Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

just friends?!.. nah! updated 135 (Page 11)

Ruky07 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 4:39am | IP Logged
Hey varshini :)
Just read ur Ff and its awesome. ur doin a great job here keep it up. Really like the concept.
could you add me to ur pm list :)
It's going to be a cracker Ff, ur legend virshini

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Originally posted by moonkmh

Jiti jagti sacchai ki murat...priyal. Gandhiji tujhe dekhke khusi ke mare firse mar jate.

tu na badi masti ki mood mein hai na ruk beta on9 aa fir dekhati hu tujhe

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hey varshini,

fantastic FF..plzzz update are doing birlliant ..dnt want to spil your writers mood by givig ideas is going great..loved the seq of seniors getting ragged by juniors...fab fab

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Anupa28

hey varshini,

fantastic FF..plzzz update are doing birlliant ..dnt want to spil your writers mood by givig ideas is going great..loved the seq of seniors getting ragged by juniors...fab fab

you can always pm me your ideas :)

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MsFuzzybear69 Senior Member

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Hey Vrshn I thought you were just a reader of ff's but your quite a talented writer as well, (which youv'e kept hidden until now).
I can't believe I missed your ff so incase it happens again please add me to your pm list.

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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by priyalganwani

Originally posted by moonkmh

Jiti jagti sacchai ki murat...priyal. Gandhiji tujhe dekhke khusi ke mare firse mar jate.

tu na badi masti ki mood mein hai na ruk beta on9 aa fir dekhati hu tujhe

dekh lena. Hum v dekhenge u despo queen.
.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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once they were outside the court, arohi pulled herself away from his arms and started to hit him.
arjun 'hey princess, what are you doing??'
arohi 'what do you think i'm doing??you idiot ! i called you like 100 times in the morning!'still hitting him.
arjun 'yea...i tried calling you back but you cut it! by the way it was just 75 times!'
rajveer was like '75 times??! dude you're dead!'
arjun 'thanks yar,for reminding her to kill me!!'
rajveer threw his hands up as if to surrender, arohi turned towards raj to tell something and arjun used that distraction to catch hold of her hands, she moved her focus back to arjun.
arohi struggling to escape his grip 'leave my hand your monster! you knew that i was calling you and you still didn't attend any of it??'she continued' stupid! what if it had been an emergency?what if i had been ill?what if something really bad had happened?? what if i had been in some sort of danger.?...' arjun cut in
  a very soft voice said 'i would have reached you before you even think of calling me,no danger can reach you without facing me princess!'. with that they were staring into each others eyes, as if searching for the truth in them!
at this point, rajveer just rolled his eyes and said"when you guys finish this manaofying session,come to the parking, romit wanted us to wait there" and he left without waiting for an answer!

