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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 53)

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Originally posted by lghosh

Yeh toh nunsenselessness aur bakwaasness ki hadd ho gayi!! Medam jee aapki update kahan hai?? Aur kitna tadpana hai, yeh bolde pahele, tadapte tadapte hum jal jaayenge, yeh hone se pehle Pacific main jaa ke doobki laga ke aati hoon!!! Angry
Pacific bechare ki kya galti?
Yeh nunsenselessness saaz ki galti hai.
Yeh bhi nahi keh sakti "boy"cott karna hai...woh to impossible hai,
Ab kuch aur cott karna padega...
Saaz update yaar.

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@ Dish:  Somewhere she  probably does..now its upto him to either change that or not..thanks so much for your comments re..and thank you for your 50th page celebratory post..dil khush ho gaya..

@ simi: Thanks so much..it is always a pleasure to read such nice comments from you..especially since you are also a fellow FF writer re..something like respecting each other in some fraternity or something..I know I have to still catch up on your's..BTW..have u updated medival khichdi yet?

@ Rooji: Thanks re for your comments..'love' is too easy a word..I think..Shaan is a caring guy..he feels something for her..'love' is never the beginning…love is the total of all emotions..he and she have to go through a little bit of everything..Dettol..I still use it here in the US…you get in Indian stores in VA..Love love the smell of Dettol..

@ Lana: AH!!! Your comments…dil thandak..yaar..I knew you would love the hair touch..bang on the emotions you are..bang on..i know you have some expectations vis a vis him coming and taking care of her..well hope the update does not disappoint

@Neha: Yeh le Friday aaya..update laaya..chatpata…shayad..apne apne taste ki baat hai..hai na…

@ Chris: loving your mix..thanks re

@Ujjwala: Haila..what a sweet comment..arrey yaar..after torment to comment…thanks is the least I can do..

@Sneha: So from now on..tu bani katra katra Khanak…

@Jyothi: Haylo..you asked me to PM..I did..ab bus aise hi..read and comment..good girl..you are

@ Candy: Haila..this slow poison made me also slow that you had to repeat it kya..yeh le re next update..hope you enjoy..come back and comment re

@Suchi: Yeh le…kya matlab pray it gets lost..mere saare stories ki vaat lagane pe tulee hai kya>???...chal update padh aur comment likh..thanks re

@Kiwu: Oh thanks re..just was a bit surprised becos I have never seen you around..thats why na..and yahan pet ho unless I torment..no one comments..so thank you..

@ Varsha: Aiyoo thought you would be busy with MOTW duties..congo on that btw..main aati hoon wahan pe..ruk..thanks re

@ AG: mm Hmm..lets hope they continue to be so..

@Shriya: Well ..update padho tho jaano..thanks dear

@Shiksha: thanks re

@Ad: Why did I think you will go bonkers over the W?? kuch tho baat zaroor hai..dil hai ke manta nahin..thanks di

@IF-rida: Thank you so much..aww your blush emoticon brought a smile to my face..sachee..thanks re

@Krazee: I know it is going fast..slow down karoo kya??..even I don't know whats the text msg..Murli and Karthik are not discussing it with anyone..they are such good friends na??..thanks re..

@Anu: Oh my god..I love that song..originally when it was out I was not a big fan of it..becos I thought Pankaj Udhas had made a huge departure from ghazals to pop..I used to be quite a puritan when it came to music..but as time went by, I realize now how much better that song is compared to so many others..such a soft and heart warming song..The video reminds me of a fabulous Telugu Movie called Padamati Sandhya Ragam..Beautiful movie..catch it sometime..

@DJ: LOVED loved this about your comment.. "your contrasts are amazing... I like that in a story...subtle inflections with full on masti"..YES.I want to believe that is my hook..always..subtle with comedy..I strive for it..and if someone gets it..makes me super yappy..thanks re..aur kya din mein do update..haath hain..machine nahin..nunsense

@ Purvi: thanks re…no problem..der aaye ..

