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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 140)

saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 9:08pm | IP Logged
reserved for thanks

Update coming up

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tvrasika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 9:10pm | IP Logged
The boys are lyingLOL Just a trick to get Shaan and Khanak to Poona!

'Mar gayee Khanak'? LOL... good good. Pehla fight (or is it second?)... GoodSmile

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destinylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 9:11pm | IP Logged
aww saaz awesome dear...peck on the cheeks..kiss on the forehead..poona trip..we are not on earth now..great writingSmile

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 9:20pm | IP Logged

Part 25

Saturday 2:30pm..Neptune 1 Apts, Pali Hill, Bandra

Shaan: Bus idhar roko..kitna hua..?

While Shaan pays the auto, Khanak steps out..and stares at the building and the surrounding..the ride up on the auto was curvy enough for her to realize that she had traveled quite high up and was quite some distance away from the institute..they refuse to speak to each other..he looks at her before entering the building..she is still quite mad, he thinks..my god, she must be looking like one of the servants here..she thinks and gets even more mad..

They enter the elevator..he presses PH..she wonders what that means?..figures it has to be the top most floor..because it is above all the numbers..he looks at her..she looks away..he holds his Jansport..stands next to her..the elevator moves up quite fast..she feels a bit dizzy, but it passess in a minute..she shuts and opens her eyes..the elevator (lift) pings at Floor 18..and lo and behold cute girl enters..she ignores Khanak and has a huge smile for Shantanu. 

Shaan: (small smile): Hi..umm..

Cute girl: Hi..its me Nikita..

Shaan: Ah yes! Hi..

Nikita: Hi..so you are in Neptune for the St. Annes' party?

Shaan: I am sorry..

Nikita: some of the St.Anne's gang is having a party on Neptune 2 terrace tonight..thought you were here for that..

The lift floor pings at Floor 22, an elderly lady steps in..

Aunty: (smiles): at Khanak..(does not see Shaan or Nikita)

Khanak: (smiles and does a short Namaste)

Aunty is taken aback and then smiles a big smile at her..

Nikita: Okay then..this is my floor..so I'll see you at Nep2 right?

Aunty: (only now notices Shaan): Arrey Shaan beta..kaisa hai tu?

Shaan: Hello Aunty..main theek hoon..

Aunty: Kya aunty? Tu mujhe daadi No.2 bulaata tha..Teri daadi keh rahee thee ke tu chupke se shaadi kar liya..

Shaan: Jee.. (looks at Khanak): yeh Khanak hai..

Aunty: (raising her glasses and looking at Khanak): KYA? Yeh hai..Itnee sundar??? Isse chuppane ki kya zaroorat thi???..tumhare namakool doston se chuppa raha tha kya? Woh Sidhant aur apna Sahil??..(puts her glasses back..holds Khanak's chin): itni gunvantee hai..dekha mooh boli ke liye kuch nahi..jaane se pehle ghar leke aa..

Shaan: Jee.

Aunty: Tujhe bolke koyee faydaa nahin..Beti..Khanak?..kitna sundar naam hai..(holds her hand): Main Phalke Daadi..Main 22 floor pe rehtee hoon..jaane se pehle, mooh meetha karke jaana..achaa shagun hota hai..

Khanak: Jee..zaroor aaongee..

Aunty: Yeh tho hindi bhi bol leti  hai..tujhe kahan se mili?

Shaan: (grins): bus mil gayee..

Aunty: Kya? Bus mein mili?

Shaan: (grins at Khanak who has a small smile): Aapko kaunsa floor jana tha?

Aunty: Floor nahin'neeche walk ke liye..

They have reached the Pent house..the lift door opens..harilal is standing with one of the drivers..the Driver is just about to leave..

Shaan: James, Phalke Daadi ko neeche chodh ke jaana..actually, park tak leke jaake phir gaadi leke jaana..

Shaan turns to see Khanak holding Phalke Daadee..and handing her over to James..pressing the elevator button..smiling at the old lady..assuring her that she will come by..the elevator opens..she waves to the old lady..and he watches his wife smile until the elevator closes..it is right then, he realizes that she is special..he knew it all along..but right there he realizes that what he has known is true..

