Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

New MG FF: Living A Double Life updated:Mod note pg14 (Page 4)

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nice intro
update soonnn
thanks 4pm

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interesting cs nd intro
cant wait 4 more
con soon
plz do add me 2 ur pm list

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Part 1


Nestled in the horseshoe-shaped cove on the Gulf of Mexico, Jacob Pass was a gorgeous little town with dark past. By day, the pastel building shimmered like jewels in the heat, but come twilight, a pervasive uneasiness settled over the picturesque landscape. Doors were locked, window blinds drawn. The entire community seemed to hold a collective breath as if waiting anxiously for dawn to come and banish the night creatures back to their holes. It had been that way for over thirty years...ever since the first body had been found.


Geet Handa glanced at the sky as she strode towards the pier, where she'd left her car. The day was slipping away. Already the sun had started to sink below the treetop and in another hour, dusk would be upon her. But it wasn't the old murders that made Geet worry about coming dark. She fingered the scar at the base of her neck as a chill slid over her. Sometimes when she lay alone in her bed at night, she could still feel her assailant's hands on her body, his hot breath on her face. But it did no good to dwell on her fears. The attack had been over a year ago. It was over and done with. She'd survived the brutal assault and her testimony had sent the perpetrator to prison. He wouldn't hurt her, or anyone else, ever again. The only thing she had to be afraid of now is her loneliness. And the gnawing dread deep inside that she would grow old alone, that she would live a life devoid of passion and love because she couldn't let go of the past. Couldn't stop dreaming about a man who no longer existed. May never have existed except in a young moonstruck mind. What frighten Geet even more were those rare occasions when she took a long, hard look at herself in the mirror and allowed herself to witness the passage of time. She was still a young woman, not even thirty, but she thought she would be married with a family of her own by now. Instead, she spent her days catering to the whims of her tyrannical employer, whose sole joy of life was making those around her miserable.


At the thought of Savitri Devi, Geet hurried her steps. She hadn't meant to linger so long in town, but her outings were few and far between these days and the June whether was so perfect. Hot, yes, but a hint of rain cooled the breeze that blew in from the gulf. Still, Geet knew she should have headed back hours ago. Savitri would be upset by her tardiness, and when Savitri Devi got upset, there would be hell to pay. But her brief escape had been worth it, Geet decided. With the wind whipping at her skirt and tossing her dark hair, she felt younger and more carefree than she had in years. She supposed it was silly to feel old at 29, but on days when Savitri was especially difficult, Geet swore she could feel her youth waning. She considered herself strong and resilient- she would never had returned to Jacob's Pass otherwise, no matter how sweet the deal- but Savitri Khurana could try the patience of a saint.


Always difficult, the woman's disposition had deteriorated as rapidly as her health. She'd never quite recovered from a stroke 2 years ago that had left her confined to a wheelchair for the better part of 6 months. It only had been through sheer determination and a plain old stubborn streak that she could now get around with a cane and her speech patterns were almost back to normal, although her voice had grown quite feeble in the past years. She was thin and birdlike, but her appearance had always been deceptive. Beneath the frail-looking demeanour were a backbone of steel and a heart of stone. Savitri Khurana was not a kind woman, but there had always been something about her that Geet admired and respected. And, of course, at one time they'd shared something common ' a complete and utter devotion to Maan Singh Khurana. Savitri's grandson had been the apple of her eye and the love of Geet's life until he'd taken off without a word 12 years ago. Neither woman had been the same since he left, and perhaps that was why Geet could exercise more restraint in dealing with the cantankerous Savitri than her own family could. Geet understood better than anyone how desolate and bitter life could be without Maan.