@ SWEETYSOOTY: My god!!! WHAT effusiveness and all..hum tho itne lal aur peele ho gayee..ki rainbow dikhne lage..haila..itna praise humse hota nahin yaar..you are too sweet..btw, tera FF aage badha??..thanks my dear

@ Roshni: Acha what ess the matlab of liked it but did not comment…yeh nahi chalta samjhi..pakka promise na..thanks so much re..

@Vandoo meri bandoo: wada pav hai hi aisee cheez..ke na khao tho depression..mere ghar pe kaamon ki bouchar..

@ Priya cool: thanks so much for commenting..but bhwy three line comment I am not understanding..or wait a minute..sorry sorry four lines..wow..dhanya ho gaye hum…next update 7 lines minimum..

@Ramani: Tu aur Lana mere best commentary walle re..She is so 'individualistic' that she did not want anyone;s help even when she is sick..and that's why she cuts murli's call..she does not know it is only meds..becos that was txt he sent..she asked about the rain becos she was thinking of her music..almost thinking aloud..but at the same time hoping he will answer..In her sleep, she is quite delirious ..so you say the first things that come toyour mind..not exactly anything that makes sense..saas ka byah ..means saas ki shaadi..well, as for your hopes..they just might be fulfilled..thanks so much..

@Deepali: Thanks re..and love you too re..

@ Krithika: How sweet..thanks so much re

@ May: thanks re ..

@Deepa: Kya hai??..ek tho regularly comment karti nahi..upar se tere demands…bakwassness

@Neha: you want lamba update..giwe me lamba comment..

@ Vaishu: Yekde?? If you ask me ..go and change your name in his phone to W and then when you call, he will be totally floored becos his caller id says W and it is you…hehehehe…I love Malhar too..I love Bihag better (baig in Carnatic)

@Cutipie: ARE YOU SERIOUS when you say you visit only to read here…arrey there are lots of posts, FFs re..enjoy yourself when you are here..mera FF tho kal ya parso khatam hone wala hai..when you are here make lots of friends re..acha bhashan band..thanks re..am really touched re..thansk

@Zara: thanks re

@Varsha: jestunanu talli..hey ram!! Bachao mujhe..

@ DJ and Lana: here I come re baba..


ALL THOSE WHO PRESSED LIKE: REALLY??? You did not have five minutes to write a comment…seriously??!!!...hadh hai!!! Chalo ..maaf kiya iss baar…

Next update coming up..

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Part 12

Tuesday 10:30 am..Study session..ITI classroom

Harshad and Amit are at the white board explaining their chemical equivalents and how they have arrived at a possible breakthrough in terms of how to move forward..Murli is in rapt attention and Karthik is busy taking notes..Shaan is listening but his mind keeps wavering..

Murli: So I don't get it..how will this work..

Amit: It works the same way as your note detector except in this case instead of magnetic fields we shall develop touch sensor fields..

Karthik: I think I got it..Dekh..Murli..(points to the notes he has made)

All the boys have their laptops opened in front of them..however, basic calculations and notes are still done the old fashioned way..much easier..much more effective'and heavily reliable..

Suddenly, Murli notices Shaan;s silent form..and before he can say anything..

Amit: Shaan, you got it right..??

Shaan: I will need some time to look over it..

Harshad: What do you mean.??.we spent the past half hour explaining the damn thing to you..

Karthik: You want to see my notes..

Shaan: (smiles): Nahin re..I am getting it..I just don't have questions right now..I am sure I will later..

Murli looks on..while Harshad has an irritated face..Karthik is confused..Amit wonders..

Amit: (steps away from the white board and takes a seat):That's fine..take your time..

Harshad: (continues to be irritated): What time..we don't have time..!!!

Karthik: (clamly): Shaan, lets go through it again..we need this today..we have got to agree on it..

Shaan: (backs away in his chair..runs his hand through his hair): Whats the rush??

Murli: (looks pointedly at him): Bhool gaye kya..?? We have a meeting with Tripathi at 2pm today.

Amit: Oh my god..is that true..??

Shaan: (whispers): God..how did I forget? I don't think'

Murli: (gets up and moves towards him): What is wrong? How is Khanak doing?

Karthik: Bhabhee ko kya hua..

Suddenly all the boys get up and move towards him..except Amit who stands but does not move..