She turns to look at him..watches him staring..signs him..as though to ask what happened..he nods as though to say nothing at all..by the time she comes to his door..Harilal has called all the servants in the house..who are caught staring..Hirabai, the oldest comes rushing..

Harilal: Ghar par koyee nahi hai..Abhi kya kare..?

Shaan: (amused): Harilal..andarr aane doge humein..!

Hirabai: Arrey arrey Shaan baba..pehli baar bahu aayee hai..aise nahi aate..ek minute ..aga girja..the theethe aarti aahe na..gheoon ye patkan (Oh girija..bring the arti quickly)

Suddenly a plate with an aarti and some kumkum is brought in front of Khanak..

Hirabai: Aarti tho nahin utaar saktee..lekin agar aap  kumkum lagao aur shri mangal karo..tho shagun hogaa..

Shaan stares as Khanak puts the kumkum on her forehead and holds her hands over the lit diya and rubs it on her head..They enter..and all of the Khandelwal house help claps..The married couple grin at each other..Khanak has tears in her eyes..the second realization has hit Shaan..he was wrong to have just casually brought her like this home..this is a big deal for her..he was so wrong..

Hirabai asks if they have eaten..they immediately disperse to bring them food..Khanak turns around to see the expansive drawing room..it is three times the room she is currently living in and two times the size of the house she grew up in..

Shaan: I want to show you something..

Khanak: What?

Shaan: Come with me..

He brings her to his room..and takes her to his balcony that overlooks the little hills and from where you can see the Sea ..from afar..and waits for her..

Khanak: Kitna sundar hai na..Yeh aapka room hai..?

Shaan: yes..

Khanak: (holds the railing over the balcony): Mujhe oonchayee se dar lagta hai..(holds his sleeve)

Shaan: Really? (puts his arm around her shoulder)..I am here..

Khanak: (stares ahead..aware of his hand around her): Hmm..

Shaan: Khanak.. Is that a problem..??

Khanak: (smiles and looks at her hands on the railing): Nahin.(pauses): ..Shaantanu..I think I can get used to it..

And there on the balcony..in the room..he grew up in..Shaan kisses his wife..deeply..and his wife..who a minute ago..expressed her fear of heights..is lifted ..by her husband..and in a state of elevation..runs her fingers through his hair..kissing him deeply back..He puts her down..she hides her face in the nook between his neck and shoulder..and he runs his hands over her silky hair..they smile..

Shaan: Yehi reh jaaye..??

Khanak: Aur aapka prototype..??

Shaan: I meant..lets not go to Poona..

Khanak: (faces him): Oh..

Harilal comes..They move away from each other..

Harilal: Khana lag gaya hai..

Shaan: Haan hum abhi aate hai..

Khanak: Where is the washroom?

Shaan directs her, his phone pings..he picks it up..Khanak can hear a non chalant "hi Sahil..yeah heard about that'..

They don't speak a word to each other during lunch.. they cannot..Thanks to Hirabai, now Shaan knows Khanak's mom makes dal baati with and without tarkaa..that dhokla and something else can be made on an some dosa ..no idli..no something stand..oh for gods sake..after that he switched off..he glances at his wife who is all smiles for the house help and nothing for him..He wishes his mom comes by..thats it all this junta shall disappear and his wife shall clutch to him..that would serve her right..for ignoring him..

And right then..a voice is heard from the main door..

Madhavi: Harilal..yeh samaan andar leke jaana..

And just as Shaan predicted..the house help has disappeared..and Khanak has stopped eating..her eyes turn apprehensive..she bites her lip yet does not look at him..she scratches her plate with the spoon..she fidgets with her dupatta with the other hand..yet does not look at him..and he..before he can decide whether this is what he was hoping for..

Mad: Shantanoo..I don't believe this..!!!

Shaan: Hi Mom..

