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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 28)

saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 12:03am | IP Logged

@ Chris, dish, shanaksansar: Hope my post on Page 24 answered some of your questions..

@Lana..Thanks so much for your comments..such a treat to read re..really!! Your post in reply to mine pretty much says it all

@Aditee..I think he is 'not' bogged down becos he has not got OUT of the comfort zone..they are still in the room..and then in the campus..they are not yet in a space where he is going to be questioned..like his home or friends outside the institute..but that shall happen too,,

@ Anu..I love that song..recently listened to it while reading Ad's CASA..come soon with your detailed comments

@ zaara..thank you jee

@May..thanks so much re..your praise is very touching..I hope you like the next update too

@Vaishu..thank you so much re..

@AG..thanks re

@Varsha...achha main 50 lines likhu aur tera comment aadha line aur phir aur ek line update demandings...nunsenselessness ki hadh...

@Deepali: tanks re

@Simi...haila,,,so you did not read the rest...???..tauba tauba...

@Shal..Main tere se baad mein milti hoon...HMPH!!!

@Vat..thanks re 

@Purvi..hugs back atcha...thank you

@Souma..tu aa abhee..nahee tho...

@Shriya...thank you

@Imane: MY GOSH...look who is here...THANK you so much for the effusive words..really...thank you..thank you..

@Rooji..thanks so much, my dear..I really love it when people write detailed comments..thanks re..

@Vandooo meri bandhoo..kya gaane choone hai yaar...mazaa aa gaya..I swear...

@candy...hmmm that one day seems to be haunting a lot of you...enjoy the ride...uss ek din ka kya???...don;t worry that too shall be revealed...

for all those who pressed like: Taaanks...

next part coming up

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SachDJ Goldie

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 12:05am | IP Logged
Read both the updates, very nice Smile
Yaar itne chotte chotte installments mein updates kareege to Katra katra ko naya meaning mil jayega.
Yeh Katra Katra ko boond boond tak promote to kar.
See, now we are finding your parts too short, you know what that means right? Pyase ko pani chaiye...
Enjoying your story, keep writing. Like I said your style is different, trying to find a better word than grunge.LOL

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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SachDJ

Yaar itne chotte chotte installments mein updates kareege to Katra katra ko naya meaning mil jayega.
Yeh Katra Katra ko boond boond tak promote to kar.


She taking the lyrics seriously - Pyaasi hu main...Pyaasi rehne do !LOL

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 12:12am | IP Logged

Part 7

Sunday 9:30pm..Hostel 7 Room 201

Shaan has just returned from a study session. On the insistence of friends, he is here to ask Khanak to join them for dinner. She is on the phone..he shuts the door and waits on his bed. The phone call seems to be taking awhile.. he removes his notes to do a quick check on the calculations..of course he can hear her side of the convo..and it begins to intrigue him..

Khanak: Jee..Jee haan..(signing for a pen from Shaan..he starts looking for one in his bag..she hits her head as tho to say..god just give me the one in your hand..He does an OH! And gives her the pencil.. she grabs one of the sheets from him..he grabs it back and gives her another..she rolls her eyes..all in the midst of..) jee..kahan..zara please address denge..

Shaan: (all ears now..but feigns disinterest..gets up to fetch a glass of water)

Khanak:  A/6 , 10th Road, Juhu..Jee??..acha..Juhu Scheme..haan..kaunsa number? 396 ..achha..

Shaan: (has finished his water..need to go to the bathroom..but does not want to miss a word..)

Khanak: Prof. S. Chakroborthy..jee..jee..thank you.. (and hangs up and stares at the page..writes over everything again..since the pencil writing was not bright enough)

Shaan: (just before entering the bathroom..) boys wanted you to join for dinner..

Khanak: haan?! ..Oh..Ok..


Sunday 9:45pm..Hostel 7 Mess

Murli: It is a long way, ..Andheri station pe utarke you will need to either take another bus yaa an auto..

