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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 114)

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Originally posted by deepa_01

Shiva Shiva..sabka character dheela hainLOL!!

Haan Deeps

Jisko samjh gaya uska bhi LOL

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Originally posted by Casa.Addict

Tum sab log yaha ho!


Aap ka innocence to bahut tapak raha hai! LOL 

Pehle "in n around him", abhi "saree ke neeche" ROFL

Badhiya hai! Tongue
Chal hat...aaj se main kuch nahi likhoongi!! Tum log sab ke sab mujh par ungliyaan utha rahe ho!! I say everything so innocently & u all take it the round about way!! Big smile
Ab tu jaake Deepa ka post par & u will be confused too!! Saari...neeche dekho!! ROFL And I am like 'haan yeh kya ho gaya, did I miss anything?'!!! LOL Ab iss mein meri kya galti bol??
Tu, aur tere dost namoona, dono mujhe badnaam kar rahe hai!! LOL Me bechari 'bhali-bhali si ek surat, bhala sa ek naam...'!!! LOL

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Saaz I am so mad, wrote my post but IF ate it up!! Angry
Saaz pls tu aise details de diya kar!! Thank u for giving that fb about the kiss. It helped me to gauge their reactions. The kiss was beautiful & sweet! I can so relate to Khanak here. We female r emotional & all her pent-up worries, sorrow, anxiety formed those tears & they flowed in a relief. Now she knows she is wanted, needed, cherished, desired & loved by Shaan, she is not a responsibility or a duty to him anymore that was simply thrusted on him. But now he is looking forward to be with her, enjoys her nature, company & existence & this revelation made her all teary! It was not in condemnation or repentance. Both were exposed to this basic truth so beautifully! And loved the fact how he immediately backed off & gave her some space to recuperate. It was amazing how he said 'lets take it slow' which means he is leaving the door open for future, he wants to pursue her & she is ok with it too. Day Dreaming
It is wonderful to see how both of them have based their relationship on Suraj & his memories but is taking baby steps to move on & build their life on it. They have not closed the door on Suraj but on the contrary has left it open to let the breeze & light come in through & r basking in its warmth & taking it up from there. For these 2 I don't think counselling is required, they r very stable & grounded that way, knows exactly what they should do. Loved it.
And another point that stood out was their authority on each other which is portrayed so sweetly through their texts. "Kahan ho' & his 'aap kahan ho?' was more than delicious. Big smile And his putting her dupatta in his cupboard!! Brilliant touch there Saaz. He wants her to blend in with his life, his surroundings, along with his stuff & belongings, she is also a part like his family, friends, study, work...another aspect of his life, a part of his existence.
And his flirting is not condemned by Khanak but is so sweetly received which is shown in her chiding!! So hubby & wifey!! Loved it will be an understatement Saaz!! Its all beautiful!
And tu lawyer ho ke itni technical baatein kaise kar leti hai yaar? Its all a tangent to me but I love the camaraderie & playful banters all around, reminds me of my student life! Big smile His hiding the dupatta from his friends & getting inattentive thinking about her was superbly brought forth!!
Thanks for the beautiful update but yeh dil maange more! Next update ke baad aaj phir se update karegi kya?? Pls haan bol!! Or will u do again tomorrow. Pls batana! Pahele se thanks & hugs! Hug

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@Ramani: Yes, she was already dressed..Mohita had helped her and left

@Kari: Thanks re

@Shiksha: Thank you..you are right..it has started developing..

@Dish: They are separating in two weeks re baba..so they technically 'should' get closer in the two weeks..who knows they are not meant to be..lets take it one step at a time

@Minnu: Your comment cracked me up..umm..he had kissed in the previous update..this was the FB..

@Varsha: Shaan did not win..sorry..hehe

@Krithika: Aww sweetie..sorry re..morning was tough..got busy with lots of other things,,thanks so much

@ Deepa: I donlt think I would go to the extent of saying..it is S for her still.. nor is it Sh yet or maybe getting there..she is wearing the saree becos it is a fancy saree..she is not swimming in sarees..she has a few..this one it so happens that she had bought it as part of her marriage trousseau..in many ways, I wanted to show..that just becos the person has gone, you cannot remove everything connected to them away from your life..they remain..how you deal with that is life..

@ candy: brilliant line..and so is Khanak hopefully..

@Mystory: thanks

@Vandoo: KYA re..bahut baata kartee hai tu..patutie why you don't like blue..bechara suraj..ek tho dono ko milaya..aur tu hai ke ..uss par neela chod rahee hai..

@Neha: yeh tera comment hai? NUTOOTIE

@Purvi: thanks so much for your analysis..it is so interesting to read about your characters through another's eyes..really..

@ Lana: Matajee..aap dhanya hai..arrey yaar iss sey jyaada details hamare bass ki baat nahin..she is one who has always chided his flirting..hmm..so counseling not reqd huh?? ..

ALL THOSE WHO PRESSED LIKE: Yaaron..thoda typing class join kar lo

Next part- features one of my all time favorite songs..this is from my HATKE playlist..becos it is neither written by Gulzar and is sung by Lata..two cases very rare in my fav..but it is my belief that RD Burman brings out the best in Lata..the song is Jaane Kya Baat Hai from the movie Sunny.

