Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

just friends?!.. nah! updated 135 (Page 29)

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Originally posted by moonkmh

Originally posted by priyalganwani

Originally posted by moonkmh

Originally posted by priyalganwani

Originally posted by moonkmh

Originally posted by Dansindiadans

Amazing part, thank god your dad is fine

yeah,n thanx 2 u all.

2 madhu tu jaise tere avtar mein karan n kritika ki tarah hamesha khush raha kar bas kk
acha lagta hai sab khush khush

m gettng emotnal by ur wrds. U r such a swthrt. Evn i luv 2 fyt wid u cz i feel so much clseness wid u. Manytyms i find u,varsh n naina more closer than my frns who r knwn 2 me 4m a lng tym.

ohhho yeh sunke mera dil garden garden ho gaya hehehehhe

main sacchi main bol rahi hu;-(

meine kab kaha ki tu jhut bol rahi hai kuch bhi apne maan se add karna toh teri adat hi hai

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hey madhu i happy dat ur dad is fyn now...
dn't worry dear he 'll come home soon...:)
@vrsh- great update yar...
n tujhe jo accha lage o dalo coz as priyal said unexpected cheeze hoti h jo jyada accha lagta hai...

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no  update today??????
varshiniii...s dere any note?

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i'll update within a hour or so...sorry for being late..
..anshita.. IF-Dazzler

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ok vrsh...waiting!!!
deeshu Senior Member

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Big smilehey vrshn great update yaar... awsmmmStar
luv to feel them as college goers..Big smile
luv the basketball match and how they handle their ''seniorsOuch '' LOL
luv their attitude Wink
cant wait to feel how arohi and when arohi become jealous Angry
and realize her love for ArjunHeart... waiting for it
and whenthey both realize their luv Heart for eachother...
 u are to good yaar, really very intresting,
when i read i just lost in it and imagine it in my mind...
so waiting for it desperatlySmile

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P.s. If u guys want u cn gv galiya 2 electricity board. We dnt mind.

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arohi just then noticed something and became excited!
arohi: hey monster, listen up...
arjun: hmm...*staring at her,thinking about nothing in particular*
arohi shook him and said"you won't believe it, jia bhatia is staring at you,if i'm not wrong she is giving you seductive glances!"
arjun said:which part of it is not believable?? i'm irresistable...
arohi: yea rite..*sarcastically* but they feel that way only till they start dating you!
arjun: what do you mean? every girl dies to be arjun singhania's date!
arohi:thats've never had a steady girlfriend for more than a week!
arjun: what?? how dare you! wait...let me prove it to you that once under my charm,girls can never come out of it!
arohi: bet?
arjun: its on!
arohi:okay, you'll have to go steady with jia for a month!
arjun:its a cake walk for me.

arjun goes to jia, and asks her for a dance.
arjun: so jia, did i tell you that you look gorgeous today?
jia: is it only today?
arjun: *who knows? i have never looked at you for more than a second!* you are gorgeous usually you are sexy!
jia: aw..what held you up from telling me this before? with fake anger she hits him.
arjun: *how dare she hit me? arohi hoti to,she would have found that i'm lying! god,how dumb girls can be??*woh actually...
jia: no need for explanations, mujhe pata chal gayi ki you have had crush on me for a long time!
arjun:*eww! crush woh bhi itni badi despo se..*tumhe kaise pata chala?? in a seductive voice.
jia: i have my sources you see...
arjun: *so boring!*would you like a drink?
and with that they both went to the drinks counter.

