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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 11:43am | IP Logged
priya posting d rest in 10mins n anki even yrs
 just now came home my internet was shut all day:(

priya.sorry instaed of couch i made kitchen os sorry...lol

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

Joined: 10 November 2010
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 11:51am | IP Logged
parkinglot mein hua tinanicwala romanceLOLLOLLOLLOL
shanak had their dinner at a five star hotel.
khanak was not in a gr8 mood to eat  
she just nibbled and shaans main purpose of dinner was to have
quality time all alone with his wife..
they both had their dinner it was already 11
..khanak was feeling sleepy..shaan had grand plans for the night..he
was very fresh and wanted to keep khanak awake
..khanak was wearing a golden chiffon saree with  a matching blouse 
and it was fully open at the back with doris...and her waist was
reveling through the chiffon saree ..her navel clearing showing
She had earlier asked for a gajra when she saw an young girl selling it..
.she was wearing it around her loose hair..
her kaajal and lipstick were all perfect...her bangles sounded music to his ears  
shaan cant  wait to have her 
 he himself  was dresses in casual light brown checked shirt and dark
blue jeans.
.he had his favourite perfume on  and was in a very excited mood.. 
shanak in car:
shaan" Khanak toh dinner kaise raha
"  khanak' hmmm accha tha..lekin...mujhe ghar ka khana zyada
pasand hain..aur khana itna mehenga hain udhar'""""
shaan does not say anything but smiles..
she talks about some old hindi film song..
shaan is not interested but he knows she is feeling sleepy... He does
not want her to sleep ..so he keeps her awake by engaging in convo 
  finally the parking lot below their flat comes..Smile
khanak" acha hua ghar aa gaya..Mein aaram karna chahthi hoon"
shaan smiles ,' aaram ..khanak..tumhe ab aaram kahan milne wala hain..kal sunday hain...  kal saare log  farm house jaane ki plan mein hain tum udhar aaram kar sakthi ho...  lekin aaj raat kuch aur  zaroori kaam nain'
he puts his index finger over her lips and caresses it..she can see passion ...love... lust everything in his eyes LOL
khanak" shantanu aap bhi na hamesha ek hi cheez ke baare mein sochthe hain kya"
 she sounds little bit upset  that shaan is not worried about her wanting to take rest
shantanu understands 
" khanak main samajtha hoon..lekin kya karoon..aaj  mera full mood
hain romance karne ka ... please thoda taras dikhawo na .please "
  he puts up an innocent face  ..she smiles  and blushes looking away...and thinking of leaving ...shaan knows her thoughts
he pulls her hands and draws her close.
..he says to her Khanak " tumne Titanic movie nahi dekha
usmein ..hero aur a heroine donon car mein apna SR manate hain"
Main bhi kuch aise karna chahtha hoon """"""
he smirks and winksWink
khanak 'shantanu app bhi na...car mein kaise yeh ho saktha hain..pata nahin aiase besharmi khayalath  angrez logon ko itne aasani se  kaise aathe hain" "
asks innocently 
 shaan...smiles again  """ chalo ..mein dikhatha hoon " 
 he does not even wait for an answer..he removes his seat belt and
makes her remove hers too he opens the door and comes out she too
steps out he then goes to the back seat  and asks  her to sit  nearby
khanak sits..
... he closes the windows  and now the electricity  board also comes to their help suddenly the power goes off..
Khanak'shantanu yeh sab kya hain"  shaan is kissing her neck and is  
busy  with his hands..
.he smells jasmine   from her. hair .and his hands are at their favourite  spot,
her hips they freely travel..
there is just very dim light inside the car and dark rest all around.
.shantanu   khanak slowly says  " pleaj..yeh kya kar rahe hain"
shantanu" yaad hain maine bola titanic wala romance woh karke
dikha raha hoon' """"
 he slowy takes away the pin from her pallu revealing everything ..he
is aroused seeing her feminine assets ..
her assets are perfect like a sculptors piece of art
he is totally passionate his lips start travelling at alll over her chest...
and one of   his hands are one over her thighs  slowly travelling all
over the thighs..other hand is around her waist ..
..his lips also explore her back occasionally and trying to remove the
knots of her blouse..
khanak knows her hubby in and out and she now knows he is in full
mood for complete romance..
she as a dutiful wife allows him full access and unbuttons his
shirt ..his arousal is complete LOL
his bare chest is full all over her chest...
and his hand finally  successfully locates the knots and removes it
her blouse slides past her shoulders ..and falls
she is in her only inner accessory  ..shantanu is feeling like a new
bride groom himself enjoying the process  so his lips bite her
shoulders she moans..his hands intervene with hers.
..as a sign of calming her moans..but at the same time his hands are busy all with their job...
his lips seal her lips and she responds with her kiss..shantanu is
all with khanak and khanak is all with shantanu Wink
...Khanak hugs him Winktight so much so that it was difficult even for air to pass through ..Embarrassed
shantanu kisses her lips... her neck... her ears ...her shoulders ...her
hips... her thighs ...her waist .. her chest...and literally is all over her ...
slowly they both are transported to an unknown heaven... at the end
of their  romance inside car..in the parking lot
..their hands intervene tightly... both their hands are seen on the car
window making a mark on it...

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priya_cool_123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 11:52am | IP Logged
Lol Ok !

Kitchen OS se kayi logon ke khoon kar li tune so saare khoon  ke liye maaf !

