Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

just friends?!.. nah! updated 135 (Page 41)

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 12:54am | IP Logged
thnx 4 d update its goin gr8 jst luving it do post asap...cant wait

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thanks vrshini but u really deserve it
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LOVED IT!  I loved all the Arohi and Arjun scenes.  And the dream make-out session. : )   I have a feeling this Romeo and Juliet play is going to make Arjun super jealous.  He might even have to fill in for Ishaan as Romeo. : )  PS I hate Jia!  : (

continue soon!

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vrshu r u going to update today???Embarrassed
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*pyar ka side effects*

in the college next day,nothing much happened,and the good night's sleep had relaxed arjun from his thoughts...sorry,his 'gande thoughts' as he put it! as usual the classes went,lunch at cafeteria and the whole day he was thanking god for making him act normal with arohi! last hour they had auditions for the play.
the script was given to everyone gathered in the room except arjun,miss.shyla told that he would be the incharge of background music! "and role of romeo has already been finalised,it'll be played by your senior ishaan and the girls here will audition for the role of juliet and then the audition for the support characters will begin."with that announcement she began the auditions.

arjun was initially happy that he was incharge of the background music but the moment he heard that ishaan was romeo,he started to pray that arohi should not get selected in the auditions! (how selfish na??). he started giving gaaliyan to mr.bhagwan as  soon as he came to know that arohi has been selected for the role, he thought that this could be the height of the test for patience but he realised that he was wrong, when arohi showed him the actual script!
she was kind of excited about the dresses she'll be wearing and her first shot at theatre. but looking at her excitement ,arjun felt his blood pressure rise! for some wierd reason,he found himself not happy with arohi's happiness! and to top it all, the thoughts of previous night began to resurface and he felt like murdering ishaan!!

he then wanted to talk to arohi about the play,especially about the kiss scene but he couldn't find her,he asked everyone about her,but no one had a clue! then, he automatically began searching for ishaan, but he was also not available. at the moment he himself did not like the stories his brain began to cook up!
shefu and romit who were with arjun to help him with deciding the background music for the play, definitely didn't miss the mela of expressions on arjun's face.

shefu: i don't think arohi is here arjun.i heard miss.shyla asking them to practice the balcony scene somewhere where it was not crowded.*she said all these supressing her laughter,arjun looked like he was going to burst out with anger, she knew that ishaan had gone for his basket ball practice and arohi to meet the basket ball coach in order to join the girls team,definitely both of them went alone and for some unknown reason arohi asked her not to tell anyone where she had gone*
arjun: them? who them?
shefu: who else?? the only romeo n juliet! ishaan and arohi!
shefali pushed romit to take their plan to the next level,

romit: hey dude! whats up with your wierd expressions??
arjun: huh?!
romit: is something bothering you?
arjun: no..yea..i can she be with that jerk??
romit: ohh...jia dumped you and went out with someother jerk?
arjun: no girl can dump arjun singhania!! by the way, who bothers about jia? i'm talking about about her being with ishaan!
romit: *trying to control his giggle* oh no!! rashi's dating ishaan??? *with wide eyes*
arjun: hell no! why would rashi do that?she doesn't even know anyone from our college! stop acting like sanchit man!!
romit: dude! i'm not the one talking about some random girl!
arjun: i'm not talking about some random girl! i'm talking about...*in slightly loud voice*
romit: oh really?? who else can a guy bother about except his sister and girlfriend?? or his mother! you are not talking about your mother..are you?

shefu n rajveer who were listening to all this,standing behind arjun, began laughing.

arjun: *completely red,shouts*  i'm talking about my arohi!!*all the students began staring at him and miss.shyla,gave a i understand sort of look, so he finished his sentence in a angry whisper* and yea...ppl also care for their best friends!
arjun: look at them,everyone is happy except me! i'm the only miserable person here!
romit: miserable?? for what?
arjuni: romit! please stop irritating me! aren't you guys mad about arohi being with ishaan?
romit: you're talking as if she is dating him! dude.they're just gonna act!
arjun: just act? with whom? none other than the person who wanted her to kiss him badly! now he has got the chance! liplock from aru...god i can't take anymore of this!
romit: you were thinking about this? arjun relax..they were ragging us so that they can break the ice between us and them. there was nothing serious about it! you're just making it look bigger. as if arohi will kiss a guy for real! she'll just act as though she is kissing thats it!

rajveer whispers to shefu: oh no ! he is over doing it! he is putting off the fire instead of adding fuel to it! i think we've to cut in!

shefu: did you just say kiss? are guys talking about the kiss in the play??you know what...aru is super-excited about it! i guess it'll be real! *in a excited tone*
arjun: whaaat?? how could she i mean she knows that i hate him?? did she forget how he behaved with her?
shefu: arjun, don't become hyper! they were ragging us so that they can break the ice between us and them. there was nothing serious about it! and arohi herself told me that she finds the guy cute and i'm sure that the guy is also interested in her! *she didnt hve an idea about what arohi thought about ishaan but it just came out of her mouth in the flow*
arjun: interested in her?? he'll kill himself just to touch her! how can she even think about dating a guy whom i clearly hate??
rajveer: hey its her life! she can date anyone she likes, what does that have to do with you? its not like you are going to date him! you don't have any rights over her! she is your friend that doesn't mean that you can control everything in her life!