arohi had joined shefu and others at their table,all of them were looking at arjun and jia dance.arohi had understood that arjun was least interested in jia from his expressions. shefali got a bit scared looking at arohi's smile as arjun dance with jia. she couldn't let the plan back fire.
"hey arohi, you are happy that arjun is with jia?" she asked.
arohi:"how do you know jia?"
shefu:"we just met a few minutes back"
arohi:"oh actually its funny looking at them"
shefu:"funny?they look so happy and comfortable with each other"
arohi burst out laughing, everyone at the table became curious.shefu asked"what's so funny?"
arohi:"can't you see it?"
romit:"see what?"
arohi:"that arjun is so uncomfortable and clearly he hates being with her"
rajveer:"aru i guess this time you're wrong! why would he get her drinks if he doesn't like her?"
arohi:"that's because of our bet! he has to go steady with jia for month, now that i know he's not interested in her, i can have more fun!"
arohi:"watch me"she goes over to the dj and whispers something and returns with a wide smile. the dj announces that this song is for the hot couple 'arjun and jia' and started to play a slow song. jia at the sound of it got too excited and pulled arjun to the dance floor.arjun didn't forget to give arohi a death glare which was noticed by everyone at their table.arohi couldn't stop smiling to himself.
romit:"dude! you were right,he looks like he is gonna bury you alive!" everyone burst into laughter at this.
arjun who has been watching them, decided that he'll make arohi regret her decision and pulled jia closer to him,jia thought"this my chance!".arohi's smile vanished, clearly she was not happy with the way jia ran her fingers all over arjun.
looking at arohi's face,anyone could tell that she was jealous,shefali's plan had finally started to was the time for executing the next part of the plan.
shefali:how did you know that arjun is not comfortable when rajver,his best friend couldn't realise it?
arohi:i dont know,says with her eyes fixed on jia.
shefali understood that there was no use asking her these questions right now,she was too focused on the dance floor.
shefali:"so arohi...everything alright?"
arohi:"look at that chipkali,how she is sticking to him eventhough he doesn't like her?"
shefali:"that's the bet, isn't it?"
arohi thought "the bet?", according to the bet if arjun stays with her for a month he wins so she had to make sure that they broke up asap!
she couldn't take it anymore, she decided to take a walk until the song ends. but then a guy came up, introduced himself as shailesh and asked her for a dance,she was initially reluctant after shefu's persuation she finally accepted. while on the dance floor, she realised that the guy was kinda  good-looking! she put her arms around his neck while his arms were around her waist,she was in her own world thinking about how the second day of college would go and how to remove the chipkali from arjun's life.she didn't know how long they had been swaying to the music, finally the guy decided to break the silence and asked"so the guy ,you came to the party with is your boyfriend?"
"nope, he is my best friend"
"i thought.." "mind if i cut in?"arjun asked in a calm voice, the guy turned around to refuse but looking at his eyes which were nothing but calm,his words failed him. the guy left and arjun took arohi into his arms,"were is your date?"
"she left and.."before he could say anything,
"told one can stand you"
he smirked at this and said"better listen to the full story princess,tomorrow i have a dinner date with jia"
" i'm tired, i'm leaving"she said and started moving away,when he pulled her back into his arms"someone's lying"
"why do you think so?"
"i see only anger in your eyes not even the least bit of tiredness"
"i didn't like the way you danced with jia" she confessed while her eyes were scanning the floor.
"why was that so?" he asked with an innocent face,though he felt victorious inside.
"though you didn't like her,that chipkali was all over you,that irritated me"
"how did you know that i didn't like her?" he asked surprised
"for a person who reads your mind,it isn't that hard to read your eyes"she said looking straight into his eyes.
"impressive princess,so what does my eyes tell you now?"
"that you have no idea of leaving this place,even if your dance partner is sleepy" she smiled.
"how can i deny my princess of her beauty sleep?"
they took leave from others  and went to arohi's car,arjun took the keys from her,and occupied the driver's seat.once inside, he started telling about his conversation with jia and he asked her for an idea for the date,when she didn't reply he turned to see her sleeping peacefully.he couldn't help but think that how vulnerable she looked while sleeping,he felt like he needed to hug her until she woke up.he couldn't beleive how contrasting this was to her actual character,he had always seen her as the bold and ready to fight ahluwalia but all of a sudden,today he felt that she looked so vulnerable.
he came out of his thoughts as he pulled the car in front of her house.he went over to her side, opened the door and took her in his arms, carried her carefully to he room as if she was breakable and needed to be handled with care. he laid her on the bed and saw that she was holding her purse like the sleeping princess holding her rose. he slowly took her sandals off and took her purse from her tight clutch.he found it funny that even in sleep she wouldn't let go of it easily. he became curious to see what she had in her purse,but the little manners that he still had in him, stopped him saying it was not good manners to take other's things without their permission.but then she was not some other person but his arohi,he had full rights to have a look into her,he opened it and found lip gloss, a small hair brush,mirror,tissues,pepper spray...driver's license and few papers. he felt that his girl was no different than any normal girl,she had the normal expected stuff,while skimming through the papers he saw a photograph of a guy, about whom he had no idea of.he thought may be it was not that important, if it was she would have told him,atleast this is what he thought.

