Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

just friends?!.. nah! updated 135 (Page 128)

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guys...i have loaded the update in to my mobile in bits and pieces...and i am updating them in bits...sry for the mobile cannot hold large files and usually truncates them so i had to cut them into small parts..:(

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Arjun was very sure that arohi has not yet realised anything,if he tells her now that 'may be they should date',he might end up losing the friendship they had valued for years,he wanted to try and find out where all these feelings were leading to,but he will wait for her to realise the intial bit on her own,so that if things did not go the right way,atleast they would still have their friendship.Till then the only thing he had to do was control his thoughts and wild emotions.Arohi was there to make him realise that he was more important to her,may be now its his turn.May be he would not force her to realise but he will definitely initiate her thinking process,he thought.

he heard the bathroom door open, before he could warn her of his pressence,she came out, completely drenched from head to toe with her dress hugging her body and her eyes blood red,making it very clear that she had been crying,seeing her like that, all his thoughts went into the air.

There he stood,right in front of her,the sole cause for the battle within her,the battle between her heart and mind! she should have expected him here but she did not,she was surprised that her mind had been completely stuck up with arjun the whole evening so much so that she forgot that her monster will come to manaofy her!

he went and hugged her,"stupid! why are you crying?",she did not reply,she seemed to be talking under her breath but he couldn't understand a word,he assumed her to be scolding him.she had every right to,he thought.

she was angry with him,she was angry with him,she chanted that to herself to keep the urge of getting into his arms under control.she just stood there staring at him,with a blank expression on her face,she herself didnt know what she felt at the moment.was it happiness that he had stayed to make sure that she was alright or was it the anger because of jia or was it the confusion of emotions? whatever it was,

he cursed himself for doing this to her,his princess,as he rushed to her closet,got a towel out and rushed towards her,he started to rub the towel over her hair,
"pagal ho?? do you want to end up in the hospital during our trip??"
"hell! i dont even want to go there with you,what are you doing here huh? why do you bother about me? why dont you go and serve your chipkali girl friend?" she shouted.
he covered her mouth,and whispered in a firm voice,"i'll do whatever you ask me to do but for god's sake,now just go and change first!" ,he drove her into the walk in closet.she changed into her pyjamas,and came out shivering.

"what are you still doing here?" she asked hugging herself and turning away from him,he walked over to her and covered her with a blanket.'only my monster can know what i need without saying a word',she wondered,as soon as the thought entered her mind,she corrected herself,'anyone can know it looking at you'
he took a her hand and made her sit on the couch,he did not utter a word but sat for a few minutes staring at her,expecting her to atleast shout at him,when he realised that she was not going to give up for sometime soon, he got up and left her room.

she looked along the way he had left,she could not control the tears which flowed down her cheeks,she did not want to control them either.neither did she want to run behind him,but of late nothing happened the way she wanted,she ran outside,once outside she walked slowly so that harry uncle would not hear her foot steps,she walked down the stairs to find no trace of him,fresh tears wet her face.

arjun went out of her room,thinking that if he gives her few minutes may be her anger will reduce and she might get the mood to atleast talk with him,he decided to use those few minutes to make some hot coffee for her.he went into the kitchen and got busy with coffee making,he thought he heard foot steps in the living room,he came out of the kitchen to see arohi sobbing,with her hands covering her face. she turned as she felt his hand on her shoulder,seeing his face filled with concern for her,she forgot her anger,she hugged him tight.

feeling her body against his,did something to his skin tissues,and he felt himself enjoying the new sensation which spread across his body,he came back to his senses hearing her sobs and feeling her tears on his shoulder.ignoring the chemical,physical and biological changes in him! (LOL) he tightened his grip around her and soothed her passing his hand over her hairs. when she finally calmed herself down,'idiot!',she said.
'i know, i'm so sorry.i just wanted to pull your leg, i never thought that it would hurt you this much, i don't bother the least bit about jia, if you want i'll cancel the trip and lets plan it again after naina and rajveer return,please don't cry, mere liye.please don't cry" he said as he cupped her face in his palms and wiped her tears away.
he made her sit on the table as he sat on the chair,capturing her entwined hands between his hands, he told her,'kuch to bolo na,please your silence kills me!'
'kya bolun?'
'kuch bhi'
'i hate you'
'tumhi to kaha tha na? kuch bhi bolo'
'so,you will tell that you hate me?'
'yes,i hate you! you made me cry like hell,you know much i hate her and yet you kept talking about her, you know already how confused i was', realising what she just blabbered,she bit her tongue.
'confused? about what?' he was curious.but he suddenely remembered about the coffee and ran inside the kitchen,she ran behind him.he turned the gas off and out of nervousness,took the hot pan in his hand. arohi managed to take the pan from his hand before he could drop it,before he could realise what hit him,his fingers were in her hands, she caressed it with her soft fingers,she was worrying about the pain the heat would have caused him,but all he was worried about was about her hair hiding her face,he wanted to the concern in her eyes. she gave him ice cubes to press on the fingers,while she poured the coffee into their mugs.he was still staring at her as if jinxed.