Lifting her face to the warm sea breeze, she paused to admire the scenery as she neared the pier. The tiny cove was dotted with fishing vessels and motorboats putting back for the day and she loved to watch them. Loved imagining herself at the prow of some great ship, arm's spread wide as Maan's powerful hands held her steady and safe. But she wouldn't think anymore about Maan today. What was the point? He'd been gone for over a decade. Dead for all she knew. He'd left town one night without looking back...just a few weeks after the gruesome discovery was made on the Mess Island. Not that there was any connection. No matter the rumours at the time, Geet refused to believe that Maan had been part of that depravity, that...evil. Besides, he'd only been a baby when the original murder occurred, and Geet was a firm believer in the one-killer theory. The other scenario ' that 2 brutal psychopaths had preyed on the same tiny community 18 years apart ' was unfathomable.


The first victim had been a young school teacher named Tasha. She'd been missing for nearly 2 weeks when her mutilated body had been found in the cove. Faced with a jittery community, the local police chief had insisted that the murder was an anomaly. The poor woman had either fallen victim to a jealous lover or a deranged drifter passing through town. There was no need for a mass panic and, anxious to believe they were still safe in their homes, the town's people had eagerly accepted the explanation. And than 18 years later, another mutilated body had been found on the Mess Island by some teenager who'd gone to party there. A search of the tiny islet had turned up 6 more bodies in varying degrees of decomposition. A forensic anthropologist called in to help with the identification had concluded that the women had died within 5 year period of one another. According to the forensic anthropologist, all the women had been in their mid-to late-twenties and all of them had been tortured. Geet had been 17 at that time, just starting to spread her wings, and she vividly recalled the terror that gripped the community in the aftermath of the discovery. Her father, like every other parent in Jacob's Pass, had clamped down on her additional activities to the point of suffocation. If not for her secret assignations with Maan, Geet would have gone stir crazy.


But as close as she and Maan were at that time, she'd never told him of her deepest fear...that whatever had happen to those poor women on Mess Island could have been prevented by her. Perhaps it was hubris on her part to take on that kind of responsibility, but Geet had known something terrible had occurred in the island long before the first body was ever found. She'd been gripped with a terrible feeling of foreboding the moment she first set foot on the beach. If only she'd said something then, but who would have believed a 12 year old kid? Maybe what she felt that day had been nothing more than the culmination of the legends she'd heard all her life. Those legends were the reason she'd gone t the island in the first place. Her 7th grade class had been studying local culture and she'd badgered her father into borrowing a boat and taking her out to the island because it was so steep in history and folklore. Mess Island had been inhabited by a handful of families who one by one had migrated to mainland until all that remained on the tiny clump of the land were the abandoned homes and an old church. Teenagers looking to party and occasional ghost hunter or archaeologist, no one ever went to the island anymore. Legend had it that the island was an old Indian burial ground, and at the time, Geet thought all the talk among her classmates had probably fuelled her imagination. She hadn't said anything to her father about her uneasiness, but as they'd walked through the deserted houses, she'd become more and more agitated. When they reach the old church, she hadn't been able to go inside. She couldn't physically make herself step through the door. It was as if some dark force held her back.


Five years later, the first body had been found in that same church. Geet had no way of knowing whether one of the poor victim had been inside the day she stood trembling  on the threshold, or whether her fear had been forewarning of what was to come. She hadn't talked about that experience to anyone, even Maan. Especially not Maan, because she hadn't wanted him to laugh at her. Hadn't wanted him to think of her as an immature child prone to exaggerations. Bad enough that he'd caught her spying on him. Tucking her hair behind her ears, Geet searched the water. This time of the day, Mess Island was barely a speck against the deepening horizon, but she spotted it easily because she knew where to look.  Funny how after all this time, when she let herself reminisce, that same sensation of dread came back to haunt her.


"Geet! Geet Handa!"

Geet had no idea how long she'd been standing there gazing out at the island when she heard her name being called. She whirled and saw a young woman on the other side of the street waving frantically to get her attention. Geet lifted her hand in response, and then watched as the person sprinted across the street in front of oncoming traffic.

"Watch out!" Geet called.

With a little shriek, Meera Kapoor jumped to the curb just as the car swished past her. Then she gave a breathless laugh. "Whew, that was a close one!"

"Are you okay?" Geet asked concerned.