romit and shefali started few minutes after arohi and arjun left,all the way back they were talking like long lost friends.once they reached her house, romit went and opened the car door for her,she smiled and he said ,"i had a wonderful time,thank you."
"you sound too formal" " it? why don't you show me the informal way of saying it?"
she said"hope our plans suceed" and kissed him softly on the cheeks and started walking towards the door.she stopped when she felt his hands on her wrist,she turned and her heart skipped a beat seeing him that close to her,their faces were just inches apart,they moved their faces slowly towards each other.
 arjun didn't know how long he had been waiting for romit at arohi's place,he entertained himself by watching her mumbling in the sleep.he went and sat on her bed trying to understand what she was mumbling under her breath,she said something again but he couldn't catch it,"kya?"he didn't mean to disturb her but the word came out of his mouth involuntarily,and as though she heard him,she said it out aloud,"i hate that chipkali!", he couldn't just stop laughing at how naive his arohi was.
just then,he heard the sound of the car,realised it should be romit and went out of her room without making noise,as he reached the door,"hey romit.."his voice trailed off as he saw shefu and romit jumping away from each other,if his guess was right they had almost kissed eachother before he interupted.shefali quickly ran into the house waving good bye to both of them.
once in the car,romit started cursing arjun and in order to stop him from cursing he promised him that he would arrange a date for them, the following night.both of them knew that this meant it should be a double date,as shefu was new to the place she was not allowed to go anywhere without arohi!

the next day went quickly with nothing but introducing themselves to every teacher in every class. while at cafeteria during break,arjun had told arohi about how he had interupted romit and shefu's kiss the previous night and also that he had to make it up by arranging a date for them.arohi first wanted to kill romit for that but then she gave up when she realised that shefu might actually like him.she agreed for the double date.arjun asked her if she wants to take anyone with her,she said"that guy whats his name?yea..shailesh,may be him,he is good looking,and yesterday,i was so carried away that i couldn't really talk properly with him"
"how can we contact him?" he really didn't want her to know that he hated the guy.yesterday,while arohi was dancing  with him,arjun could see that shailesh was way too interested in arohi and for some reason he didn't like it.
"i have his number" arohi could see that arjun's face fell when she had said that.she added"kash meri best friend free hota,i wouldn't have to ask some stranger on a date"
arjun smiled "so its a date tonight at my beach house"
"hey wait..jia ke saat date?"
" has to wait nothing is more important than my princess" he said before leaving.

soon after,he called jia to cancel the date, she agreed but only after his promise that he would accompany her to goa next weekend!

last class for the day was the music hour,harry uncle was in the class before them. the music rom had variety of instruments and harry uncle asked everyone to pick a instrument which they play or they're interested in, and also the students who wanted to sing were asked to take their seats next to him.romit settled with drums,sanchit and naina with keyboard while arjun,arohi and rajveer settled in for their guitars while shefali was the only one in the class to sit next to harry uncle.
harry uncle noticed that arohi had taken her guitar,he went next to her,"do you think whatever you're doing is right and is going to help you in anyway?"said in a low voice,not knowing that arjun and rajveer who were sitting next to arohi were able to hear him.
"whatever i'm not doing will also not help me in anyway!" she said.
"i have had enough arohi,you can't tell me anymore that you don't sing!" with a bit of anger visible in his tone
"yes,i know..but i don't sing anymore! i hate singing.but i'm interested in playing guitar,no one can force me to do what i don't want to!" her tone became a bit a louder than expected and everyone around ,looked at her shocked!
as soon as she realised it, she said,"i'm sorry" and she meant it.
harry unce shook his head,saying"you need not be! i'm sure one day,in the near future you'll sing your heart out and i'll wait for that day!"

so...what do you guys think about this update?? your comments and suggestions are very important to us! please do hit the like button and comment...'em open for both positive and negative critisism!! if you want any changes also, you can tell me through your comments...
please guys...there is no need to be diplomatic,you can tell me about the flaws in this update!

so..did you guys understand shefali's plan?
how do you think the double date will go?
jia and arjun to goa,all alone??
tomorrow, we have the auditions for the college play!!

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