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Pavitra Rishta May 26 2011 Written Update

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Written Update


At an orphanage


Thare are small kids playing outside, the boys are playing with a ball and the girls are jump roping. It is a happy atmosphere over there and some adults are there to supervise the children. Varsha and Vaishu arrive at the orphanage. Varsha is quiet and Vaishu asks her what the matter is? Varsha says that they are not the kids I was looking for. A lady who is a worker at the anath ashram asks Varsha what kid she is talking about. Varsha describes the girl she was looking for, the girl had big eyes and it was a little girl and she had long hair and she looks very cute. A little boy who was playing tells Varsha that she is talking about Rashmi. The anath ashram lady asks Varsha if she is looking for Rashmi. Varsha says yes. The lady says how will you find Rashmi here, a couple has already adopted her a few days ago. Varsha is shocked and asks how this could be, I just came here a couple days back and she was here. The lady says yes she was here but a couple has already done the process and adopted her. Varsha starts to become rude with the anath ashram lady and yells, how could you let them adopt her? Varsha puts up a fit that she was going to adopt them. The lady says I can understand your pain but we can't wait for you to adopt her. (Sorry, the sound gets cut off for 10 seconds so can't hear, sorry about that). But the next thing we hear is Varsha saying I was going to give Rashmi a good family, a good house, and I promised her I would give her motherly love. Vaishu tells Varsha to calm down and tells Varsha that it is not their fault. Vaishu explains that you may have loved that little girl but we can't deny that she has gone to live with someone else. Vaishu explains that there a lot more other kids here, so you can adopt one of them. Varsha shakes her head no. Vaishu says that you will get the same love from one of these children that you got from Rashmi. Varsha is now crying and tells Vaishu that she does not understand and that no one can take Rashmi's place for me. Varsha is angry and says that Rashmi and I had almost shared a mother daughter relation. She begins crying again and says she can't take another child and put them in Rashmi's place. Varsha yells at the anath ashram lady and says you should have stopped the couple from taking Rashmi. She tells that to Vaishu that they should have stopped the couple from adopting Rashmi. Varsha gets very emotional and leaves the orphanage. Vaishu is worried and she leaves as well.


Deshmukh House


Archana and baby Sachu are on the bed and Sachu is crying and playing with toys. Archana is giving love to the baby and Savita comes in the house and sees this. Savita also tries to calm Sachu down and asks Archana why Sachu is crying and she asks Archana to let him go. Sachu is still crying and gets off of Archana's lap. Savita tells Archana that she is very happy to see Archana love Sachu a lot. Archana smiles. Savita asks Archana if she can ask her a question and to tell the truth while answering me. Savita says since you love Sachu so much, you are about to get a kid of your own, will you love Sachu as much as the kid you will get? Archana's smile fades and Savita is shocked to see this. Baby Sachu has gotten quiet and is playing around now. Archana says I will give the answer to your question aai but first can you answer my question? Archana explains that if you answer my question you will probably get the answer right away to your own question. Savita looks a little confused. Archana asks Savita if she loved her son Manav or did she love her other son Sachin more? Savita is confused at the question and responds that both is my children and says I love them both, I have never compared them. Archana says then how can I compare between my 2 kids? Archana says I may have not given birth to Sachu but he is just like my son. Savita smiles at Archana. Archana says I will take full care of Sachu because he is my responsibility too. Archana says that I gave you and Shravani a promise that I will take very good care of Sachu and there is no need for you to worry aai, I will take care of Sachu even more than I will take care of my own child. Savita is very happy to hear Archana says this and Archana is happy too.