Shaan: (looking at his three friends leaning over his deak): GOD! Guys relax! She just had a case of food poisining and this morning she had a fever..

Harshad: So she is in the room with burning fever..?

Shaan: She had a crocin..

Harshad: Did she have anything to eat..

Shaan: I don't know..

Karthik: arrey aaj Bhabhee has her class right? Did you call that sangeet place..to let them know she can't come..

Shaan: (stares at him with a small smile): Why don't you do it?

Murli and Shaan look at each other and laugh..

Harshad: good one!

Karthik: What do you mean? I don't get it..I am being serious..

Shaan: (suddenly serious himself): She is insisting on going..

Amit: that's okay, maybe someone can drop her off.

Harshad: Actually, that's not a bad idea..maybe I can check if Mohita will go with her..

Amit: I was thinking..

Murli: Excellent idea, Harshad'call Mohita..

Shaan: (picking up his notes, checking his watch, it has been over an hour): Okay..call her and mujhe text bhej..I will see you guys in an hour..

AMit: Theek hai..I need to get something to eat..

The boys disperse..Harshad frantically calling Mohita..Murli and Karthik discussing the prototype and Shaan lost in thought..

Tuessday 11 am'Hostel 7 Room 201

Shaan enters his room..nothing seems to have changed much in the last two hours..except Khanak is fast asleep..He walks towards the enclave to keep the upma he bought from the mess..she seems to have made some tea for herself..and the half open Parle-G packet tells him she has eaten something..he keeps the upma and walks to near her bed..watches her sleep..touches her forehead..there seems to be no fever..touches her hair..and the bedsheet below it..and wonders at the silence in the room despite her being there..smiles at his wonderment..he holds the scrunchie that is next to her pillow..drops it when Khanak stirs and opens her eyes..and shifts towards the side of the bed where he stands..Opens her eyes and stares at him for a minute..he stares back and smiles..not realizing the scrunchie is on the floor..

Khanak: What time is it?

Shaan: Time to eat something..

Khanak: (gets up and sits on the bed): don't know how long I slept..

She looks around for her scrunchie..finds her phone under the pillow instead..picks it up..knots her hair..while deftly checking her phone..

Khanak: (to nobody): No missed calls..

Shaan: (who was at his desk..glances back at her..): There is upma for you..

Khanak: (with a grin): Canteen uncle ka..??

Shaan: (smiles back): Haan..

Khanak: (snaps her fingers): Main abhi aayee..

Shaan smiles at her while she goes into the bathroom..he checks his messages and goes back into his books..she comes out and starts eating her upma on the other desk..

Shaan: How are you feeling?

Khanak: My stomach still feels funny..lekin bhukaar tho nahin hai..

Shaan: So..you still want to go?..you can call and tell them you can't come today..

Khanak: (snaps): bilkul nahin..aaj pehlaa din hai..I have to go..

Khanak gets up to wash her plate..realises not much water in the bucket..takes it and goes to the bathroom..fills it..the sound of the water running irritates Shaan..she comes out holding the bucket..

Shaan: (gets up): Iss halat mei bhi..

Khanak: (looks at him only to ignore him and continues to carry the bucket)

Shaan: (takes the bucket from her..): I thought you had to practice or something..

Khanak softens..but just looks away..there is not much place here, she thinks..but keeps quite..

Shaan: (his jansport already on his shoulder, his little right toe almost touching the scrunchie):  I have to leave..you practice..Mohita shall be here to pick you up..you can have lunch and then leave..

Khanak: (moves closer to him): Mohita? Why?

Shaan: (moves back and opens the door to leave): She will accompany you ..

Khanak: (yells before the door closes): For what?

Shaan: (yells back before shutting the door): wada paav khane ke liye..

Khanak glares at the door..marches towards it..and suddenly feels a little weak..sits down on the bed..she realizes it is good if someone comes..but she knew that already..hmph!!..she needs to at least practice her sargam taan before she realizes'in her sickness, she may forget the permuatations and combinations of the raag notes..

Tuesday, 1:30pm .. towards Juhu.,

Mohita: Arrey thoda fast chalao na..hamein der ho rahee hai..

