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Crazy Incredibles-Save Our GHSP and Our MAANEET

sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
                                      WELCOME TO CRAZY INCREDIBLES



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For New and Old Crazy Members!!! ' GiRlS Please read the rules!!


         Introduce yourself to everyone (name and why)... as members would like to know about you.          Crazie Incredibles thread is a fun thread... and we are here to have fun! ' So it is important to keep the thread clean.          For CRAZIES... Maan & Geet are equal and Maaneet love is divine...therefore we love Maaneet to the core...           No bashing of characters / actors is tolerated in crazy thread...           No bad words should be used to describe any character/actor. If you are angry with any character or scene, just say U are angry!!! Or be angry with CVs.          No bashing of Maan or Geet will be tolerated - WARNING to ALL!!!          If any bashing is found in the thread. 3 warnings will be given & then after that they will be thrown out of the thread.          We call DEV - DEV(IL)... please mention as such when u quote in the thread.          We are not Fans of NAAS, NT & DEV(IL)..Don't bash them.. just criticize them!!!! ' You can include them in the analysis.            Quote each other limited to 3 quotes...  

                 If any rule is offended by any crazies, beautiful and wonderful sazaas are given to them By SAZAA GIVERS


                                             ******ALL crazies who open a thread will have to post the rules*******


                                             ******Topic Starter...will give the analysis in the next post!!! 

                                        Reserve your place crazies

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sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 July 2008
Posts: 12062

Posted: 26 May 2011 at 12:33pm | IP Logged




Hi crazie darlings,

MAANEET sabko dikhayenge apne pavitra paavan aur sacha atooth rishta pyar ka rishta dil ka rishta...
Episode was awesome...loved it
Everyone is so worried to who the new owner is and everyone's expressions seeing Maan as the new owner!...


Maan Singh Khurana is back!


Initially, Geet is shocked surprised and a bit worried...


Maasi and teji fuming with anger and once again have a false opinion that Maan has cum back to take revenge and show them neecha...

Pammi, Nandini, Lucky kind of worried and shocked...



MAANEET rassi ho ya kuch aur par MAANEET ki maahi maahi har jagah har waqt...hai so sweet and lovely...both always find one way or the other to be close to each other...

Loved MAANEET nok-jhok...Mishti ko tang karne mein maza aata hai and loved Geet in her hoshiyarpur express dhoon!...



Today Geet's worry concern shock surprise and tears for her Geet is initially so surprised shocked and worried to see Maan as the new owner bcuz she cannot see Maasi or Teji once again having a false opinion abt her Maan...

Also felt so bad for Geet when maasi tells her it is her family issue so she shud stay out of it...the main reason to y Geet has stayed back is to show it to maasi teji and all that her Maan is a man of principles of trust honesty and transparency and he is not a cheater like they all assume...and the other reason y Geet has stayed back is bcuz she is hurt and feels guilty for hurting her family unknowingly so today when maasi asked her to stay out of her family issue, Geet's tears of pain aww...finally Geet was getting love and care of her family but today maasi's words broke her heart...and now after they know that Maan has bought the house they all even think that Maan has bought the house to show attitude and make maasi and all feel inferior...Maan never meant to hurt their self-respect but due to unpleasant circumstances, maasi and teji r having a false opinion once again...Maan bought the house to save maasi and all and not to hurt heir self-respect...Geet's tears of immense pain, helplessness and guilt that now her Maan's principles r questioned and that his self-respect and honour r hurt and questioned, now Geet will do everything to make maasi and teji see the real side of Maan sensitive sweet caring and loving side of Maan and to judge him frm his inner deep heart and soul and not go by his hard exterior...and now Maan will give his full support to his Geet MAANEET will always face everything together be it happiness or sorrow, colours or dullness, dreams or nightmares and problems...also MAANEET r known for keeping promises made to each other and fulfilling them at any cost...MAANEET had promised each other that they wud go back to delhi only after showing maasi and teji about MAANEET's divine, sacred bond pure and true bond, their true divine and genuine feelings of care and love, mutual trust and understanding, mutual respect, admiration, pride, worship, and that MAANEET r epitome of truth honesty and transparency...MAANEET will do everything possible to show it to Maasi and teji that MAANEET were not lying but hiding the truth for a while because they were waiting for the right moment to tell everyone...hiding something for a while for a good and noble reason is considered higher than zillion truths...MAANEET will prove it to all that whatever they did was for a noble reason MAANEET did all this just to show it to Maasi's family the divinity, purity and truth of MAANEET's relationship atooth ristha and to show that both r the happiest with each other and both r the luckiest to have found each now MAANEET will together fulfil the promise and make maasi and teji see that MAANEET's reality is more blissful beautiful and colourful than any dream only when they r together...MAANEET will go back only after clearing all the misunderstandings and healing the pain given to maasi and all by them unknowingly and only after taking blessings frm maasi teji and all...afterall MAANEET r known for spreading love, happiness and positivity...



