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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 132)

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9:15am..Hostel 7 Room 201

Shaan has just finished brushing his teeth and his morning bathroom run..he wipes his face and steps into the shower..he is out of the shower within minutes..changes into bermudas and T-shirt and just about to leave the bathroom..when his eyes fall on her saree and blouse neatly placed on a hanger on the hook of the bathroom door..she is impeccably neat..the saree has been folded and then the blouse has been worn over the saree on the hanger..instead of carelessly strewn..the back of the blouse is on display..the first three buttons are open..and the remaining five shut..he runs his fingers on the closed buttons..he smiles remembering her earring screw..her blouse is as soft as her hair..he thinks..

He gets out of the bathroom..smiles at her sleeping form and walks to fetch coffee..

Khanak lazily wakes up from her bed and stretches herself..Shaan's back towards her, making his coffe in the enclave..in his T-shirt and bermuda shorts..

Khanak: Aap uth bhi gaye..

Shaan: (turns and smiles): Good morning..

Khanak: (stretches): Good morning..

Shaan: I have got to leave..I have set up a call with a senior at MIT ..needed to run something by him..

Khanak: OH! ..(holds the bathroom door..looks at him): breakfast?

Shaan: I am skipping breakfast..kal raat ko jyaada hi kha liyaa..(holds his stomach)

Khanak: Oh..okay..main bathroom se wapas aane tak tho rahenge na?

Shaan: depends..(grins): kya tumne bhi raat ko jyaada kha liyaa..

Khanak: Ewww..(shuts the bathroom door)

Shaan grins, takes his coffe cup..sips and puts it on his desk.. starts to put his papers together..his phone rings..it is Harshad..he ignores it..they must have reached and Kartik must have had a ball telling them ..decides against taking the call..he has a couple of missed calls..all during last night's dinner..he had left his phone to charge..one is his mom and the other is Sidhant..one of his At.Anne's friend..wonders about it..is about to call back..when, he can hear her sing..he keeps the phone away..smiles..and sits on his bed..leans on his pillows..sips his remaining coffee and smiles..

Khanak steps out..

Khanak: Aap gaye nahin..?

Shaan: (smiles): Wife's orders..

Khanak: (smiles back): So..if you are going to be out the whole day..then maybe I should step into the academy?

Shaan: Not the whole day..just until lunch..

Khanak: Oh..

Shaan: Okay..lets meet for lunch..

Khanak: Theek hai..(knots her hair and moves to the enclave)

Shaan: (keeps the coffe cup on the table..walks to the door..about to shut it): Chalo..bye..

Khanak: (by this time she is at the enclave making her tea): Bye..Shantanu..

She is taken aback when instead of leaving..he marches back in..gives her a peck on her cheek..and whispers.."see you at lunch..Mess 1 o clock"..and leaves shutting the door behind him..She touches her cheek and smiles..and wonders how is she going to spend time until lunch..it is too late to go to the academy and come back..

11am..Music Room..ITI campus

Khanak: So can I use the back room for my practice..

Manager: See..generally it is not allowed..but because Mrs. Tripathi called this morning and especially made a case for you..I mean you can use H11 terrace..

Khanak: But it shall be monsoons soon..I cannot take that risk..

Manager: I don't think you can use the tanpura..

Khanak: I have my own..

Manager: Oh..(impressed..realises she is a serious artist)

Khanak: I cannot thank you enough

Manager: No problem..kaunsa gharaana?

Khanak: Jee..Kirana..

Manager: Acha..bombay se?

Khanak: Jee nahin..Gujrat..baroda university..

Manager: You should give a concert ..

Khanak and the Manager continue to discuss music for awhile..She leaves the premises and realizes it is way too hot to walk back..decides to wait for the tumtum..


Saturday 12pm..TumTum to Hostel 7

Khanak is seated in the tumtum..her phone rings..she wonders who it is..she has made all her calls this morning, to her parents, to Gopi and to a couple of friends..its Mohita..she smiles..

Khanak: Hi..Tu mujhe call kar rahee hai..Happy Birthday to you..

Mohita: Thanks re..

Khanak: Pahunch gaye?

Mohita: Kab ka..lekin sunn..something major has happened..

Khanak: Kyun kya hua?

Mohita: Pata nahin..I don't know the details..lekin Murli and Karthik are not talking and Harshad has brought me out for lunch..he is refusing to tell me anything..says, does not want to spoil my birthday..

Khanak: So sweet..he is a keeper..

Mohita: Keeper hoga woh..mereko bana diyaa weeper..I think it is something big..Harshad is talking about leaving this evening only with Karthik..I suggested I will stay back..have couple of cousins..maine unke saath plan anyway banaya tha..

Khanak suddenly sees Amit get into the tumtum..he has a huge smile and waves at her..she does a small wave..

Khanak: Acha sun..Mohi..I will call you back..

Mohita: Shaan se baat kar..

Khanak: Haan..

Mohita: btw, mere birthday pe tu usse present de de samjhi..

Khanak notices Amit sitting next to her..she continues..

Khanak: Acha baba

Mohita: So degee na..?

Khanak: chup kar..

Mohita: I am serious..achaa main rakhtee hoon..Harshad aagaya hai..take care

Khanak: Okay bye..happy birthday..

Khanak hangs up..

Amit: Kissika birthday hai..

Khanak: Haan..Mohita ka..

Amit: Dekate's girl?

Khanak: Hmm..(and looks out of the window)

Amit: So have you given any thought to what I said?

Khanak: (still looking out): about what?

Amit: Come on..what I said last night..

Khanak: Oh..that..I thought I already told you..there was nothing much to think about..(she is beginning to get irritated..)