Karthik: I don't get it bhabhee..why do you need to go to Sangeet Mahabharti?

Khanak:  They offer the certificate program I need..

Murli: But you have a BA..

Khanak: this is a teaching certificate..

Karthik: Is it everyday?

Khanak: Nahin..sirf Tuesdays aur Thursdays for three weeks. Lekin kal ..I need to go for filling out the paperwork..

Seated next to her, Shaan through all of this is busy playing with his phone..The food arrives..the boys suddenly are behaving..they don't chomp down the food..they are calmly eating..

Shaan: Tum log kya slow motion pe kha rahe ho?

Khanak: Haan..mujhe tho bahut bhook lagee hai..aaj Dr. Shreela ke yahan jyaada kha nahin sakee..

Murli: Kyun? Woh theek se pakatee nahin hai kya?

Khanak: Nahin..actually unhone khana bahut bhadiyaa banaya tha..bhendi ki subjee, kadhee..sach!! bus pata nahin kyun..

Murli: WOW!! Who khana bhi bana letee hai..

Karthik: Tera aur prof's wives ka kya chakkar hai? Ek woh Tripathi ki biwi aur doosree Chowdya..

Shaan: Kal se unn dono ke yahan chala jaa khana khanne..

Shaan and Karthik high five each other and laugh..Khanak smiles..

Khanak: Waise aaj unke ghar pe Tripathi Aunty bhi thee..

Karthik: (nudging Murli): Ay haye..Tripathi aunty..

Shaan: (glances at Khanak): Why was she there?

Khanak: She is the teacher I shall be assisting..

Karthik suddenly stands up and does a bhangra..'murli ki tho gaadi nikal padi'..

Murli: Abey..baith jaa..canteen uncle chillayaga..dus ke aage bajj gaya hai..

Shaan involuntarily looks at his watch..Khanak stops smiling..and stares at her food..Shaan notices her..

Shaan: tho tumhe Tripathi achhi lagi?

Khanak: (surprised at him asking): Jee..??

Shaan: I mean you are going to spend the whole day with her..

Khanak: Oh..haan..achi hai..bahut achee..

Karthik: (with a fake small face..) Humse bhi achee??

Khanak: Aap se bhi achha koyee ho sakta hai bhala???!!!..

Karthik: (bends backwards..almost falling off his chair): Ay..HAYE..Bhabheee'

Murli and Shaan together: Abey Baith JAAA'

They finish their food..with lots of laughs..leave the mess together..Shaan tells her that they shall be studying..Khanak bids them good night..and walks up to the room..just as she is going up the stairs..she can hear Shaan;s phone ring..

Sunday 11:30pm..Hostel 7 Room 212

Shaan is still busy texting..amidst discussing details on the prototype..

Karthik: Dekate thinks he might be good..

Murli: Amit joining us..I don't know yaar..there is something about that chap..

Karthik: See we need another chemical head ..

Murli: Pata nahin..what do you think Shaan?..Shaan?..

Shaan: (busy texting..) Hmm'

Karthik: Tu kya kar raha hai..?

Murli: (suddenly irritated): Kaun hai phone pe??

Shaan: Kuch nahi yaar (still at it)

Murli: (grabs the phone and looks at it): What the??!!..who the F!#$%^ is Tina?

Karthik: WHAT???!!! Tina!!!! Was'nt she the girl you met after the bachelor party?

Murli: What the [email protected]#$%^ is going on??

Shaan: Guys..clam down..

Murli: Calm down???..dude..you are F!%^ married..what you doing texting a babe in the middle of the night..

Shaan: She texted me..

Karthik: Shaan..seriously!!! is that what you are going with?? You are married..

Shaan: Will you guys come off it..I know I am married..you say it .. I live it.. I know..

Murli: You live it?? It does not look like that..

Shaan: SHUT UP..just SHUT UP..

