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FF M&G... Lambi Judaai... Thread 1 (Page 15)

preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 7:57am | IP Logged
loved the ff...
interesting updates...
eager to know if maan will b friends with geet...
i hv sent buddy req can u pl add me to ur pm list thanks
pl cont soon

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XMaanxGeetX Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by preethia

loved the ff...
interesting updates...
eager to know if maan will b friends with geet...
i hv sent buddy req can u pl add me to ur pm list thanks
pl cont soon
Thanxs, have just added you to the pm list Big smile

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XMaanxGeetX Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 9:57am | IP Logged

M&G... Lambi Judaai... Part 5

Geet woke up early and ran over to open her curtains. The sun was shining and birds were tweeting and Geet felt happy for two reasons. The first reason was that after so much persuading, Maan finally agreed to be friends. And the second reason was that today, Geet was going on a school camping trip.


Geet was so scared to hear what Maan would say, she was just hoping he would say yes and not shout at her. Maan was actually quite shocked by the sudden offer; he didn't know what to say.

Maan (self-thought): Yaar isse kya hogya achanak se, dosti ka haath badha rahi hai, aur woh bhi mujhse, kya kahoon, arre kahan fasaa diya

Geet was looking at him with high hopes, which made Maan more confused to what he should say.

Maan (self- thought): If I say no, the poor girl will be heart broken, wait what did I say 'poor' and Geet. Oh God what shall I say

Geet understood that Maan wouldn't want to be her friend so she just put head down dejected.

Geet: Main samajh sakti hoon, tum mujhe jaise pagal se kyun dosti karna chaaoge, main bhi pagal thi jo eik minute ke liye umeed kar baithi

At that moment Geet did something that neither would expect, Geet had tear in her eyes, she was actually crying for the first time. Geet was the kind of girl who never cried in front of anyone, especially Maan.

Maan was taken aback by the tears in Geet's eyes; he had never in his lifetime seen Geet crying. For the first time he felt he had done something really bad and he had to sort it out.

Maan: Geet please rona mat, tum pe aansoo suit nahi karte, look I didn't mean to hurt you

Geet: Nahi main tumhare wajaah se nahi roh rahi, actually I don't even know why im crying

Maan: Geet wipe your tears and listen to me' maine kuch kaha tumse ke tum rone lag gai, I haven't even told you yet if I want to be your friend or not why are you assuming things?

Geet: It obvious you don't want to be my friend, other wise you wouldn't take so long to answer

Maan: Actually I was a bit taken aback by your sudden offer that's why

Geet: Ohh so what have you thought then. Mujhse doti karoge. Geet brought her hand forward for a hand shake

Maan had no choice but to say yes, so he brought his hand forward to and shook her hand.

Maan: Friends

They both smiled at each other

Maan: Lekin eik condition pe

Geet: Condition? Kya?

Maan: You have to promise that you won't argue with me for no reason

Geet couldn't help but laugh

Geet: Okay I promise, but then you have to promise not to shout at me

Maan (smiled): Okay promise

Geet: Thank god that's sorted, mujhe toh laga ke hum zindagi bhar larte rahenge

Maan: Yeah, lagta toh aisa hi tha

Geet: Waise eik baat phoochu, gussa toh nahi hoge na

Maan: Nahi...phoocho

Geet: Tumne mere liye uss larke ko kyun maara, I thought you hated me

Maan: Geet I never hated you, It's just you always do things which I don't like, I mean we're completely opposite

Geet: Haan woh toh hai no wonder we never get along. Par tumne mera sawaal ka jawaab nahi diya tumne mere liye uss larke ko kyun maara

Maan: Kyunki woh mera farz tha, jaise main Annie ko leke protective hoon waise hi tumme leke bhi protective hoon. Samjhi?

Geet: Toh kya tum mujhe eik behen samajhte ho.

Geet was terribly confused and surprised that Maan considers her as a sister. Maan couldn't help but smile at her innocence, and ofcourse he never thought that.

