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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 10:23pm | IP Logged
office mein hua shaan bekaraar
shaan is in the  office, it is 7.30 p.m everyone has already left the office
 Akshay is off to attend some dinner, an important investors meet..Smile
shaan  wants to call khanak and have her in office... He plans to go out for a special short  dinner and then reach home
he calls khanak ... she picks up... She is busy on the stove making gajar ka halwa
khanak smiling "hello shantanu aap...  ji kahiye"
shantanu" haan khanak...main...aur tum jaldi se mere office mein aa jao .../please hum dono
bahar jayenge uske baad ghar o.k"
khanak" lekin shantanu main toh gajar ka halwa bana rahi hoon.
..abhi nahi aa sakthi hoon.." 
shantanu" khanak woh harilal se bol dena woh kar dega.
.aur yeh tumhara pati parmeshwar ka order i mean ... aagya hain... isliye tujhe yahan aana
hoga  fauran"   he keeps the  phone down..
khanak thinks" may be he want to have dinner outside  for a change  ..so he wants to take me
along..let me go to siddhi vinayak temple on the way"
thinking of it she wears a new red saree..and ties her hair...(since going to temple)
she instructs harilal to complete the gajar ka halwal work... tells madhvi and sunil  and she
  madhvi and sunil smile at each other remembering their young days when they were a year or so old  married couple Smile
.Khanak reaches office Shantanu had freshened himself
unbuttoned three quarters of the shirt and was acting busy in a file LOL khanak knocks his cabin door
shantanu says" yes come in" he knows it should be herSmile
   khanak enters smilingSmile
shaan looks up... is for a moment taken aback... she looks very fresh...with a nice red
saree...and her glorious smile is on.
she smiles" kya baat hain shantanu mujhe yakeen hi nahin ho raha hain... sab log chale gaye
aur aap itne der tak kaam karthe ho""
shaan looks up closes the file and smiles" areh...khanak poocho math ...maine itna kaam
kiya hai aaj aur mere shoulders i mean  he shows the areas Winkbahut dukh rahe hain 
 thodha massage kar do na please"
  khanak replies " woh sab ghar jaake karoongi  ..pehle aap batayiye aap ne mujhe kyon bhulaya.."
shaan" areh khanak maine tumhe isse kaam ke  liye hi bhulaya   itna dard ho raha hain ki  mera
theek se utna bhi namumkin hain " 
now khanak is worried she goes near his and starts massaging the shoulders sincerely ...
 shaan is enjoying it for a while..khanak notices his  naughty smile she guesses it should all be a nautanki LOL
  khanak says " ab ho gaya bahut.. ghar chalein" she thinks of
postponing the temple visit... because shantanu is saying he is feeling tired
 shaan"itni bhi jaldi kya hain"  he pulls her to the arm of the chair..
she first loses balance and falls over him but later recollects and sits on the arm of the chair..Smile
khanak """"""appne toh kaha tha ki aap ko dard ho raha hain lekin aisa tho nahin lagtha""""""'
shantanu  replies"'khanak are woh sab drama tha  asli dard toh yahan ho raha hain " pointin
to his lips..aaj subah se ek bhi kiss hoton pur tumse nahi milie..dekho kitne sookh gaye hain
bahut dard ho raha hain... ab  iska ilaaj kara do naWink"
 he starts looking intensely at her lips Embarrassed
at the same time his hands are  on her bare waist..Wink
his hands are freely travelling over her waist then to her bare back..
he slowly gets up from  the chair makes her sit on the table by lifting and placing her.Embarrassed
.he stands behind her back and kisses on her neckWink
khanak in low voice """"""shantanu... yeh office hain yeh kya kar rahe hain aap""""""""""Embarrassed
shaan " yeh office hain... lekin office hours khatam ho gaye hain ...ab main  sif khanak ka
pati shantanu hoon, yahan ka boss nahin"
saying this he rolls his finger over her bare back again she trembles forward Embarrassed
he holds her hands with his hand..turns her face and kisses on her lips strongly ..deeply and has his is lips all over her face ears and neck , collar bone..
she inturn kisses him on his lips..
khanak says" ab khush """ 
shantanu" areh abh dard honten se  chala gaya lekin ..."he looks at her with passion
she knows he is at his romance..but she feels shy that such things should not happen at office..
so she slowly says into his ears" shantanu..yeh sab hamare kamre mein kijiye na..yahan
nahin'  she just releases herself and gets down off the table..starting to walk to the door
shaan pulls her wanting for more but she says again"shantanu yeh sab yahan nahi karthe  yeh aise  kaam ki jagah  nahi hain"
shantanu understands her feelings
  and says huskily""""" tho raat ko kamre mein pucca """"  
she blushes and says nodding her head in acceptance//he smiles
 she remembers suddenly ... """""""  shantanu ab hum dono siddhi vinayak  ke mandir
jaayenge..haan mujhe pata hain aap ko mandir jaana accha nahi lagtha..aur in sab mein
vishwas nahin hain lekin mere liye aayiye ..'
  and when he is least expecting, she kisses him on the cheeksEmbarrassed
shaan loves that kiss on his cheeks and  smiles "khanak tumahare liye toh main much bhi kar
saktha hoon..mandir ke baad hum light dinner bahar karenge aur uske baad ..." he winks at
her ...  she again smiles blushing
and he searches for his key takes on the over coat..
khanak as usual checks whether the taps are closed, A/C is switched off and lights and fans
are switched off every where before leaving the place.. 
shaan looks back at her and smiles...she will never change she is the same simple girl whom
he loves with all his heart  and she will remain the same ever... he thinks  and starts walking
to the outside door  
..khanak follows him Smile

