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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 36)

saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Part 9

Monday 3pm.. SAC (students actvty center)

Amit and Shaan are going at it in a game of squash..while Karthik and Murli are outside are at the TT table.

Karthik: Tujhe kya lagta hai?

Murli: I think it is a bad idea.

Karthik: He is not that bad yaar.

Murli: See, he is brilliant and I am not denying it..probably as brilliant as Dekate..but at this point we need a hardworker like Suraj. And there is something about this guy..

Karthik: He's just got crazy friends re..otherwise he is okay..

Murli: (suddenly catches the ping pong ball served to him):  I am not talking about that..

Karthik: (stands upright): That is Shaan's problem..

Murli: (holds the TT bat with its curved edge on top of the table and leans forward): How is that Shaan's problem? ..We were there Karthik..all through it..we were the ones who egged him to marry her..how can you forget?

Karthik: (whispers loudly back):  Listen, we did not put a gun on his head..

Murli: We did not stop him either?!!

Karthik: (places his bat on the TT table and walks towards Murli):  Listen, I don't know what trip you are on..but the fact is Suraj asked for it, Shaan did it..that's the kind of relationship they have always had..Shaan was there for Suraj..and Suraj for Shaan..we have been bystanders through all of it..

Murli: I don't know..anyways..it is upto him, at this point, all our careers are running on this prototype..Tripathi thinks if we don't release it this summer..we are doomed!!

Karthik: Tell Mr. Nostradamus to shove it up..

They resume playing..meanwhile at the squash court..

Shaan: (smashing the serve): Not bad!! Tu abhi bhi kaafi acha khel leta hai..

Amit: (smashing back): Thank you boss..

Shaan: So, you want in..??

Amit: (holds his serve): I have read the abstract and I have a pretty good mastery over chem informatics..I admit I am no Suraj..

Shaan: (stand and looks at him): Nobody is a Suraj..

Amit: (stares back): I am sorry yaar..but I guess congratulations are in order..(puts his hand forward)

Shaan: (with a huge smile): thanks

Amit: (still holding the handshake): So, kya kehta hai?

Shaan: (smiles): Good game!

They pick up their totes..Amit wipes his brow and Shaan swigs some water from his water bottle..Murli and Karthik join them..Amit shakes hands with both of them..Murli and Shaan nod at each other..The boys leave the center together..decide to meet at the Mess in half an hour..

They are walking back to the hostel..Karthik is discussing latest gadgets with Amit and Murli and Shaan fall back..

Murli: You are sure right..?!

Shaan: The question is.. are you? I mean mujhe laga..after last night you may want to have nothing to do with me..forget him (small smile)

Murli: (very seriously): Listen..Shaan..

Shaan: (pats his shoulder): Chodh yaar..its okay..I think this guy might be very useful..we just need to make it clear on the second author part of it..

Murli: Hmm..

They discuss a bit more about the prototype..They are quite elated because of the seemingly good progress..

Monday 4:30pm..Hostel 7 Room 201

Shaan is in the shower..his phone on his desk is ringing..he misses the call..he comes out..changes..he suddenly looks at Suraj's desk..except for two books with Institute library codes on them and some papers in between them..everything else on the desk belongs to Khanak..

He picks and puts back each one..a comb..a bunch of safety pins..a bindi sticker packet..a scrunchie..a hair clip or some clip..a book with a bookmark jutting out..he picks up the book to inspect it more closely..the title intrigues him..and as he flips the pages of PAGAL HAI KYA? By Mahadevi Verma..the bookmark and a piece of paper slip out and fall on the floor..

He lifts the bookmark and places it randomly back into the book and then bends on his knees to pick up the 'piece of paper' only to realize it is a photo..he picks it up..and there.. not even a week after his death..a close up shot of his friends somber face staring back at him..with his wife's laughing face equally close..It seems like they were sharing a private joke and Khanak was enjoying it to the hilt..he overturns the picture..to read..PAGAL TUM HO!!..

His phone beeps..it breaks him out of his reverie..puts the photo back into the book and the book back on the table..he picks up the phone..and read the message.. it is from Tina..

 Still cnt blve it.. :(

He shoots back a reply..

U better..C U Thurs

He notices a missed call from a number that he does not recognize.. leaves the room to join his friends..