Deshmukh House at night


A knock comes on the Deshmukh House door. It is a drunken Damodar and he looks like he is in a bad shape. Archana opens the door for him and asks if he just got drunk. Archana is a little unhappy with Damodar because he had promised Archana that if he could come see her every day, he would never drink again. Archana says you broke your promise to me and you know bad of an effect drinking alcohol can have on you. Manav enters the room and Archana signals to him that Damodar has gone drunk. Savita comes in the room and tells Damodar to tell Manav what he has just done or why is your ladli bahu scolding you so much? Savita asks Archana if she does not know her sasur's habit. Savita says that he just wants an excuse to drink and when you guys were not in the home he used to drink and now that you guys have come home he is drinking happily. Damodar starts taunting Savita that she has never understood him before. Damodar tells Archana that Savita is right; I am drinking alcohol in celebration. A drunken Damodar goes to Manav and tells his son that he can't believe that this is happening; he thinks he is in a dream. He goes to Savita and tells her that he thought she was doing a natak in bringing ArMan back home but it was no natak. Damodar says this home has become a happy home now, with my son and bahu back in the house, the happiness has come back too but if someone tries to stop this from happening it will be bad. Savita tells Damodar no one will do anything to this house, if they do I will throw them out. She tells Damodar not to worry about these things, and I will take care of everything. Savita and Damodar begin talking in their own way and ArMan smile at the scene. Savita says if you try to drink one more time I will take your ladli bahu's hands and make her throw you out of the house. Damodar gets ready to hit Savita but Savita backs away from him in time and Damodar says my bahu is not like you, she will never throw me out of the house ever. ArMan are smiling at their way of talking to each other.


Deshmukh House the next morning


Archana is going down the stairs and goes outside and has an empty bucket and is going to fill up waiter. A chawl lady comes and talks to her friend. The chawl lady says this is Savita's bahu right? The friend says yes, this is Archana but when did she come here and how could Savita tai let her come into the house? (The neighbors are not aware of Savita accepting ArMan right now) Upstairs Savita is talking to her two friends and they are praising Savita on the fact that she has got her bahu back in the house. The chawl lady says that it does not sound lively when the kids are not in the home. Savita smiles and agrees. The chawl lady praises Archana on how good she is and now that she has came your house will be happy again. Savita says you are right but do you know why Archana is so good? The lady asks why. Savita says because she is my bahu in a happy voice. Both the ladies and Savita are really happy. Back down, Archana is having a difficult time in filling up the water, but she manages to fill up the bucket fully. She is having a very tough time and she is felling pain in her stomach. Savita is not aware of any of this and is still chatting with her friend. Suddenly the water starts to spill from the bucket. Archana is feeling very bad now and hangs onto the wall and tries to yell aai. The water has now mostly spilled on the ground. And right then, Savita stops talking to her friend and notices what has been going on to Archana .Savita is shocked, and now a whole group of people from the chawl notice this and help Archana get up. Savita asks Archana if she is ok and is rushing down the stairs to rescue her. All of the chawl people and Savita carry Archana up to the home. Inside the home, Archana is crying on the bed and Savita is telling Archana not to cry (but in a loving way). A lot of chawlvneighbors are in the house right now and ask Savita to get a doctor. They ask Savita to put some warm water on Archana and are insisting that Savita call a doctor as Archana's condition is getting worse. Manav comes in the house and is shocked to see Archana in this condition. He asks Archana if she is alright. Savita is crying and is telling Manav that Archana was filling up water and she fell down, she is telling her son about everything that happened and also tells him that they had all took her in the home. Savita is really worried for Archana's health. Manav is a little upset that his mother had not called the doctor yet. Savita requests Manav to call a doctor. Manav tells Archana that let's go to the doctor. Archana insists that she is fine, but Manav is really stern with her and tells her I will not listen to you today, let's go to the doctor. Archana tells Manav that is no use in going to the doctor as nothing can be done until the reports come. She requests Manav to give her a pain killer. Manav looks at his mother, and Savita says to Manav that she may say she is just fine, but I am really worried, please take her to the doctor and they can give her some medicines. Manav says yes and he tells his mother and wife to take care and he will be right back. Savita soothes Archana and tells her not to cry and is giving her nice strokes on her head.