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Friday..7:30 pm..Tripathis..ITI Family housing

As they entered the house..together..Mrs. Ganga Tripathi welcomed them..she hugged Khanak..and dragged her away to the inside the living room to meet everyone..Khanak's hands ached from all the namastes..Shaan said perfunctory hellos to all the professors..and stood slightly away..waiting for his puntars to get there..there was some noise in a small bedroom adjoining the large living room..

He peeps in ..the room is actually a study that has been converted into a music corner..now a  baithak of sorts..mattresses and cylindrical pillows on the floor..the placement of the room is such that there are shorter walls and the opening faces the living room..there is a tanpura leaning onto the wall in the corner..a harmonium in front of the mattress..a guitar lay on the armchair..and a pair of tablas in front of a bespectacled kid..he realizes the little boy is Prof. Tripathi;s son..

There is a lot of discussion on songs and raagas..the crowd is mixed..men, women, young and old..suddenly someone hums..another picks up the tune..another plays the harmonium..singing ensues at the drop of a hat..a song shall end and a song shall begin..Shaan stands in the corner..amused..realizes the living room has the geeks and this room the artists..he is about to step away..and call Murli to find out when are they going to come..until Tripathi's wife drags him and his own wife into the music room..

Ganga: Okay guys..here they are..please say Hi to Shaan 'Professor's TRipathi's blue eyed boy and his wife..Khanak..soon to be my assistant..at KV..

Everyone roars a hi, hello..

Khanak does a Namaste..and Shaan a small wave..hiya..

Ganga drags Khanak to meet an elderly man,

Ganga: Khanak, shaayad tum inhe jaantee ho..yeh sangeet ke bade vidwaan Ustad khan saab hai..

Khanak touches his feet..

Ustad: Jeetee raho..Tum school mei to sikhaogee lekin kala bhoolna mat..

Ganga: Ustad jee..aap Khanak ki awaz sunenge..tho mujhse cheenke leke jaayenge..

Suddenly Khanak feels someone staring at her..she looks up..and across there, stands her husband..smiling at her..she smiles back..she realizes he must be so out of place..she looks around to see if any of his friends have come..and she can see Amit enter..Shaan follows her eyes..and rolls his own..

Ganga: Chalo..hamara chikna singer bhi aa gaya..

Man1: Arrey ..Amit..come come..ek gaana ho jaaye..

Shaan steps away..Khanak excuses herself..

Khanak: Suno..

Shaan: (turns): Hmm

Khanak: Where are the others?

Shaan: they said they will be late..

Khanak: They are leaving for poona tonight..?

Shaan: They will be here..AH!! there they are..ab tho khana khayenge..

Khanak: Tripathi Mam keh rahee thee bahar lawn mei starters rakhe hain

Shaan: So that's where we shall be..

Khanak: Okay..(the boys come closer to them)

Karthik: Hi bhabhee..kisse marne ka iraada hai..aap tho ..

Harshad: Please.. yeh compliment tha..?..

Karthik: Kyun be..tu bol..main bhi dekhoo..

Harshad: the real question is..Bhabhee..Shaan ne kya kaha jab aapko dekha tho..

Khanak: Well..all I can say is..agar main unkee baat mann leti tho aapke compliments se vanchit..

Shaan and Khanak smile at each other..

Karthik: Yaar..hindi shabdon se goli maare..

Harshad: Ladki kamaal ..

Murli: Guys calm down..poora department yahaan hai..

Shaan: Sirf department hi nahin..2 departments from the campus and the music department from the school..

Someone calls out to Khanak..and she leaves..

Murli: Yeh Amit wahan kya kar raha hai?

They begin to move towards the food..

Shaan: Apparently he sings..

Harshad: Haan..ya..I know..uski khilli udaate hai chal

Karthik: Pehle buffet ko khatam.. phir Amit ko ..

Inside..in the music room, Khanak is seated on the matress and has already sung a bhajan and a bandish..joined by someone or the other..the harmonium has been played several times..plates of starters have been passed around..becos this group of people shall not be getting up for anything..

Outside in the living room and into the small lawn..the mechanics and chemistry department senior professors are discussing a range of topics from ITI politics to world politics ..and latest in science to how times have changed..the group of boys at the corner of the lawn are busy ribbing each other..and one of them steps into the house to take a bathroom break..

The lawn is slowly emptying..servers are making arrangements for dinner..its just the boys..the profs have stepped inside..Shaan is busy chatting..facing the opening of the living room..every two seconds looking up to see if his wife shall come out..until Karthik comes rushing..

Karthik: Dude..Bhabhee is about to sing..solo..chal..junta is all silent waiting for her to begin..

Murli and Harshad like little boys follow Karthik..Shaan drags his feet and leans on the column adjacent to the music room..he can see her..seated on the mattress..with her knees touching and her feet tucked in under her behind..she is explaining something to the boy at the table..she suddenly realizes the whole house is quiet except for a few whispers..she says something softly..holding her throat..some one says a word of encouragement..she can't see him..unless she turns..which she does not..she begins to sing..

