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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 147)

lghosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
Saazy new thread create kar de! We will need it big time.

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nk.mail Goldie

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 1:34pm | IP Logged

Congrats girls!!

We again successfully spammed yet another thread!!

Pat ur backs!LOL

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
OYE RUKOOO tum log...

Pehle update post karne do..phir spam karo..update is done..giwe me second..

hey raam..

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 1:38pm | IP Logged



@ ramani: somewhere even Khanak hoped he would have introduced her..thanks so much for your comments..wait for somethings to unravel..and the ones that are wrapped up..maybe better unopened..what say??

@ Shalini: they cannot be alone all the time..they are alonein the room..the whole point is that when they get out of that room..are they still connected the way they are in it..this is my attempt at showing that..hope you enjoy the next update too..

@ varsha: Sorry, I didn't get..'she doesn't need t'…thanks for commenting..

@Vandoo: meri bandhoo and patootie..I knew re..you would have guessed right..holding him properly..right now she is still confused re..she needs some time or Shaan has to make some effort..

@ Shiksha: thanks..I need to know about Poona too..

@ Roopa: answered your Q

@ Krithika: Thanks so much for your comments..make me happy..surprised at telugu..wanted to show that you could find diversity even in a small place like a lift..everyone is not the same..

@ Gaayu: waste fellow..hehehehe

@ Deepali: did you like Khanak's response to Mad or Mad;s response to Khanak? Thanks re

@ Ammu: thanks re

@ Chris: Yeh story ko romance se suspense thriller banana ka koshish tha..hehehe..kya pata agla part mein horror worror ho..

@ Dish: thanks re..soon..soon..all in time..

@ Shal: thank you..

@ Naveen: Ok totally lost you..tu kahin exams ke tension mein bhaukla tho nahin gayee?

@ Cutipie: what a sweet thing to say re..thanks so much

@ Neha: yaar poona ki jaldi itni paddi hai ki maine socha..thoda aur isse sarhate hai..

@DJ: Surprise..surprise..yes, bingo on the whole Tina-Amit-Shaan equation..I don't want to delve too much..i think the short convo does the trick..drives the point..

@AG: Thanks re


Next update coming up

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 1:46pm | IP Logged

Part 27

Saturday 7:30pm..on the road..to Poona..NH4

Khanak is extremely tired..she can only imagine Shaan;s state..it has been a sultry ride, cold vibes between them..noisy streets, silence between them..everytime the bike jerked, she held his shoulder otherwise attached herself to the seat..she is a bundle of emotions..hurt, sad, confused..he is a mess himself..angry, helpless, irritated..

The only exchange they have had was just before entering NH4..

Shaan: Khanak, can you hold my Jan?

Khanak: Yeah sure!

Taking one hand off the handle bar of the bike..and removing each shoulder strap while doing so..and she taking it from him..it is quite heavy..she stuffs her bag in it while the bike waits at a signal..

Shaan: thanks

Khanak: Jee..

And they go back to being their bundles..

He takes the Lonavala exit..and drives through the lush roads..the air is suddenly cooler..there is a sense of calm..while there are cars on the road..Shaan takes a turn into a long road which seems like a private driveway..through a tunnel of trees..the sense of calm overfills their senses..suddenly the bundles are beginning to feel lighter..

In no time, a small bungalow comes into view..Shaan stops the bike..A man steps out..waves at them..Khanak steps off holding Shaan;s jansport ..to her chest..Shaan is parking the bike..

Shaan: Kaisey ho Kasturi?

Kasturi: Jee theek hoon..Shaan baba..Harilal ka phone aaya tha..phir thode ghante pehle Memsahib ka..ki aap pahunche ki nahi?

Shaan: Mom ko Harilal ne bataya hogaa..

Shaan turns to Khanak..and says..

Shaan: Yeh Kasturi hai, farmhouse ka sab kuch..yeh Khanak hai..

Kasturi: Pata hain baba..bau hai..

Shaan: Lets go..

