Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

just friends?!.. nah! updated 135 (Page 36)

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i think arjun thinks jia is arohi so he says i love u
update soon

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Winkhey vrshini we understand u yaar, but plz update as possible...Big smile
i luv the jealous arjun and arohi yaaaz lol...LOL
they dont like that anyother come near to any one of them...Angry
cant wait for double date...Wink
cant wait for the goa trip alsoWink, thnk necessary and intresting medium for realizing what they felt for each other...Heart
plz yaar update as possible
waiting for the fight of two cats arohi and jiaWink

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how long Varshini..still waiting yaar

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What varshu I'm gonna kill you!!!!!!!! Joking but still yaar its too weird.

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varshuu we r all waitin n its been lyk 3hrz now..stil no update..x nt commentin on d promo...but i rely do hate jia XD
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harry uncle noticed that arohi had taken her guitar,he went next to her,"do you think whatever you're doing is right and is going to help you in anyway?"said in a low voice,not knowing that arjun and rajveer who were sitting next to arohi were able to hear him.
"whatever i'm not doing will also not help me in anyway!" she said.
"i have had enough arohi,you can't tell me anymore that you don't sing!" with a bit of anger visible in his tone
"yes,i know..but i don't sing anymore! i hate singing.but i'm interested in playing guitar,no one can force me to do what i don't want to!" her tone became a bit a louder than expected and everyone around ,looked at her shocked!
as soon as she realised it, she said,"i'm sorry" and she meant it.
harry uncle shook his head,saying"you need not be! i'm sure one day,in the near future you'll sing your heart out and i'll wait for that day!"

arohi speaking her mind out was not new to anyone,cause she has been like that ever since they met her,but harry uncle who knew how the actual arohi was,became a bit shocked but then how can he be angry with his little girl,so he decided to let her free till she realises her destiny! but all the while,arjun couldn't stop himself from thinking that there was something wrong, the arohi who had been very careful not to hurt harry uncle's feelings yesterday was the one who almost shouted at him in front of the whole class! but he decided not to ask her anything,for he knew if something troubled her,he would be the first person to whom she would confess.

 harry uncle had seperated the whole class into groups based on their instruments,all the guitarists in one group,drumists in another and so on.then the best in each group was made the heads who'll train the group.arjun was the group head for  guitarists.romit for drummers.they were also told that one from each group,one or more students will be selected during the inter college events.

as soon as the class ended arohi and shefali rushed out of the class.shefali had to get ready for the date and arohi had to escape from anyone who would ask her about the conversation with their music teacher,but then not everything happens the way you thik isn't it? it was romit who first caught up with them he took shefali with him saying that he would drop,arohi was on her own rushing to the parking lot,when she suddenly felt his hands clasp her wrist,"arjun! why do you always make my heart skip a beat?what sort of fun do you get in that?" with a soft laugh he said"that wierd expression on your face whenever i pull you towards me,the way you open your eyes slowly as if you are scared of me,the way you always know its me but still you get scared are all worthless princess!" "only a evil person can find fun in scaring a girl!"she said with mock anger,"anyways arjun, i have to leave now","hey princess,thats not fair han..i come running to catch you before you leave but you don't even bother to ask me what?","arjun..i'm telling you,please don't watch too many movies! you are talking like some KJo heroine!! anyways..what did you want to tell me mr.drama?"," don't leave a chance to irritate me do you? i wanted to tell you that i'll pick you up early tonight,we have to go to my beach house and get it ready for their date,oops our date"he gives her a cheeky smile. she hits his chest with her elbow,"why should we wait till tonight? lets go there straight na?","i thought you might need time to get ready","buddhu its their date! not ours..why would we dress up for that? c'mon lets go" with that she pulled him towards his car.

in the beach house:
the backyard of his house faces the beach,its like a beautiful bunglaw in the middle of nowhere sidelined by the sea on one side.
they had decorated the way from the entrance to the door step with rose petals and the entire path was made into a archway decorated with lights.they had  made a similar path inside the house with rose petals which led them to the terrace,where there was a table at the corner filled with both of their favourite food and at the center was a circular table with champagne bottle and two wine glasses.except that,arohi had turned the terrace into a garden filling it with flowers. "tell me one thing princess,did you buy all the flowers in the market??" "c'mon,i know that you are a monster,please don't prove it over and over.this is their first official date and everything has to be perfect and romantic! oh god, that reminds me of the scented candles!"and with that she runs to get the candles,arjun couldn't actually beleive that there was this side to arohi which was very romantic(she had actually turned his terrace into a garden out of fairytale),it has not even been two days since the college started,but various unknown dimensions of his arohi had come into the light,he couldn't wait to know how many more surprises this college life was going to give him! with all these thoughts arjun had texted romit,who replied that he'll be there in 2mins. when he told that to arohi, she started moving from place to place checking if all the essential items,food,flowers,candles,music were all perfect, arjun couldn't hold back his smile,but then he had to literally lift her off from there and go downstairs!