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
that was cute kari..loved it..

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
yasharan...ksg os...part 1

  KSG enters RBO sets ..He has been requested by Yashji to do a cameo for a week in RBO to
raise TRPs..
he agreed after his  cousin Jas karan convinced himSmile 
 KSG is looking very hot ( like in Veenas DP) clean shaven with a broad smile extremly confident and smiling at everyone aroundSmileThe way he is always Smile
KT is sitting in a corner with his iphone and doing good for nothing work..LOL
he is very dull these days.Cry.after riya incident he is ashamed to talk much with anyone.Cry..dont know if he is FB chatting with riya over iphone but he is doing something hiding from all LOL
YM is sitting on K house sofa  hearing old songs on i-pod 
 Yashji first sees Ym..and calls her to him and introduces Ksg
Yashji :I"""""hey shri This is Karan singh grover.. He is an extremely popular TV star.."U must have known him from DMG "
YM is all smiles seeing KSG and KSG is all smiles too"""" yup hello yashashri.""""". KSG looks at yashji """""Y.ashji I hve already met her a month back She is a very nice person""""""" 
YM is very happy to hear something good about her  because kt always use to speak of her in a less manner... and extends her hand and shakes hands and says
" Yashji, yes I met him a month ago ..and jas karan introuduced me he is also a very nice person..and i loved him in DMG( actually yashu did not see DMG at all  fully excep a few episodes but lies to please LOLLOL"  KSG is pleased  flashes a smile .Smile.
kt sees  all this from a  distance
 already he is  sort of irritated with the fact that KSG has more steady and mature fan following than him..now yashji is introducing him to YM, he is damn irritatedLOL
..but he cannot reveal it openly...so again hes back to iphone  pretending to be busy
..But yashji calls him   "hi karan , please come here I want to introduce someone important  to u who shares ur name too "
YM wishes KSG welcome once again and  by the time KT comes moves back to sofa..
Kt comes and puts on an artifical smile  'KT in mind" KSG is so dashing really..and so charming"
KSG smiles warmly at him  YP introduces them  to each other they both shake hands
KSG " so  karan,  heard of u a lot man...ofcourse through girls  ..""Kt does not like the joke but still smiles unwillingly LOLKt does not say anything in return KSG is actually surprised but does not show it
YP to KT" karan I have requested KSG to be a part of one week cameo he would be acting with u and shri """"
Kt though not  interested but has to act as though interested" he says""""its gonna be a
 pleasure to act with
KSG smiles and YP takes him away shows him his room and they both come back  and YP has  set up a new room temporarily for KSG with A/c and all..
coming back KSG sees YM on the way..siting on the sofa waiting for her shot stops and sits near the sofa  and says to YP" yashji don worry I shall take care.." i shall have a talk wid yashashri for some time and then come to ur room If u dont mind"
YP is happy so he moves away smiling
KSG approaches Ym ...YM stands up..
KSG" U are so respectable to the senior... I like it..U can call me karan ..wait if it confuses u since one more karan is there then u can call me KSG I would love to hear that...No formalities
But please don call me brother bhaiyya or something like that..Yashu laughs like anything...Kt is irritated... KSG also joins the laugh Smile
.KSG """"""BTW I have for long wanted to learn marathi words But could not get time... I know u are a marathi girl... Can u teach me all important words..I shall make a note of it.. please can u help me"
Ym" arehhh KSG (they both instantly smile ) please dont say so much... it is my pleasure..so when do u want me to teach"
KSG """""Yashji has said he has allotted me a room U can come over there..after our shots are over... laughs and says..."""" I think most of my shots are  with u only so...I said ... after our shots are over..we can have our classes ...so kind  of U'
they both laugh innocently Smile
  Kt is watching all this from a  distance ...Already he did nt tlike KSG coming to the show... now  sitting near Ym on the sofa and talking..he was getting angry... He was left all alone to stand..
and YM did not even look in his direction and she was happy talking to KSG  ...KT is totally upset..

