story..I mean I don't have dum in my bum to show it to my mum..but you should..I am a devotee of HM and his style of movies..hug your mom from me..

@ Simi: HAILA>..yeh aapne kya kar daala..ek gaana dedicate kiya…THANKS SO MUCH RE..

@ Lana: My constant aim when I write stories based on songs (this is my fourth one..mai aise baath kar rahee hoon like a seasoned author.bakwaasness)..is that every part should slowly remind the reader of any part of the song..then for me the amalgamation of music and prose is complete..thanks so much for your comments..btw, its TUESDAY in the story..abhi tak Wednesday nahin pahunche..Thursday chodo..hmm on the chaat thing..hmm..katra katra remember..

@ Chris: India mei profs khadoos hote hai..and I did want to bring that out..becos it is his wife who invited them and the prof keeps talking of how they need to get better..

@ Deepa: What david..who goliath…rubbishness..just comment next time..

@ DJ: A thrill which is ours to feel is so apt..

@ Ujjwala: I have never been to an engineering college..but people close to me and the friends are actually modeled around my best buddies from college days ..thanks so much re..hope you like the next update too

@ Kari: thanks re

@Sneha:  Acha chalo, at least someone who is willing to skip the Thursday and waiting for Friday..thanks so much for your comments re

@ Shal: Yeh comment nahin..kuch aur cheez hai..jiski tulna aaj kal ki duniya mein no value..sab log isse faltu mein batte rehte hain…comment kar..kallla na..nahin tar mee yeoon tujha kaana khaali bajawnaar..

@ Neha: Haila..neha, your long comment was super touching re…thanks so much

@ Priyacool: mm Hmm 6 lines..not cool ..not cool

@ Varsha: here you go..

@ Jyothi: Thanks re

@ Vaishu: aajkal tanha mei kahan hoo saath chalta koiuski hamein aadat hone ki aadat hogayi.. what beautiful lines…really…thanks re..

@ Minu: Thanks re

@Jessi: jaise koyee nahee..kay ga..ek part karoon visarlees kay??? Thanks re..I know you are crazy busy..thanks so much re..you know how much I treasure your comments so come back soon

@May: haule Haule..Ah!! cute lyrics..yeh ahista, haule, all apt re..doesn;t he…they are the best ever…thanks so much

@ Deepali: Bole re is a beautiful song set to Raag Malhaar which is why I had to use it..

@ Dish: No his parents don't stay in Juhu..Have not decided where yet..then again maybe Juhu..hope you like the next part

@ Shiksha: thanks re

@ Rooji: thanks so much for your comments..Hmm not liking Amit..give the guy a chance is all I am saying..

@ Souma: HAILA …tu aayee..ruk main dance karke aayee..aww sweetie..there is a reason I look forward to your comments..you encapsulate the whole emotions behind the actions so well re..

@Imane: OH MY GOSH..you are here too..a pleasant surprise..I love Khanak as a singer too..I needed to give her something extremely solid to be able to hid her grief behind..thanks re..come back soon

@ cutiepie: Awww the way you said halfway in love with his wife..so touching that comment was..really thanks re

@ Ramani: there you are!! Well technically we don't know what Amit was thinking but Murli did think that he might want to which is why he jumped immediately..and btw…my bestest commentators missed the fact that it is Tuesday in the FF and not Thursday..hey ram!..tannks for your comments re.

@ soni4eva: sure..sending PMs is my next fav thing


Next part coming up..

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Souma.N

Sorry read the update but was I was not in great shape to comment...
So the sparks are showing...whether of jealousy or attraction..
He is noticing small things about her...her watching the bathroom...cleaning vessels...her singing...her smile...her voice...her hair...hte feel of it...He doesnt seem to be able to keep his hands off it...loved the usage of the word "reluctantly" when he left her hair while previously holding it up while she threw up...He touches it at every given opportunity...wants her to let it down...but does not want her to know...His concern is growing...He has grown in just 4 days from the man whole refused to go si with her in the compartment to someone who is rushing off to pick her from her first class...His friends notice it as well...and they are happy for him..and Khanak...
He is jealous...and whether he likes it or not...He has accepted her as his better half...the journey is destined ...the passengers are ready...the train booked...just waiting for it to take off...
She too does her part ...even if it is in small bits...She calls him first...She goes to him first after singing...He is different...she does not approve of some things in the beginning but slowly see his perspective his care behind it...She belongs with him..but somewhere she is scared that he is just doing this as a duty...He corrects her saying he wants this...
IF is being a pain in the ---- today
Saaz I absolutely loved the expression on his face when the guy next to him says "The sexiest voice"
I read it at a traffic jamLOL
Itna chhota hota hai na tera parts
Plus in my gaon the traffic jams last only 3-5 minutes
You know iphone is a b---- as far as typing responses goes
Why cant you give us one whole entire, 10 pages worth of shaan khanak convo
I am fida over this guy!
He is amazing
Absolutely, worth his weight in gold
everytime I read I am reminded of IISc in Malleshwaram, thats where my hubby went
Its one of the most beautiful campuses Ive seen in the world
Tree lined avenues the red colored dirt, those benches every few yards
The hostel rooms
Sab, mujhe uski yaad dilaate hain
Simple story told BRILLIANTLY