arjun didn't speak a word,rajveer's words were echoing in his head!just then he heard someone talking about ishaan behind them,a guy was telling others that the bb coach had called ishaan urgently so he had to leave without even starting the rehearsal.arjun felt relaxed,thank god! she is not practising with him. that means arohi would be there any moment! before his thoughts could settle, he heard her voice and turned to pull her towards him,"hey princess", all the other three were staring at him,he was no more the tensed and angry arjun who was talking with them two mins ago! he was completely chilled and with arohi in his arms he looked like a kid who got its ice cream,"hey ppl...whats up? n raj, the basketball coach wants to meet you ppl"
arjun: did you know the coach?
arohi: i went to talk abt the girls basketball team.
arjun: ishaan?
arohi: what does he have to do with the girls team?? anyways he is practicing in the court.
arjun's mind again was messed up he wanted to ask so many questions to her but what if she began to think like rajveer??so he decided against it and he left to meet the coach.

the coach had told them that the seniors will be having exams during the inter college basket ball tournament and the new team with juniors was to be formed but as arohi had suggested him,he wanted arjun to tke the responsibility of collecting the students who play bb. rajveer said he needed time to make sure that they wont have any exams during the matches while arjun readily agreed,'coz he knew that he needed diversion from the hurricane which was getting stronger inside him.

arohi was driving the car,smiling dreamily to herself,shefu noticed that,
shefu: is everything alright??
arohi: huh?! yea...perfect!
shefu: you seem to be extremely happy about something?
arohi: yes...i am!
shefu: abt wat?
arohi: ammm...the play! i landed the lead role in the play na? thats why!
shefu: oh no...dont tell me that you are excited about kissing ishaan!
arohi: eww...yuck! dont even think of it! there's no way that i'm sharing my first kiss with a jerk whom arjun hates!!
shefu: *surprised*what did you just say? jerk arjun hates? does that mean that you'll never see a guy if arjun doesnt approve of him?
arohi: yes..of course!*casually*
shefu: from when did he become so important in your life? i mean..i know you consider his your best friend but still the most important things in your life why do they always revolve around him?
arohi was silent, she didnt know why but she trusted him more than herself! should there be a reason for that when the person whom you give all the importance is your best friend?? she didn't find the necessity to answer her question but shefu was not the one to stop questioning.

shefu: so...thn what was the reason for your smile?
arohi: do you need a reason to smile?
shefu: yes, of course,last time i saw such a smile was on romits face on the first day we met...
arohi:which was two days back!
shefu: listen...the smile meant that he was in love with me! this sort of smile can be seen on the face of person in love.
arohi: you mean i'm in love with arjun??
shefu: *she didnt expect her to catch the cue*arjun? where did he come from? it could have been any guy! even ishaan or kabir. by the way, why is it that you get his name when i said you're in love!
arohi: 'coz he is the only guy whom i love...'as a best friend, like a gaurdian angel'! shefali was stunned,she didn't expect it to be this easy!but when arohi completed the sentence she nearly choked.
arohi couldn't tell shefali what she had done today, she already thought that she was in love with arjun! what will happen if she comes to know about this? she hadn't done that because she was in love with him,*she justified to herself* she had to do it cause she wanted to win the she had to keep arjun away from jia! she hadn't done something which he would hate, he loved basket ball, so she made sure that arjun was made to work for the basket ball team the whole evening for a month so that he wouldn't get a chance of taking that chipkali out! he obviously hates to be with her so in a way she has helped him!

arjun reached home, usually he went directly to the kitchen to chat with his mom and to pull rashi's leg,but today he was pre-occupied that he forgot to grab his evening snack too. he went directly into his room,took a long shower. kumud was surprised with his behaviour,eventhough he came down after few hours, he neither showed signs of going out nor eating! this could happen only if the whole world had collapsed! he didn't talk with anyone instead was immersed in his own thoughts, even when rashi asked for the remote he gave it to her without utterring a word,finally at the dinner table,rudra couldn't keep his eyes off arjun as he sat in silence trying to eat his food. arjun hated to eat in silence! he left the table half way through the dinner too. all the three of them noticed that he was lost somewhere, kumud decided that she needs to talk to arohi asap,she knew that arohi is the only person who can bring him back to this world! little did she know that she was the same person who has sent him out of the world!

the whole evening he couldn't quit thinking about the wierd hallucination he had last night and  words of rajveer were echoing in his mind!
 hey its her life! she can date anyone she likes, what does that have to do with you? its not like you are going to date him! you don't have any rights over her! she is your friend that doesn't mean that you can control everything in her life!
does she also think that i'm interfering a bit too much into her life??he had to talk to her about it but he didnt know how!

how was the update??your comments and suggestions are very important to us! please do hit the like button and comment...'em open for both positive and negative critisism!! if you want any changes also, you can tell me through your comments :D
what do you think will happen next??
i don't think i can update please forgive me for that.

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Loved it!!!! Awww, Arjun's so cute!!!! Bless him!!! Btw, ur chapter was amazin!!!!! Plz update soon!!!

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wow...i jst luvd, arjun is jealous thinkin abt arohi n isaan kissin awe...i realy hop tht mis.shyla wud make arjun play d character of romeo...thnx 4 d update n ya post d next chap asap...cant wait :)

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