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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 11)

lghosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
Saaz hum sab bhi pyaase hai par hume pyassi mat rahene de!! LOL
It was beautifully woven the whole update, it flowed musically! Shows ur personal touch! WinkBig smile 
The pathos is there all throughout unsaid & yet I could feel it.
Its more of a duty now for Shaan & Khanak seems to be in a trance.
I want to know exactly what happened that made Shaan decide to tie the knot with Khanak? What was it that pushed him to take that stand? Was Suraj alive when he reached Dhulwadi? Did he talk to him on his deathbed & kept his request? Or was it the atmosphere of seeing the bride-to-be & the doom ahead of her made him do this noble act? Pleej fb mein de dena details.
I will wait for the day when she starts singing again from her heart & that will be the day she will come out of the pain & realise that life can be beautiful...if spent with Shaan!
Ab jaldi update kar! Long weekend hai toh long updates bhi chahiye!! Big smile

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iluvmanar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
agree wid u ighosh...saazy...humein long update chahiye woh bhi ASAP...abhi humein pyasa chhorkar gayeb maat ho jana...pls...

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rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 4:17pm | IP Logged

I wanted to tell you that I read and I love it...

let me come back and i'll do full comments later...

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AzaraA Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 5:29pm | IP Logged
sazz awesomest yar really loved it...muahhh

really very interesting 1 ...please update soon ...

thx 4 the pm :)

luv zara

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 10:12pm | IP Logged


@Priyacool..AH!! Suraj..I did think of giving him some more time to hang around..then decided against it..the dhamaaka was more dramatic I thought..I always say you notice things in my stories that I myself did not think of..and that's why in my books, you are too cool..as for living in the hostel..I shall be taking some liberties for sake of shanak but shall try my best to keep it as realistic as possible..as for 10pm calls..hmm..planned something else , the next update shall reveal it..

@Neha..oye paglee..stop complaining..I posted two parts on the same night.>Aditee ne tum logon ko bahut spoil karke rakha hai..hehehe..shall try and post every night..

@DJ—thanks so much for your kind appreciation..I mean it..actually it is my fifth story on the forum..have never heard my style being called grunge before..but I LOVE IT…thanks again..hope you like the next part too

@hotchpotch- Oye..complain mat kar..tanpuraa…yep, I wanted to make it more meaningful here..

@Gaayu- hehehe…so you did..haan?? if I have not revealed it in the story..chances are I don't know myself..let us see..

@Kari…yeah yeah…lets see if you are back in the next updates..thanks re

@Jyothi- OH, so you did mean me?? They both need to adjust..but will they or wont they or how will they?? Lets see..sure I will PM..its my next favorite thing to do..

@Deepa- Yeh le..pagal

@Shal—I gave you two parts in a span of two hours..stop complaining and start commenting.. nunsenselessness ….really, reminds you of a movie?…tell me next time..

@ Ramani..yes, that was the intention..to show how unintentionally, she is getting connected already to him..don;t you worry, she will have a life of her own..next update hints at it..

@Roshini..Tu bhi na..arrey I am not great at looong FFs..I envy the FF writers re..I really do..this one I am planning for 10 parts or so..

@ Purvi..SURPRISE!!! here we go with next update …hope you like it re..

@missfilmy…you are a GODSEND..I am going to be spamming your PM box with loads of queschens..you shall be my official researcher on this …I swear…I am so happy and touched it connected re..

@Naveen..umm..love you too..thanks re

@SnehaP..thanks re..update coming up..length pe mat jaao…bhavnaon ko samjho

@Shriya..Suraj plays the most important role in Shanak's life..always brings them together,,,use acha kya??

@Simi..GF tho nahin hai..but was generally a good timer…

@Ujjwala..HAILA>..what a lamba comment..I of course remember you from my previous stories,you know I shall always remember you as the first one who commented on the 'song aspect' in my first story..do continue reading and press like..that is if you like it..

@Ammu…thank yu…I LOVE shaan;s friends too..they are actually inspired by my real life college friends

@Sweetshona..thank you, my dear

@Anu…THANK YOU THANK YOU…your comments have always made me feel like a writer..as for Shaan;s glasses..hmm..shall think of something..IT IS A BEAUTIFUL SONG…there is something about trains and YOU said it all di…and the way you imagine shanak…adds that special touch to my story..love you for it..always,.now tell me..wassup with your FF?...

