Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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hmm so wat was there in todays episode? let me remember!..
  • clown chachu getting shot ..and flashbacks
  • a mini leap
  • no sigh of arjun's injury!Angry
  • welcome arti for clown chachu..and that also he was in hospital for few days just by getting shot in his arm!..must say he is a real ullu!
  • again flashbacks..Ouch..and wat was unberable was tolerating rajveer and his constipitated looks!Dead
  • arjun giving hug to rajveer ..
  • no such regret from rajveer's dide it was so lame!..Censoredwat he said i dun remember i was looking at the ground!LOL
  • small scene of arjuhi..
  • ullus!
  • arjuhi again ..and this time i was puked!..why the hell arjun ranting about ullus? wat does he mean by 'main jaisa hu''? tum kaise hi arjun? ..only good thing was he finally realised that singhus were not his family!..but hello ? ullus arent either!..Angry
  • felt happy with the mention of dadi,romit and rashi!..chalo atleast sunne ko to mila!..Embarrassed
  • kmh 1 title track!..but why? its season 2 na so why din they play teri sanso???? why why???CryCry
  • beech mein again ullus!..clown rajveer ..this time i had put a towel on my tv screen!..LOL thanks to kavya!..for her napkin idea1
  • arjuhi convo ending with daddu coming and clicking a happy ending photo!!..Silly
  • but looks like the CVs werent satisfied with the destruction they did ..! to add to it they copy pasted the old  dhoka wedding!..AngryCensored
  • finally two second of arjuhi in their new look!..
episode ends!..*claps* CVs u r really mahan ..tumsa koi nahi!..

how cud they do this? was it a joke? i dun even feel bad now!..i am happy that kmh ended it was better than watching ullu drama!..
how can they give more screen space to ullus than arjuhi? why so much time was being wasted for rajveer's welcome? did he save the nation? he created a blunder and so he paid!..
the camera was on rajveer as if he was the main lead!..Dead

the editing was pathetic! one by one the parts were getting over!..i became more and more angry!.and add to it was the 2 minute delay due to ramayan!..and the maha adds of RKR!..Angry

kmh was such a beautiful show !.and it still is ..for me it ended that day when arjuhi fled from jail!..
the CVs killed it ! was patheitc!..i dunno whether to cry or be happy or be angry!..i feel so numb!Dead..kmh deserved a grand ending...and not this1...we will remember it forever imaginetv and CVs..thanks for ruining our show!..i wud pray that never ever karanika look back to this channel!..worst channel ever!..Angry
 the only thing good was arjun and arohi!..Karan looked so dashing and handsome in his new look!..aweHeart
kitani mohabbat hai- the name itself has great potential!..and yup it did live upto the eppectations!..despite the bloopers and editing still it maintained its freshness!..i am not considering the last episodes!..but why dun we rewind the golden days!..the jungle days...the marriage!...their nok jhoks!..and their realisation!..everything was unique!..arjuhi proved that love is innocence ,passion, and staying by each other forever!...last season we saw love as sacrifice and this season we saw love as staying side by side and never leave !..

i am proud to say that both the seasons had variations!..and are unique!..wonderful job by karan kritika,mohan kapoor,daddu,daddi,DJ..the cupid gang1..yes it also showed kitani mohabbat hai btw the friends!..which we rarely see nowadays in tv shows this was one of a kind! long we have seen shows where best friends become sautan but here they justified the meaning fo friends!..

the pain of an orphan ..and a romantic passionate lover!..hats off to karan for brilliantly potraying the role of arjun singhaian!..the action hero!..fab!..and i am proud to say that singhania din remind me of punjii!..karan played it too good!..the best actor ever born!..

the journey of a lovable daughter to revengeful wife was brillianlty potrayed y kritika kamra!...she is the best actor female the industry  has!..

DJ,romit,shefu ,romit,RPS,daddu..all the actors playing this roles have also stod out well!..Clap
 kmh will be always a precious part of our life!..the only regret we have now is the title track video we din getCry..

if kmh 3 comes i wud suggest not to come on imaginetv and also to the CVs that pls try to make it simple!..we dun want to a huge cast!..we only want arjuhi and their story..

