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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 110)

saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 11:12am | IP Logged


@Vandoo..haila..aapka gaan made my day..seriously..how cute is your comment re..you are truly my patutie..

@ Mystory: saaz chedhna hamari pooraani adath hai..hamari tareef mei kuch aur farmayiyee..

@Krithika: Hmm..their world is the best world..hai na..thanks re

@ Ujjwala:Thank you my dear..next update ready for yu..no need to refresh…hehe

@ Rafia: gathered your thoughts?

@ Anu: If there is anyone who has the credibility to say anything about my stories, it is you..as one of the regular commentators on all my stories..you have the highest credentials and thank you so much for that..

@Kari: haan haan..I have noticed how you always comment on kissy viss parts..besharam..kahee kee.

@ Sweetshona: thank you re..btw, answered your question satisfactorily, I hope..

@ priyacool: such a nice song re..thanks so much for it..really..I love that you love the dynamics..it is what I am seeking for..

@Purvi: yaar..my preferences on showing DP etc were switched off re..phir on kiya..aur main marr gayee tera DP dekhke..seriously pagal ho gayee..

@DJ: I really like the part where they give space to each other..that is exactly what I was aiming for..thanks re for noticing it

@ Krishna: MUAH back to you sweetie..come soon..

@Navveen: Oye padhai kar..thnx re

@ dear dear Jessie..love loving shall always love your comments..come soon..

@ Lana: Haila…kya comments hai..sometimes you notice nuances with a perspective that I myself have not thought of...okay, I am not very good at details..I like to keeping most things subtle..leaving it to the reader to interpret..I have especially done a flashback of the kiss for you..under usual circums, would have left it for imagination..enjoy my dearest ..you better continue to give meyour analyses and interpretations the way you do it..I LOVE LOVE reading them

@ Sneha: thanks a lot re

@ Soni4eva: thanks re

@ Varsha: thank you maydam

@ purvi: thank you

@ shriya: thanks re

@ Gaayu: in their heads ..there is nothing to talk..the decision has been made for them..they will have to comply..how that affects their feelings for each other is part of the story..hmm..Amit, honestly no clue..

@ AG: thank you jee

@Purvi: oye..yep thanks so much for noticing the dupatta..love you for that..

@ Dish: it is very simple..the riules are clear..an exception was made for a limited amount of time..Shaan has refused family housing already becos it is very far away from the department..

@Sweetvidisha: Thanks re..hmm..add me to your buddy and you shall be PMed..no probs at all

@ Roopa: thank you sweets

@ Rooji: do dil mil rahein hain..lekin katra katra..sab ko khabhar bhi hogee..katra katra

@ Imane: Thanks a million for your comments re..really..thanks somuch..I am glad you are catching up

@ Jyothi: thanks re

@ IF rida: Thank you re…your comment on patience made me laugh..

@ Deepa: Hmm..khanak;s side of the story..hmm..sochthee hoon kuch.

@ Gops: Thank you so much..come back..I update at least once a day..

@ Candy: your lines killed me yet again..tanks dear

@ Neha: bechain dil ko kaise aaram doon? Ohoh..sonu nigam's voice takes those lyrics home re..of curse meri natootie hi hai tu

@ Shal: thanks my dear gal..I am glad the story is hitting the right notes with you.

@ Ramani: shreela basically implied that since shaan refused the counseling, they had to seek another way..and that way comes to an end in two weeks- her course..and shaan thinks had they done counseling, maybe it would have been longer than two weeks..hence the queschen..yes, she did respond as you can see in he next update

@ Roshni: thanks re

@ Shiksha: thank you re..of course I know what you meant

@Simple: LOVE your comments..hehe

@ Purvi, Lana, DJ and Vandoo: actually the whole 'reaction' to shreela's words have begun with their exchange on 'patience'..and ended on ..the kiss..whether it has meant more for one than the other..is all yet to unfurl..hope I do justice to your expectations..

FOR ALL THOSE WHO PRESSED LIKE: Yeah Yeah..like it only..

UPDATE coming up...

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged


Friday 3:30pm..Study Session..ITI classroom

Karthik: I don't get it..so agar main lateral placement karoon..then the fault dissipates?

Murli: No, I think it is a bit more than lateral placement..dekh..(and goes on explain on the white board with diagrams)

Shaan: (intently listening): Actually, I think we can solve this..but the problem of coolant still interferes..woh chemical equi kahan hai..