But I defenitely am not sparing with the rest of the demands

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 11:59am | IP Logged

bathtub mein hua romance

shaan entered the bathroom  he removed his shirt/jeans
...  khanak was humming a song outside and cleaning the room rmoving all unwanted things
shaan wanted to play with her for a while..
he was soon in to the barest minimum dress ...possible(imagine urself)   and turned on the shower..
after few mintues he shouted """"khanak khanak...please meri maddat karo please shock lag raha hain mujhe""""""
khanak was really shocked to hear his voice screaming .."""Shock """""she understood   It should be""" bijli ka shock"""""...she was so afraid ..whether did something happen to him..
so she entered the bath room and shaan acted as though unconscious
 She looked around the tub for electric connection
..No connetion was nearby 
she was thinking" there is no connection nearby then why is he shouting like this how could it be an electric shock """"
 ..she went near the tub bent forward to see what was wrong with him
at this very moment shaan woke up pulled her firmly and she was on the tub in criss cross postion...she was getting angry " shantanu yeh apne kya kiya... Kyon jhoot bola Meri toh jaan nikal gayi"
shaan was not paying attention to her words but he pulled her further and she was inside the tub..she was wearing a white night wear...and she got drenched reveling all inside out clearly..
shaan was looking all over..and smiling..
khanak" shantanu app bahut bhure ho'
shaan" woh toh main hun hi" and he started to remove her wet strands of hair from her face..and he became serious.
.she understood his motives and  tried to get up .. But she could not since he had already put his legs strongly on hers..
she was blushing seeing the barest minimum dress he was wearing..
he was coming more and more closer on that already less space bath tub..her assets were hitting his chest clearly and he was enjoying the moments so much..
he put her hands around his neck himself..she blushed..he thought it as a signal and moved much closer as though squeezing her..and kissed her lips
.then his bare hands started to travel over her waist removing the upper cloth she wore ..she told in a low voice" shantanu yeh kya kar rahe hain"
shaan said" wohi jo tum dekh rahi ho' and again started kissing slowly her face, ears ...neck and also he was on to his job fully..intensely ...
.she cound not do anything except to cooperate ...

aage ki kahani aapke imagination parROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

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priya_cool_123 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 October 2010
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 12:05pm | IP Logged

Midnight mein aise Heart attacks de rahi hein tu !!!

Ufff ! Hats off to u !!!!

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priya_cool_123 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 October 2010
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Titanic ! OMg asli Titanic mein bhi itni detail mein nahi thi I think !!!

Lol ! My sister didn let me watch it ! And i didn till date !

So Shanak ka titanic  Tooo Hot !!!

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

Joined: 10 November 2010
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
bedroom mein hua dhamaal...

shanak  reached the bed room from the paathshala

Khanak" shantanu aap ke liye main doodh leke aathi hoon"
  shaan" khanak badam wali doodh lana aaj mujhe bahut zarurat hain""

and he smirks naughtily  khanak blushes goes  after a while brings the milk as per his specifications
   mean while shaan has decorated the room with some flowers on the bed ...candles ...perfumes and he himself was all like a new bridegroom  
 Khanak enters  looks around the decorations blushes and smiles and gives the milk to him he sips half and places it on the table
   Khanak leaves for changing  her dress  she wears her lehenga  the one which shantanu likes the most... after taking a shower..
As soon s she enters the room shaan pulls her and puts her on bed ...His legs are enveloping her legs strongly and he is looking at her  face with all l warmth affection..combined with very deep passion and lust too
Khanak blushes  heavily 
 shantanu says  smiling to her " khanak mere samaj mein nahi aatha ki tum abhi bhi nayi  naveli dulhan ki tarah kyon itne sharmathe  ho" "'
khanak"shantanu  ..jab bhi aap mere kareeb hote ho... mujhe  zara  sa dar aur khushi ek saath mehsoos hoti hain.
aap ke kareeb .main hamesha ek nayi naveli dulhan mehsoos karthi hoon samjhe "" 
 she with love just touches his nose with her index finger
..Shaan is staring at her lips for a while  and puts  her hair back. kisses on her neck indicating his need .
she has her hands around  his neck...and he switches of the light for a very dim light
shaan  admiring her natural beauty  ..she has a  damn sexy, pouty lips...damn sexy figure   and big eyes with a die hard smile he thinks
..khanak puts her hands on his chest which  makes him crazy
,,he looks at her feminine assets her waist and all over with full passion in his eyes
  khanak for fun closes his eyes he removes it and slowly bends forward to kiss herSmile
she willingly gives access to him and as a sign of acceptance slowly lifts her hands to the back of his head..He passionately kisses and he is treated in return by her..Wink
he is extremely pleased and is completely aroused
His long nose travels its way through her face then her neck..then  through her chest with lips all over... khanak is moaning..with deep cries
shantanu is responding with more and more intense kisses and actions..he freely has his hands all over her body..and finally he removes her blouse and other barriers of existence between them  and makes his attempt a sucsess..Wink
priya sooorry u know wat i didnt read all yr titles well so i assumed u wanted bedroom...sorry sorr please issi se kaam chala lo..i gave u 5 hot ons ab plsss sorry fr the mistake:)

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priya_cool_123 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 October 2010
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
What !!!!

No this  is so  not done !

Where is the office chair romance and the pool chair romance !

Maine bedroom romance nahi maangi thi !!!! Wo tho show mein dhikhaate hein !!!

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