Jaane Kya Baat Hai, Jaane Kya Baat Hai
Neend Nahin Aati Badi Lambi Raat Hai..

Shaan leans back..folds his arms..the little whispers have stopped..he shuts his eyes and leans his head back on the column..

Karthik: Acha hua tu aa gaya..chal hospital abhi ka abhi..

Shaan: I don't understand what the hell happened..

Karthik: It is not very clear..some truck hit him last evening..

Shaan: Where?

Karthik: On some road here..by the time we came..the news had just come in and all hell broke loose..

Shaan: How is he?

Karthik: Shaan..

Shaan: HOW IS HE??

Karthik: Shaan, he is not going to make it..

Shaan's eyes open..he watches his wife..she is staring at the tabla..

Saari Saari Raat Mujhe Isne Jagaya
Jaise Koi Sapna Jaise Koi Saaya
Koi Nahin Lagta Hai.. Koi Mere Saath Hai
Neend Nahin Aati Badi Lambi Raat Hai...

He stares up at the ceiling..his eyes are smarting..

Shaan: Tu pagal tho nahi ho gaya hai..

Suraj: Come on..

Shaan: WHAT the [email protected]$% do you mean come on..I think sleeping on that hospital bed..with all those tubes stuck into you..you have lost it..

Suraj: Shaan..you said..anything..

Shaan: Suraj..think about her..

Suraj: I have already talked to her..

Shaan: Is she mad..?

Suraj: that she is..but I know this is the right thing..

Shaan: Murli, tell him something yaar..

Murli: Suraj..

Suraj: Shaan..please..

Karthik: The registrar is here..

He opens his eyes to someone's..Wah! Wah!..he stares at his wife again..Her eyes are now shut..

Dhak Dhak Kabhi Se Jiya Dol Raha Hai
Ghungat Abhise Mera Khol Raha Hai
Door Abhi To.. Piya Ki Mulaqat Hai
Neend Nahin Aati Badi Lambi Raat Hai...

Suraj: Mujhe laga tum shaadi ke jode mei aaogee..

Khanak: Hospital mei ..?

Suraj: Kyun nahin..wanted to see you in it..

Khanak: Joda shaadi mei pehente hai..

Suraj: Woh tumhe bahut khush rakhegaa..

Khanak: Yeh hindi movie nahi hai..

Suraj: mujhe kaisa pata hoga..ek tho main dekhta nahin hoon..aur upar se ab tho..wonder if Bollywood makers reach heaven..

Khanak: Marne se pehle bahut baatein kar rahe ho tum (tears don't stop)

Suraj: THo ek baar..Haan keh do..

Khanak: Nahin..

Suraj: Kab kehne walli ho? Marne ke baad?

Murli: Shaan is here..

She opens her eyes..and turns away so that people don't notice her eyes filling up with tears..and there through her slightly blurred vision is her husband staring back at her ..himself through his slightly blurred vision..she continues to sing..they continue to stare at each other..

Jab Jab Dekhoon Maein Yeh Chand Sitare
Aaisa Lagta Hai ..Mujhe Laaj Ke Mare
Jaise Koi Doli.. Koi Baraat Hai
Neend Nahin Aati Badi Lambi Raat Hai...

and their eyes are now only for each other..Ganga and Shreela exchange a smile..

Jaane Kya Baat Hai, Jaane Kya Baat Hai
Neend Nahin Aati Badi Lambi Raat Hai..

There are resounding hurrahs and once mores after she finishes..they pat her, some hug her, ustad ji hands her a 500 rupee note..she gets up..everyone has begun to disperse into the lawn..she walks towards the entry of the living room..he meets her halfway..and there oblivious to the rest of everyone..they smile at each other..

Shaan: Kuch Khaya?

Khanak: Bahut bhook lagee hai..

Shaan: Chalo..kuch khaa lete hai..

and the guests of honor make their way to the lawn..


Zindagee hai..behne do..


Review Mandatory,


Next Part-Page 121

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@Lana... I completely agree with you... after reading the chap these 2 dont need that counselling at all.. Even if they have move apart they will find ways to make this work...but i dont see them moving away.. Am sure Dr S will find ways to keep them togeather and am sure the Party will be quite an insight for the Senior Authroties to do something to keep them togeather !

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Originally posted by candy84

Vandu maare hue logo ke baare mein aise nahi bolte...kya pta Saaz ne usse ZINDA kar diya in future to vo sapno mein aake drrayega Wink
Aise resurrected logo ka murder karna mereko aata hai..
Phir zinda kiya toh phir maar dungi...
Aur agar zinda kiya toh Saazy ko Ekta Mai bulaungiLOLLOL For getting back dead people !!

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Originally posted by saaaz

okay update coming up..note of thanks soon
Saazy thanks for acknowledging us but we will understand if u don't get the time to thanks us all individually & personally!! Tu sirf update likhti jaa, bas hum sabko aur kuch nahi chahiye!! Big smile Wohi hamara exclusive thanks hoga teri taraf se!! Hug

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