                                                                live laugh love!..-kitani mohabbat hai

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this is all i have to say for now (wrote this in the previous lounge)

copied and pasted the dhoka marriage
overdose of ullus
more flashbacks
bad epi and bad ending to a beautiful love story
they didn't even spare the last epi

dvs WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!! humari badhua hamesha tum logo ki saath hai...hope you fail in all your endeavours!

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During the epi and after it I was so angry and dissapointed to cry. But now I'm all teary and sobbing. 'The end' was there and I didn't even realize it at 8:30. Well everything that started has to end one day but does it has to end on a bad note Ouch.

Whatever wud not say anything about the epi u all can handle it.

Well but wud share my feelings about kmh sure. I've seen many dramas till date but wud honestly say only kmh was the serial of which I never missed a single epi. If asked why? Then the only answer I wud give is 'go watch it u will know why?' simple this journey was beautiful it was magical. It had some charm which was very much visible to most of the people. This was serial which wud be luvd by me always (minus the srewed ending).

A special thanx to Karan and Kritika for giving us Arjun and Arohi and KMH. This journey of both the season wud not have been what it is today if you both had not been brilliant. You two gave me a reason to switch on my TVLOL. You two are one of the best actors in the industry for me the best. Hope that you both get all the happiness in ur life and become much more successful. Luv u both and wud always do. You two were flawless.

Now the rest of the cast. Don't know everyone's name so wud not write anyone's. But wud say u all were gr8 actors although some of u were not given proper roles but u all did a fab job.

The creative team : Today only praising praising so you did gave us some extra super awesome fab gr8 scenes. Which I love adore and can watch a hundred time. You did gud job too. I'm considering u got a sadma that kmh is ending so u did so bad job in the ending.

The directors: u were gr8 too

The whole crew: I don't care about the blunders now whoever did anything for KMH2 is special and love everyone who was there.

Now to ML people well you all are gr8. I came here very late but still made some frnds. I wish I wud have been here from a little back but can't change the past but wud say the time I spent here were amazing. If ML will be on after today for kmh1 I'm deffo goin' to be there.

All the writers here at ML are amazing and u all deserve a Hug frm me

The people who still don't know me I'm Sur (not from season1).

And I was not in a mood to do a take on the epi so when I read kavya's post I just luvd it so thanx got inspiration outta there.

Luv kmh luv karnika luv arjuhi luv kmhforum luv ML

Oh and yeah a poem for my kmh:

zindagi jab hatho se chuth jaati hai

Tab woh kabhi aati nahi wapas

Lekin tumne sath na choda

Humara hath na choda

Pehle bane humare dhadkan

Aur phir saason mein bhi bas gaye

Kya hoga hamara jab chutega tumhara daman

Dil se dil jude Humpe bhi chadha pyar ka rang

par tab kaha socha kya hogi zindagi jab tum na hoge sang

This is my poem which I dedicated to my beloved KMH2

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only thng s BAKWAASS...
DVS shdnt wrk anymore..shdnt ruin any other shws kill

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Hopefully i wont be writing abt the epi..i wud be writng abt ending kmh!!