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Prernarbofan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
loved your office OS karishma ,
It was really cute 
with a nice endding 
not like your heart attack
wale OS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and thiis KSG one I hope
you continue it
seema really interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 11:43pm | IP Logged
yasharan...ksg..os part 2
NOTE...its all in fun dont mean to say anything to kt at all...its just pure fun.i love my ktEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Ksg smiles and takes Yms leave
Kt cant bear it any more...   he comes  and sits near YM..she is busy with her  ipod ..
sees kt and smiles"""""""" areh  ..karan ...what a surprise""""" 
kt" yes I am also surprised """

  Ym cant understand this and says" what, why are u surprised"
kt to ym " first tell me why did u say what a surprise"  
Ym does not want to drag it too much and says" karan normally u dont talk to me..sitting nearby me..Either u say a few words during lunch...   pull  my leg or  say nothing at all"
that is why i said so...  Now U tell me why did u tell u are  surprised"""""""""
KT" i am surprised to see u hitting on well with KSG on the very first time u ppl met... where as it took so many weeks and why weeks say even months for us to talk so happily "
YM  smiles " no karan u are wrong ..I have met him  already once "
Kt " oHHH "(with s disappointment in voice)
Ym continues" u know KSG is a very humble person"
KT..." so u know so much about him already "
In the mean while YM is called for the shot...
the shoot  resumes with KSG after afternoon  break kSG has lunch with set boys... he become popular so soon LOLkt  has his lunch in his room saying he needs some rest LOLLOL
KSG and Ym are a instant hit..and they dont take too much takes..
The scene is like KSG is from her native place his character name is armaan but went to USA when he was young with his parents and now comes to see khanakLOL
All the shots go on well..Kt is silently watching this but not liking itLOLThere is one scene where khanak introduces shaan to armaan and armaan has to pull shaans leg saying """"""I wanted a homely girl like khanak to be my wife
but u  snatched her away so u are my enemy "" and they had to laugh ..kt takes a few takes for this LOLhe was not happy with the dialogues LOL
But  after the shot he is questioning himself" why am I not liking this..What if yashashri acts with KSG..she is an actress and she has to act with an actor what is wrong in tht..Why should i feel so irritated"he keeps thinking LOL
the next  shot is like kSG and Ym talk abt their childhood memories and laugh 
The shot is okayed and they all pack off fr the daySmile
YM is walking to her car..KSG from behind"""" hi shri..so today went on well  and yup please write down importnt words in marathi with engllish translation and bring it tomorrow... okay see u""""'
  kt is walking just behind" Kt says to Ym  " so it is marathi classes for KSG from yashu"  KSG says
" yes buddy u are right I am sure with such an awesome co-star u must be rocking..and she must have taught u already marathi ...am i right?"""
kt is now upset with his own self for ignoring to learn marathi from Ym all  the while ...  so he just smiles Ym aslo smiles and says nothing..
  KSG leaves  Ym is about to  enter her car'' kt from behind in a firm voice
""""Yashu i need to talk to u """
 YM """""karan not now I have so much work back home Tomorrow" 
kt """"""no it is vry imprtant ..please let us drink coffee near by"""""""
YM is confused ...she says
" but kt u always care about what people will think..u never even take photos with me like a normal co-star... Now u are calling for coffee" i am confused  Dont say again some TOI news on our quarrel and we both have to deny it"""""""
kt adamantly " no not that.. let us talk over something  more important
let us go to a  nearby  coffee shop... let ur car be here ... come in mine" 
YM instructs the driver to wait and makes a move with kt she is wondering """"what is wrong all of a sudden... Is it concerning his recent dating with riya or what..""""""