Mad: (stops ..sees Khanak): Oh my god! ..I did not see you there..Hello..

Shaan: Mom, Khanak..

Mad: Of course ..I know..silly ..Hi, Khanak..

Khanak: Jee..hi..

Mad: Tum dono khana khalo..main zara fresh hoke aatee hoon.

Hirabai comes..: Kuch aur doon?

Khanak: Jee..mera ho gaya..main haath kahan ?

Hirabai: Haan ek chotha bathroom yahee hai..

Khanak: Achaa..(gets up)..

Shaan: (goes after her): Khanak..Khanak..

Khanak: (turns back): Jee..I can find my way..

Shaan stares at her..he knows she is about to cry..she is biting her lip..he has never felt like a tool before..never..never before..even when he sat up all night to study for an exam but told Sahil he did not and Sahil failed that exam..She is in the bathroom already..his mother calls out to him..

Mad: Shaan..tho bolo..kab aaye?

Shaan: Actually Mom, bus kuch hi der hua..

Mad: Are you here for the St. Anne bash?

Shaan: No, I came to pick up my bike..am off to Poona..

Mad: Oh! Ok..ajaao Khanak..please sit..tumhari course kaise chal rahee hai..Akshay ne mujhe bataya..Shaan tho ghar pe kuch batata nahin hai..

Khanak: Jee..it is going fine..

Mad: kab nikal rahe ho Poona ke liye..

Shaan: umm..in some time..

Mad: Honestly, Shaan..if you are taking that bike of your's ..then you better set off now..Khanak bhi aa rahee hai tumhare saath??

Shaan: Jee..

Mad: Oh god!! Please ride carefully Shaantanu..those roads..leave now..nahin tho you will catch bad traffic..

She gets up..Khanak takes the cue..she gets up too..walks towards Madhavi and bends to touch her feet..

Mad: (taken aback completely): Arrey Arrey..its okay..iskee zaroorat nahin hai..

Khanak: (stands up and smiles): I don't know any other way..

Mad: No No..don;t worry..safe travels..

They leave the house together..Shaan realizes he forgot his Jansport..he goes back to his room..picks his jansport from the chair near the balcony and can see something gleaming on the floor in the balcony..her payal..he holds it to his chest..stuffs it in his jeans pocket and rushes back to her..

The elevator door is open..and her head peeps out.his mom nowhere to be seen..Harilal is holding the elevator button..he rushes in..thanks Harilal..Harilal says bye bye Bhabhee..Khanak smiles and says bye..the elevator shuts and the couple stand apart..

Shaan turns to Khanak who is looking away..with one hand folded across her stomach and another near her face and she is biting her fingers..and rubbing her lips with her knuckles..

Shaan is silent..he is afraid if he says something..things may turn worse..he presses 22..it opens in a second..He steps out..she follows without realizing..he rings one of the door bell..a servant opens the door..

Servant: Shaan baba..Daadi..aap hi ki baat chal rahee thee

Daadi: TU aa gaya..zaroor tumhari patni ne yaad karvayaa..aajao dono..shagun rakha hai maine..leke jao..

They enter a small temple in the apartment..Phalke Daadi puts tilak on Shaan and kumkum on Khanak..and gives Khanak a small golden ganesha..Khanak bends to touch her feet..she holds her..hugs her and looks at Shaan and says..

P Daadi: Ladki hira hai..

Shaan: (stares at Khanak): Janta hoon..


girate girate baahon mein bachee mai
sapane pane paanw pad gayaa thaa


Review Mandatory


Next Part-Page 145

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dishbhan Goldie

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Hey Saaz,


And thanks a ton!!!


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purvimeh IF-Rockerz

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Day DreamingSaazy... Aaja... Ek jadu ki jhappi le ja !! HugWill do it please fursat se ! 

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tvrasika IF-Rockerz

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Madz- shucks... never mind. Khanak will bring her around.

Like Phalke DadiSmile Sweet woman.

Shaan didn't know or forgot abt his high school bash? anyway, his priorities have changed now.

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adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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loved the update Saaz!

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