Auto wallah: yeh auto hai..helicopter nahin..

Khanak: helicopter choddo..aise chala rahe ho jaise koyee bailgaadi hai..

The girls smirk while the autowalla revvs up..

They reach Sangeet Mahabhartee in some time..

Mohita: Acha yahee ruko..hum abhi aate hai..

Auto: meter down hai..charge dena padegaa..

Mohita: Arrey haan baba..

Khanak: No yaar..you should leave..I am fine..

Mohita: Pakka??

Khanak: Haan haan..

Mohita: I will be here at 4:30 to pick you up..

Khanak: Koyee zaroorat nahin hai..

Mohita: Tujhe shayad nahin..lekin tera devar hai na..Harshad..usse bahut fikr hai teri..

Khanak: (smiles ): 4:30 ko jaake usse mil..

Mohita (smiles back): Kya pata shayad hum dono aajaye..(winks)

Khanak: (laughs): Bye..

Khanak enters the Academy..and inquires about her classroom and other details. She is directed towards the second floor in the academy ' room 2G..and while she walks up the stairs, her excitement is getting the better of her..she has a small smile..straightens herself while she sees three students laughing coming down the stairs..the boys remind her of the ones back home..

Khanak reaches her class..the session is just about to start..she spots an empty seat at the end of the room close to the door..she smiles at the person seated in the adjacent one..and gets her notebook out..

Prof. S. Chakroborthy: Hum iss poore certificate course ko teen bhagon mei divide karenge..pehla part hoga theory, second part hoga parampara jahan pe hum traditional methods of teaching discuss karenge aur third part hoga student outreach..modern day student ko aap kaise classical sangeet ki aur akarshit kar sakte ho.. Lekin aaj..is just an introduction..I would like each one of you to present a piece too..

Tuesday..3:00pm..Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, ITI.

Prof. Tripathi is listening intently to his brightest team present a pioneering project. This prototype shall be one of the first to make use of bio chem informatics along with mechanics and materials. The Dean himself has taken keen interest in it. The presentation is almost over..and has been an extremely rich one..Shaantanu is the brightest of the lot and this new entrant Amit has surprised him no doubt. Prof. Dhanrajgir, the chemistry dept. head did say he was as smart as Dekate. And his blue eyed boy Shaan seemed to be getting it together despite the life changing episode he is going though..

He checks on some notes and papers while he waits for the boys to return from a break..they saunter in..

Tripathi: Okay..boys..I am convinced..but you guys have a long way to go..I know there have been setbacks, given the circumstances. Amit, welcome..and make sure you have part 3 and 4C updated when we meet next..which is in a month..

Karthik: Thanks Sir..

Harshad: Sure sir, no problem.

Tripathi: Murli and Shaan, you two know that your thesis and degree is riding on this..

Shaan: Yes Sir..

Murli: Yes,..

Tripathi: You are progressing, but you need to pick up pace..(and starts to leave)..and by the way Shaan..my wife wanted to invite the newly weds over for dinner..I hear your wife is an excellent singer..So what say, Friday night..ghar pe aa jaana..Haan, aur tum baaki chaar bhi..ladies baatein aur gaate vaqt..we can catch up..(leaves)

Harshad: (as soon as he is out of earshot):  Abey'buddhe ko aur kya catch-up karna hai..?

Murli: Yeh hamein marwake sans lene walla hai'but ghar pe bulaya..thats kind of nice..

Karthik: Haan haan..kyun nahin..Teri tho chaandi..Tripathi aunty gaayegee..Murli ke liye khanna pakayegee.. (suddenly moves towards Murli..and comically): aur phir apne haathon se Murli ko khana parsegee 'aur kahegee'

Harshad and Karthik: (together in chorus ..holding Murli's chin): Aur KHA beta..aur kha!!!

Murli: (slapping their hands away): Chup baitho dono..yahan pe sab natak..budhe ke saamne tho..thank you sir..thank you..Hypocrites ke chathe aulaad..

Amit: yaar..tum logon ke saath rehke mera image barbaad ho raha hai..ab main jaaonga ek professor ke ghar pe khane ke liye..log kya kahenge??