both go to a coffee shop" kt to yashu  " yashu u have any idea about KSG... he is a  real casanova  I heard he broke up with his latest girl friend only a  couple of weeks ago and u are laughing so much with him the very first day of shoot ""
YM is not intersted " she looks up and says with sarcastic remark """"" karan u are calling KSG a casanova and why are u tellin me about his break ups... I am not interested... i have better work """"""""""""""
Kt with irritation "I know u dont have a good image about me..but i dont want u to get close to KSG..he is considered very weak in women's matters
YM" laughing " karan i am not a teenager to be warned ..and I dont care wht he is in personal life
all that mattes to me is how he is on sets and I think same applies to u too...I dont care about ur off screen life..u hang  around with  whosoever u want I dont  really care"""""""
kt is really shocked to hear that from her mouth"what are u trying to say"
YM shows him the pics of a random grl and himself posted on her fan page by a fan nd says """""this is what i meant... If i can take this why not KSG""""""
Kt is upset tries to defend " no yashu ...she is just a close friend" 
Ym  firmly " i asked nothing about her..i said i am not interested who she is or ur off screen life..and does any one take such photos with close female friends I am sorry i dont think so """
Kt is silent   Ym continues" sorry karan..I had always thought u were innocent and humble but this was rude shock to me'
karan" sorry i was over drunk that day but I swear nothing happened that day
YM "do u want me to believe all this after seeing the photos..please karan try to be honest atleast now //Anyway i am nobody for u How can i expect u to tell me all this "
KT feeling sorry "please u need to belive me u are the only one with whom i can share  things" trust me I am not dating her and shes just a frnd"
YM" karan for  the last time let me make it clear to u..My parents hve allowed me to enter this industry trusting me fully tht i wont bring them bad name..
so I am trying my best to keep myself way from all rumours and keeping only to work
 I really dont care about what u do whom u date ...My concern is my work But i felt bad because I dont think she is a right choice Again srry i am no one  to comment about ur choices"she gets up
KT catches her hands" yashu please sorry.
.I was over drunk and all this had happened
But let me tell u ..ur the only one closest to my heart always.."""' 
 YM  is totally taken aback Kt continues" dont get shocked ..i wanted to tell u all this but feared how u will take it...Bu now I tell u>>I like u a lot..Infact I wish to have u in my life forever"'
YM is in a full shock" but continues"
 then why did u not tell me.?
she blushes Kt is super happy to see her blushing 
 Ym But wait" no more such girls  and full drunk parties..u need to behave a lot  go to siddhi vinayak temple every tuesday and I shall decide seeing ur behaviour for a couple of  months whether to date u or not"
Kt is super duper happy nods and both leave the cafe .. hand in hand for d first time LOL
next morning KT is very cordial to KSG.
..infact kt and Ksg become good friends
 KSG is super surpised with kts sudden transformation..
YM happily teaches marthi to KSG ...one week rolls and the three become very good friends" 
 kt  slowly but surely is doing all tht ym wants him to do... to become real honest and responsible ..Ym is happy to c his onscreen budthal turn into an offscreen budthal too...Smile

again i mention its all for fun.no poking in at kt ksg or yashu...i love them all...

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purvi08 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 12:43am | IP Logged
karishma loved all the OSs ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

Edited by purvi08 - 29 May 2011 at 12:44am

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 1:04am | IP Logged
wonderfully written kari..all yasharan shippers may wish the same to happen..however its their personal life..
so let me bound with that alone..i just enjoyed the OS..

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 1:25am | IP Logged
thnkls ramani...hence i kept d note i agree their life thei wish.i just put in my love fr them in there:)

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