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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 120)

IF_rida Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 9:10pm | IP Logged
yipeee... u are here for the update DancingDancing

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Friday 10:00 pm..Tripathis, ITI Family Housing..

The crowds are slowly dispersing. The boys are discussing when best to leave for Poona..Amit is chatting with Khanak..a few feet away from them,  Shaan is discussing plans with Harshad, Karthik and Murli.

Amit: I am serious..you should think about it..

Khanak: Don't be silly, I am a classical singer and shall always be one..Bollywood is not for me..no offence to anybody..

Shaan joins them..

Shaan: Khanak, humein chalna chahiye..the boys are going to leave in a couple of hours, they will come by for the keys..chalein..

Khanak: Haan..bye, Amit..

Amit: Think about it, Khanak..

Khanak: Let us go and say bye to the Tripathis na..

Shaan: Okay..

Khanak and Shaan take leave of the TRipathis..

Ganga: Thanks so much for coming..Ustad jee tumse milna chahte the Khanak..andar jaake unse aashirwaad leke jaana..(Khanak goes inside, Ganga turns to Shaan)..she is a gem..you are an extremely lucky man..congratulations..

Prof.TRipathi: Our boy is no less..bus Ganga, let his prototype get done..

Ganga: Tum uske peeche padhna chodh do..

Shaan: Thanks for inviting us Madam..Khanak speaks very highly of you..

Ganga: (smiles): and I of her..

Khanak comes out with Ustad jee who is also leaving..he puts his hand over Shaan..

Ustad: Beta..tumharee patni sarvagunna sampanna hai..Ganga, mai isse abhi keh raha tha ki yeh saal, Guru Purnima ka workshop pe isse zaroor aana chahiye..beta..kya nam batayaa..(looks at Khanak)

Khanak: Jee..Shantanu..

Ustad: Haan..Shaantanu..jo shagun ka roop ho..bahut achaa naam hai..

Shantanu stares at Khanak..Khanak hides her smile..

Ustad: khush raho dono..

Shaan signs Khanak to leave..Khanak hurriedly says her good byes..One of the professors offers to drop them off at the hostel..In the car, Shaan sits ahead and Khanak sits behind with two other ladies..they glance at each other in the rear view mirror and smile..they get off at the Hostel 7 gate, the chowkidar notices the professor's car and does not say anything..except..

Chowkidar uncle: Bahu..bahut achhi dikh rahee ho..

Khanak: Jee..thank you uncle..

Friday 11pm..Hostel 7..Room 201

Just after opening the door..

Shaan: BAHU??!?!!?!?!?..kya ab mujhe usse daddy bulaana padegaa?

Khanak: (laughs): Chup!

Shaan:  God..there is something about old men and you..wahan voh Khanwalla..

Khanak: Ufff..Khanwalla nahi..Khaan saab..(holds her ear and says): Bade Ustaad jee hai..(opens her cupboard and removes her box and lays it on the bed and starts removing her bangles..)

Shaan: (sits on his bed and starts removing his shoes): And what was that workshop about?

Khanak: (is unscrewing her earrings sitting on her bed facing him): Around July sometime..in Surat..

Shaan: (Pushing his shoes under the bed and folding his shirt sleeves): But why?

Khanak: (struggles with her earring): Oh ho..it is like a skills enhancement workshop..(suddenly the backscrew slips from her hand..): OH NO!

Shaan: (meanwhile is making his way to the bathroom, turns): Kya hua..

Khanak: (on her knees beside the bed): Screw gir gaya..please help..

Shaan: (bends and is on his heels beside her): How does it look..

Khanak: (turns and points to her other ear..)

Shaan: (holds her ear and watches the back closely): Hmmm..intersting..

Khanak: (goes back to looking): No time for figuring out mechanics..it is gold..I cannot lose it..

Shaan: (on his knees and heels of his hands..looks under his bed): don't worry, we will buy you another..

Khanak: It is not that simple, Suraj's father gifted it to me..

There is a minute silence..they face each other..

Shaan: How is he doing?

Khanak: Not very well..Gopi called yesterday..

Shaan: and..

Khanak: I want to support Gopi's education..

Shaan: Hmm..(goes back to looking for the screw)

Khanak gets up and puts the earring into the box..and goes into the bathroom..Shaan can hear water running..there is a knock on the door..Shaan looks at the bathroom door..it is shut..he opens the door..Karthik is at the door..

Karthik: Chavi de..we are leaving..

Shaan: haan ek second..(goes to his desk and grabs his Jansport and tries to hunt for his keys in the pocket)..

Karthik: Bhabhee kahan hai?

Shaan: (points to the bathroom):  where the hell did I put the keys??

Suddenly, the sound of running water stops..and its Khanak's voice that can be heard loudly from inside..

Khanak:  Arrey suniye..dhoondiye mat..mil gayee..blouse mei hi thee..

Shaan turns beet red..Karthik bursts out laughing..

Shaan: (turns to Karthik): chup kar..

Khanak: Suna ..maine kya kahan..screw blouse mein atak gayee..

Karthik: (lying on Shaan's bed and having a hearty laugh): Dude!!! Screw!!!..

Shaan: (pulls him out and thrusts the jeep keys in his hand): Chalta bann

Karthik: Ab samjha..why both of you are not joining us..I am proud of you man..!!! lage raho!!!

Shaan: Tu bhagta hai..ki main

Karthik: jaaraha hoon..