Karthik: GUYS!!! Please calm down..

Shaan: Just get off my back..both of you..

(picks up his Jansport and bangs the door shut..only to hear a voice from inside another room..ABEY!! Sone de..Shaan mutters a Sorry! And walks back to his room..does not realize his phone is still with Murli)

Murli: (scrolling down the messages ): This guy needs to be wacked..

Karthik: Tu kya kar raha hai yaar..chodh usko..

Murli: (seriously reading)..oh SHIT!!

Karthik: What happened?? (walks up to him while Murli hands over the phone)

Karthik: OH F!#$%^&

Murli: I should call him..

Karthik: Phone tho yahan hai..genie's ass.. Kal subah mil le..chal sote hai..


Monday,  2am..Hostel 7 Room 201

Shaan comes out of the bathroom..and slips back into bed..

Khanak: Aapka kaam kaise chal raha hai..

Shaan: Pata nahin..

Khanak: Pata nahin??

Shaan: Bahut kuch karna baaki hai..

Khanak:  Hmm..aaj aap ghar jaane wale the na..

Shaan: Bhaiya khud aaye the..

Khanak: OH! ( a bit disappointed, but does not say anything)

Shaan: Murli ke saath annbann hui..

Khanak: Kab??

Shaan: Raat ko..

Khanak: Kyun??

Shaan: Tumne sangeet mahabhartee ke bare mein Murli se kyun baat ki?

Khanak: (confused)..Jee..??

Shaan: Kuch nahin..

Khanak: Jhagda kyun hua?

Shaan:  Pata nahin..

Khanak: (smiles in the dark): Kiss and make up

Shaan: (smiles): Hmm..

Khanak: Kya soch rahe hai aap?

Shaan:  lived with him for almost 4 years..but never fought with him..

Khanak: He hardly spoke..forget fight..Main tho yeh baat bhi leke bahut jhagadtee thee uske saath..

Shaan: (smiles): kabhi bataya nahin usne..

Khanak: Kya? Ki main ladakoo hoon..

Shaan: (laughs): Tumhare baare mein tho mujhe kuch nahin pata tha..

Khanak: I am not surprised..chalo better late than never..I mean..(suddenly becomes quiet)

Shaan: I know what you mean..Good night Khanak..

Khanak: Jee..good morning..

Shaan: (smiles): Hmm..

And sleep takes over ..


Arzoo mein behne do


Review Mandatory


Next Part-Page 33


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Souma.N IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 12:22am | IP Logged
What was in the messages...I need to know NOW...right NOW!!!1

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rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 12:23am | IP Logged
OMG another update? what?

Ok i have to say...this is like amazing!!!!

do u realize what u have created here? a mystery...well romantic one!

So it seems Shaan is telling all his old girls that he is married...i mean idk what his friends r thinking or what they saw but it seems shaan really is in love with her or something or attracted to her.

but i guess she is still to get over suraj. 

Shaan it seems doesn't know how to act like a hubby but it seems he is trying. but needs to show more interest so Khanak would show interest back.

I  am loving it...it was a cute update...their good night, good morning is very significant. they have this cute understanding. 

i love it! they are connected one way or another!

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dishbhan Goldie

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 12:24am | IP Logged
Loved it!!!!

I'm sure Shaan would have told Tina-Mina to Bug-off!

I love his friends yaar ... such friends ... I miss those days ... now there is so much distance!

Now they have started speaking about HIM...good, needs to be brought out into the open and kept aside by both of them at some point for them to walk the same path ...

Shaan did not like her talking to Murli about her Sangeet thingy...hmm ... J is he?

Waiting for the next update already!   jaldi dena ... I know u will be busy ... do give small updates whenever u can ...


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Yasharanrocks IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 12:25am | IP Logged

liked der convo.continuous updatesg t.plzzz cont soon.n long replies 4m me haha dnt xpctLOL

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