At a friend's house


Sulochana and Vaishu are gone to a friend's house. The lady at the house's name is Mina. There is a little girl who looks to be about seven years old. The grandmother of the home is also there. She tells Sulochana that their luck is bad. The grandmother (who may be Mina's mom) is telling Sulochana that Mina got into a fight with her husband and you know how fights have a big impact on the jids, so she has come here to live here forever. Vaishu attends to the little girl (her name is Punkita) Vaishu goes to the girl and asks if she wants biscuit? The little girl Punkita says yes. Vaishu says you will have to tell me your name if you want a biscuit. Punkita tells Vaishu her name. Vaishu says good girl, and she gives her a biscuit. Vaishu lovingly asks Punkita what school she goes to. Punkita says I do not go to school. Vaishu and Sulochana look confused. Vaishu asks Mina's mother if Punkita goes to school. Mina's mother says she used to go, but for now she is not going to school. Sulochana asks why. Mina's mother says that the poor girl has divorced parents and it is really hard then to go to school. Mina's mother explains that her granddaughter Punkita always used to come home crying because of the family problems. She explains that she is very worried for Punkita and her future, and asks Sulochana for some advice. Mina's mother explains that it is really important for a child to be with their father too. This makes Vaishu sad as she is kind of in the same situation as Mina is. Vaishu is thinking that Caki is right, the same may happen to me, should I divorce Dharmesh or will I be able to take care of the baby on my own, she is wondering if she will be able to give the happiness to her child without a father.


Deshmukh House


Archana is in the kitchen working; Savita comes in the kitchen and tells Archana that she has found her. Savita tells Archana that she has looked everywhere around the house for her. Savita tells Archana off for working the kitchen and not resting. She says I told you to rest and you are working here in the kitchen. Archana saysyes, but Savita interrupt and tells Archana to rest and that she will give Archana her medicines. Savita says out loud that Archana talks so much but she never listens. Archana goes into the room and gets ready to wash the clothes. Savita sees this and says you are still working right now. Savita sternly tells Archana to sit down and not to work. Archana tries to argue but Savita is persistent and makes her sit down and tells her to take her medicine and then rest. Savita says I will call your mother, because until then you will not listen. Savita says I still you know your maayka's phone number. The phone rings at the Karanjkar House, Vaishu is there in the room but does not pick it up. Sulochana comes in the room and asks Vaishu why she did not pick up the phone but Sulochana picks it up anyway. Sulochana says hello and Savita tells Sulochana that it is me, and Sulochana asks how you are? Savita says I am fine but your daughter has forced me to call you. Sulochana is confused and asks what happened. Savita says I have kept telling her to rest, but she does not listen she continues to work, I am at home so I can do the work. Savita tells Sulochana it is important for Archana to rest these days she tell Sulochana about Archana's stomach hurting. Sulochana now looks worried. Savita reassures Sulochana that it is not something to be worried about because the doctor has put a normal report, but this girl will never listen to me. Sulochana says she will definitely listen to you Savita tai and I will also teach her but what were you saying about her stomach hurting, is everything ok? Savita says not to worry as the reports are normal. She tells Sulochana that Archana has listened to me now as she can hear our conversation. Savita says everything will be fine, they both hang up. Sulochana looks very worried for her daughter.


Manv walks in the hospital. He is praying in his head that the reports for Archana are ok. He opens the door and the doctor tells him to come in. Manav asks about the reports for Archana. The doctor says that she is looking at them, one minute. Manav looks very worried.  The doctor says that Archana's reports are normal. Manav is very happy and says that I am feeling relieved. The doctor says that Manav will get more relieved once the sonography reports arrive. They will says whats wrong. Manav asks if Archana has any complications, what will be the price? The doctor says, at the least 50,000 rupees. Manav thinks in his head that he will have to get that much money, because Archana and the child are very important for me.

Polices are coming inside Satish's house. Varsha and Satish are at the home and Satish asks who they are and what they need. The police says that Satish is under arrest. Satish asks why? The police says that he has a record of drugs. Satish and Varsha are shocked. (Must be Dharmesh doing this)


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Thank you very much...
I bet Darmesh  had framed satish on this...

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Thanks for the update. Dharmesh and Shibu's work. Could be Jaywant as well with them.

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Is it just me or does anyone else think Varsha is the most pathetic character? She thinks with her mouth open...She made a fuss coz of her own doings -i.e. aborted and lost a chance at motherhood, didn't inform authorities then blamed manav when they said she can't adopt coz of witholding information, then when she is allowed to adopt, she is making a song and dance coz she lost the chance of adopting that Rashmi kid through her own mistake of not telling the truth in the first place... She is really getting on my nerves coz she blames everyone but herself!!!

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Thanks for the lovely update Bhalla...

@Nadia - Agree with what you said about Varsha.. Smile

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i m fed up of tht mnotu...police wale bhaiya plz beat dharmesh tht atleast the fat in his head melts

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thanks for the update bhalla.
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thanks for the update bhallarox

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