Monday 4:45pm..Hostel 7 Mess..

Shaan walks in to see his friends bent over a table and speaking into a cell phone ..he waves..

Karthik: Yeh lo! Shaan bhi aa gaya.. Aa bey..Bhabhee ka phone hai..

Shaan: (surprised): Kya?

Khanak: (through the speaker phone): THo phir plan pakka..

Karthik: Haan haan bhabhee..pakka..hum pahunch jayenge..

Khanak:  Aur kaun kaun hai?

Murli and Karthik grin at Shaan..Shaan has a small smile..

Murli: Hum sab ..sab aajayenge..

Khanak (sounds like she is smiling): Great! See you soon..

Karthik: (hands the phone over to Amit): Chal bikes nikal..Dekate ko bulata hoon..

Amit: (takes the phone from him and pockets it): We should take flowers or something..

Karthik: Tu aur Dekate nikal..and we will see you there..

Murli: I think Shaan should leave first..

Shaan: I will if I know what the hell is going on..

Amit:  main Dekate ko bulata hoon..(and leaves)

Karthik: Arrey kuch nahin yaar..we made Bhabhee promise in the morning that she should treat us if she gets into the course..

Shaan: When was this?

Murli: Aaj subah jab tu kharate le raha tha..

Shaan: How did she call Amit?

Murli: We were all here this morning, she took down all our numbers..just in case..

Shaan: (sarcastic): OH!

Murli: And I noticed, she did not have your number..

Shaan: What does that mean?

Karthik: Kya yaar.. Tum dono chaloo ho gaye..chalo yaar..pet ki pooja aur pooja ki arti..

Shaan: matlab?!

Karthik: One of her friend is joining her and now us..I can't wait..I know she is made for me..I can feel it in my bones..and everywhere else..(winks)

Shaan: (hits him on his head): Chal!! Fatoo..

They step outside the mess to run into Harshad..who has been talked into bringing Mohita his girl from Hostel 4 along..the guys rib him a bit..and they set off..with Murli behind Shaan, Kartik behind Amit and Harshad with his lady love..and in some time, they reach Curry Twist..a restaurant in Andheri around 8 kilometers from Powai..

As Shaan gets off his bike..and removes his helmet..he spots her..by this time, his friends have surrounded her..introductions among the women are being made..she is holding the bouquet of flowers and through the flowers under the florescent lights of entrance..she looks at him..and they exchange a smile..he mouths 'congratulations'and makes a thumbs up sign..she mouths..'thank you'..

Getting a table for eight was a bit tough..In twenty minutes or so, they are seated in the restaurant..By the time..the 8 adjust themselves, Shaan and Khanak find themselves opposite each other..They smile at each other while sitting down..Everyone continues ribbing each other..Menus are passed around..Long winded discussions on the variety or lack thereof ensues..mouths are talking, glasses are tinkling, hands are moving, chairs are bobbing, necks are nodding, and all this while two hearts are feeling lighter than ever..


kohare mein bahane do
pyaasee hoo main, pyaasee rahane do


Review Mandatory


Next Part-Page 41

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Souma.N IF-Dazzler

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Yes me first!!!
Atleast m commenting ...hehee
rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by saaaz


Monday 7:30 am..Hostel 7 Room 201

Khanak is up..she is making the bed..then suddenly realizes, Shaan is at his desk..with his hand on his head.. awww so cute...

Khanak: Aap kab uthe??

Shaan: Mai so nahi paa raha tha..

Khanak: Kyun? Kya hua?

Shaan: Kaam bahut hai..and I don't know nothing seems to be coming together..

Khanak: Tho kya poorie raat?...you were up?

Shaan: Haan..(rubbing his eyes)..no classes..have a practical session at around 4pm

Khanak: Ab so lee jeye..

I love this little touches...as friends she is def. being concerned but unknowingly there is also a concern there (I hope so) this little interaction was really good. 

Shaan: Hmm..

Khanak enters the bathroom..hums while putting on her toothpaste..

Shaan: (smiles listening to her, gets up from his chair..streches): When are you leaving?

awww he is def. blown by her singing...and i think that will pull him towards her more. 

Khanak: (inside the bathroom..stops brushing..spits out and yells): JEE..