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 10:56pm | IP Logged

Part 13

Tuesday 5 pm..Juhu beach

It is a pleasant evening..as pleasant as an early June evening can be..humid and noisy. The beach is relatively less crowded than on a weekend. However, in Bombay, there is no such thing as less crowded..Shaan and Khanak walk along the water..on the sand..and the more they try avoid bumping into strangers..the closer they get to each other..

Shaan with his jeans folded and Khanak walking allowing her churidhar to get wet..and everytime the sun catches her feet..her wet payal glisten..she holds her chappals with one hand while he holds on to his jansport to which his Asics are tied..

And he does not know what it is..the shining sun..the sound of the waves..her smile while she looks at children playing..the sand castles around him..he is amazed he is never been here before during this timeof the day..he has come by in the night..late night with friends..gotten drunk..and had a ball of a time..happy times!..and now here with her..!!!

And she does not know what it is..the feel of the water against her feet that is cooling her completely within..the children playing and laughing..the food stalls and hawkers..her fantastic first day at the music institute..she is amazed she feels even more heady than usual near the water..she has been to beaches before..but none of the previous times has been with so many noises, smells and..now her heart is having a ball of a time..here with him..!!

Khanak: Mujhe paani bahut pasand hai..

Shaan: (grins): Baarish..Paani..checked..

Khanak: (smiles at him while moving her hair on her face away with her fingers): Aap ko?

Shaan: Matlab..

Khanak: (looks at him): Agar hum check list bana hi rahe hai..tho aap ko kya pasand hai..

Shaan: (smiles at her and looks ahead into the horizon):  Hmm..mechanics bahut pasand hai..

Khanak: KYA?

Shaan: (holds her across her shoulders, turns her and points to the ferris wheel/merry-go 'around):  Woh dekh rahee ho tum..jab main chotha tha..sabhi bache wanted to get on it..but I wanted to stand next to it and imagine how it worked..

Khanak: (stares up at the ferris wheel..with kids in it..looks down..watches a small boy next to it..imagines Shaan there..smiles..and then looks up again..)

Shaan: (lets go of her shoulders..stands an inch behind her..watches her earring dance inches above her shoulder and a hair tendril kiss her shoulder..and within seconds the rest of the beach interferes with his vision..):  Boring huh??!!

Khanak: (turns her face to him..smiles..and looks back at the ferris wheel): Nahin..its like my sangeet..jaise mujhe mera sangeet bahut pasand hai..

Shaan: (bends a little forward): Mujhe bhi..(and immediately backs away and stands next to her)

Khanak: (looks at him..gives him a glorious smile): Thank you..

They fall into their steps again..walking along the beach..wordless..but completely aware of each other..until..his phone chimes..he fetches it from his back pocket..message from Murli..

Biwi ko chod..prototype ka obstacle thod..its almost 6..whth r yu?

Shaan: need to leave..session hai..

Khanak: (huge disappointment): Oh..ok

Shaan: (haltingly): Tum rukna chahtee ho? ..

Khanak: Actually mujhe chaat khana tha..

Shaan: Khanak..are you sure??..you are just recovering..

The phone chimes again..Shaan fetches it again..its Tina..

Hey yu..bkd YOKO's thu nite..c u..cnt w8  :)

Shaan has a blank expression..Khanak thinks it is probably one of the boys again..

Khanak: Acha chalo..chalte hai..

They reach one of the entries of the beach..put on their footwear..Shaan quietly starts walking towards where his bike is ..among all the bikes and two wheelers parked..It takes him all of ten minutes to get the bike out..and as soon as he gets it out of the sea of two wheelers..he hears a voice call out..

Dharam: Arrey..Shaan baba..Shaan baba..aap yahan..

Shaan: (stops midway): Arrey..Dharam..tum?..kaise ho..??

Dharam: Shaan baba..arrey ekdum mast..Main apni phamelee ko leke yahan juhu beach mein aaya..

Shaan: Oh!..

Dharam: (looks back at his wife who is holding a baby): Hey Madhu..ithey ye na..hey bhag..Shaan baba..come here Madhu, look who is here..

Madhu: jee Namaste..(and turns to Khanak and folds her hands) ..Namaste..