by the time they reached downstairs shefu nd romit had arrived, both of them looked at arjun and arohi from to bottom,

shefu: told you...
romit:accha baba..anyways its good that we brought those!
arohi:will you guys tell us what you are talking about?
romit:shefu told me that you guys would have made all the arrangements but wouldn't have got ready!but i told her that you guys would never miss a chance to look good! but looks like i lost..
arjun: oye...what do you mean? we don't look good?
shefu:he diidn't mean that...let us show what he meant! with that she signaled romit to take arjun to a room while she took arohi to another!

few minutes later...
romit came out of the room with arjun at same time,shefu came out of the other room with arohi.arohi and arjun couldn't tell anything but stare at each other.looking at their reaction,romit and shefu decided that its best for them to move out there! "enjoy your date ppl" they said in unison before taking the stairs to the terrace. nothing went into their ears,they were both trying to save the picture in front of them forever in their hearts. arohi was wearing a white full length off shoulder gown with a white antique peice around her neck and her princess curls...breath taking view!! he was wearing black pant and black t-shirt witha white blazer over it!
"you're handsome arjun","beautiful...beautiful princess",they couldn't talk more than that
they were now sitting on the opposit couches in the living room.for the first time,arjun was able to feel how the guys became tongue tied when they saw arohi! arjun found himself checking out arohi,but he convinced himself saying"she ia too beautiful today that he couldn't take his eyes off her,its just normal", but then his eyes moved from one part of her body to other, as if scanning her from head to toe.
 suddenly,out of the temptation he moved and sat next to her on the couch so close that he could feel her heart beating fast.he slowly moved his hands to her neck,she closed her eyes and took out her necklace.he was running his fingers over her neck and slowly began kissing her neck,arohi just moved her head to the side giving him better access,he slided his hand between arohi's back and the couch so that his hand was around her and pulled her closer, with so much force that she landed on his lap,he now had his eyes on her lips ,he slowly moved towards her lip,when she said "kya hua,arjun??" arjun came back to his senses. he realised that he was still sitting opposite to her,oh my god,was it all a dream? why the hell are these thoughts coming into my mind,how can i even think of kissing her?yeh sab shayad us third grade bollywood movie ka asar hoga! why did i have to watch those stuff with that sanchit."k..k..kya hua?""you are sleepy,is it?","","you just leaned forward with your eyes closed so i thought you were sleepy" oh my gosh! what have i done? i not only dreamed of such things but i al;most enacted the whole scene in front of her?! god save me!he was embarrassed and could feel the blood rush to his cheeks,but he had to keep arohi away from him until he sorts his thoughts out! so he asked her to get some dinner for him,but before leaving upstairs "arjun,you are blushing!!","are you mad??"he turned his face away from,she tried to go in front of him,but"arohi,please i haven't had anything since lunch,i'm really hungry!"

they had dinner together and went for a long walk in the beach,throughout the walk arjun was stealing glances at her,he couldn't keep his eyes off her,and the thoughts which he was having in the couch were worsening with every moment,he began to think, what it would be like to kiss her,and to feel her.he felt that the longer the time he spent with arohi,the more his thoughts would go out of control! he decided that he had to go home asap and catch a nice sleep to get rid of these 'gande' thoughts! so he asked romit to drop arohi at home.

all the while,arohi could feel that arjun was staring at her and was stealing glances,but she had thought that may be has a doubt about it?he always catches me while lying and this time too..he might catch me! may be i should tell him everything about arun bhaiya...but he'll then try to make me like before he would try to stop me from doing all these stuff just like harry uncle,no one will understand that over the years i have actually developed a passion towards everything i'm involved in! i don't sing now because i don't find any reason for singing but no one will understand!she was too busy in all these thoughts that she failed to understand what was going on in arjun's mind!!

in the college next day,nothing much happened,and the good night's sleep had relaxed arjun from his thoughts...sorry,his 'gande thoughts' as he put it! as usual the classes went,lunch at cafeteria and the whole day he was thanking god for making him act normal with arohi! last hour they had auditions for the play.
the script was given to everyone gathered in the room except arjun,miss.shyla told that he would be the incharge of background music! "and role of romeo has already been finalised,it'll be played by your senior ishaan and the girls here will audition for the role of juliet and then the audition for the support characters will begin."with that announcement she began the auditions.