As soon as Shaan shuts the door behind him..Khanak opens the bathroom door..Shaan walks to her..and just as she is about to say..

Khanak:  Aapne suna..?

Shaan: (shuts her mouth): Haan haan haan..poora H 7 ko pata chal gaya hai ki tumhare blouse mei kya hai??

Khanak: (removes his fingers from over her mouth): Kya?

Shaan: Karthik yaha tha..aur tum chilla rahee ho..(animatedly): screw mere blouse mei hain

Khanak stares at him and suddenly both of them burst out laughing..they switch off the lights and go to bed..

Saturday 2am..Hostel 7..Room 201

Both are facing each other..it is dark..except for a small night emanating from the clock on the night stand..they can see each other;s faces..

Shaan: How much is Gopi's education going to cost?

Khanak: pata nahin..

Shaan: maybe we should open a fund..that way it accrues interest..

Khanak:  Should I find out at the bank..

Shaan: I will ask Bhaiya..he is a financial whiz..

Khanak: (turns and looks at the ceiling): Okay..

Shaan:  when are you leaving for Pooja's place?

Khanak: She called tonight and said plans have changed..

Shaan: Oh..

Khanak: Maybe I will go to the academy..(turns her back to him)..

Shaan: Good night, Khanak..(smiles at her back)

Khanak: Jee..good morning..(scratches the bedsheet and smiles at her self)

Shaan:  (turns his back to her and grins): Hmmm..


Rehne Do Na'


Review Mandatory


Next Part-Page 133

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
wow saaz,
another update..
*off to read* & *edited*
i had hearty laugh with this update saaz..
i asked u to get shaan caught by his friends for the duppatta but this is far better than that..i couldn't stop ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
ok coming to the update..
amit is asking her try for bollywood..vare vah..wat an idea..
so the elders gave their best wishes for both shaan n khanak..mann bahut khush hua usse sun kar..sukuun mila..n them sharing glance in the rear view mirror..another wish fulfilled..
waise mostly everyone complimented her today even chowkidar uncle..but no comments from shaan..r is it uotp us to imagine..but i wish u give explicit details..
shaan's comment for bahu by chowkidar uncle..ROFLROFLROFLROFL..my morning had a good start u know..thanks to u..
the minute details abt her replacing the bangles in the box..he removing the shoes n pushing it under the bed..khanak losing the screw n both of them searching for it..her comment "Khanak: (goes back to looking): No time for figuring out mechanics..it is gold..I cannot lose it.." this line gave me a laugh as well as left me dumb..like they both went to silent mode..one indication of suraj's name gives a moment of silence between them..after that they start discussing again..so she'll support for gopi's education n shaan will also help her in that..
then my ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLing moment..khanak shouting from the bathroom asking him not to look for the screw as it is in her blouse without knowing that karthik is there.."Shaan turns beet red..Karthik bursts out laughing.."
(u know something the reason for this ROFL is not just these..my dumbness too included..actually i thought when she was saying dhoondiye mat she is abt to say abt the jeep keys hearing karthik by some means..then when she said blouse mein hi thee i was like hein..then i got that she is talking abt her screw n she had no idea abt karthik being there n shaan searching for the jeep keys..)
karthik had a real good moment in their room..now he'll make fun of shaan with his friends..khanak too after knowing wat happened bursting out in laughter..*tears came down as an effect of laughing*
they always like to discuss things around 2 am..mostly important matters..so shaan is going to ask akki bhaiya's suggestion in regard to gopi's education fund..good..n their good night n good morning followed by hmm..
n yayyy!!!!DancingDancingDancingDancing she got change of plans..so shaan-khanak will get quality time all alone for them..tho bike ride milega?..
"jaane ke liye aage padiye KATRA KATRA"(ye mere liye ek advertisement for myself)
jaldhi update karo na?*looks innocently at saaz*

Edited by RB81 - 11 June 2011 at 9:48pm

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by lghosh

Saazy right from the morning there is an innocent query hovering in my mind but can't ask!! If l do these girls again here will slander me!!! Angry 
The angelic, chaste, pristine me have to go through all these defamation!! Disapprove
if query is truly innocent..kissiki majaal key defame karen..ask away...Big smile

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iluvmanar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
saazy...luv u yaar...and my next xam is on 16th...just pray 4 me...i tried my level best baki kismat and upon God...

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purvi08 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
saaz di ek din mein 3 updates
i will comment afterwards for all the updates.sorry for being late.
saaz di all the parts were great
but the last one was too funnyROFL

Edited by purvi08 - 12 June 2011 at 3:52am

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tvrasika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 9:23pm | IP Logged

I took a deep breath after reading the two updates... so that's how Suraj convinced Shaan and Khanak to marry... wow!

Dinner at Tripathi's - beautifully written scene. Clap

Are they going to Poona or not? May be not... why wud Shaan want to be around the boys all the time? LOL...

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dishbhan Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
Madam Saaz,

I love your writing dear!!!!

Haaye kya likhti ho yaar ... the min I saw ur comment on my FF, I knew you would have updated ...

And volla!

Haaye kya Shanakalicious update that ye ... absolutely love it!

screw the screw!

Loved the part of Karthik coming and her shouting from the bathroom...

They did not go on purpose na, they wanted to be together without the botheration of the gang around... hain na ... kya plan hain boss!

Ab next update kab ... ye dil maange more!


Edited by dishbhan - 11 June 2011 at 9:38pm

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