Shaan: (cleans his right ear as tho to say..no need to yell..): When do you have to leave?

lol that was cute...I liked that...so genuine and natural...

Khanak: Oh in an hour or so..have to be there by 11.

Shaan: Theek hai..

Khanak comes out..knots her hair..with a towel on her shoulders and a bucket half filled..

Shaan: Kya kar rahee ho??

Khanak:  cups aur plates dho rahee hoon..

Shaan: (moving towards his bed): Kya?

hahahahaha so true...shaan is a typical guy and Khanak a concerned and typical girl.

Khanak: Haan..(and starts washing the cups in the pantry enclave with the bucket of water)

Shaan: OH my god..are you mad??!! Yahan pe there is a bathroom..sink mein dho lo..

hahahahaha sooo like a guy...

Khanak: EK tho itni choti sink..plates don't fit..aur wahan pe hum thookte hain..aur bajoo main toilet.. (shudders) yuck!!

my mom wud say the exact same thing...

Shaan:  (lies down on his bed..half raises his head from the pillow and looks at her): Toilet mein thodee dho rahee ho tum..aur Thookte hain ka kya matlab? Khana khate vaqt khana mooh mein jaata hain..

Khanak: (has finished the job and is walking by his bed, stops looks at him): Please..khanne ki cheezein toilet mein dhona mujhse nahin hoga..

She is holding the bucket..he stares at her with a small smile..he is too tired to argue..but wants to nevertheless..

this is such a cute interaction...so friendly and he is def. intrigued...im surprised that so far he hasn't commented on why she is doing all this and what not...so it seems he has accepted her and has totally gone for her. 

Shaan: (with a small smile..lying on the bed..staring into her face):  ab kahan jaa rahee ho?? Bucket  dhone??

Khanak: (glares): Nahin..nahane!!!..aap so jaayiye..

hahahahaha so funny...all natural...

Shaan: (stares at her knotting her hair again and continues watching her walking towards the bathroom): Are you sure?? Yahan kyun nahin naha letee?? I mean ..wahan tho hum thookte hai aur toilet ke baaju mein naha ogee..?? isse achaa yahee naha lo..(grins and smirks)

Khanak: (just before entering the bathroom): Will you shut up!!!!??..

hahahaha this joke wud've been dirty if a close friend of mine did that...but in this case it was cute!

She is not there to watch Shaan's huge smile or him fall fast asleep within seconds. By the time she gets out of the bathroom and gets ready, gets her papers together, Shaan is lost in his dream world. She smiles at his sleeping figure..gets some tea for herself..decides to catch breakfast at the mess before leaving..she opens the door to step out and is surprised to find Karthik and Murli there..

OMG he is in love!!! or he is infatuated by her at least...can u plz show us their wedding day? plz! I want to see his reactions and thoughts!

I love Shaan's friends!

Karthik: WOW! Bhabhee..looking good.

Khanak: (a little shy): Thanks

Murli: Shaan kahan hai?

Khanak: Woh so rahe hai..

Murli: What?

Khanak: Nahin..he was up all night working..

Murli: OH!!..I had to return this (hands her his phone)

Khanak: Oh! (puts it on his desk)

Karthik: So all set Bhabhee..

Khanak: Bus, thoda sa breakfast khakhe..

Karthik: Hum bhi mess ja rahe the..chaliye..

 lol they are worried bout him...the cell-phone mystery continues! I hope I am right...u shud have a little competition on ur ff for this Mystery...lol

Monday 8:30 am..Hostel 7 mess

Murli: So you excited?

Khanak: Hmm..bahut..

Karthik: Bhabhee..as soon you as you get into the course..ek treat hamare liye..

Khanak: bilkul..

Karthik: Promise..

Khanak: Promise..

Karthik: You are so different Bhabhee..Suraj tho bada kanjoos tha..

Murli: (looks shocked at Karthik): Kya? (whispers): What is wrong with you?

Khanak: (small sad smile): Nahin Nahin..it is okay..actually na, Suraj ka family bahut ..I mean unke bahut..(tears up a little)

Karthik: Sorry Bhabhee..I am really sorry..

Murli: (glares at Karthik): Anyway bhabhee these guys eat like buffaloes..Savages saale..Suraj was a smart chap..

Khanak: (smiles through her tears): Tho maybe I should reconsider my treat..