arjun was initially happy that he was incharge of the background music but the moment he heard that ishaan was romeo,he started to pray that arohi should not get selected in the auditions! (how selfish na??). he started giving gaaliyan to mr.bhagwan as  soon as he came to know that arohi has been selected for the role, he thought that this could be the height of the test for patience but he realised that he was wrong, when arohi showed him the actual script!
Originally posted by script

Romeo & Juliet

Balcony Scene

Act 2

Scene 2


Romeo: [speaking to himself] The girl on the balcony up there is so pretty. She is even prettier than the prettiest thing in the world! I love her heaps! If only she knew she was the one I worship so much! She's speaking to herself. I should say something but she might think I'm stuck up because she is not talking to me. Her eyes are so beautiful! There like two twinkling stars! She's leaning on her hand. If I could be anything in the world right now I would be a glove upon her hand so I could touch that beautifully soft cheek of hers.

[Juliet sighs]

Romeo: Oh, my bright angel you are the angel of all angels!

Juliet: [unaware of Romeo's presence] Oh, Romeo, Romeo! Forget my father and refuse my name. Tell me you love me and I'll no longer be a Capulet.

Romeo: Should I speak now or hear more?

Juliet: It is only your last name that is my family's enemy. If you had any other name you will still be the same person. Why do you have to be a Montague? Romeo throw away your name and for your name which isn't any part of you take mine.

Romeo: [speaking aloud to Juliet] I'll discard my name and no longer be a Montague because I love you so much!

Juliet: [startled] Who's out there? I can't see because it is so dark.

Romeo: I don't know how to tell you who I am. I hate my name because it is an enemy to you.

Juliet: I haven't yet heard a hundred words spoken by that voice but I know who it is. It is Romeo Montague.

Romeo: No, it is not, if you dislike my name.

Juliet: How did you get here? The orchard walls are high and hard to climb and if anybody in my family finds you here...

Romeo: Love for you drove me here and nobody could stop me.

Juliet: If my family does find you here they would murder you!

Romeo: I have the night's darkness to hide me from them and if they do find me my last memory will be of you.

Juliet: Do you love me? I know you'll say yes! Oh, handsome Romeo, if you do love me lets get married or if you think I'm pronouncing my love to you too easily then I will do everything to pretend that I'm not. But the reality is I love you very deeply.

Romeo: I swear these things by '

Juliet: [interrupting] Don't swear by something. Just say it and I will believe you. Although I love you deeply I think we should have some time alone to think about this to make sure we're making the right decision about getting married tomorrow.

Romeo: Will you leave me so unsatisfied tonight?

Juliet: What satisfaction can you have tonight?

Romeo: The exchange of your love to me.

Juliet: I gave it to you before you even requested it. And I would give it to you again if it were to be given again.

Romeo: [puzzled] Would you withdraw it? What for?

Juliet: So I could give it to you again. My love for you is deep the more I give to you the more I have to give.

[Nurse is calling "Juliet!" inside the house]

I hear someone calling me. See you.

Nurse: Juliet!

Juliet: I'm coming!

[to Romeo] Stay, I will come back.

Romeo: [talking to himself] I'm afraid that because it is nightime that this is all a dream.

[Juliet re-enters]

Juliet: Goodnight Romeo! Tomorrow I will send someone to you to tell me what time we are going to be married if we do get married tomorrow.

Nurse: [inside] Juliet!

Juliet: I'm coming Nurse!

[Juliet exits, but immediately returns]


Romeo: Yes, Juliet.

Juliet: What time should I send someone to you to find out the information?

Romeo: At 9:00.

Juliet:Ok. Good night Romeo.{THIS IS INCLUDED IN THE SCRIPT:she gives him a goodnight kiss on the lips}

Romeo: Sweet dreams.

[Juliet exits]

Romeo: [thinking aloud] I will go to Friar Laurence to ask him if I can marry the beautiful Juliet sometime tomorrow.

[Romeo exits]

she was kind of excited about the dresses she'll be wearing for the play and her first shot at theatre. but looking at her excitement,arjun felt his blood pressure rise! for some weird reason,he found himself not happy with arohi's happiness! and to top it all, the thoughts of previous night began to resurface and he felt like murdering ishaan!!

so was the update??your comments and suggestions are very important to us! please do hit the like button and comment...'em open for both positive and negative critisism!! if you want any changes also, you can tell me through your comments :D
trust me...writing romantic bits are way too difficult and i know i'm bad at it!!

@ madhu: that mtv bit..i hve saved it for goa trip! i want that trip to be the most memorable trip of his life!

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