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FF- Katra Katra- Part 25-141, Pt 26-145, Pt 27-148 (Page 102)

Anu80 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by saaaz

Originally posted by _sweetshona

Romantic update...har update mai 1kiss daltihi jaana...bt saaz n anybdy tell me...shanakme pyaar kb hua agr nhi to wo kiss kaise kar sakte hai...kaunse part me unhone apna pyarka ijhar kiya?im confuzd...saaz plz rply Day Dreaming

Hmm..How can they kiss each other if they have not said I love you to each other?? or have expressed their love for each other..

Their physical proximity is an expression of how emotional they are feeling for each other..and they CAN kiss becos they are married..

they express their love for each other in small ways, their care for each other is felt by both of them...

yeh kahani katra katra dikhayegee unn dono mei pyaar...iss kahani mei list of TO DO things nahin honge..jaise ke ..milna, ek doosre ke kareeb aanaa, I love you bolna aur phir kiss..
asal zindagee aise thodee chal tee hai...pyaar ka izzhaar unn choti choti baaton, hassi mazaak aur roz martaba ek doosre ke saath bitaya hua lamhe mein hota hai.. iss kahani mei pyaar ka izhaar kuch iss tarah ka hoga...

Pyaar bahut badi cheez hai..kiss aur I love you bahut choti..hamare jhadge, faisle, milna, bhichadna, mannana, kiss karna, pyaar mei doob jaana, saath mei khana ya ghoomna, ya phir nahin karna..sab kuch ..sab kuch milaake pyaar banta hai...

so true...brilliantly written...
Saazism or shall it be coined Saazgyaan... respect lady!! the depth in your writing is a reflection of your heart!! I am so happy that if not in person atleast virtually we are friends.. or atleast acquainted with you!!

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iluvmanar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
tarik pe tarik...and here kiss pe kiss...lmao...

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jparker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
Part 1...
Simplicity always catches my eye.. it intrigues me, it creates something within me.. I like the simple lines.. the friendly ease in between suraj-shaan... it is so strong. That bond seems unbreakable.. It appears that the two are poles apart yet they feel the same things... know each other inside out...
Then suddenly the scenario changes to a strange eerrie situation.. gut wrenching.. again it is portrayed with a brilliance... sheer simplicity...  Kudos saaaz... I am reading parts all over again.. and as I read I will reply..
Re-read part 1... Another thing that struck me was the fact that the reactions dont give out anything.. makes it even more intriguing.. the situation shows that a deep concern is there lurlking in Shaan's simple movements and gestures... and Khanak's soft acknowledgement of that... with her respect...
Beautiful saaaz...
Part 2 coming up...
Kartik, Harshad, Murli... this trio are super awesome!! The guys can't get any better... and Shaan a perfect foil!! Yet there is something between the two.. that jhijhak.. what is it that keeps the two like this.. there is nothing to suggest that these two communicate.. yet.. when it comes to knowing they are like in tune with each other...
like when she simply speaks softly.."Main Suraj ke kamre mein rehna chaahti hoon" And he moves... wowww... your wish is my command... beautiful saaaz...