Khanak: (smiles): Jee..Namaste.. (glances at Shaan who is back to getting his bike out)..kitne saal ka hai..(pointing and trying to get the attention of the baby)

Madhu: Jee do..yeh mera teesra  hai..

Dharam: Arrey maine tho aapko dekha hi nahi..Aap bhabhejee hai na..Dekha kaisa pehchaan liya..Aga..Madhu hi amcha Shaan baba cha Naveen baiko..shaan;s new wife..

Khanak: jee..namaste..

Dharam: Arrey aap mujhe nahi jantee..lekin main inka driver hoon..

Shaan: (has got the bike out and almost on the road): Come on Dharam..(looks at Khanak): Dharam hamare yahaan saalon se hai..since Bhaiya's birth actually..

Dharam: (smiles): Tab tho main gaadi nahin chalatta tha..pehlee baar gaadi maine Akshay baba ke shaadi pe chalayee..kya shaadi tha woh..??

Suddenly, Dharam goes silent..stares at both of them..they stare at each other..she goes towards the bike..

Madhu: Acha tho hum chalte hain..(pushing her husband)..chala ho!!..

Shaan and Khanak smile at them..look at each other..Shaan puts on his helmet..gets on his bike..waits for his wife to sit behind him..her wet churidhar touching his left sock there for a second..she collects her dupatta from flying..holds on to her seat while her husband revvs up the bike..and off they go..

Tuesday 8pm..Hostel 7 Mess..

Karthik: Arrey canteen uncle..yeh dal mein paani hai ya paani mein dal..

Canteen uncle: Jo milta hai chup chap khane kha..jyaada natak nahin karne ka..

Karthik: Main tho chup chap khayega..lekin kal subah bathroom mei chup chap kuch nahi hotai..uska zimma kaun??

Canteen uncle: (looking at Murli): Isko hatao yahan se..

Murli: (pushing Karthik): Chal na tu..

Karthik: Apna hero kidhar hai..??

Murli: Tereko kya lagta hai..??

Harshad: Yeh dono khana khakhe aayenge kya?

Murli: Kya maloom..

Shaan: Hi boys..

Harshad: Tu abhi aa raha hai..

Shaan: Sorry yaar..traffic mei phass gaya tha..

The boys look at each other and grin..

Karthik: Yaar..Murli, best friend kisse kehte hai?

Murli: Jo hamesha tera saath de..

Harshad: Phir chahe woh kam acha ho ya..

Murli and Karthik together:  ACHEEE..

Karthik: tho iss situation mein Shaan ka best friend kaun hua..??

Karthik, Murli and Harshad chime together: TRAFFICCC..

All three of them high fiving and Shaan grins at them..

Shaan: [email protected]#$% chup baitho..

Karthik: Bhabhee hai kidhar..??

Shaan: Naha rahee hai..

Harshad: Oy hoye..

Karthik and Harshad look at each other ..heads touching..and hands on their chests: NAHA RAHEE HAI..HAYE!!

Shaan: Guys seriously..shut up..!!!

Karthik: Yeh lo..Bhabhee aa gayee..

Everyone turns to look at her..except Shaan who is smiling into his food..afraid to look up..afraid he might be caught..blushing..

Khanak: (with a huge smile): Hi

Murli: (gets up from next to Shaan):  Sit here..I have got to go..

Shaan: Kyun..whats the rush..??

Murli: (steps away from the table while Khanak sits next to Shaan):  I need to call home..I may have to go home on the weekend, Sudha ko dekhne ladke walle aa rahe hai..

Karthik: Seriously?? Dude..tere ghar pe child marriage hota hai kya?

Murli: (hitting him on his head): She is 22..whats wrong with you?

Harshad: What does the boy do?

Murli: Pata nahin! Sab details aaj phone pe..chal chalta hoon..text kar mujhe..

Harshad: Actually I am kind of tired today yaar..break lete hai..

Murli: You are fine..(turns to Shaan who nods): but we need to sit down..

Shaan: Hmm..

Murli: I really gotta go..text me! (and turns to leave)

Karthik: (to his back with a grin): Dude..if you say it fast enough..sounds like 'SEXME'

Murli shows him his middle finger while leaving..and Shaan and Harshad roll their eyes..Khanak hides her smile..

Khanak is relishing her masala dosa..she is not speaking a word..Shaan keeps glancing at her..while Karthik and Harshad are almost done..they get up..

Harshad: Acha boss..me good night..bhabhee..am sure your first day was fabulous..

Khanak: It was great..

Karthik: Chalo main bhi nikals..Bhabhee aap ke saath beeta hua har lamha..

Shaan: Chup baith na yaar..

Khanak: Arrey..let him finish..I am all ears..bol na..

