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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 1:27am | IP Logged
thnk u zara n deepu...Hug and my rasmalai fr pressing like in my thread...muah:)

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purvi08 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 2:44am | IP Logged
love your answers karishma

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bones88 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 4:10am | IP Logged
Kari loveeed ur OSHugHeart

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adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 11:36am | IP Logged
loved the oses, keep it up!

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jparker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 7:50am | IP Logged
Sigh baawi, tu saachej ghani lucky che.. mauri paase time ni maara mauri che, nahin to tune grill kareni bhuni ne khaai gayi hot, aatyaur sudhi maa.. well dikri.. sizzle a lil bit more... I hope to catch up till tomorrow...Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
OMG.. read your OS... phewww...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 2:50am | IP Logged
vattys request for shanak os in their new homeHeartHeart

SHANAK  ke pyaar ki ek choti si duniyaDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

shanak had stayed with duck for a while..
.Shaan after great difficulty had found a music contract..and had started his work on his
music album. duck also joined him
 .he had  also bagged a music composing chance for a new film..he was super excited an was
working hard on that..
.he was already getting a couple of acting chances too since he looked good but he was not
into that..he needed time to think ..he was hardly taking rest..
khanak had taken charge of ducks cafe when he was away practising with shaan
and  soon she  impressed the  cafe customers..with her culinary skills especially gujrati dishes
.the cafe became more  popular with more regular customers so soon.
.because of khanak serving with a bright smile and the genuity of  gujrati dishes
available..Duck made khanak his  partner in profits since she was working so hard..
khanak also became an expert in  certain other cooking  skills like making various types of sandwiches., cakes pastries etc.,
She was also enrolled in a part time college..(open university) and also was into english classes
after some say  three months shanak were able to buy a small apartment..near the cafe with their hard earned money
...They had put on some furniture..and khanak had  decorated the home especially with her own hands ..The home was cosy simple but very nice ..
.Shaan had a car on his own soon because it was a necessity for him..
they both were working very hard..and did not have much time to spend with each other
..But they knew this phase was a hard working phase and they need to put in extra efforts ..so both were willingly putting effortsSmile
But some where both were feeling they were missing their time together so one fine day they thought over it and decided to take a couple of days break and spend the time for themselves...
so in their new house the scene begins

Khanak got up at 6.30 a.m.she was feeling relaxed No pressure to answer the restaurant  customers today.. 
 she freshened up... drank a cup of tea ... had a fine bath ..washing hair..put on a cotton saree...
...lit the lamp prayed to god for a few mins...and sat near the window for a while...prepared khichdi for break fast.. and decided to wait till shaan got up  
she was looking at shaan and remembered how he used to enjoy his time in K house. as  their laadla
.he had no worries then... as far as khanak was concerned...hard work was nothing new to her...But for shaan she was really feeling bad at times Cry
 he had to work so hard through out the day..at most of the times late into nights ..
she took care of his well being by preparing healthy dishes  ..and trying to give him more free time  and rest when he was at home without talking about any problems..
 she supported him as far as possible..she had no big knowledge of music.
. But she knew how  to identify good music..so she gave him her honest opinion about it when he asked for it
..she was his first critic and also the first one to praise him generously..she was always there for him when he needed her..
at the same time she never over did things by entering into his creative world  too much..
she knew where to draw a line very well..
she never brought home her cafe problems..she always said everything was going well there.
.But there were times when she had to face the wrath of some customers for no reason...
They took her for granted and at times showed their faces
 yet she had to remain calm..she felt like crying..but could not do so...
 at times she had to take up more work since some employees were absent all of a sudden..
.she was new to this city..and she had to learn so much
..she could not even speak english but she  in no time earned the good will of the people with her smile and her willingness to adapt and adjust...to the ever increasing  demands .

she never enquired too much about his work and always was a silent listener whenever he spoke to her in detail abt his wrk
she just smiled ,nodded, hugged him and pressed his hands as though telling she is supporting him always
..But she really badly missed that shaan who was always around her...romancing... pulling legs and their cute little nok jhok  
But life has its own ways ..she thought..she had no complaints..she was really prepared to do anything for the love of  her hubby ...shantanu khandelwal
she was standing by the window  and thinking of all the events that had happened in this short span after they had moved out..with a smile..
shaan got up from his sleep he was also pondering over the events  in his own way
shaan from his side was never used to any hardships in life
He had always been a pampered child
 To move out of a big palatial house where he had all comforts and move into small places with very minimum comforts was really  very hard for him initially
 ..But he was very happy doing that all just because of the presence of one person whom he loved more than his life... khanak shantanu khandelwal
 as long as she was by his side he was prepared to face any hardships
her bright smile wiped off his worries once and  for all
he always considered himself very lucky to have her..she had never had any demands from him..
she was the only one who loved him inspite of his success or failures .
.she did not bother if he had money or not..she never cared if he would provide her any comforts or not.
.he was very proud to be loved by his wifefor wat he was... and nothing else.. 
To him khanak was his own shadow... she was the very meaning of his life..
He was working hard for her  more than for himself he was prepared to stretch himself to the farthest level possible
 if he could make khanak happy... to him her smile mattered the most
   he wanted to make her  feel cherrished... make her feel proud that she was the wife of a very successful person...
he turned  around to see she sitting by window smiling over something
 he had become more mature all of sudden for the past few months  he himself could not believe  it.
.he smiled to himself but he thought he needs to behave his age at times
..his wife was young and he too was..
Might be life was   throwing on hardships to him in recent months
  but that does not mean he should shy away from romancing  passionately
 he increasingly felt the need to romance her ..
he silently  went and freshened himself..
deep inside his heart he also longed for those lovely moments they used to spend in kitchen... bedroom...paathshala..
.,he hardly had time for any romance.. khanak was also involved in other work..he did not object to it at all..he was rather very happy for her she was getting to know things on her own
duck was all in praise for khanak handling the cafe and shaan was feeling extremely proud ..
he was very happy with her  progress in education as well..now..he walked slowly towards the window
he came behind and hugged her tightly placing his chin on her neck..."good morning khanak"
khanak turning around '' areh shantanu app ut gaye ...good morning..main app ke liye chai banake laathi hoon"
shantanu was still on her neck..."hmmm...woh sab baad mein ab koi jaldi nahin"
..he was caressing her shoulder with his nose and his hands were in no time around her waist.
""""""""khanak pata hain" main ne yeh sab bahut k miss kiya ..finally today."""""he was  saying that..with emotions...
khanak was just smiling with a light blush.
.shaan noticed her blush" haayye kitne din ho gaye ...aise mere biwi ko  dekhe" he just hugged her more tight ..and kissed her on her neck..
khanak was blushing even more
shaan'''''''''' khanak u know i am very relaxed... aaj aur kal main poore din tumre saath hi rahoonga..aur kahin nahin ..aur tumne bhi chutti le li hain...pata hain ducks ne bata diya"""""'
khanak" areh maine to socha tha aap bahut busy the... itne saare jaan kaari aapko mil gayi' she was laughing...
shaan was admiring her laughter..
khanak """shantanu jaayiye naha lijiye aur hum donon saath mein khayenge" 
shaan""""""' mujhe usse zyada bahut zaroori kaam hain"""