but he snapped out of his thoughts hearing foot steps,suddenly it struck him that they were not alone in the house,he looked at arohi whose face reflected the same concern.she pulled him and hid him behind the fridge (i guess you know from where i got the inspiration),arjun sat down in the limited space making sure that no one can notice him,as he sat,he fakt a plastic bag under him
'arohi beta,what doing in the kitchen at this time?'
'um am...uncle aap..yahan?'
'i heard some sound thats why i came down to check,i thought may be someone broke into our house'
'i thought the same'said shefali and yawned,looking at the coffee mug in her hand,'why are you drinking coffee at this time?'
'i have a horrible headache,so i thought i will make some coffee for myself,thats why i came down'
'why did you make two cups of coffee?'
arohi was startled,'by mistake i made more so i thought i'll put it into two mugs n take it to my room'
shefali understood,two mugs meant arjun was still there,'oh ok arohi,drink coffee and sleep, good night,'
'nahi beta! raat mein do cup coffee?? its not good for health,give me one cup,i also have severe head ache' saying that he took one mug, before leaving he said,'maid cleaned up the kitchen when you all were in the garden but it became late so,she put yesterday's leftover food and garbage in a bag and has kept it beside the fridge,so in the morning don't froget to throw it away'
'is he still here?where is he?' shefali asked her in a low tone, arohi pointed towards the fridge,'sitting on the garbage' hardly controlling her laughter,arjun came out from behind it,with a disgusted face.
'what are you doing here han? its been two hours since everyone left!' she said wit her eyebrows raised and hands on her hips.
'mujhe aise mat deko yar! it was all aru's fault,your friend took so much time to forgive me and to top it all i had to sit on the garbage' said arjun,smiling sheepishly
'ah! what? first you make me angry and upset me, now you are blaming me for not forgiving you! you are a true monster!!'
'stop it guys! what are you? six year olds? even 6 yr olds dont fight like this! aru, how can you still be angry with him? he had to hide behind the fridge with cockroaches and all'
'hey shefali,she is not angry with me,she is just acting now and there were cockroaches behind the fridge??'he asked making a face.
'yep..only 10 or 11,why you are still scared of them?' arohi replied with a smirk
'you are scared of cockroaches arjun?' shefali chuckled.
'arohi stop it! i'm not scared of them,they're just allergic to me!'
'keep saying that to your self'she said and was about to leave when shefali stopped her.
'how are we going to sneak him up?'
'same way you did two hours ago' she said casually.
'you mean he will stay in your room?'shefu asked raising her eyebrows.
'its nothing ne..'arjun's voiced stopped abruptly seeing arohi's glare.
shefali was a great friend but at times she could be a bit too protective towards aru,arohi did not want shefu worrying much about her and arjun.
'nope,get him to my room and i'll sneak him up to the guest room'she said.

arohi was in her room waiting for him.she smiled at him,as he walked towards her with the coffee mug in his hand.he failed miserably at controlling his laughter seeing her covered completely in a blanket,still laughing he gave her the coffee mug,'why are you laughing?','um,nothing',he said still chuckling,'hmph' she said as she turned her face away from him and sat on the couch,he sat next to her,she moved a bit,he did the same,seeing him move closer she moved a bit far again,and he moved closer again,they did the same till she was pressed against the arm of the couch  and still he was next to her,looking at what they were doing,both burst out laughing,'dont you think it was a bit childish?' he asked,'nope,it was stupid and cute' she smiled,he said'just like you',her jaws dropped,'you called me stupid?','and cute too',he said,'stupid because you always get angry at the smallest things',he said,'its because i have every right to be angry with you,after all you are my monster' she said smiling,','oh is it? now where is my coffee?' putting his hands on either shoulder of hers,'oh i dont know,i just have a cup which was made by my best friend specially for me which i won't share with anyone',she said lifting her chin with proudness,'you should be lucky to have a friend who loves you so much'he said,niether of them spoke for few seconds,words are not really necessary when your eyes do all the talking,isn't it? but in their case their eyes spoke with each other but they did not understand the language which they spoke,so both of them allowed their eyes to continue for sometime until arohi broke silence saying,'no','hmm?','no,he is luckier than me','is it? how?','he has me',she smirked,'he has you?' he repeated,he felt his brain repeat her words over and over while their eyes began to take advantage of the comfortable silence.

this time it was arjun,who broke the silent spell,'so you are not giving me your coffee?' he pouted,she laughed and took it to his mouth,he took a sip,turning her around so that her back was lying on his chest,as he laid his back on the cushion,both of them stayed that way as they took turns in sipping their coffee. 'i will ask you a few questions about me,lets see how much you know your monster,what say?' he asked as he kept the empty mug on the lamp table,'no one can know you better than me','we going to see that,'he said as he put his arms around her waist from behind,
'who am i close to at home?'
'me!and blood relative toh,mom'
'my favorite game'
'basket ball,especially when we play it against each other in the rain'
'any luxurious suv'
'first friend'
'hm..not bad princess,not even a single wrong answer! most important person'
'very funny! you wont forget her will you?'
'haha how can i? she was so crazy about you that she cut her hands in front of the whole school'
'crazy and scary!umm... so shall we cancel the goa trip?'
'as if you dont know',he rolled his eyes,'i'm not going anywhere without you!',he said in a firm voice.
'this serious tone doesn't suit you monster!'she giggled,'i will come there for sure but on one condition'
'condition? anything for you princess!' he smiled.
'you will listen to whatever i say! right from where you go to what you wear will be decided by me,throughout our trip!'
'i have to be your gulam for all the days we saty there?',
'not exactly gulam,but more like that',she giggled'say yes and goa will be the most memorable trip you could ever experience!'
'that sounds good'
'you agree?'
'of course i agree! c'mon lets continue with the game!'he said.
'cool' she said thinking,'trip will be memorable for you arjun but for some one its going to be a night mare' she smiled wickedly before turning her concentration back to her monster! they continued the game for sometime and fell asleep in each other's arms,that night.

do leave your comments and press the like button! criticisms are welcome :):)
please mention the parts which you liked!
and who do think arohi is going to make this trip a nightmare?? ;);)

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finally update !!!
thanks varsh
you know na how long i was waiting for it :-)

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oops sorry made this post by mistake :$

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thats alright sheher! :)

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jaldi jaldi update varsh :D
i m waitingg ;)

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waoo gr8 yaar  waiting for full den comment full

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