Karthik: AY HAYE!!..phir se kahiye..

Khanak: Bolo naaa..

Karthik: Bhabhee..you are too good..

Shaan: Abey jaa tu..

Karthik: Bhabhee..(making an action with his thumb and small finger outstretched near his ear and in a loud whisper)..call me..!!

Khanak bursts out laughing..Harshad hits Karthik and they leave..and Shaan is busy finishing his noodles..

Khanak: yeh bilkul pagal hai..

Shaan: Pagal tho tum ho..

They both glance at each other and smile at each other like as though someone has just revealed a secret the other already knew..he realizes her hair is wet..her shampoo smells of flowers and the beach..and then he realizes it is he who smells of the beach..

..she wonders if his hair is all scrunched up because of the humidity from the beach..he smells like the beach and something very very familiar..and then she realizes its her she is smelling on him..they suddenly begin to concentrate on finishing their food..make their way out of the mess..

They bump into the boys right outside who have stopped to chat with another bunch..everyone is discussing cricket..she steps away..he looks at her..she nods..he smiles..she walks up to the room..by herself..he watches her..resumes chatting with the guys..

Tuesday 10pm..Room 201

Shaan is getting ready for a bath..while Khanak is reading her book..By the time he steps out..she is fast asleep..and the open book lay on her.. face down..he smiles at her sleeping form..picks up her book..and shakes it for the bookmark..he can't find it..he shakes it more vigorously and the thing he is secretly looking for is also not there..he keeps the book on the other desk..and then starts looking around..the picture is not on the desk..in the whole process without realizing he has moved the desk itself..he wonders if she is sleeping with it..approaches her bed and bends inward above her to see if it is on the other side..droplets from his wet hair fall on her eyes..she opens them..to find her face inches away from his..their smells cannot help but mix..

Khanak: You used my shampoo?

Shaan: (stands up): NO way..

Khanak: Of course , you did..

SHaan: It smells funny..

Khanak: Obviously ..girl shampoo on boy hair will smell funny..get your own next time..

Shaan: I am saying 'you' smell funny..

Khanak: I am??

Shaan: yes..now go to sleep..so jao!

Khanak: Aap mere bistar ke paas kya kar rahe the..??

Shaan: Arrey itni baaas mar rahee thee..maine socha kahi bistar ke paas chuha mar gaya ho..

Khanak: WHAT?? Are you serious?

Shaan: Anyways..tumhari shampoo ke smell se zaroor bhag gaya hoga..

Khanak: Haan haan..no wonder aapne meri shampoo use kiya..aglee baar apne baal pe chuhe ki marne ki dawai istamal kijiye..samjhe..!!!

Shaan: Main light off kar raha hoon..

Khanak: Whatever!!

Wednesday 2am..Room 201

They are for the first time fast asleep..and there is little hope of any one of them waking up,,forget chit chat..until nature beckons Khanak..As she gets out of the bathroom..she bumps into the desk which was placed funny..he gets up and switches on the bed light..

Shaan: Kya hua?

Khanak: (already back on her bed): Kuch nahin..

Shaan: (switches off the light): Tho phir..

Khanak: Suraj ke aada ka phone aaya tha aaj..

Shaan: Kab?

Khanak: Jab aap neeche the..

Shaan: Kya kaha unhone?

Khanak: kuch nahin..bus aisehi haal chaal pooch rahe the..

Shaan: Hmm..

Khanak: Dharam ke bete ka naam kya hai?

Shaan: Umm'I don't know..arrey he has I don't know some dozen kids..sabke naam..

Khanak:  3 kids

Shaan: What?

Khanak: He has three kids..Suraj never spoke of kids..he never spoke of his future..

Shaan: Maybe he wanted to..but the opportunity never arose..

Khanak: You don't need an opportunity to talk about your dreams..

Shaan: And YOU don't need an opportunity to talk period..

Khanak: So tho hai..

Shaan: (smiles): Good night, Khanak..

Khanak: Jee..good morning..

Shaan: (smiles): Hmm..


Shayad Aisi Zindagi Haseen Hai
Aarzoo Main Bahne Do


Review Mandatory


Next Part- Page 64

Edited by saaaz - 13 June 2011 at 9:47pm

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dishbhan Goldie

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 11:13pm | IP Logged
Loved it!!!!!!!!!

They talked so much today ... I loved it!!!!!!

he did not go to Yo-ko's ... good ... He is blushing ... aaye-haaye!

waiting for the Friday night dinner ...


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Yasharanrocks IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
Awww so cute loved der convo at beach and shaan using her shapmoo.its gettng interestng.plz jaldi update karo plzzz.and wats this tinas case.plz i want 2 know abt t soon.reveal the suspense...

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