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lghosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
Saaazzyyy...there he closed the door loudly & here there was a loud noise, I fell from my couch...THUD!! Day Dreaming Aaja tujhe iss update ke liye jhappi zor se!! Hug
Love, love, loved it!! It was sweet & beautiful!! They have not only opened up nature wise to each other but they r opening up about their feelings for each other as well. Big smile I loved how in a typical husband style he said 'I never get a minute with u, why did u go away when I came down for breakfast?'...that had full 'haq' & he had no inhibitions to show it to her. He didn't stop midway or change any words to end the sentence. This itself shows they r so intimate now.
Her indulgent smiles, her gently chiding him about having no patience & about his being a little rude to Amit also shows how she now has the 'haq' to admonish him if she wants to! And hahahaha Amit understood Shaan's jealousy & all the more he butted his comments in to rub it on Shaan! LOL 
And that scene of them sitting near the lake all hungry, do u know what it reminded me of? Their sitting there on  a previous occasion where she went humming & he sat looking at her & their slippers lying side by side! I wanna know is it like that still or has it come to the stage where its lying all tangled up together?? Big smile The journey is halfway across the circle now. Saaz sach mein teri story is amazing. And meri Ma take it slow, I want to savour every details henceforth so take ur time in the narrative to give us every little minute information. I want this story to continue, for a long long long time, khabardaar jo tu ne iss ko itni jaldi khatam kiya toh. I will throw a massive tantrum otherwise & sab paltan ko bulaoongi mujhe join karne ke liye!!
And another aspect in their relationship that caught my eye here is though they r coming close to each other, though they look forward to spending time with each other, though they want to stay with each other they never try to suffocate one another, they give ample space to each other.
He saw her going to the room, he didn't stop her, she saw him talking to the guy, she didn't call him to come with her, she gives him time to study, eat & goof with his friends, he does the same about her practice, work & her time with Mohita & Pooja! I like this, they demand but not unreasonably, give each other the freedom they need. Or else the relationship wouldn't be so sweet like it is now, the frictions would have started immediately.
And he is now comfortable enough to talk about his family & how gently she nudges him to call his mom! A typical woman, always trying to hold the family together. Nice touch there. Sach mein Saazy tere yeh do, masoom 'Laila Majnu' bahoot pyaare hai! I really like & love them equally.
And the last part, the sweetest of all, she called his name & was rewarded by a kiss again. What will he do if she calls him by his name in public?? LOL Ok the entire sequence was beautiful, her humming in the bathroom & his listening to her, his taking the dupatta & putting it in his jansport, to keep a part of her always with him even when she is not physically present with him!! So sweet, so cute!! Day Dreaming But if the 'pantar' gang ever sees the dupatta Shaan will have it!! LOL I can imagine all the songs having the word 'churni, dupatta, odhni' will be sung loudly to the entire campus to hear!! LOL And poor Shaan, uska chehra toh dekhne layak hoga!! ROFL But on a sweeter note she is so a part of his existence now!
What about her? Does she feel the same way too? Does she have something of him with her as well?
And his disappointment at her going away & she realised he is unhappy & her coming back & asking should she stay back...brilliant Saaz! This is what marriage is all about, the give & take, the understanding, the dependency, the help, the comfort level & love, all these from both partners makes the journey easy & cherishable!! He didn't want to spoil her plans & she understood his unhappiness & came back...a perfect synchronisation!
And the kiss itself was beautiful!! And this time no excuses but a direct proper kiss with all the possible 'haq', intention & love, a perfect melodious symphony! Day Dreaming
Finally 'sapnon mein bahene do'...waited so long for this! Big smile But I think she is not left 'pyaasi' & doesn't want to remain so! WinkLOL
Saazy now next update pls pls pls start from this moment, I want to know & see how each will feel after the kiss, the initial shock followed by shyness, then the full bloom response of both, pls details mein likhna. Wanna see their each & every reactions after this, how comfortable they r or will they go away soon to recover their breath & then the realisation sinks in of what happened? If any second thoughts or any afterthoughts progresses from here, mujhe sab jaan na hai! Or even if they r happy about it & take it from there, that too I wanna know. EmbarrassedBig smile 
And I also want to know what was their reaction after they came out from Dr. Shreela's room. How they reacted, did they talk about it at all, did they decide anything, were they busy in their own thoughts or were they gauging each other trying to understand what the other was thinking...details de pls!!!! Its helps me to analyse the characters.
And was this 'Shantanu main reh jaoon?' & his 'rahe jaao Khanak" meant to be the answer to Dr. Shreela's question?? Is he asking her to stay back only for this moment or from moving to Hostel 11?? I would like to think for both but will wait to see what u have got planned for this.
Ok get ready to be nagged by me about next update!! And pls will u update in the weekend as well? Pls bata dena then will be around to catch it for sure! Big smile Thumbs Up for this one!! Thumbs Up Too good!!

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jparker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
PArt 2...
The last line... as he sees her feeling the things.. the bed, the desk.. the stuff that is there.. thinking that it belongs to Suraj.. and then when he says the last bit...
I felt like everything around Khanak shattered then... like as if the loss of Suraj was not enough, this feeling that she had was snared away too.. even if it was done unknowingly bu Shaan... Gosh that pain... she must have felt...

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snehapatro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
Saaz i read all 4 parts at a time part 18th to part20 awsomeee updates...ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
awsome convo of akki shan...and yaa harilal...LOL...thankgod no more tina...LOL...lovely cute shanak convo...OMG andhere mai shanak romance wah wa wah wa... ClapClap...and shan friends are tooo funny they cracked me up with their songs..haha...and dupatta bangle part was tooo awsomee...reh jao khanak aww and then OMG OMG shanak Kiss so wats next Saaz waiting for next update..Big smile

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lghosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 1:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SachDJ

Love your update saaz. Shaan is getting possesive...or at least, seems to want to feel like she belongs to him. Khanak is loving it quietly.

I really like the part where they give space to each other, how she assumes that he was discussing work with the guy at hostel, how he did not no to her when she said she was going out, even if he was disappointed. He asked her to stay only when she asked.

And that kiss again. sweet Smile . I want their reactions...what they are thinking...

They are probably not thinking, so let me rephrase that, what they are feeling Smile

Haila DJ now u r reiterating my thoughts!! Why didn't I read all the comments? Teri comments parti toh main apna thesis nahi likhti!! Simply Ditto bol deti! LOL

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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lghosh

And was this 'Shantanu main reh jaoon?' & his 'rahe jaao Khanak" meant to be the answer to Dr. Shreela's question?? Is he asking her to stay back only for this moment or for moving to Hostel 11?? I would like to think for both but will wait to see what u have got planned for this.
Eeek !! I thought so too ! But thought maybe it was a long shot...!
But certainly that "reh jaaon" seemed to be in relation to the moving out of his room only !!
I am glad sumone else too thinks like me...I thought I was going insane thinking too muchLOLLOLLOL

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