@Vaish…haylo…longer comments..hehe

@Deepali..thanks re

@Shiksha..here you go sweetie..next update coming soon

@Aussiegal..here you go..well before the weekend

@Vat..no not much of GF history…at least have not planned yet..but dekhte hai

@Dishban..I hope to meet your expectations re

@Lana..tere liye update,,aur tu itni late…thanks for your beautiful comments re..there is a lot speculation and expectation around the how of the marriage..I hope to reveal it slowly..bit by bit.. and hopefully that shall also bring them closer..bit by bit…KATRA KATRA…love you for your observations and hope..

@Rooji..mmm hmmm…when have I heard that before..thanks dear

@Zaara..thank yu re…


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saaaz IF-Dazzler

Joined: 30 November 2010
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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 10:21pm | IP Logged


Saturday 2am..Hostel 7, Room 201

He has not slept a wink. He knows he should. His body should have given way, it was a long day..his mind takes over every time the body gets him to the shuteye point. His eyes shut only to show him images of ..what was it the hostelites were calling it..Shaan ka Kaand!!! What did HE do? His Mom was right, what was he thinking? He was not..wish his mind had taken over then..it had not..his heart did..He closes his eyes..Suraj's bandaged face..trembling hands..pleading eyes..he opens his eyes..

Khanak: (soft voice travels across the beds): Aapka koi bhai ya behen hai?

Shaan: (surprised but answers without moving):  Haan, I have an elder brother..aur tum?..only child right..?

Khanak: (soft voice again): Hmm..shaadi ho gayee..?

Shaan: Kiski?

Khanak: (now turns to her side): Aapke Bhai ki..

Shaan: (rubs his forehead and runs his hand through his hair): OH!.. Haan..

Khanak: Kahan rehte hai?

Shaan: Mom Dad ke saath..My mom and Bhabhee run a fundraising company. Woh..its like a..company jo gareeb aur anarth bachon ke liye..paise jamma kartee hai..

Khanak: (turns on her back): OH!!..aapke peetajee bahut namr hai..

Shaan: (rubs his face on his hand to hide his smile, whispers): Namr?!!..aur MOM?

Khanak: (smiles at him in the dark, whispers): Kiski??

Shaan: (smiles at her in the dark, turns to his side..he cannot see her expression..but can hear her bangles and anklets clinking..she is definitely moving..):  Where you going?

Khanak: Mujhe pyaas lagee hai..bahut garmee hai..itne chaadhar kyun hai bister pe? ..

Shaan: (with a small smile):  Kya tum hamesha se itni batein kartee ho?

Khanak:  (rolls her eyes, she has been asked that before): Aap paani peeyenge?

Shaan: Do you know where it is? (gets up to switch on the light on the nigh stand)

Khanak switches on the bed light..and there under the light emanating from the small bulb in between their beds..their faces are inches apart..their knees almost touching..their hands next to each other on the night stand..her's on the switch..he still seated..face up..hand stretched..she bent towards him..her mangalsutra dangling in between them..and suddenly it occurs to each of them..

SHE is beautiful..Mere pati..I need to sleep..its 2am..I should sleep!

He points to where the water is..and lies back on the bed. Some minutes later, she returns to find him fast asleep, she switches off the light, and some minutes later, sleep switches her off..


Saturday 3pm..ITI Dean's office

Shaan and Khanak stare at Dean Chowdhry. Khanak is a little nervous..Shaan is irritated..

Dean Chowdhry: I know Shaan, I brought you out of your team session..but this is extremely important.  As you know, all our hostels are singles hostels and as husband wife, you two are staying together because the circumstances are..

Shaan: Sir..

DC: (turns to Khanak):  Humne yeh decide kiya hai ke tum dono ko counseling sessions attend karne padenge..yeh ek bada hadsa..

Shaan: Seriously??!!! Sir'with all due respect..

Khanak: Jee'?

DC: Shaan, please let me finish..Shreela shall be here in a minute..(turns to Khanak): Dr. Shreela meri wife hai aur head of Psychiatric counseling department Bombay University, tumhe chinta karne ki koyee baat nahin hai..AH! there she is..

Dr. Shreela Chowdhry despite being a Psychiatrist all her life could pass off as a movie star in her 40's. A Jayapradha from south indian movies of the 80's in cotton sarees neatly pleated and a round bindi adorning her forehead with hair tied into a bun. She enters her husband's office, her husband smiles at her and comes from behind his desk..and she smiles back at him..and notices the young lady in the room noticing them with a warmth on her face while Shaan is stiff with his hand on his face.

