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FF M&G... Lambi Judaai... Thread 1 (Page 81)

nainamaina Senior Member

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 6:37am | IP Logged

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maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 7:37am | IP Logged
awesome ... superb ...

thnx 4 d pm ...

continue soon ...

sorry 4 d late comment ...

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Eccentric.Being IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 11:10am | IP Logged

Hey Guys,

Sorry, I know I am late once again but can't help it at the time Unhappy, Life is sooo busy.

Liked part 24 to 27

Maan has changed due to loneliness that he had to bear but Geet can't handle that at the moment.

Maan has feelings for Geet but maybe they are buried deep. 

Dev is sick, Good that Maan gave him what he deserved, only hope that he will not create more problems.

Continue Soon

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XMaanxGeetX Senior Member

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Posted: 24 July 2011 at 11:00am | IP Logged

M&G…Lambi judaai…Part 28


The moment geet said they needed to talk maan thought that this was probably the right time as both were ready to talk so he agreed by saying that he had been wanting to talk as well

Maan: you're right, actually I was wanting to talk to you as well but so much has happened in the last two day that I couldn't find the right time.

Geet: maan I know you must be surprised seeing me here especially when you were with your…

Geet couldn't word the next word it was just too painful to think about how she had seen maan all over another girl.

Maan: look geet let me get something clear with you I haven't been in any serious relations there all off on so no need to be upset that I didn't tell you, as a matter of fact the girl you saw with me the other day I have broken up with her. so no worries.

Geet couldn't believe maan would say such things, she knew he probably wasn't serious about all these girlfriends he'd had, but to the extent of saying that 'no worries', playing with a girls feelings was not what she had expected from him, even if those girls were least bothered with the breakup and moving on with other boys.

Geet: maan you really have changed, how could you say such things and that too without any feelings, akhir aisa kya hogaya ki tum itne ruthless hogaye.

Maan: im sorry?, no feelings? geet how could you say that, and anyways this is all normal here so why are getting so touchy.

Geet: im not getting touchy but you know that if mum and dad were alive today they wouldn't approve of this.

Maan: dekho geet please don't bring mum and dad into this.

Geet: kyun ab sach acha nahin lag raha kya?

That's it, maan had lost his cool, he pinned geet to the nearest wall with his hands on her wrist holding them very tightly which was starting to hurt geet. Geet knew she had gone too far too make maan behave like this otherwise maan would never physically hurt her. Geet moaned painfully and struggled to get out his grip.

Geet: maan… cchodo mujhe… dard ho raha hai… please

Geet started crying seeing maan behave with her like this and on top of that her bangle broke causing her more pain. As soon as maan saw those tear he looked down to her wrist which was bleeding because of the broken bangle, he couldn't believe he lost his control today, he couldn't believe he actually hurt her. The feeling of guilt started creeping in and he slowly started to remove his grip from her wrist.

Geet could see that maan was feeling guilty of his action, which she didn't like, she never liked it when maan had to feel guilty, she felt her wrist getting free from his hold and saw maan started to move back not being able to meet his eyes with her.

Maan couldn't stand to see the pain in Geets eyes, he moved back as if realizing he had no right to hurt her.

Geet tried to go close to him, to tell him that she was ok, that everything was fine but maan kept moving backwards, with ever one step geet made towards him, maan moved two steps away from her. Geet thought it was just so ironic because right now in her real life situation she felt the same, whenever she tried going close to him he somehow moved further away from her causing distances between them.

Geet reached out to touch him but maan just put his hand up preventing her from coming close to him with that he exited her balcony and made his way out of her room, geet just watched him go and sighed thinking what life had in store for her next.

Geet came back into her room as she was starting to feel cold from standing in the rain for so long, she went towards her closet and took out her pink and black nighties and made her way to the bathroom to change into them. When geet came out of the bathroom all changed and dry she saw a plate of food which she knew maan must have brought for her. She couldn't believe that again she had spoken harshly with maan causing more rifts between them, she knew they were both being immature about this and arguing was no way to sort out the problems between them in fact it would only cause more distance.

Geet looked at the plate of food which looked like it was for two people and instantly knew that maan had intended to have dinner with her but know knowing he was in a foul mood he probably hasn't eaten anything which made her feel at fault and she knew she had to make up for it. After knowing maan probably hasn't eaten anything she didn't feel like eating anything either so she went to bed on an empty stomach.


The sun was out and there was slight breeze causing the tree outside to move around creating a soothing sound which echoed through maans room, maan shifted on his bed and slowly started to open his eyes to a new and bright day in hope that today would be a better day.

