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the kingmaker - maaneet (ss) part 5 pg 15 updated

jwalamukhi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 3:11pm | IP Logged
This was my first ff which i started but left in the middle due to some personal i will complete the remaining parts...

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jwalamukhi IF-Dazzler

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jwalamukhi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 3:31pm | IP Logged

Scrolls running all along news channels." Death of Prime minister Madhusudhan". Whole country was shocked to hear the news. Whole nedia is trying to figure out what really happened. All party leaders were giving their statements and shock regarding the incident.

At prime minister's residence almost all party leaders and many citizens were gathered expressing their deep grief. Madhusudhan  had only one son Maan. Madhusudhan was very busy all the past years in working for the party and bringing back to power and he was successful in that. He totally ignored his son. This created a huge vacuum between father and son. Maan left home and used to stay alone working for a gym as an instructor. His father never bithered about that. Infact he was never concerned about his son. When he was in college madhusudhan desired to send maan abroad for higher studies but maan didnot show any interest in studies. He didnot take anything seriously in his life. Madhusudhan soon realized that it is a matter of waste  to talk about maan's future as maan never listened to anyone. Maan took his degree in arts and did some special courses in fitness training. Maan's view about life is to lead a simple and peaceful life without any expectations and luxuries.  When he saw the news of his father's death he rushed to the house and his heart  shattered when he found his father's body wrapped. though he loved his father he didn't had any opportunity to say that to his father. Everyone was consoling him.Some of the relatives came and were expressing their sorrow.Funeral completed.
At party office there were endless meetings regarding the next party leader."our party got power only because of madhusudhan. So if we want to make use of it we should make his son as party leader"' said one of the leaders in meeting. "No way. he is young , inexperienced and moreover he is not even a party member", said another leader. Suddenly another news almost shocked the party leaders . "two major parties decided to withdraw support for the ruling party". If this happens then there will be a major problem. All party leaders were having a weird feeling. Party leaders were having many puzzles and not knowing what step to take next.
As expected that two major parties withdrew their support and ruling party lost the power. Instead that two parties supported apposition party and its leader Janardhan became new primeminister. 

After 2 weeks...

Slowly the people around maan started to show their true colours. One by one the leaders started to leave the party joining in opposition party.
maan simply had a sigh of relief and returned to his usual routine. Past two weeks he got much of media attention which he actually not liked. 
Maan became busy with his work. He neither bothered about politics nor about his future. 

1 month later 

"Maan I had been waiting for ur call  from last one month. You were not bothered to call me atleast. For godsake iam your girl friend" anitha said irritatingly on phone. 

"oho anitha I just wanted to keep you away from the attention of all the media. Thatswhy i didn't called you. Next sunday Iam shifting to kolkata to live with you forever. Now happy.", maan said smoothly.

"But what about the job, house and property?" anitha asked with a little doubt.

"those are all not mine.I donot want which i didn't earn" said maan in a stern voice.

"ok then I will be waiting for you maan" said anitha with a relief.

"see u then on sunday.I love u anitha" Said maan naughtily.

                                                                                                 to be continued...

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jwalamukhi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 3:50pm | IP Logged

"Anita u can't do this to me", maan said in a pleading tone on phone. "I will tell what actually happened. please don't take any hasty decisions. Within day or two I will be there with u". He was saying these words when his call got cut. Maan was furious this time. He was feeling so much betrayed by the decision of anita.

2 days back...

Maan was very happy that he is finally getting hitched with his lady love. He made all preparations for shifting to kolkata permanently. He was very excited. He packed all his things and was moving towards transport office. He sent all the luggage to kolkata and was moving out of the transport office when his cell rang. He could not identify as it was a new number. 
"Good evening Mr.Maan, Iam nainatara, personal secretary of Dev Singh Khurana", a female voice greeted him on receiving the call.
"Excuse me. I have no idea whom u are and why u are calling me"' replied maan in a frustrating tone.
"My boss wants u to meet u Mr.Maan. Would u like to join him in his office today.Its very important to both of you.", said nainatara in stern voice.
"See miss Nainatara I don't want to meet anyone.Better be away from me"' Maan said angrily and immediately cut the call".