DC: (near her): Just as you guessed, he is reluctant..

Shreela: (reassuringly): Don't worry..

DC: (turns towards the youngsters): So, lets meet..this is Khanak..Khanak yeh Dr. Shreela hai and you know Shaan..

(Khanak stands up while Shaan remains seated)

Khanak: (with a small smile): Jee, Namaste.

Shreela: (smiles warmly): Namaste Khanak..Hi Shaan..

Shaan: Hello Ma'am.

DC: Why don't I leave you guys alone. I have a meeting in an hour so feel free.. (and leaves his office)

Shaan: (stands up suddenly):  Actually, I need to leave too..we are testing our prototype in a week, there is a lot of work to be done..

Shreela: I won't take much time..

Shaan:  I know that's not true, Madam.

Shreela: Stop being rude, Shaan, sit down.

(Shaan sits down and spreads his feet out with hands lazily on his knees, Khanak stares at him a bit shocked..she turns to Shreela and they exchange a small smile..)

Shreela: Khanak, kya Mumbai mein pehlee baar aayee ho?

Khanak: Jee nahin..main do baar aa chookee hoon..meri ek kareebee dost ki shaadi yaha huyee thee..

Shreela: Acha..do you have many friends?

Khanak: Haan..lekin kareebe sirf teen ya chaar..Baroda University mein do and then Gopi..

Shreela: Gopi?

Khanak: Suraj's  sister.

(Shaan looks up, while Khanak tears a little..Shreela decides to continue..)

Shreela: So, ek dost Bombay mei rehtee hain..kya uske saath rehna pasand karogee?

Khanak: Nahin..main Suraj ke yahan rehna chahtee hoon

Shreela: Lekin tum Shaan ke saath rehtee ho.

Khanak: Haan.. kyunkee hamaree shaadi ho chukee hai. He is my husband.

Shaan stares at her..and Khanak stares back at him..his hard expression softens..

Shreela: Shaan, do you feel the same?

Shaan: (while still staring at Khanak): What do you mean?

Shreela: It is a hard situation for you..asaan nahin hai..Khanak was to be your friend's wife.

Shaan: (moves his eyes back to Shreela): I don't understand. Do you think I am not aware of this? My friend died, I married his fiance. Ma'am what part of this is so difficult to get..? (suddenly raising his voice a bit): Don't you watch Bollywood? such stuff happens all the time..if you don't mind, I need to get back to reality, I have a prototype to take care of.

Shaan stands up..in a huff..swings his Jansport on his shoulder..does not know what comes over him when he says..'See you soon, wifey!'..and walks out the door. Khanak stares at the shut door..looks at Dr. Shreela.

Shreela: (pats her hand..decides to change the topic): Tumne Music mein BA kiya hai.

Khanak: Jee.

Shreela: Instrumental?

Khanak: Jee nahin..Hindustani Classical Vocal..aur light music..bhajan, ghazal, lok geet..

Shreela: Yahan Kendriya Vidyalaya school mei music teacher's assistant ki opening hai, will you be interested?

Khanak: Jee..pata nahin..

Shreela:  Take your time. Monday ko bata saktee ho. (holds her hand..)..choti si shuruwat..

Khanak: Jee..

(DC enters his office..Khanak leaves..He raises his eyebrows to his wife..)

Shreela: We have to try something else here..slow and steady..



Katra Katra miltee hai..


Review Mandatory


Next Part- Page 15

Edited by saaaz - 13 June 2011 at 9:39pm

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rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 10:22pm | IP Logged
Sorry sorry sorry...

Am back...

So reading your update it seems Shaan married her out of the goodness of his heart but it also seems he was attracted to her...

and If i'm not wrong I would say that she is attracted to him too but unconsciously!

As for Suraj it really is sad how he met his untimely death.

I love the fact that you are bringing some sort of old RBO style!

Anyways your little story, which has a title based on a song (i love that song! Rekha and Nassarudin two of my fav. actors!) I am watching Hum Tum right now and OMG ur story is almost the same characterization of the guy in the beginning and girl too. 

I can't wait for the next part!!!

Loved it how you showed all of them thought she doesn't know how to read and write. lol

Update soon!

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
@Rooji..Thank you so much for your comments...yep, the revelation of Khanak was intentional..and as for the movie..isnt HUM TUM the rani and saif starrer...??yes, the song seems to be a popular favorite..mine too...next update up missy.

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