Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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roma2011 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:47am | IP Logged

Nothing much to write but still  ...Cry

I was so sad that due to urgent meeting I will not be able to watch last episode of KMH on TV , but after reading all ur takes I feel that luckiest and  blessed who missed today's episode.Shocked

But kahte hai naa apne haath se apne pair par kulhadi marna D'oh...I can resist myself  to see Arjuhi last time on screen Day Dreaming, I have just watch the episode in FF mode as I felt nothing was there to watch. I usually watch Arjuhi scene 2-3 times but today just pissed off while watching 1 st time , waha bhi ullu gatha Angry. Kyun jhakam diya woh kaafi nahi tha jo uss par namak bhi chiradak rahe hai .Angry

Copy pasting old marriage arre season One ki hi kar dete ..kaya farak padta hai ..jab marro toh pura dam nikal do ...todi si saas bhi kyu chodo ...Angry

I ditto all of ur takes...

This is not happy ending ...where a person has to die...Thumbs Down

For imagine , c.vs

AngryDeadOuchCensoredThumbs DownPig
I am totally lost of words to curse Imagine , c.v's. I have never hated anybody this much ..

I may sound rude but sorry I don't want KMH 3. 1or 2 ka haal dekh liya hai ...I am not ready for this again .CryBroken HeartBroken Heart

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:54am | IP Logged

What was this Cv's ? This is not our KMH what have you done to our show. U stupid Morons  u had no right to do this. You were not worthy to take this story in your hands. You don't even know the meaning of  love.Even Babies could do better.They understand to give love for love.

If this was the way everyone was going to treat KMH2 then why bring it back ? Everyone listens to last wishes so why weren't our wishes heard for what we wanted ? it was not alot to ask for & you pop through here so you know what we wanted.To everyone held responsible for this low act they all are going to rot in hell. Never will they get love in their lives.
As of the epi Arjuhi were amazing in doing what they were told to.Arjun's new look was very handsome.dressed in black looking very sexy.I liked the choo ke bhi choono ko & the kmh BG music played in the background. The only worthy parts were Arjuhi scene which was only for a few mins the rest was flashback but are cherished & memmorable momments to look back on & better to watch than listen to all the ullupanti which i just skiped.
Kitani Mohabbat Hai will always remain very special in our hearts. You guys gave us the meaning of love & we love & will continue to love KMH1 & KMH2 and Arjuhi forever. Karanika have always been amazing but been taken advantage of their talent. I wish them all the best for the future. U guys have worked hard for this show & deserve a standing ovation. ClapClapClapClapClap We love & respect your dedication.  

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-SweetGirl- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:55am | IP Logged
I  cant believe There was Last show of Kitni Mobabbat Hai Today..OuchAnyways I'll hv to believeCryCry..Ending was suck ..
KMH2's ending was Totaly abrut..badly writtern..Poorly directed...Why the hell one of the Most loved show got such a bad Treatment..I cant believe..
Show strated with Mikhel and chachu Drama..Aree  We knowchachu   can't   die...Than why such Drama..from Arohi's sideOuch
Caption comes after Few days and Some othe show called - Kitni Mahan hai Ham : Ahuwalia;s starts.Sleepy..Show KMH ended right hereOuch..and there is some unnecessary..Such a waste Ahuwalia characters comes on screen one after other and makes you feel Dead..can any show get worst end than this...Dont we had enough of Ahuwalia's in Last few shows..That even you guys filled Last show also with them only..
Finally ONE Arjuhi scene in their own show...But than again What they were talking..all about Ahuwalia...Happy ending !! Is this whats is all about happy ending Right CV's ! Go and start learn in school..atleast kids of school can present this last show better than The way it was presented..
Arjuhi's same marriage clip and There is single moment glimpse of Freshly shot marriage scene..Kyu Uske liye Koi shot nahi Mila...Who bhi copy hi Kar lete...OuchThats all about so called Happy ending..OuchNever thoght this would be ending of KMH2...Anyways Its ended..Thats all about my take of Last showCry
And CV's Who were suck at the end Really added some good Twist to show earlierEmbarrassed..Appreciate them for their good work at begining..I wish you guys could continue It...
For Kitni Mohabbat Hai -
This was one the Best Youth based show I hv watched ..Above all It had the Most Charming Karan & Kritiika..which made me hooked with season1...Season 2 was all together different in all aspect ..and Arjuhi from season2 simply rocked..Big smileI cant believe It ended Today..I still remember I watched season2's first Epi at Dadaji's house at Village..and It made me aww...Loved Ms.Ahuwalia;s characterEmbarrassed..and Show Kept Its credit at many stage...At same time CV's made much loop holes and started loosing vision with storyline..Anyways I Loved watching It everytime..Bcuz I hv only one reason to watch Arjuhi..Big smile..
Karan & Kritika -  You guys are blessed with some serious talent...Thank you guys for entertain us with all yr great acting & hardwork..we are really appreciate It so much and Wish & Pray & hope that There is much much brighter ways are waiting for you Both...God Bless ! Keep Rocking Take you soo much..
For  Mohabbat Lounge -
I hv said this many time..And can say It agian and the Best Forum and Thread I hv ever been part with I-F..Lods od diff takes makes it such an interesting post..I alwayz loved to be post here & participate this daily discussionBig smile ..People here are so cool and sweet...Big Hugzz to everyone & Much love and Regards..May God Bless you all...I wish and Pray that With God Grace we'll be discussiong KMH3 Epis on such discussion Thread...Big smile