Karthik: yeh sab kuch tho Bhabhee ki meherbaani..welcoming the bahu and all..

Amit: I think I am going to skip it..

Harshad: Arrey Friday night, koyee ghar ka khana skip karta hai kya??..isse hatao yaar yahan se..

Karthik: (pushing Amit): Chal hat nathkhat..

Amit: Abey..band kar nautanki..

Shaan: (looking at his watch..): Okay guys..even though it has been one of the most memorable last few minutes (rolling his eyes)..I have got to go..

Harshad: Arrey you were supposed to let me know if Mohita should pick up Bhabhee..

Shaan: (almost out of the classroom): Nahin..its okay..

Murli: Shaam ko che baje..

Shaan: (outside and down the stairs, yells): ya Ya!!

Karthik: Yeh tho gaya..

Murli: Tell me about it!! (high fiving him)

Harshad: Chal yaar..khane chalte hai..

Karthik: Main tho Friday dinner tak upwass boss..

Harshad: Hum log khate hai..aur tu apni ungliyaan chaat..

Karthik: Ay Haye..main tujhe na chaato'

Harshad: (Running out): Abey jaa..

And while the guys continue to rib each other even in the canteen, Shaan is cruising along the western express highway..and cursing every signal he gets..wanting to be on time to pick up his wife from her first lesson at Sangeet Mahabhartee..

Tuesday..4:15pm..Sangeet Mahabhartee

His excitement allows him to reach well before time..He is directed to her classroom..he stands outside, but he can hear singing..khanak!  he thinks..he steps closer to the door..it is her, he knows..he is sure..

He opens it slightly..and peeps in..he fits himself into the crevice..drags his jansport..and takes the seat at the end of the classroom..smiles at the person next to him..who smiles back and says..'just missed the best part she played around with the sargam'..Shaan nods..has no clue what he is talking about ..and then suddenly..she hits a high note'

Sa Ma Re Paaa... Aaa

Ni Ni Pa Ma Gaa...Aaa

saawan jo sandesaa laaye

meree aankh se motee paaye

jaake mile baabool ke ghar se'Jaaake milaay babul ke ghar se'

neet man pyaasaa, neet man tarase..reyy..

Bole re..

Bole re papiii..iii..hara..!!!!

The whole class bursts out applauding..Shaan joins too..he does not realize the song is over..he could have gone on listening..she should have gone on singing..he thinks..the guy next to him is on his feet..grinning and clapping..he looks at him..the guy turns to him and says..'easily the sexiest voice in class'..Shaan stares at his wife..wants to punch the guy..but Khanak;s smile makes him forget everything..and when she spots him among the 55 students in class standing exactly at the spot she was sitting..she is overwhelmed beyond anything'she tears up..he just came because she was sick..aur zyada kuch nahin.. she tells herself..but ..she does a small wave and smiles back..and she walks towards him..

The teacher pats her on her back..and ends the class..

Khanak:  Aap kab Aaye..

Shaan: Bus ..Abhii..

Khanak: Aur koyee ayaa hai..

Shaan: (shifts the Jansport over his shoulder): No..lekin if you want to see loads of people, beach chal sakte hai..

Khanak: (smiles): Yes, please!


katra katra jeene do...pyaasi hoon main pyasi rahne do


Review Mandatory


Next Part- page 59

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saaz di
loved the update.excellentDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
they are going to beach Heart

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saaz u made shaan pick her up..i'm happy..n he heard her singing..maha happy..

ye buss trailer hai..main picture baaki hai!!!!Wink

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loved the update Saaz!

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awesome...really like the pace of this story. dheere dheere madham madham age bad raha hain.

I don't want you to rush it either. Beach mein ja rahe hain, but make sure she does not eat any of the telewale kha pani puri or bhel...nahin tho phirse pet mein gadbad hoga...LOL!

Nice to see Shaan slowly taking an interest in her...unknowingly he is drawn to her and same with Khanak as well...This reminds me of the 70's style movie...love your style of writing!

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Bole re papi hara? Haiii... One of my fav fav songsSmileDay Dreaming

Look forward to their beach trip...

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