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Arjun Arohi & KMH had become part of my routine ever since it started, and now that this journey has ended no idea what I am going to do from tomorrow Cry , Yes we have ML and we will relive all the moments of KMH1 and 2 , but the fact remains that KMH2 ended and I will miss it terribly. Their love touched my heart and put me on bright side always , whenever any sad of negative thought came to me, a glimpse of arjuhi would do wonders. and the credit completely goes to Karan and Kritika for enacting so brilliantly that they made the characters arjun and arohi real .
Standing Ovation to you both ClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStar . Karan Kritika you guys have a very bright future and I wish you all the happiness and all the success. May you reach the pinacle of your career.
That said about your acting , your personalities too are wonderful, you have never put yourself before the show and have always been humble about your roles and all the accolades you received. that is the main reason that I like you both. I wish you all the luck in both professional and personal life.
Mohan Kapoor : A special mention had to be made about you sir, you were amazing as Rudra Pratap Singhania, the creator and manipulator of Arjun Singhania , It was a treat to watch you on screen. Standing ovation to you ClapClapClapClapClap.   In the show I liked Singhanias better because they were real characters and did not show fake emotions. Thumbs Up
KMH Cast :  Danish Pandor, Areesz Gandhi, Parul Gulati, Parul Chauhan, Karan Arora, Sana, Roopesh, Sanchit , Puneet, Sami, Daadi,  Kartar , DJ, Mrinalini , Aradhana sry wont be able to write everyone's name,  But job well done ClapClapClapClapClap.   Some of the characters were awesome Rudra, Raashi, KSA, Daadi, DJ, Raj, Shefu, Billu, Romit ,kumud, Sanchit, Bua, jignesh, Mikhael, chiku  to name a few and these characters had the right actor for the role ClapClapClapClap some characters like gauri, sudhir , arvind , amrit , though I did not like for the fakeness in the character, were consistent atleast that they were forever against arjuhi  - but  the actors did their job well ClapClapClapClap,   gauri  was a strong catalyst for arjuhi's lovestory .  chachu's character was okay in the beginning but of recent it went downhill and I started to think that even while the character is so empty why the viewers are subjected to such forced viewing and the acting  was nothing watch worthy to me, the show deserved a better actor for this role.  Not to forget Jay , Dhondz and his parents , Makrand and all of the cast. sorry if I have forgotten anyone.  All the Ahluwalia's and Singhania's best of luck for all your future ventures.  Smile
Director(s) - you gave us some amazing scenes and superbly directed ones for that I am thankful, all the best in future ventures ClapClapClapClapClap
Dialouge writers : Amazing job Aparajita Sharma and Divya Nidhi Sharma, outstanding dailouges for the season, I enjoyed them throughly. Standing Ovation to you ClapClapClapClapClap
Music Director : You have given us some wonderful bg score, many songs that I had not heard I heard for the first time and fell in love with it , coz they suited Arjun Arohi and the story of KMH so much, for example 'Chaap tilak sab cheeni ...' wonderful choice. Clap. Wish the makers allowed you to use the title track more often 'Tere Sason se hi ..' It was tailor made for Arjuhi and we did get to listen to the original version even once. anyways job well done ClapClapClapClapClap
Editing and Technical team : while there were errors many times, it was still a good show and thanks for working hard on it. The technical team remains in the background and does all the ground work,  slogging day and night to get the things right.   It was  a wonderful show , thank you .  Embarrassed ClapClapClapClapClap
CVs  of the earlier episodes of KMH :  Thank You  for giving unique scenes of arjuhi and for having a vision of their love story and for keeping the rest of the characters in focus and making them grow along with the story.  Some of the scenes were mindblowing, wish you stayed till the end.   Standing ovation to you ClapClapClapClapClap

CVs of the current episodes :  You could have done better ,  sorry , but this is true,  all we wanted was to see arjun and arohi live their life together and all we got was unnecessary  overdose of characters Thumbs Down,  nothing wrong in showing other characters, it is needed for any story  but  you lost focus of the track and patched up here and thereThumbs Down.   But still you guys gave  some of the arjuhi scenes like the rain one and the rajasthani couple one  thank you Clap.  not for today's episode though , the show and arjuhi deserved a better ending and classy one not a patched up oneBroken Heart wont be able to forgive u for this.
Sorry if I have forgotten any department ,  but  a big  Thank You to each and everyone of the team and to the makers for giving us  the wonderful KMH2. 


ML & MLSA  (and now I cry CryCryHug)   thank you thank you thank you , for this amazing  togetherness in this journey ,  Oh what would I have done if not for ML.  I such at emotional farewells yaar,  see till now I was fine and as I type these words  I am all teary and misty .   Love You All  Muaaahhh. 
Standing Ovation to all of you  who made the show more magical with your beautiful  words .
bless you all and lots and lots and lots of  best wishes for a beautiful wonderful future.
thank you for all those  who  have written in ML  takes or just commentsHug
thank you for all the silent readers who liked my posts Hug
wanted to take everyone's name who wrote in ML from the beginning lekin  I am too emotional to do that now .
I know I know ab tum log bologe no goodbyes,  but this is just something I wanted to tell.  my  ande and tamatar  wala  take about the epi , dont want to include it here CryCryCryCryCry.
and ditto to shibz's piece of mind to OTT whatever Wacko.
Love You KMH2  forever - only show that rocked my world