' saying without khanak expecting he took her in her arms and slowly walked towards their bed..she was feeling shy..
he placed her and his hands were around hes hips once gain..she had her hands automatically around his neck..and slowly he was on to her lips
..he was kissing her very very passionately and deeply since it had been a while they have had a passionate kiss
..he was totally into it and khanak was also responding running her hand through his hair
.slowly their kiss  became deeper and deeper Khanak could only grasp for  breath in between ..
.shaan was then kissing all over her face ...ears... eyes... neck shoulders collar bones..chest ..hips. back...and his legs were  tighly enveloping her..khanak was feeling his passion and was responding to it ..
To his most convinience and delight she was wearing a saree..he removed the pallu ..she turned  to the other   side in shyness
"shantanu yeh kya hain..subah subah yeh"  she was telling ...shantanu was not hearing it at all
he removed his vest.khanak was trying to look to  the otherside  but he made her look  to him and placed her hands on his bare chest..he was really enjoying it as he had been away from this for d longest time
she soon was digging his back with her deep nails..
She could not bear his passion..love and affection combined with lust
..his hands were extremelyy freely roaming all over...he  moved her blouse in no time..she tried to cover herself with a bedsheet  with all shyness...
but he did not allow it instead he was covering her...and with deep emotions and husky voice he muttred" khanak main tumse behat pyaar kartha hoon"
  khanak replied" shantanu mein bhi appse bahut pyar karthi hoon" soon they gain kissed and had their most private moment in a day at their new house
Later They had break fast  cleaned the house watched cartoon channel for some time..had lunch together khanakk made all shaans favourite dishes and he enjoyed it fully..
..then shaan made her listen to his newly composed songs...
with head phone she listened with great joy  she baked a special black forest  cake for  him..He watched a couple of hot  Hollywood movies calling khanak in between and making her watch those scenes.and  seeing her blush...
it was a fun filled day for shaan n khanak all the day by themselves
  evening..khanak took bath again..litt the lamp .prayed again..shantanu did not believe in all this but he believed a lot in khanak..  they had their evening chai...
shaan had a surprise planned for khanak while she was preparing dinner  
 he had decorated their room with flowers scented candles..and had a generous dose of perfumes
he had a new big poster of khanak smiling in their  bed room.and himself also smiling in that..with him hugging her from behind ...
she completed her dinner preprations..and went  to call him...she was thoroughly surprised at  this.
shaan was all smies looking at his lady love
khanak "shantanu yeh sab kya hain'  she smiled at that big picture and said" bahut accha hain"
shantanu' replied"""" khanak thank u"""
BTW yeh tumhare liye ... he gave her a very nice gorgeous mini  dress
..the one she had seen the HW movie girls wear 
she was seeing it with all shyness"""""" shantanu main aise kapde nahin pehen sakthi  shantanu ' nahin pehen sakthi ...
matlab  main tumahara pati hoon aur main tumhe aise dekhna chantha hoon isliye no objections ..tum pehenthi ho ya main pehna doon"""""
he tries to grab her waist with msichief  she stops him''Acha de dijiye' 
tht dress was  a  two piece mini dress..showing all her lean legs thighs and upper part was also very glamourous.with a over coat tied with a knot..(imagine asins mini  dress in dhik chika")
.  she wore it and could not believe that she was wearing that mini  dress...  shaan was looking at her with a broad smile admiring her from top to bottom...saying    "wow u look so hot'
 and he was already in his casuals .. of half pant and  a tee
she came forward..
he pulled her to his chest..she lost balance and was falling on him and both of them fell on the bed shaan over khanak...that  was exactly wht he wanted..
this time his bare legs over her bare  legs his chest tightly over her chest.
.his lips were fully exploring hers and he successfully  took off d koti knot of her  upper garment and himself in just the half pant( tees removed.).
 the day time romance continued in the night  with more passion..Smile

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Prernarbofan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 4:03am | IP Logged
aye hai kari cha gayi seriousness mein bhi romance yeh toh tum hi kar sakthi ho love the OS it was tooo hot

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NinjaInPyjamas IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 7:21am | IP Logged
Behna meri,

Mere ko kuch bolne layak kabhi chhodegi?


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