Maan: Nahi mera matlab yeh tha ke tumhara koi badha bhai nahi hai who could look out for you, but that doesn't mean I consider you as my sister. Don't worry main tumhe raakhi bandnai ke liye nahi kahoon ga

Geet: Uff thank god, mujhe toh eik minute ke liye laga ke tum mujhse sach mein raakhi bandnai ke liye kaho ge

Both looked at each other for a moment, and then burst out laughing.

Geet: Acha eik aur baat phoochni thi

Maan: Ab kya hua?

Geet: Kya main sach mein moti hoon. Geet said whilst making a baby face

Maan couldn't resist the temptations of pulling her cheeks, she looked so cute whilst making that expression. So before he knew it he was pulling Geet's cheek.

Geet: Uff Maan, yeh kya kar rahe ho main bachi nahi hoon ke tum mere gaal kheech rahe ho

Maan: Aww but you look so cute when you make that face.

Geet: Maan! Mazaak karna bandh karo aur mujhe batao ke kya main sach mein moti hoon?

Maan: Nahi yaar, main toh ainvayi tumme tang karne keliye kehta tha

Geet: Kya? Aur maine sach mein dieting shuru kardiya, uff sahi kehthi thi main tumko, dushst dhanav

Maan (laughing): Kya? Tumne sach mein dieting shuru kardiya tum bilkul pagal ho, main jo kahoon tum sach man leti ho

Geet: Haan haan hass lo, tumme to bohot funny lag raha hoga

Maan: Ok ok sorry, aur ab phirse larna shuru mat kardena, abhi abhi to dosti ki hai humne

Geet: Haan woh toh hain, anyways main chalti maa ne kahata ke jaldi aana aur maine toh kitna time laga diya

Maan: Haan yaar tum jao isse phele maa gusse se laal ho jaaye

Geet: Uss gusse ko thanda karne keliye mere paas eik bohot badhi kush khabri hai

Maan: Kaunse?

Geet: Tumhari aur meri dosti! Maa kitni khush hongi sunn ke

Maan: Haan haan, puri duniya ko bataa ao ke Maan Singh Khurana aur Geet Handa ne dosti karli

Geet: Haan acha idea hai, main papa ko kehke radio pe telecast karvati hoon. Ok bye

Before Maan can say anything Geet leaves.

Maan: Uff main mazaak kar raha tha! Geet! I swear yeh ladki mujhe pagal kardegi


Rano: Arre Geet, tum itne early kyun uti?

Geet: Maa, aaj mere school trip, remember?

Rano: Oh haan, chalo phir tum jaldi se ready ho jao phir nashta karlo

Geet: Aacha Maa, me abhi aathi hoon

Geet quickly got dressed and raced down the stairs. Rano and Mohinder were waiting for her at the table. Geet quickly began eating.

Mohinder: Beta tumne, saab kuch pack karliya na?

Geet: Jee, Papa

Rano: Make sure you remember to phone us when you arrive

Geet: Aacha Maa

Geet gave her Mum and Dad a big hug and left to meet Annie.

Mohinder: Take care of yourself

Geet: Bye, love you

Annie was already waiting when Geet arrived.

Annie: Arre jaldi karo, waisse Pinky se bhi milna hai. Maan bhai aaj Arjun ki saat jaa rahe hain

Geet: I'm soo excited; we haven't been on a good trip for ages

Annie: I know it's been so long, so what happened yesterday between you and Maan bhai

Geet: Well, Maan finally agreed to be friends

Annie: Sach, wow that is great, now there won't be so many fights.

Annie was over the moon, her dream for Geet to become her bhabi was coming closer.

Geet: Hopefully

Meanwhile, Maan was walking to the school with Arjun.

Arjun: This should be a good trip, away from family for 3 days

Maan: Yeah

Geet and Annie arrived at the school and met Pinky who was already waiting for them by the coach.

Pinky: Where have you been? I have been waiting for ages, quick we need to make sure we get the good seats before they are taken

Geet, Pinky and Annie got onto the coach and sat in their seats. They were all excited as each other. It was the first time they were going on a trip away from their family for 3 days. Just then, Maan and Arjun arrived and sat in their seats.

Annie whispered to Geet.