Maan had been very troubled throughout the night. he never let anything hurt geet then how he let himself get out of control last night, how could he hurt her. Maybe geet was right he couldn't face the truth he knew what he was doing was wrong but his ego always butts in and provokes him to deny the truth.

Maan got off his bed and went to get ready but as it was Saturday he decided to just change into his tracky's as he wasn't really in the mood for going out today. After getting changed he went downstairs to have something to eat as last night he had gone to sleep on an empty stomach.

When maan reached the kitchen to his surprise geet was already up and was making breakfast.

Geet had thought a lot about it last night and came to a conclusion that she would let this matter be for the time being, and the best way to move on from that topic was to just act normal and be herself. So there she was making breakfast for the two of them, when had sensed maan coming she smiled thinking how shocked he would be seeing her as her jolly self again.

Maan: geet?

Geet turned around and gave him a warm smile, which left maan with an even more confused expression on his face.

Geet: good morning maan.

Maan knew that right now to avoid any argument the best thing was to act normal so he just went along.

Maan: good morning geet, so tell me nashte main kya ban raha hai.

Geet was pleased that maan didn't mention anything about last night.

Geet: well seeing we both haven't had a proper meal for a while I thought I should make a nice heavy breakfast so…. I made aloo ka paratha

Geet was laughing from inside seeing maan make the worst face he could make at the mention of 'aloo ka paratha', she knew him too well to know that he wasn't much fan of desi food and was more into continental which they both always argued upon as geet felt that maan didn't eat as much as he is supposed to and maan just retaliated by saying he didn't want to become as fat as her, she hated being called fat even though she knew she wasn't, in fact anyone who wouldn't have known how much of a foodie she was would probably assume she as on a diet. Geet smiled thinking how close they were in the past and this was exactly what she wanted today, to relive those days.

Maan saw that smile and sparkle in her eyes, the same sparkle he used to see in her eyes a year ago which he hadn't seen at all, since the time she had come here. He knew that the only thing that brought this sparkle in her eyes was their friendship and their memories which he cherished just as well as her. Maan knew she had made paratha just for that reason so he just palyed along aswell.

Maan: geet tu jaanti hai na ki main yeh sab nahin kahta, ugh just look at all that oil.

Geet: isse oil nahin ghee kehte hain which I had to make myself early morning because I knew you would never have it at home.

Maan: that's because I don't need to eat such food anymore.

Geet: haan lekin ab main aagaye hoon na toh yeh sab hi banega

Maan was fine up till the moment geet said that this would be made from now on, he couldn't even eat a bit and she was planning on making him eat this every day.

Maan: geet no way… I don't want to become fat like you, tum jaanti ho tum iss baar bohot moti lag rahi ho, seriously geet you need to stop eating all this varna eik din itni moti ho jaao gi ki koi bhi tumse shaadi nahin karega

Maan loved teasing her about her weight because whenever he mentioned she had become fat she would instantly become very conscious and irritated.

Geet: main moti hoon? geet said whilst making a baby face.

Maan found it so cute when geet made that face, it would make her look even more adorable, and just to annoy her he would pull her cheeks, and that's exactly what he did now aswell. he came close to her pulled her cheeks as if she was a baby.

Geet would get so irritated when maan would pull her cheeks but seeing him doing it after such a long time made her feel at peace and she instantly hugged him never wanting to be separated from him again.

Maan was surprised when geet hugged him instead of getting annoyed she was happy.

Geet: maan mujhe kabhi chor ke mat jaana, do you know how much I missed you all this time every day would be so boring without having you to fight with, without you pulling my cheeks, helping me with my studies. everything was just pointless.

And that's when it struck maan, that geet had been feeling miserable all this time and now getting to be with him was exactly what she wanted.

Maan didn't know why but being with geet just made him complete, it filled the empty space in his that he had ever since he come had here. He was starting to feel something new but he just didn't know what it was and right know he didn't think that their relationship needed a name because both knew that the relationship, the bond they shared was far too special to be named.

hope you guys like it, we know there's been alot of sad moments so thought of adding a bit of happy moments again. Do comment, feel free to critcize or give any suggestions, and please do hit the like buttonEmbarrassedBig smile

love from hiraa and saba xxx

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Good one!!!can't for once geet stop running behind maan???y is it every time in every FF maan does all blunders n geet like a lost love sick puppy run behind maan???

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anuandavi IF-Sizzlerz

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Lovely update. Finally the friends r back on track.

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-Zahra15- IF-Rockerz

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they have finally reconciled in a way...thnk i couldnt bear to see them like this...n the teasing bit was so cute...i loved it...n then the hug...awesome...continue soon n thnx for the pm...

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rituka7 IF-Dazzler

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loved it

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