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*smacking my head with watever comes to my hand*

I avoided the last scene in the previous episode while watching the repeats coz i was really irritated with the most illogical scene & with over unacting(as kavya puts it) in the first run however i couldnt avoid it coz of the sudden entry of this sample but the same torture was added to today's episode as well?!AngryDead poor Michael who had all the logical reasons in the world to justify his act deserved more importance.. Where is RPS & Family? What happened to them?!! Is RPS the Man to leave it at His son's death?! Will he let the Ahluwalias & Arjuhi live in peace?!! How can this be the end?!! How can marriage be the end to obstacles in a love story?!! n marriage of whom?!! The ones who are already married?!! Or was the happy ending that, Arjun got a large & so called "loving" family?!!Confused I'd rather be happy if they showed Arohi's Griha Pravesh into Arjun's house... Why-The-Hell was the old wedding scene copy pasted that too so badly with Arohi's eyes looking at the door out of fear?!! The couple was made to wear the same attires just to blend with their final photoshoot?!! Does it seem blended?!! How beautiful was the end to the "Love Saga" ?
What about Arjun's plans on starting his own business & taking Arohi along with him?!! Now wasnt that what the story was looking forward to before the destructives step in?!! How the hell is Arjun given the same lines that he was given wen the family had first accepted him like..he cannot believe how much love he got from the ullus(Arohi's family)?!! & whats with Arjun sayin that he who loved daddu was accused of his murder & that how could they even think that he could do it?!! Hello?!!! Dint you have the intention to murder daddu before Arohi changed your mind?!!Stern Smile Gosh!! sab ko memory loss hogaya kya?!!Thumbs Down

Raju chachu(courtesy:Ari) was hospitalized for few days coz of a bullet in his armROFLROFL He comes home when discharged still not recovered completelySilly only to witness Arjun standing tall fit & fine with no naamo nishan of his wound on the head!!Stern Smile

was happy to see Shefu & Sanchit...was simmi der too?Ermm

Luv-Raju chachu scene-Sleepy he cant even smile naturally!!Thumbs Down was erked by the fake one wen they show Arjun's face..Day Dreaming Karan & Kritz just save the show everytime making every logical scene worth watching...kudos to your natural performances..the way you sink in the charactersClap... How ever unlikely it seems according to the story manage to do justice to the feelings the writers want you to portrayClap
was glad to hear Arjun talking bout Singhus...chalo kisiko tho yaad aagaya that singhanias ki zikr karna hai... 

Just loved the first convo between Arjuhi..i mean just the line from Arjun.."Tum bohut slow ho Arohi"
Daddu's pic with Arjuhi was also fine..
but the ending was not the one this love saga shoud've gotDisapprove

If all this ullu drama was shown earlier in the show, KMH wouldn't have got the TRPs it got successfully until the WC!!

Title track play karne ko kaha thaPinch lekin KMH1 ki nahi..KMH2 ki..*sigh*
chullu bhar pani mein doob maro sab!!Censored agar nahi doobe tho main hi dhakka dungiEvil Smile for forgetting what KMH is basically about?!! The main theme the essence...Its about the most loved couple Arjuhi...the iconic romance series with a heart warming love taleHeart
I am more than disgusted with the way the show was handled!! I have nightmares now thinking of KMH3 if it happens & would be given the same treatment!! *shivering* My heart fears!! I do not want KMH3 if it cant be loved & respected by the ppl who produce it & the ones who broadcast it!! I have no more strength to take it... Too much for our patience & tolerance that we got a pathetic ending!!Broken Heart

It was a filler episode & nothing of the sort of ending!! Having said that I definitely do not want to see the faces of ullus again in my life!! A Big God bye!!

Looking forward to Karan's & Kritika's new show!!Thumbs Up

Now a small piece of my mind to the OTT actor who does under the bottom acting!! We criticize coz we love the show!! KMH is as lucky to have fans like us as much as we are lucky to be loving a show like KMH.. We are concerned about the show & cannot take anything that is fed to us...being with KMH since season1 we know what KMH is better than the new comers...we speak for the show as we cannot see bad performances & bloopers spoiling the quality of the show!! If one wants to excel as a professional then take the criticisms in the right spirit by being a sport rather than being silly!!  Karan & Kritika did not reach the position they are in now just like that.. They improved as actors...been humble & genuine as human beings & today have come to be two of the finest actors & most popular in the industry!!