Murli: Dekate is working on it..

Shaan: He emailed me something, I think I have a copy somewhere..Karthik, mera bag de..

Karthik: (hands his jansport): Main nikaloo..

Shaan: (opens it): No, its okay..(removes a sheet of paper from the front pocket, zips it..): yeh le..

Karthik: Yeh nahin hai..(his cell phone buzzes): Dekate is going to be late..I think he is off for an interview..

Karthik and Murli go back to discussing..Shaan opens the main zipper while chatting with the guys..puts his hand in..and his fingers feel something soft..as soft as her face when he held it while kissing her..his mind travels back..


She is now holding him..her bottle green chiffon duppatta on top of her bag near their feet..the chiffon tickling their toes..his hands have cupped her face..her hands on his chest..clutching his T shirt just below the neckline..his thumbs resting near her eyes..the heel of his palms between touching the edge of her lips..his plams cover her face..he is kissing..she is kissing him back..and then suddenly his thumbs feel misty..he opens his eyes.. and calls out to her.."Khanak"..her eyes are shut..tear drops resting at the edges of those eyes..she moves her face and rests it in on his chest in between her fists that continue to clutch him..He holds her..runs his hands on her hair..

Shaan:  Khanak..

Khanak: Hmm..

Shaan: Are you okay?

Khanak: Hmm..

Shaan: Maybe we should go slow..

Khanak: Hmm..Maybe we should eat..

They look at each other..smile..and sit down to eat..

Shaan's reverie is broken with Murli yelling ..

Murli: Mila kya?? What the ..kitna baar poochoo?

Shaan: Haan ..haan..dhoond raha hoon..

Murli: Hurry up..

Shaan: What is wrong with you..stop yelling..

Murli: You start working..

Shaan: What the [email protected]#$% does that mean..

Karthik: Calm down for god's sake..Dekh..Shaan we are not around this weekend..and ..I don't know..

Shaan: (not in the mood at all): Mil gaya..I don't know what you two are going on about btw..

Murli: Kuch nahin..

Karthik: Let us continue..

Harshad enters..and senses the tension in the air..

Harshad: Abbb kya hua??

Murli and Karthik (together): Kuch Nahin..

Shaan: Tu papers leke aaya..interview kaisa gaya?

Harshad: I am in..

All the guys jump up..congratulate and hug Harshad..he is the first guy among them who shall graduate with a job..it is a big deal..Shaan and Murli look at each other..

Murli: Chalo we need to buck up..

Karthik: Hmm..chalo..

And they are back into their prototype world..just after..

Shaan: Did you tell Mohita?

Harshad: I think she and Khanak have gone out somewhere..


Friday 5 pm..Hostel 7 Mess..


The boys are jibing away and forcing Harshad to pay for all the coffess and bhajiyas ordered..Shaan is sipping his coffee..

Karthik: Arrey yaar..itna abhi khaoonga..then raat ko pet pooja kaise hogi??

Murli: I think I will be late..shall be speaking with parents and then shall come..

Shaan: Oh..maybe I will be late too..wanted to go for a swim..

Harshad: Dude! What is wrong with you? You and Bhabhee are guests of honour..you guys need to be there earliest..

Karthik: Waha pahunchke khana sab mat kha lena..taste kar lena..and good dishes..chippake rakhna..

Shaan: Mereko kya samajhke  rakha hai?

Karthik: (grins): Sach bolu??

Shaan: (shakes his head): No thanks..

Harshad's phone rings..

Harshad: hello?..agaye vapas..oh!..okay..(hangs up and turns to Shaan): ladies are back..apparently you guys need to be there at 6:30pm..

SHaan: (looks at his watch): Got time..(a bit irritated): so how come your girlfriend knows when we should be there..?

Harshad: (shrugs): Your wife must have told her..

Shaan: (stares at the table..takes his phone..realises it was switched off..switches it on..two missed calls and one message..all from W..opens the message..)

Kaha ho? Call me when you get a chance..

Shaan grins as he reads and does exactly what his wife wants him to..not before waving to the guys and stepping out of the mess..hits call on W..

Khanak:  hello..

Shaan: Yello..

Khanak: Kaha ho?

Shaan: (grins): Aap kahan ho?

Khanak: (smiles):  in the room..we need to leave..

Shaan:  Hmm..lets skip it..

Khanak: (shocked): Are you serious?..we cannot..