Khanak: (follows him): Why are we here..

Shaan: I am hungry..arn't you?

Khanak: I am..

Shaan has not taken the Jansport from her..she clutching it gives him some sort of inexplicable delectation..he has a small smile..

Shaan: I thought so..

Khanak: I don't get it..

Shaan: Don't worry..kasturi is a great cook..come on..

Khanak: (follows him yet again): Shantanu..

Shaan: (he turns and stares at her): Trust me..

Khanak: I have never thought otherwise..

Shaan: I never disaapoint..

Khanak: yourself or others?

The bundles tighten..

Kasturi: Baba..Khanna tayaar hai..

Shaan and Khanak stop staring for a minute. Shaan walks up the stairs..Khanak yet again follows..He enters a bedroom..very neatly done..and from the huge window which almost covers most of the wall..is a view of a huge garden..as far as the eye can see..some distance away is a temple..she can see it is lit..and behind the temple..the sun has set already..and the moon is daring to come out..She stares out placing the Jansport over the large window bench..Shaan leaves her..She steps into the bathroom..the shower is so inviting..she opens his Jansport..takes her bag out..and steps into the bathroom..

Shaan is out of the shower in the adjoining room..in shorts and a red T shirt..hair wet..he grabs a towel from the cupboard and starts rubbing his hair..he gets his phone from his pocket..calls Murli..

Shaan: What the hell is going on?

Murli: Did you speak to Karthik..?

Shaan: He does not say much..Where  is he?

Murli: I don't know..both of them are no where to be seen..

Shaan: Harshad is with Mohita..

Murli: No, Mohita is at a cousin's place..I swear I am going to kill Karthik..

Shaan: WOAH!! What is going on?

Murli: Listen..my father is in the room..I am going to call you back..

Shaan hangs up..looks up..Khanak has walked in holding his Jansp..she is in her kurta and pjamas..it is suddenly Hostel 7, Room 201 for them..they smile at each other..

Shaan: Murli ka phone..

Khanak: Kya ho raha hai?

Shaan: I am lost..kuch chahiye thaa?

Khanak: Nahin..I thought you needed your bag..

Shaan: NO I had stuff here..

Khanak: Hmm..can you call your place? I am missing a payal..

Shaan: Okay..

Khanak: No please do..

Shaan: Was that also gifted by someone?

Khanak: I hate it when my things go missing..

Shaan: how much do you hate it?

Khanak: A lot..mujhe apne aap pe gussa aane lagta hai..

Shaan: So..it was not a gift..?

Khanak: It..(keeps the bag on the bed)

Kasturi: Shaan baba..khana lagaa doon..

Shaan: lets go..

Khanak and Shaan sit down to eat the spread of food..Khanak is sleepy..so eats little..Shaan eats away..Khanak asks about the temple..and Kasturi tells her that it is Shiv temple..and that there is aarti every Sunday early morning..

They finish eating and make their way upstairs..Khanak enters the room she showered in..Shaan follows her..

Shaan: If you need anything..I am in the next room..

Khanak: Hmm

Shaan: Good night..Khanak..

He turns to see her fast asleep on the large bed..he smiles and he takes the blanket and covers her..and stares at the moonlight peeping into the room..He steps out..and goes back to the adjoining room..


Sunday 2am..Khandelwal Home..Lonavla

Shaan is tossing..wakes up to her singing..he can hear it through his window..he realizes she is singing..at her window..he can't stop himself..he steps into her room..and there in the moonlight sitting on the window bench is Khanak singing..looking out into the night..

Aaa Aaa Aaa

Hmmm Hmmm

Kaaahe Sataaaye..

Kaaahe Ko Ruulaayeee..

Raaam kare tujhko..

Neeend Na Aaaye..

She folds up her knees and clutches them to her chest and rests her face on them staring at the temple..

Raaam Kare Tujjjhhhkooo

Neeend Na aaye..


Shaan comes closer to her..She senses him..

Khanak: (turns): Aapne tho mujhe darra diya..