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Todays epi was so bloody disastorous that i dont even have anything to write about it so i m goanna rather write about the GREAT Censored people behind this cold blooded murder of our baby since the past few weaks cause thats all i wanna do now...i wanna vent i wanna hit someone...preferable the lame asses who thought they could just do manmaani and what ever the shit that they wanted to and get away with it...get this thing straight what goes around comes around and hurting so many poeples sentiments will get no one no where...every one responsible for this will have to pay some day or the other...

P.s ML is home ground we'll say whatever the hell we want to if someone has a problem they can very well get lost no one is begging you to read what we writeEvil Smile

P.s 2:: M bloody miffed at many people and i have to let it out so this one is for everyone who screwed up...karan and kritz di my take has nothing to do with you today wo mein kal ke ML mein likhungi today is bashing day Evil Smile


See you are so crappy and pathetic that i have got so used to this name cant even remember what your actual name is...but you truly deserve this and also every other gali in the world...its like bhaggu collected all pathetic namunas at one place and didnt know what to do with them and finally out of the worst of the lot you emerged...Censored hell i wanna learn new galis just to give em to you but on second thought any amount of bashing will never be worth equal to what you have done its murder cold blooded murder of our kmh and that to are not goanna get away with this...u never promoted kmh,uploaded epis before air time,no proper promos,no budget...god dammit why such step motherly treatment to our kmh?what did it ever do to other than bring you fame and name?u do know that kmh is what made ur channel popular to begin with dont you?anyways the people who dont respect and honor their own show arent worth bashing also...but what can i do my heart breaks seeing the injustice done to kmh you bloody Censored the end of kmh marks the doom of ur idiotic channel and the day this channel shuts shop m goanna celebrate and party big time Cool


Prashant Bhatt:
Our RESPECTED[read NOT AT ALL AND NEVER WILL BE RESPECTED] DV cause creative bolna will be an insult...seriously you call making actors wear the same clothes so that you copy+paste the prev sequences in same attires creativity then you are the most goddamn creative person on this earth...What the hell was that marraige and fire scene?seriously apna creative tag nikal ke phek do warna the ones who are actually creative will feel ashamed to call themselves that...destructive is the word for you...kyunki you are so damn rigid and thick skulled that you served us this crap on the name of kmh which should have rather been called kitani ullupanti hai which you served in the last three weeks...i mean seriously what the F*** dude??Censoredu dint have ideas to take a show in to the last phase ok fine u r human too u made mistakes in the beginning ok fine u were new to the show and didnt know the storyline and everything properly...but when we all messaged you and told you what we wanted to see and exactly how we wanted to see it you promise us good viewing and that our ideas would be taken into consideration and then too we have to bear this non-sense of redeeming ullus for the whole of last three weeks?what about the raaz?what about the feud?what about arjuns mom?why did you butcher arjun?[ghar jamai?goddamit thats beyond patheticCensored]the papa beti hug?where the hell is the passion of arjuhi2?why the hell did you forget that they arent punji and sharma...the marraige wasnt at all necessary...we wanted the raaz to be revealed...we wanted arjuhi to have their aman preet...a salam namastey kinda delivery for arohi...and then them living happily ever after in arjuns moms house with their family...u bloody didnt give nothing any closure...such a disastrous ending i seriously dont get your bloody fascination for ulluwalias?why did you turn kmh into kitani ullupanti hai?i seriously m so bloody pissed cause of you right now that i wanna hit you with a oxford dictionery infinite times till you understand the meaning of good viewing,leads,love story n all such things that you have bloody well butcheredCensored
PB you are goanna wish for your entire god forsaken life that u hadnt butchered our baby...wish that no one ever has to suffer from ur destructivity like we did...find an alternative career please cause if you dont give a damn about what the viewers want to see then i dont see the use of you "CREATING" [read DESTROYING] any further shows...hope no one has to suffer a fate similar to what kmh2 went through because of you...damn it feels like you purposely ruined kmh with all this ullupanti just so that kmh1 fares better than kmh2 cause other wise i cant find any other logical reason for this blunderCensored Nyways whatever m through with you...will neither forgive nor forget m never goanna watch any show with you as creative ever again...have been hurt enough...wish karanika never ever work with you again cause that would be beyond painful...
And in my eyes you are and will always be more horrible than crapgin itself cause its already established that the godforsaken channel is the worst thing that happened to indian telly coz they ruined two of the best things that happened to them kmh1 and kmh2 by prematurely ending them but you are even worse you are the worst thing that happened to kmh2 you could have given it a beautiful ending but no you had to go ahead and destroy it didnt you...go find some hole and hide for eternity cause after what you have done tum kiseeko muh dikhane ke layak nahi rahe Censored