Instead of answering, Meera lifted her sunglasses and gave Geet a quick look. "So it really is you?" she said almost in wonder. "When I first spotted you over here, I almost didn't recognise you. You look so different."

"I 'm wearing my hair shorter," Geet murmured. She didn't like talking about her appearance.

"You've lost weight too." Meera continued to study her. "If I hadn't heard you were back, I never would have known." Geet smiled. "It's been a while. I guess we've all changed." "Not me," Meera declared. "I look exactly the same as the day we graduated from high school. I haven't aged a bit." She was joking, of course, but her freckled complexion and impish features did make her look about fifteen. She had a young outlook on life, too. Geet had always admired Meera's sunny personality. Good humour seemed to radiate from her green eyes. Geet on the other hand...

The mental reflection she conjured up didn't please her so she exiled her image to the far recesses of her mind.  The years hadn't been kind to her. Loneliness had taken a toll, she feared. And so had the attack.

"I heard few weeks ago that you were back." Meera was saying, a subtle accusation creeping in her tone. "But I refused to believe it. I kept thinking that if you really had moved back, I'd be the first one to know. Me being your best friend and all." "I'm sorry Meera. I've been meaning to call ever since I got back, but it's been pretty hectic. The move was kind of sudden, and I had so many things to take care of..." Geet trailed off with an apologetic shrug.

Meera nodded. "I imagine that old lady keeps you hopping, too." She pushed her glasses to the top of her head. The dark brown wisps that escaped and framed her face made her look even younger. "What's she like these days? She was a regular tyrant when she had to come to the hospital for physical therapy after her stroke. I never personally had to deal with her, thank god, but I heard some nurses complaining about her impossible demands. I have to give the devil her due, though. Even her own doctors thought she'd never walk again, but she showed them, she showed everyone."  "She's an amazingly strong woman." Geet agreed. "That doesn't answer my questions." Meera said "how is she to work for?"  "She's...challenging." Geet said after a slight hesitation and Meera laughed. "You are much too tactful. Me? I have no trouble calling them as I see them, but you were always too much of a lady to speak your mind. I see you haven't changed in that regard." "Well she is my employer." Geet said carefully. Unless she wanted to find herself out of a job, a certain amount of discretion was warranted. Meera's expression sobered. "Why did you come back Geet? Last I heard you had a great job. You must have been doing well for yourself, and everyone knows that Savitri Khurana so so tight she squeaks when she walks. So don't tell me she made you an offer you couldn't refuse because I wouldn't believe it. There had to be something else."  " There was. Dad's getting old and there was no one but me to look after him. And I need a change." Understanding, Meera smiled. "Now, that I can appreciate. I am kind of a in a rut myself. Sometimes I get so bored with my life in this town, I could just scream. Which is why I had a hard time understanding why you'd leave the big D and come here, but I forgot about your dad. He had a heart attack last year, didn't he? That must have been a scary time for both of you."


Scary and difficult trying to take care of him while holding down a full time job and dealing with the aftermath of her assault. There were days when Geet hadn't wanted to crawl out of the bed, but somehow she'd made it through the ordeal. She was stronger and healthier now, but facing her own morality had changed her. Some days it was almost as if she was a stranger in her own body, and she'd grown more and more restless with each passing day. And then a chance meeting with Dev Singh Khurana, Savitri Devi's son, in the lobby of her office had precipitated a bit of soul searching. Geet had found herself dwelling on all the loose ends in her life that needed to be resolved, one way or other. After exchanging pleasantries, Dev had left his card, telling her to call if she ever needed a job. 2 days later Geet had called him, but his offer had taken her completely by surprise. Rather than a administrative position similar to the one she held with her current job, he'd wanted her to become Savitri Devi's personal assistance and companion. He'd told her that his mother no longer went into the office, but she still had her fingers in the business. She required someone to work as her liaison in board meeting, someone rather than the family that she could trust. She also needed someone to talk to. He was worried that she was too much alone and that her solitude was causing her mind to slip. "Geet?" she snapped herself back to the present conversation. "I am sorry. You were saying?"  "Your dad's okay now, isn't he?"  "Yes thank goodness. But he still has to limit his activities and watch his diet." "Well his lucky to have you to help him. And you're to have him. Meera said wistfully. "I remember how close you used to be. I always envied your relationship." Meera's father had died when she was young, and a string of step father followed. Geet had lost her mother too when she was young, but rather then remarrying, her father had devoted his life to raise her. He had left his job as a driller at the Khurana enterprise, an oil exploration firm, to become the caretaker at the family estate so that he wouldn't travel. He had provided her with a warm and cosy home. "We need to get together soon," Meera insisted. "We have ton of stuff to catch up on." "I'd like that," Geet said with a smile. "Just give me a little more time to settle. I'll call you." "Promise?" "Of course." "Because if you don't, I'll eat you," Meera said "I still have your dad's number." "I am not at dads," Geet said quickly. "I'm living in the main house."