Shaan: (smiles): Aapne mujhe jagaa hi diyaa..

Khanak:  (looks out of the window): Mandir jaake kitne din huye..

Shaan: Aaj subah hi tho Phalke Daadi ke yahan ..

Khanak: woh kissi aur ke ghar pe tha..

Shaan: (sits down on the bed that she was sleeping on): I know..

Khanak: Aap ko pata tha ki usse bhagwaan pe vishwas nahi tha..

Shaan: Haan patha tha..Karthik usse bahut chidhata tha..

Khanak:  Woh buss apni kitabe ki pooja karta tha..

Shaan: (smiles): that's true..

Khanak: (starts fiddling with her one payal on her foot): Agar aapke prototype mei problem aayee tho..

Shaan: (stares at her..does not know what to say): Main tumhare liye kuch laya hoon..

Khanak: Mere liye (looks at him)

Shaan: (gives her the payal): Taaki tum apne aap se gussa ..you know..

Khanak: (smiles and starts putting it around her ankle):Mil gayee..kahan thee..?.. (keeps slipping from her hand in the dark):

Shaan gets up sits next to her feet on the bench and starts hooking it for her..their fingers touch..her toes tickle the hair just a little above his knees..

Khanak: (head bent watching him put it on..whispers): I bought this for myself when I got into Baroda University for my BA..

Shaan: (finishes putting it and looks at her): How did you buy it?

Khanak: I used to teach the kids in the neighbourhood music..

Shaan: is that what you want to do? Teach..

Khanak: I am very excited about the KV job..(stares outside)..: It is a very nice house..

Shaan: (sits properly facing the inside of the room and leans on the window):  It was once upon a time my grandfather's posting house..My father was born here..when dadajee died..dad bought it from the government and built a brand new house over it'but kept some of the walls..

Khanak: Aapki Daadi kahan rehtee hai?

Shaan: Pune mei..

Khanak: (smiles and very softly): Tho hum unse milenge..

Shaan: (knows she wants to hide her excitement): Nahin woh ab theerat pe gayee hai..she should be back in a couple of weeks..

Khanak: Aap apne reunioun party pe kyun nahin gaye?

Shaan: (shrugs): pata nahi..didnt think much of it..

Khanak: So Amit and you were from the same school?

Shaan: Yes..but we were never close in school..he belonged to a different gang of friends..

Khanak:  And who jo uske saath thee..?

Shaan: She was my classmate..part of my gang..Tina..T..

Shaan gets up..he can feel his eyes shutting..needs to get backt o his room..reaches the door..

Khanak:  Main kal subah mandir jaaongee..(gets up and walks towards her bed)

Shaan: Theek hai..(opens the door..peeps back in): Good night Khanak..

Khanak: Jee..good morning..(muffled sound into her blanket)

Shaan: Hmm..(shuts the door)

He goes back to his room..lies on his bed..stares at the ceiling..misses her anklet already..and wonders if the plea in her song shall actually be heard..seems like it..because he can't sleep a wink..


Sapnon mei behne do..


Review Mandatory


And as though the fact that I have literally dragged my FF for more than 6 parts was not enough..I have to actually open a new thread..THANKS one and all..I hope yu are having as much of a blast reading it as much I am having writing it..


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what an update!!!!!!!! keep updating and ill contine to read!! as usual mind blowinggg

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nk.mail Goldie

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Originally posted by saaaz

OYE RUKOOO tum log...

Pehle update post karne do..phir spam karo..update is done..giwe me second..

hey raam..

Ek sec ki definition bata do aap apne dictionary ke hisab se!

Refresh maar maar ke bore ho gaye! 

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Casa.Addict

Originally posted by saaaz

OYE RUKOOO tum log...

Pehle update post karne do..phir spam karo..update is done..giwe me second..

hey raam..

Ek sec ki definition bata do aap apne dictionary ke hisab se!

Refresh maar maar ke bore ho gaye! 

update on previous page..148 tum 149 refresh kartee baith...

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