Loved the last MAANEET was very beautiful...MAANEET's new way of communicating wow...MAANEET ek dusare ke paas rehne ke aur baat karne ki tareeka dhoond hi lete soon as Geet hears her Maan's voice and sees him when MAANEET see each other, the spark happiness and charm on MAANEET's face and their beautiful divine and lovely smile along with sweet romantic magical and divine maahi maahi and MAANEET's emotional talk was truly a lovely scene...



Even today only sweet loving and caring Pammi, Nandini and Lucky understood Maan and were justifying Maan's actions in front of teji and maasi...

Also today v saw glimpse of Maan Sir and Adi bechara Adi wanted to say v paid full amount so y only half house but Maan's looks se hi Adi chup ho gaya!

Mamaji asked lachi to get tel to welcome mehmaan lol!



Teji has called up someone and asked him to come home he trying to create problem for Maan?...not to worry bcuz as long as MAANEET r together which is the strongest pillar of strength, hope and faith, MAANEET will face everything together and emerge victorious at the end...also pammi has heard teji's she might go and inform Geet or Maan or both abt it...


Now back to signing petitions and sending messages...I'm sure V all MAANEETIANS will be successful in our mission our dream our wish of saving 'Our Life Our GHSP Our MAANEET'...

Also please comment on DD's and GC's profile, pics, videos on IF, hit chaska meter, vote for Gold Awards...




(Proud to be a GHSP and MAANEET's lover, admirer and worshipper)

(Proud to be a MAANEETIAN)


I miss chatting with u all so much sweethearts like before...hopefully soon v will have our old happy fun times back once v know that Our life Our GHSP and Our MAANEET r safe...


I had come online arnd 10.45 but my net got dc and i was fixing it frm the past 1 hr...thankfully my net is fine now...







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sumona28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 12:54pm | IP Logged
Maaneet are in same house pjir vhi alag alag...

Kya entry mara hai Maan ne ...I loved this...

# black car se Maan ne entry mara...

Tau Maan bought the house . If Maan didnot bye it then koi aur ye house buy kar leta . Maushi ne jab ghar girvhi rakha tha tab ye sarth tha ki money lender ye ghar bech sakta hai ...

When Maan entered the house tab Maan kaise Geet ko dekh kar smrike kar raha tha ...

I think Geet will be angry but nahi ...kiyu ki Geet know that Maan koi galad kaam nahi kar sakta ...

Maushi kangal ho gaya phir vhi gurur nahi gaya ...

I don't like Maushi jistera maan ke baare mai baat kar raha tha  and told Geet not to meet Maan kaya hai patni pati se nahi mil sakta ...

Tau Maan ne achcha tarika dhoond lia .geet se baat karne ke liye...Maan geet se laptop se baat kar raha tha ...

Maan sais to Geet  kya ye ho sakta hai ki tum yeha amrirsar mai and mein delhi mein..and kya mein tumhe life time ke liye yeha chod sakta hu ki kab tum apne maushi and vhi ko manayogi...