The stop arrives..they get off..she tells him bye..he stands staring at her..she is so different from Tina he thinks..Shaan is a lucky b!#%^ he thinks..

Saturday 1pm..Hostel 7..Room 201

Khanak has knotted her hair, kept her duppatta on the bed and is sweeping the room when her phone buzzes..it is a message from Shantanu..

Where are you? I am at the mess..

She types back..

I am in the room..

And as soon as she puts the phone back on the bed..picks up the broom to continue..he comes marching into the room..

Shaan: We need to leave..

Khanak: Kya hua?

Shaan: something major has happened in Poona..

Khanak: yeah..Mohita called..

Shaan: what did she say?

Khanak: She herself did not know..Harshad refused to tell her..

Shaan: Okay..I need to figure this out..

Khanak: What exactly happened?

Shaan: Karthik called..super emotional over the phone and all he said..please aajaa aur bhabhee ko bhi leke aa..then Harshad took the phone and said, Karthik and Murli have had a huge fight..just come over..

Khanak: To abb..

Shaan: Tho abb kuch nahin..we gotta leave..(suddenly notices her..hair tied up..broom in hand..duppatta on the bed)..WHAT THE HELL are you doing?

Khanak: I was sweeping..this room is a mess..so dirty..

Shaan: Tum PAGAL ho..I was sitting waiting for you and you were sweeping..

Khanak: Arrey baba..I was going to come in a minute..but did not want to wait for you there..too many crackpots in the mess..at least if the boys were around, I would not feel uncomfortable at all..

Shaan: missing the boys na?

Khanak (smiles): I hope everything is okay..

Shaan: Okay jhadoo chodo and pack something for overnight..we are leaving in a minute..

Khanak: (mutters): Mujhe bhook lagee hai..

Shaan: Oh ho..we will catch something on the way..

Shaan is checking his wallet, Phone, charger, and putting them in his bag and is ready within seconds..

Khanak has kept the broom in the enclave, dusted herself, realizes there is no time for a quick bath, just washes her face, steps out of the bath..

Shaan: (hands her ..her dupatta): Hurry up..

Khanak: (puts the duppatta over her): I am coming re baba..

Shaan: (sits on the bed with his jansport..tapping his sandaled foot and stares at the floor hoping everything is fine..they don't need new complications now)

Khanak: (holding her small bag that holds an extra set of clothes, her toothbrush, toothpaste, comb , extra pair of earrings and bindis..bag so small that it can fit in his jansport): Shantanu..chalein..

Shaan looks up..stares at his wife..who looks like a small girl holding a smaller bag ..he gets up..

Shaan: (touches her hair..kisses her forehead):..Chalo!

Khanak: (holds his hand that touches her hair): I am sure it is fine..

Saturday 1:30pm..Outside ITI campus..

They have just got into an auto..

Shaan: Chalo bhaiya..Pali Hill

Khanak: (confused): KYA?

Shaan: Need to go home and get the bike..

Khanak: Why can't we take a bus?

Shaan: No time..

Khanak: Pehle nahi bol sakte the..I would have changed..

Shaan: Pari dikh rahee ho..

Khanak: (extremely angry): You have no idea..

Shaan: Don't worry..

Khanak: (still angry): You don't know anything..!!

Shaan: Khanak..

Khanak: Mar gayee Khanak..

Shaan and Khanak spend rest of the journey to Pali hill staring outside their respectives sides of the auto..


dekhe to tumhaari aarzoo haan
shayad aisi zindagi haseen hai


Review Mandatory


Next Part-page 141

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Loved it !!
I think its prank coz mohita wanted her there for her bday...

Anyways...Dimag not working to comment more...

Will comment in detail kal...

I went to watch X-Men...abhi wapis aayi...m feeling really unwell...headache n nausea...shucksCry

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haha nice.dey r playng a prank n khanak kyaLOLcont soon...cant wait. and the peck n cheek cms wen ever khanak calls him by name uske dil main guitar bajta hogaHeartbike ride awwwTongue

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wonderful update bt i dnt thnk anythng hs happened between dem n its just d frnds plan 2 get shaan n khanak 2 poona bt lets c pls continue soon

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Embarrassed Embarrassed
lovly update

so whenever she calls his name she gets reward 4 that
so sweet

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seriously, mujhe bhi yehi lag raha hain ... they are playing a prank ... sab ke sab .. hain na?

yaar, kaise gujregi raat ... ek aur update de de ... pls ... kuch tho insights?

Loved the way Shaan kissed her on the cheek and the forehead.

She is super irritated at him for not telling her they are going to his house. She is not dressed for it!

Aayye-Haaye!  Sasural jane ke jitters, is it?

Hope Pune trip would be shanakalicious as well, but unn punters ke sath kuch bhi ho sakta hain ... but the fact that they are going by bike makes it interesting, pls dont make it any complex ha ... no accidents and all, just fun!

That "Mar gayi Khanak" sounds very familiar ... I also keep saying that to people when they take me for granted and ask me to do favours when I am at the edge of bursting.

Plzzz ... ek aur update milega ke nahi?


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Beautiful Update Saazy
loved the scene when 
the back of the blouse is on display..the first three buttons are open..and the remaining five shut..he runs his fingers on the closed buttons
eagrly waiting what would happen in Pune ot they palying prank with khanak
conv. between shaan and khanak was very cute and beautiful
loved the dilogue when khanak said  "mar gayi khanak'' looked similer in our family
very realistic and cute
waiting for next update

katra katra milti hai katra katra jeene doo
jindgi hai behne do pyasi ho me pyasi rehne do na(loved the whole line)

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Beautiful update..kya agla part tm update kr skti ho...we r excited...i think une puneme surprize milega...kyunki wo puname janese mana kr rhe the...im sure dis is prank..

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