Shaan:  (laughs at her): Okay..I am coming upstairs..


Friday 6pm..Hostel 7 room no. 201

Shaan enters the room..and shuts the door..he can hear her humming in the bathroom..He steps near the door..

Shaan: Khanak..

Khanak: Ek minute..I am cleaning up..

Shaan places his jansport on the desk..removes her dupatta..and places it on her bed..not before touching it once more and smiles while he does it..something strikes him..he picks up the dupatta and places it in his cupboard..he then hears the bathroom door open..he stretches himself backwards so that the open cupboard door does not restrict him from saying hi to his wife..he watches her and his Hi is stuck in his throat..he straightens himself..holds on to the edge of the open door..sways it..

Shaan: (grins): I swear Khanak..lets skip it..

Khanak: (smiles): Stop flirting and start moving..

Shaan picks a white shirt and jeans and steps into the shower..Khanak smiles and looks down at her cobalt blue saree with a maroon border and silver work on the border and on the blouse..it is a simple blouse..just cut sleeves..almost appearing sleevless..and the back has a row of hooks..she had to hook them with Mohita;s help..she fetches silver bangles with red stones from her cupboard..she sits on her bed..while slipping them on her wrists..and remembers buying the saree in Baroda for the evening get together after her marriage..blue was after all Suraj;s favorite color..


Pyasee hoon main..pyasee rehne do..


Review mandatory


Next Part-Page 115

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 11:23am | IP Logged
waiting from morning saaz..
*off to read* & *edited*
hei saaz,
i couldn't actually say whether it is a chota wala r lambha wala..but i felt it chota sa part..but cute tha..
few of the questions in my comments for prev. part answered..
shaan didnt let karthik to open the bag..got disappointeed with this..actually i wanted to see his face when he is caught by murli/karthik/harshad for the duppatta he hide in his jansport..thanks for the flashback abt their kiss..shaan is comparing the feel of the duppatta n her face..oh my god!!!they r simply cute u know...as they say cuteness personified..i'm loving this shanak more..so she responded to his kiss..shaan is so understanding yaar..s..take it slow shaan..
bechara murli..how much times did he called shaan..poor boy started to yell at him..ok so harshad got placed..n shaan escaped from his friends..saaz...i love each n every character of this FF..they r wonderful..
so harshad's treat..thats nice..i felt not again..info abt khanak from harshad via mohita..but felt happy when i came to know that shaan's phone was switched off n the msg n missed call from W gave a smile in my face..loved the chota sa convo between husband n wifey..really y is he particular abt "skipping it"..
shaan placing the duppatta on her bed n then placing it in his cupboard..(haaye!!!ye tho long gone for his wifey...*sighs*)
really i started wondering again for this..
"Shaan: (grins): I swear Khanak..lets skip it..

Khanak: (smiles): Stop flirting and start moving.." then came the part..she is in saree..it wud really hard for him to resist..i got confused again..was she in saree when she came out of the bathroom r she is having it ready to wear with the help of mohita to help with the hooks of the blouse..but u know wat..i want shaan to help her with the hooks..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed hope her thoughts abt the situation the saree was bought wont stop her wearing it..do continue soon saaz..HugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug


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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
HugHugjust a big big big hug to u sazzyyy...hatts off:)Approve

Day Dreaming im deepy in love wid everything u write so bas tht wat ill say...mar gayi mein:)

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shiksha_03 Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged
awesome update saaz...seems like der relationship hs startd developing pls continue soon
dishbhan Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Haaye ... so sweet!

Shaan is all interested in skipping the event to be with her ... Liked the way he is distracted by her dupatta, the kissing scene description was awesome dear ... Absolutely loved it!!!!!

boss are u separating them?? pls mat kar yaar ... abhi tho flirting chalu hua hain ... aise dur mat kar dono ko ...


Edited by dishbhan - 11 June 2011 at 11:34am

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lghosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 11:33am | IP Logged
Saazy itni chhoti si update!! Abhi review nahi karoongi!! Main pyaasi hoon par pyaasi nahi rahena mujhe!! Disapprove
Thanks for updating in the weekend but give us the next...a BIGGER & LONGER one, pls pretty pls!!! **folds hands & begs** Wish there was an emo like this.

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minnu345 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 11:34am | IP Logged
cannot comment please
it take me some time to come back alive

He kissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am so deaddd
please don't disturb mee

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