arohi just shook her head while moving herself away from his arms , turned back and walked away in the opposite direction.arjun knew she wouldn't stop if he asked her to, miss.ziddi ahluwalia he thought to himself,but to his surprise he saw her standing not far away busy with her phone,probably texting. he knew how to use this chance, he slowly went towards her without making a noise and swiftly slipped his arms around her waist from the back and pulled her closer to him. her heart almost stopped beating for a moment until she felt the warmth of her best friend's arm.'ARJUN!'she shouted without turning 'you scared me to death! what the hell do you want?'
he whispered 'maafi' she opened her mouth as if to tell something, when he said very softly 'shh! patience listen to me for minute... i mistook your calls for alarm and thats why i didn't pick and i did not expect you to be awake that early.jab mujhe pata chala ki tumne call kiya..i tried calling you back, but you did not pick it up."
arohi was thinking"this monster definitely knows how to calm me down with his velvetty voice!" when he said 'ab kuch to kaho na!'
she said 'yea...i couldn't pick your calls because i was helping shefali set in the house,you remember shefali, my best friend from delhi who has joined our college?i wanted to introduce her to you first thing in the morning thats why i called up to ask you to come over to my place before college but then since you did not answer the call, we just came here at 8.15 it self 'placing her hands over his arms which was still around her waist. 'she sounded relaxed now 'he thought and said"oh don't worry,from here we'll directly go and meet your friend first."she smiled,and he continued"waise, tumne kya kaha? that she your best friend.. then me?" he pouted. she said"you are my monster" they both laughed at this."tumhe pata he arohi, aaj tumhari calls ke vaja se mein 7am hi ut gaya aur 8 baje mein college mien tha, i was so bored without you, thats when i heard these basket ball guys plan of ragging juniors..and yea,they have some plan to pick a few lucky juniors and give them a special welcome at 10! after hearing that..."
she continued"you thought of giving them a taste of your attitude and you called us there! "she continued "you know what arjun that captain guy was kinda cute"
" don't even think of dating that guy i already hate him!" he said
" and not bad princess! you have started to read my thoughts" he said
"and we have started to lose our patience waiting for you love birds!!" said sanchit from behind them. they turned and saw the whole gang standing there!
arjun"when are you going to stop it sanchit??"
arohi"you are insulting our friendship!"
rajveer"guys one at a time, bachcha hai, dar jayega...i'll answer your questions, arjun do you still think that we'll stop teasing??we have been doing this all our lives yar...aadat ban gaye hai!"
naina"hey make it sound like we're teasing just bacause of aadat! arohi, are you sure its friendship? coz we see something else in front us"she giggled.
arohi "i have had enough of this today and yea see a monster and his princess standing in front you and they might attack you guys any moment for getting on their nerves"said in a frustated tone.arjun couldn't hold his smile back when she said'monster and his princess' he felt that it somehow sounded like'beauty and the beast!'
romit came"chill arohi, we'll continue this convo the next time you guys get all mushy which i'm sure will happen before the end of the for now, lets go and check out the chicks this college has to offer me!"
naina "you are such a besharam romit!! anyways lets move"
arohi just remembered that she had got a message from shefu! (she stopped tor read her msg but you guys know what happened after that...;) )
shefu had asked her to coming to the parking lot! arohi pulled others also along with her to go with her. they almost reached the parking when romit said "she better look good, otherwise you'll have to find a date for me tonight arohi!"
arohi"don't you dare try to get your way with her romit, she is my best friend! "
sanchit looking at arjun" yikes looks like some one got a competition!"
arjun and arohi "shut up sanchit!". naina giggled saying "you guys are so going to be the hottest couple of the college" before anyone else could speak, rajveer said"hey guys look the basket ball captain!"
everyone turned in that direction to see him moving towards arohi's car,"omg! shefali"and arohi began running towards her. shefu was standing near the car with her back towards ishaan.
kabir(vice captain bb team):hey babes..
shefu turned :sorry did you call me?
kabir:i don't find anyother girl here...
arohi cut in:"are you sure?"
ishaan was excited to see her again, but then he reminded himself of the incident in the morning and stepped in between kabir and her. and said "guys its time to teach the freshers a lesson for messing with the senoirs!""kabir, that girl is all yours! and i think i have got one for me too" he said walking towards arohi and she pushed him away from her,this increased his temptation and her tried to force himself on her!thats when he felt someone's hand on his shoulder,.arjun said looking at arohi"don't worry princess" ishaan was surprised"princess?that's a nice name, she does look like one" said scanning her from top to bottom! arjun had moved instinctively inbetween ishaan and arohi,blocking his view!
ishaan:"ah man! i just have an unfinished business with the princess, so back off!"
arjun:"i'm her manager, minister and everything, so you'll have to deal the unfinshed business with me! and one has the right to call her princess except me! i have a copyright over the name!"
and by then romit had given a nice slap to kabir! shefali was too shaken and naina held shefu in her arms .sanchit had gone to call some official for help!
arjun to ishaan "what were you telling? oh have got one for you?" with that he punched really hard on his face! before arjun could hit him again, he and rajveer were caught by the other b.b team members,
 arohi finally spoke up,"leave him! you just want to rag me right? tell me your task!"with this everyone's attention turned towards her, every guy was looking at her as if they were going to eat her up! arjun felt his blood boiling in his veins! he was trying really hard to escape the grip of those guys.
ishaan: so fine! lets start with your name.
arohi: arohi, arohi ahluwalia! *high on attitude* her confidence for some reason made arjun feel stronger!
ishaan: i thought you would start crying seeing your friends struggling with my boys, but whoa, you are stronger than what i thought miss.arohi! by now the guys had left arjun and rajveer and they were staring at arohi and ishaan.
arohi: well yea...i proved my strength to you in the court mister, i definitely don't think that you would have forgotten it so soon!
ishaan felt the blood rushing to his face: so here it is, your punishment miss.Arohi Ahluwalia, you'll have to kiss a guy here, and you get to choose the guy! arjun clenches his fist ready to hit him when rajveer holds him back and smiles at him!
arjun is thinking 'how could he smile?? that guy torturing our princess!!'
arohi smiles and looks at the faces of all guys standing there and finally she moves towards ishaan with a wide smile playing on her lips!
arjun's face turns as red as as a tomato seeing all this!! he could not believe it! she cannot kiss that guy, she found him cute, alright! but that doesn't mean she could kiss a guy i hate!!
arohi went near ishaan with a calm smile on her face,while his heart beats were soaring high,he felt his smile widen on its own! he felt as though he was floating, wow, the angel has selected him among all those guys!
she said"you asked me to kiss a guy, right?" ishaan dreamily replied"yeah"
with one swift move arohi was next to arjun and before any one could realise what was happening she placed her lips on his cheeks! Arjun whose lips spread into the widest grin on earth,had a feeling that arohi had finally reached where she belonged to and at that moment wanted to hug her tightly, she had broken the nose of his first enemy at college! he was so proud of her!!
ishaan couldn't handle the insult, he wanted to hit the face which had felt the kiss which he was supposed to enjoy! before he could react kabir pulled him away saying "mr.sharma is here",pointing to a man who was walking towards them with sanchit!

so was the update??your comments and suggestions are very important to us! please do hit the like button and comment...'em open for both positive and negative critisism!! if you want any changes also, you can tell me through your comments :D
sorry if have not sent pm...please do add me in your buddy list. also, sorry if i hve sent the same pm twice...i hve really messed it up this time.

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angelina285 IF-Dazzler

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totally loved your story
too gud..add me in your pm list
wld love to read it

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