Karthik: (fist on forehead): Kya? No bhabhee..aisa julm..

Murli: (slaps his shoulder): Nautankee band kar..

(Harshad and Amit enter the Mess)

Harshad: Arrey Bhabhee ..aap yahan? Shaan kahan hai

Karthik: negotiating stables..

Harshad: Arrey yaar..was hoping these two would have a chat this morning..

Amit: (sits down next to Khanak): Its okay I will meet him later..(looks at Khanak): Hi..

Khanak: (looks up from her upma): Hi..

Amit: (whispers): Are you okay?

Murli: (sensing something off): Bhabhee..you are getting late, I think..

Harshad: For what?

They are all animatedly discussing Khanak's venture..

Harshad: Bhabee..cell phone hai na..

Khanak: haan Haan..

Amit: You should keep all our numbers..just in case..

Khanak: Haan..good idea..

Murli: Shaan ka number hai na..buss!!!

Karthik: Nahin re..I agree she should have everyone;s..

Numbers are stored in her phone..she smiles at four guys and five cell phones..they hand over her cell phone and they go back to discussing latest cell phones..boys and toys she thinks..she bids good bye and leaves..

Boys will be boys!! I don't like Amit! I hate him! but I love all and everyone! I hope Shaan sees Amit's extra friendly behavior and gets jealous! but i love this!!!

Monday 9am..BEST bus stop outside ITI ..

There are quite a few people at the bus stop..Her bus 396 arrives almost as soon as she is at the bus stop. She gets in..shoves herself to a corner..the bus is crowded..it is a Monday morning..she gets a seat..in no time, the person next to her gets off..she has a window seat..she is looking out..loving the smells and the anticipation of singing is exciting her to no end..she moves the strands of hair from her face..and notices someone seated next to her..it is a school kid..she smiles at him..he in his uniform and waterbottle around his neck smiles back.

Boy: Aap kahan utrenge?

Khanak: Tumhe kahan jaana hai?

Boy: Mujhe pata hai mujhe kahan utarna hai..mai isiliye pooch raha hoon..becos I want to know when can I get the window seat..

Khanak: (bursts out laughing): You can get it now..

Boy: Really?

Khanak:  Of course..

They move around to exchange seats..she smiles..and after a long while..she feels her emptiness filing up again..is she getting there??

awww she is sooo lonely and sad...poor girl i guess the whole change has created something for her. I want to know what happened between her and suraj? were they having love marriage or arrange one?


halke halke kohre ke dhuae mei..

shaayad aasman tak aa gayee hoon..

Kohre mei behne do..


Review Mandatory

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Souma.N

Yes me first!!!
Atleast m commenting ...hehee

You have got to be...
dishbhan Goldie

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
hey ... nice

And J is he???? good? progress abhi hogi!!! I loved them speaking in ishaare! no need of spoken words!

Love ur writing Saaz ... I waited for this update like 2 hrs...thanks a ton...

Pls do update soon...


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Souma.N IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
This is not done...really not done...
I dont understand the the whole bit about Amit in the beginning...who actually had a problem with whom and why...
And this messaging thing is driving me insane...
I loved his sarcam when he asks how she called Amit...
And loved their sutle exchange at the restaurant.

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rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 11:35pm | IP Logged

I missed ur thank yous when u updated! lol

anyways! I loved it!!!
wow this is turning out to be amazing!!!

Saazy how come u are not telling us everything? this mystery has even left me more confused than ever!!!

what is up with his friends Murli and what not? It seems Khanak is hiding her sorrow behind happiness and these two needs to get together soon!!

I need Jealous Shaan now!!!

update the next one soon!

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 11:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Souma.N

This is not done...really not done...
I dont understand the the whole bit about Amit in the beginning...who actually had a problem with whom and why...
And this messaging thing is driving me insane...
I loved his sarcam when he asks how she called Amit...
And loved their sutle exchange at the restaurant.

okay cutie goose,..calm down...

basically murli has a prob with amit becos as you may have read in an earlier update Amit and friends were the ones eve teasing khanak..so Amit and company come with a reputation...and Murli is alluding to the fact that they shall need to protect Khank while kartik says it is shaan's prob...

did you get and therefore it is making you mad...or you did not get it and its making you mad..

bol baby bol..

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