Annie: Trust the boys to come late.Geet giggled

Just then the doors of the bus closed and they set of for their journey. They were going Manali, they had heard Manali was a very beautiful place, and it was December so it would be snowing. They were all really excited.

After 2 hours, they finally arrived and everyone began to get their belongings.

Pinky: Wow, look at this place, it is beautiful

Annie: This is going to be so much fun. I can't wait

Geet: I know, you guys go ahead I'll catch you up. I just need to ring my mum and tell her that we have arrived.

Pinky: Okay, see you soon

In the mean time, Arjun and Maan were also getting of the coach.

Arjun: Doesn't this place look cool, surrounded by woods?

Maan: Yeah, hey I just need to tell Daadi that I have arrived, I'll meet you later.

Arjun, Okay, see you dude

Geet was walking around with her phone, trying to get signal.

Geet (self-thought): God, how am I meant to tell Maa, that I have arrived? Woh kitni pareshan ho rahi hongi

Maan was also not having any luck.

Maan (self-thought): Daadi, is going to kill me if I don't tell her that I have arrived.

Maan continued to walk around aimlessly with his phone in the air, when he bumped into Geet.

Geet got scared when she realised it was Maan she bumped into, afraid he was going to get angry.

Geet: Ohh, sorry I didn't see you

Maan: No, it's my fault; I wasn't looking where I was going. Are you trying to get signal as well?

Geet was shocked. For the first time, Maan had actually apologised to her. She couldn't believe it.

Geet (self-thought): Did he just say sorry? I'm amazed. Maybe Annie was right, maybe there will be less fights. Who knows.

Geet: Yeah, I am trying to get signal too

Maan: I don't think we can over here

Geet: Oh no, how am I meant to tell Maa that I have arrived?

Maan: Don't worry I'm sure the school will contact them

Geet: Yeah, I suppose

At that moment, Geet began walking off when she realised she had no clue as to where she was going. She turned around and started walking the other way, but couldn't recognise that side either. She couldn't even call Annie or Pinky, as there was no signal. She started to panic. Maan was lost as well. He too had forgotten where he was and didn't even know how to get back.

Geet: Maan, I'm lost, how am I meant to get back?

Maan: I don't really know either

Geet: What am I going to do, I can't call anyone and its starting to get dark as well. Babaji, help me please

Maan: Geet, don't worry you're not on your own. We will just have to wait until someone comes looking for us.

Just as Maan said that, the clouds in the sky began moving closer together. Thunder started to rattle and balls of rain started pouring.

Geet: Oh, no, my clothes! Why is this happening?!

Maan: Quick come under this big tree

Geet: Uuggh, there's insects and bugs here. Aaah, there's a spiders as well! Babaji, please save me

Maan: Stop panicking, we have to stay under here until the rain stops, or you could walk in the rain if you want?

Geet: Nooo, I'll stay here thank you

As they sat under the tree, it began to rain harder and the moon began to appear.

Maan: This is fun isn't it?

Geet: What a way to start the trip

Maan: Yeah

Geet: You know this is like the first time we have actually spoken to each other without fighting

Maan: Yeah it is actually

Geet: I wonder where Pinky and Annie think I am

Maan: Same with Arjun, they are obviously not worrying about us

Geet: Yeah, otherwise they would have come here by now

Maan: You know what...

Geet: What?

Maan: You are actually not that bad

Next Part: Part 6

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pickachu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 10:30am | IP Logged
Loveee the part!!!
Maneet r friends!!
Continue soonnn.
Thanxx for the pm.


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XMaanxGeetX Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pickachu

Loveee the part!!!
Maneet r friends!!
Continue soonnn.
Thanxx for the pm.

Glad you like it Fatima Big smile
kkaavvyyaa Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 10:36am | IP Logged
hey,,,sooo sweeet they r making efforts 2 be freinds,,hehehe

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XMaanxGeetX Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kkaavvyyaa

hey,,,sooo sweeet they r making efforts 2 be freinds,,hehehe
Glad you like it Big smile
XMaanxGeetX Senior Member

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Originally posted by Radhika Shah

Great part...
Thanxs Big smile

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