Maan said to Geet maine tumhe bola tha hum dono mil ke ye problem ko solve karunga ...and said that he bought the house to help them .

Today Maan Geet ko two times Mishty bola sweet ...

Kya payer hai Maaneet ka but maine Maaneet ko ek frame mai chati hu alag alag kab tak chalega...I don't like this socha tha Maaneet raat ko milege thoda romantic baat hoga
but muche lagta hai ye bahoot dur hai ...kabtak ye track hoga...

precp...I will kill Teji wo MSK ke liye gooda bulaya...and Pammy heared this...

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--aarthi-- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 May 2010
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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 8:02pm | IP Logged
guys my beack is aching severly for the past few days i can't sit in ma i'll not be able to do the analyis much today...


any one near me in Maaneet heaven...

Oh man his attitude... his everything is back... he returned to be with his mishty...

why do i have a feeling apart form buying the house Maan also will be helping Lucky for the wrestling per SBS/SBB...

im mean i think Lucky will see Maan practicing his tai chiBlushing...

and him on treadMills and his gym package will be urged and join we saw Geet was talking with lucky more of like giving him advice in the segs...

and it is time for guessing names for biji...

i hope tat if another time teji says another word against Maan Geet will burst out tat a Man like him who doesn't treat his wife well has no rite to say a word against Maan.. i wud so like to hear the woirds form Geet...(may be pammi, lucky also...coz these two very well knw y Maan did all this act...)
But i like one thing howmuch ever biji scolds Maan she still respects him as her damand...Maan knw tat...
tats wat his look said wen she said to the garg abt her SIL...

PS me will log in from mble

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craziekudi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nosi


hello dear... new here?

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RajeevGurtiFan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 August 2005
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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 10:48pm | IP Logged

well today's episode was rocking perfect for trp ...

the cvs have hit the jackpot..msk is back...i have not seen any hero in tv with this kind of attitude arrogance...
wow is the only word..
gc..hatts of you to you  for switching between msk and geet's maan..
beji's anger is justified she has been taken for a ride by balwant..
but now msk is back...
it will be intersting to watch the battle of egos between beji and msk...
teji-msk eyelock...very very good...
overall i liked the episode no devil to spoil my mood and mu between maaneet..
the last scene was good but we want maaneet in the same frame see we are addicted...
save ghsp...guys..let's just keep on signing...

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drdee142 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 2:56am | IP Logged
I'm still not sure how I feel about this whole situation so will not do any analysis today, will just chat with all my crazies. I wonder how Maan buying the house and staying there is gonna solve the issues, I'm still confused Confused

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dewdropred IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 8:34am | IP Logged

keep signing ...


today's episode was gud … would have been great if we got maaneet romance …


maan's entry was mind blowing it so reminded me of the day ….

When he was shown as MD of KC & his dreamy & elegant entry into KC … the only difference was LOL at that time adi was not accompanying him … today adi was there with him …


lucky was funny … 1 slap is not enough for you mama …


I thought geet would have guessed that it was maan who can do such type of deals with any one … purchasing anything for more than it's market value… earlier he purchased IP coz she joined it … today masi ka ghar … then he paid the hotel chef more than it's worth for a mere kulfi … coz his biwi wanted it …


maan wanted to teach beeji ki family the meaning of love … gud going


I don't mind saying I hate beeji ki character … I hated her role in MJHT & now I hate her role in GHSP … I guess she is given such type of roles where people will love to hate her … who is she to tell geet not to talk to her husband … I think she should recollect her words … that she should not interfere in between hubby & wifey …


thank god aaj devil ki muh dikhayi nahin hun … I surely did not miss him … 


I would love to see … how geet & maan will take loveology classes for the entire clan …. Specially tejji & beeji …  these two need to know the real meaning of love … all they know is to pass orders on everyone … & shout at everyone …


loveology – reminds me of the song of shaan … loveology … l o v e o logy … LOL …


what was tejji planning ……. Is he planning to hurt maan …

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