Dialogue writers+screen play writers
I seriously the dialogue writers-aparajita sharma and divya nidhi sharma they were awesome and i always said that admired their work...sadly we had to realise their value this way a round of applause for your fab work...and sade hue tamatar for the ones who have done the dialogue writing and screen play these past 2-3 weeks...seriously what were you thinking...PB had lost his marbles clearly atleast tum log toh thodi akal lagate?even in the last days no cherishable moments no memorable dialogues it was like the whole team had lost interest in kmh...seriously if u guys loved kmh like we n karnika do then maybe this wouldnt have been the case its bloody horrible the unprofessional ism you all have shown its like show end ho raha toh formality ke liye lets put something or the other up...hadd hoti hai yaar...why did you kill our baby?koi toh sharam karta koi toh kuch dhang ka kaam karta?even for karanika to save the epis was impossible cause they didnt have scenes what the hell pagalpanti and ullupanti ki bhi hadd kardi and all we are left wondering is how did our beautiful love saga turn into a family drama full of ullupantiAngry


Thought wouldnt write about todays epi but cant here goes:
Oh what ?was i supposed to write something good?well you were supposed to show something good as well so we're even wait a second...
hmmm...i guess m done now...this was the first epi of kmh2 that i hvent watched was beyond pathetic...can it get any worse?oh sorry with the great dvs and team you have yes it can but just because you can make it horrible doesnt mean you should...idiots...arjun singhania loosing to mikhail?chachu who wasnt able to do a single goddamn thing till now saving don arjun...arjun feeling greatful to ullus...singus ka namo nishan nahi who were made to look as villians though they were far far better than these aman preet...copy paste arjuhi moments...ullus getting unnecessary footage...nothing sensible...and as for ullu redemption we wanted that like a month back right now all we wanted was arjuhi moments but you couldnt even give your own show a honorable ending...go take a hike...chullu bhar pani mein dub maro...and if even the water doesnt want you contact me i will myself feed you to the sharksCensored

Now for the great person who think that everyone who praises them is right and everyone who doesnt is wrong and should be criticized GROW UP!!!
KMH is our baby and our love for it doesnt need any certification from anyone...KMH deserved better fans ahh well more so it deserved better actors as well who can take criticism the right way rather than being a drama queen and cribbing about it and having some sportsmanship and the guts of saying yes the charecter sucked and made no sense rather than pining for screen space,dis-respecting co-actors how much ever bad they might have been thats not the way public figures react,saying a show sucks when their role isnt given importance and miraculously the show is the best when they are in the limelight *beats head to the wall* everything cant be about you coz the leads are arjuhi and so yes we FF unnecessary scenes that dont fit in if u have a problem with that well nothing we can do about it...yada yada yada i can go on forever but whats the use its not like someone knows how to take it in with a pinch of salt and m ending it here saying A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at samajhdar ko ishara kafi hota hai...hope we dont cross each others paths ever again...sayo nara


Phew m done with my rant...venting does help alot...ML,Karanika,KMH love you alot and will always love you...cause some things are just meant to will move forward with happy memories of kmh and love for karanika...will give it a proper ending in heart and FF...tommorrow is a new day and a new beginning...m happy that kk2 got rid of crapgin n dvs and the negative things that were surrounding only love remains...our love for them...hoping for a bright future for them...and looking forward to some ML style mast farewell tomorow in special ML thread...only positivity and appreciation and mohabbat there...after so much bashing i m surely goanna enjoy that...something to look forward to...Love you MLSAHug

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