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princess_star11 Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Guys you dont want to know how I'm feeling now! What an ending! aaj tu CV's ko gale hue tamatar aur rotten ande maarne ka dil kar raha hai tab ja kar mera ghussa thanda ho gha...there is bloody smoke coming out of my ears after seeing the ending of my Arjuhi being just COPIED AND PASTED!!!!!!!!
They didnt even give us a glimpse of our Aman and Preet! After all our hopes of seeing a proper Arjuhi wedding, SR and their family complete with children what do we get????? Just  repeat of the ending in season1!

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 10:01am | IP Logged
I wrote my bits by bits live reaction on the parts attached in the ML group of facebook.
I felt numb on the ending it produced for KMH2, with a filling episode on overall, with repeated flashbacks, with repeated themes, with everlasting redemption, with awful violin theme and dramatic background music,only once with a  minute of sufi version of tumko chuke bhi that i felt relieved for just that minute and then few seconds of some music of KMH1, with a glow in my face for a second to see Shefali there and with kicks in my heart why there has not been a decent happy ending for the most iconic loved couple of Arjun and Arohi. Funny the married couple got an ending of being married againROFL
Anyway to my loved characters,Arjun and Arohi, I want to give background music and ending in my own version
(sorry i cant insert the clip)Sleepy
Uff the kiss before this scene still warms me up..hayiii..sorry guys thts my ending version of my hottie arjuhiHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

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SHIKHA19 Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 10:13am | IP Logged
res .


n abt 2day's show ..likhon ya nahi likhon Confused ...agar likha to its all abt criticism ..kuch acha jo nahi dikhaya ..but as it was last epi so i dont want write all that Confused but anyways a last take  :-

1. Good to see when dadu gave arjuhi hands into each other n title track played n fbs came . Smile but jab poore show mein fbs hi dikhante the to yahan thode zyada dikha dete ..i mean starting se ek summary hi bana dete .

2. then arjuhi talk ..but kuch samajh nahi aaya..all weird dialogues ..n just bcoz they skipped arjun's bachpan ke raaz seq. looked more weird Confused only relief was arjun's talking abt singhus .Approve n then srk dialogue .Smile

3. n then old wedding scene copy pasting ShockedOuch but a cute pic in d end Smile

apart 4m this all was allu family drama n unnecessary things .Dead itne ache show ki itni barbaad ending ..which was just a formality as show to bahut pehle over ho gaya tha ...n now hopefully arjun n arohi will remain with each other happily in their own house in chandigarh  n no more adventures 4 them LOL  Smile...

p.s.- karan was looking dashing in his french beard . good to see his look change finally WinkLOL

so it was good 6 months journey with full roller -coaster ride ..some very good scenes n sequences n some very bad with full of bloopers ...but enjoyed every part of it ...the show is a masterpiece ...n will remain in our memories forever Smile

n if u talk abt season 3 then my answer is BIG NO !
I WANT MY ACTORS TO EXPAND THEIR CAREER GRAPH so all d best to them 4 their new shows .SmileStarStar

n as far as ML is concerned ..thank u guys 4 being there always Smile

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Hetu... Caption comes after Few days and Some othe show called - Kitni Mahan hai Ham : Ahuwalia;s starts.Sleepy
couldnt agree more LOL LOL LOL

& CVsLOL u dont seem to be aware that the CVs who gave us our lovely show that did awesome work in the past had resigned few weeks back & den we got the DVsAngry the one that karan showed today in sbb 'Ankur' is one of the CVs but the master mind behind this destruction is the Great Mr.Prashant Bhatt the same person who gave magical moments in KMH1 'the fire scene'..he copy pasted his own work in KMH2 n did nothing new!!Dead If Karan had shown him on sbb today..he would've got virtual andas n tamatars!!Evil Smile

Nishu...haayeee...thanx for the videoDay Dreaming & agree with everythin you said!!

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..anshita.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 10:43am | IP Logged



Hey guys its my bad luck dat I m writing fr first tym in after watching today's epi i can't stop myself frm writing here I just need a place to take out my frustration so here I m...many of u dn't knw me n same with me..okay m stopping my bakwas n come to d point..