The living arrangements had been one of Dev's strongest selling points for the job. He told her that she would have her own suite of rooms with a private entrance. When his mother didn't need her, she'd be able to come and go as she pleased. She could use the pool, the tennis courts...whatever she wanted. The mansion would be her home. Her home...but not quite the way she'd dreamed it would be. She took a pen and paper from her purse. "Here, I'll give you my cell number." She scribbled the number, and then offered the paper to Meera. But the other woman's attention was caught by something behind Geet.  She turned and saw several men standing beneath the pier.

"What are they doing?" Geet asked curiously. "They must have caught something. Someone hauled a shark the other day," Meera grabbed Geet's arm in excitement. "Let's go and see." "I can't. If I don't get back soon, Savitri will be upset." "Oh, let the old biddy rot just this once. It won't hurt her." Meera grinned, "Come on. Let's go a take a look." Before Geet could refuse, Meera pulled her towards the pier. As they neared, Meera called out to one of the man, "hey Yash!" Geet recognised Yash Khanna from high school. Her father had mention that he was now a deputy with the country sheriff's office, but he wasn't in the uniform today. He had on shorts and sandals and looked as if he'd just come from fishing. When he spotted Meera, he waved. "What is it? Did someone catch another shark? She asked. Slowly he shook his head. Meera started across the sand towards him, and he left the group to meet her half way. He stood between Meera and the men, but Geet remained few steps behind them and her view was clear. In a gap left by Yash departure she was a pale arm stretched out on the sand. Geet came to an abrupt stop, her mouth going dry with dread. Yash must have heard her gasp because he glanced at her before putting his hands on Meera's shoulder. "You don't want to go over there." "Why not?" Meera tossed back her hair. "I have seen a shark before." "It's not a shark." It was Geet who spoke instead Yash. Meera turned in confusion. "What is it ten?"  Geet's gaze lifted to Yash's who nodded. "It's a body." "What?" Meera whirled back to face him, her hand flying to her mouth. "Oh dear god, who is it? Someone we know?" he hesitated "hard to say. I'm not sure I've ever seen her before." "Her?"  "It's a woman." He said in a hushed tone. "I know that much." "Maybe I'd better have a look." Meera said. "I don't think that's a good idea," Yash still had his hand on Meera's shoulder and Geet saw something flicker in his eyes that chilled her blood. "He is right," Geet said. "Maybe we'd better go." But Meera remained adamant. "You two just chill. I'm a nurse, remember? I can handle it." Yash shook his head. "You may be a nurse, but I doubt you've seen anything like this. Trust me on this one, Meera. You don't want to see that poor woman's face."


Do hit the like button and please comments as well as I need to know how the part is.

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i have a question : was geet by any chance r****?Cry...i hope not...

fantastic start...i could actually visualize the whole thing...Clap

waiting for the hero or villain...whatever you have made out of HIM...Wink

continue soon...Smile

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What a start.  Nice build-up to the mystery/thriller.  Please add me to your PM list.

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amazing part...great start to build d mystery...cont soon n do pm me d nxt part...

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cont sonn
pls do pm me...

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