Khurana mansion , New delhi

" Sorry sir. He is not accepting" , nainatara said to a 58yr old Mr Dev singh khurana.
"No problem. He will meet me and I will make him to meet me" while saying these words there was a victorious smile on dev's face
Maan's apartment

 As maan was leaving his friends alok and ram came to bid farewell to him. Finally maan was on his way to the station. He got a taxi and was about to enter when he heard a voice saying " Excuse me can u tell this address please". He turned back and saw a 22 yr old girl in green sari smiling and asking address.
He thought for a minute and decided to get into taxi without talking to her. But she said "please i had been searching this address past i hour, but still i couldn't reach".
Maan finally decided to help her with the address. He took the slip from her hand and was shocked to see that she was searching for him.
"This is my address and may i know who you are ?", asked maan in a state of confusion.
"OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u r maan. "'she jumped with excitement." Iam geet. My father told me to meet u ", said geet in a relaxing tone.
"wait a minute. Who are u and who is ur father and why he told u to meet me?".Maan asked her controlling his anger. From today morning he was fed up with these kinds of introductions and shocks.
"My father I mean  church father Mr. Roberts gave me ur address and said that I acn get ur help regarding my job."Geet said these words with slight fear in her voice after seeing maan's face.
"Look young lady Iam not a social worker who will be helping the need and poor.Neither iam a politician nor businessman to give any recommendation for job and I donot know who is Mr. Roberts.So,  i can't do anything . It is better to let me go".maan said angrily and got into taxi.
"sir please! don't do this to me. I came all over from bathinda ...Before she could complete maan tod the cab driver to move.
Geet was standing on the road with tears in her eyes seeing the taxi  which disappeared in that heavy traffic.

                                                                                           to be continued...

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jwalamukhi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 3:57pm | IP Logged

Maan reached railway station without any thought of the young girl who had met him just few minutes ago. He was only thinking of his future life with anita. He could think only of her because right now in this world he has no one to share his feelings. He sincerely wants to take their relationship to next level because he can't imagine his life without her. He got into the train and was busy in thinking about anita, when he got disturbed by a call from her.

Anita- hello maan

Maan- Hi sweet heart. missing me. Just a matter of few hours and then I will be with you forever.

The train was so crowded that he could not identify the change in anita's voice.

Anita- Maan please ...listen to me first. 

maan- ok...ok... tell me what u want to say

Anita- Plz don't think otherwise. Just get down from the train and go to the apartment. I will again call u after 1 hour.

Maan- u must be kidding right.maan asked her smiling although his heart was sensing some trouble.

Anitha- Are u crazy maan? What makes u to think that iam kidding at this point of time. I'm serious maan. Plz try to understand my situation. Just leave the station now. No need of coming to kolkata now. I will talk to you clearly after one hour. Plz maan just do what I say. 

Anita without listening to maan disconnected the call. Maan became restless. He was not knowing what actually happened to anita and why she was behaving like that. His concern and worry for her started to increase when he thought what if she was in any danger? He tried to call her back but there was no response. Cursing his luck he moved out of the station to reach apartment as soon as possible

Khurana mansion

Nainatara was pacing in her room past one hour.She was so much worried for her job. Dev Singh Khurana gave a dead line of just 24 hours to  her to convince maan. Earlier she handled these type of case very easily. She was appointed to give an upto date information on maan. She was doing her job very nicely. But today her boss ordered her to call maan to meet him. Obeying her boss orders she called him. Maan refused to meet dev. After that dev ordered her to convince maan at any cost to meet him the next day. If not her job will be at risk. Being a personal assistant to Dev she very well know that he can fire any employee without any prior notice. She was so much scared of losing her job. So finally she decided to deal with anita, maan's girl friend. That day evening she called anita.
She executed her plan and right now waiting for the result. She was so nervous about it. Finally she got the call  from anita. Anita's answer brought a huge relief for naiantara. She thanked god for saving her job.


After confrontation with maan, geet finally lost all hope and decided to get a new job in delhi at any cost. As she was new to that place she had no idea where to stay. As there was no other way she finally called Mr.Roberts to get details of any christian girls hostels in delhi. But to her bad luck  she couldnot reach him on phone. Not knowing where to stay that night she went into the near by temple to stay for a while there.

Geet- Oh God! please  protect me. Show me a way. Plz god. 

Geet was praying to god with tears in her eyes. She was not knowing what to do.
The priest of the temple saw geet and assured her that god will surely help her. She felt a bit relieved.As it was time to close the temple, geet came outside. Just then she saw a heavy truck colliding a taxi. Geet was in shock to see such a huge accident. But when she saw the person with blood all around falling from taxi as door opened due to heavy force of accident she became  speechless and said ..."maan".

First she thought of leaving him there only. But later she thought it will be inhumane to leave a person struggling for life in that condition. She then screamed for help and took maan to hospital.

                                                                                                       to be continued...

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smallville IF-Rockerz

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Pls continue

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suba2011 Goldie

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-Crayon- IF-Dazzler

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it's jst fantastic...!!!ClapClap
it's a very different concept ...luvd it Thumbs Up

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