Today's epi was d worst epi of d season..ise ending kehte hai ise???Shocked ShockedMeans isse bhi better options the cv's k paas bt nhi cv's k andar to imagine ka bhoot ghus chuka tha jiska sirf ek hi aim tha kmh ko spoil karo..aur ye kaam unhone bakhubi kar dikhaya...wah gr8 cv's millions fans ka dil todna koi aap logo se sikhe..AngryAngry

Epi start from yesterday's scene...arohi chachu k liye itna royi are yar arjun ko dekho (m nt writing full scene) n scene shifted to morning n den at home..wah chachu ka kya welcum hua*kya yar itni jaldi bhool gye chachu ne jo kuch bhi tum dono k sath kiya itna jaldi maaf kr diya..arjun giving hug to rajveer uff had ho gai yar itna torture koi itni jaldi kaise bhool sakta hai???AngryConfusedOuch* daddu gives arohi's hand in arjun's n bg "tumko chook e bhi choone ko.."Embarrassed(I liked it bt bt bt flashbacks??? Cv's dat ws d last epi to kuch naye scene dene the na lekin nhi flashback se kaam chalao..are hume flasbck h dkhna h to hm utube pe bhi dkh sakte h..AngryAngry) arjuhi sitting on stairs (karan karan karan omg he ws looking so hotStarStarfrench cut I can't take off my eyes frm him Day Dreamingn aro too luking very prettyEmbarrassed)den daddu n amrit ji(n dis tym I bang d remote on my head...heck yar last epi tha arjuhi scene dene the lekin nhi family ka rona dhona dikhana tha...totally wasted sceneSleepySleepy)fir rajveer n lovedeep (ye scene agr pehle k epi me dikhaya hota to jyada accha hota..Disapprove) arjuhi m totally disappointedErmm Thumbs Downkya yar dialogue writers kaha h??? arjun se ye sare dialogue to nhi expect kiye the..."tumhari family ne mujhe accept kiya..mai jaisa hu n all dat" bhool gye arjun in ullu's ne tumhare sath kaise behave kiya tha??? Itne saint types log aaj ki duniya me dekhne ko nhi milte h bt no cv's ne ye kaam bhi kr diya humare arjuhi har dukh hr takleef sahenge o eek maaf bhi kr denge..Ouch

jo bachi kuchi kasar thi wo bhi puri kr di cv's ne aaj marriage scene copy paste kar k..Angrykya yar koi fresh scene shoot kr lete nhi q karte agr fresh scene shoot karte to fans khush ho jate aur fans khush ho jaye ye in logo ko kiase bardasht hota??? Q ryt na??Cry(ab mujhe samjh aya kmh ki aadhi se jyada cast kaha h in logo k paas budget to nhi ki naya scene shoot kr sake aur sare actors ko payment bhi nhi de paa rhe honge isiliye sb aadhe me hi show chod k baahg gye)

last arjuhi scene 2sec.ka..Cry great ye love story ka end hota hai wah wah taaliyaan itna maahan end epi dikhane k liye..hated u fr dis..AngryAngrymujhe to kisi angle se nhi lag rha tha ye love story h..main character ko side me kr do aur last epi me family ko full footage reunion party chal rhi thi yaha to sb pehle dukhi ho rhe the fir same dialogue maar rhe the"ab to sab theek ho gaya sb ek sath h khush h" ShockedOuchDead

fans ka kya??? Hamare armaano ko chaknachhor kr diya uska kya???main thing raaz to raaz hi reh gya..use kaun solve karega???Angry Hume kaise pata chalega ab arjun ki mom k sath kya hua tha??? I feel like banging my head on wall..kmh1 ko bhi aise hi khatm kiya tha aur same kmh2 k sath..karan ne sbs seg me theek hi kaha tha issi worst ending nhi ho sakti thi.. totally disappointing epi..Thumbs Down

@karanika-u guys r awesomeStarClapClapthnx fr entertaining us n fr all ur hard work..u both hav special place in my heart..i love u both HeartHeartI pray to god dat u guys achieve more n more success in future n more shows on better best wishes r alwys with you..keep rocking n come back soon on screen..Embarrassed

@kitani mohabbat hai- kmh is d best youth show with d rocking n perfect couple karnikaStar.its d show which I love frm bottom of my heart..KMH1 n KMH2 I nvr forget both seasons..its d only show which I watch(bt nw mai kya dekhungi) I remember d day whn I heard d news of kmh2 n I ws dancing n shouting lyk crazy n today frm morning tears was flowing frm my eyes..I still cn't believe dat d show ended..its lyk my first luv mai kahi bhi rahu kuch bhi karu bt 8pm pe tv k samne chahe kuch ho jaye bt kmh n I cn't imagine my life without thank u ekta mam 4 giving us two heart touching seasons of kmh..kmh memories will remain forever in my heart..Embarrassed

@ML-I dn't knw u guys bt I read d takes written by u n all r awesome'ClapClap god bless u guys..Thumbs Up

@imagine tv-most worst channel..AngryAngryI m thankful to NDTV imagine jinki wajah se hume arjuhi/karanika mile bt I hate imagine tv jiski wajah se hamare arjuhi humse door chale gye..'ll nvr forgive u fr dis..hate u..kmh is d best show of ur channel bt u didn't treat it well..I wish if KMH3 comes den is worst channel pr to kabhi nhi aana chahiyeAngryAngryAngry

Will miss kmh n arjuhi...Cry hamare amanpreet ka kya???CryCry

that's all...thnx mujhe jhelne k liye..Tongue

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