Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2 has come to it's ending today. But, never forget, every good thing has to come to it's end. Though we are biding goodbye to our most favorite show today, let's wish Karan and Kritika the best for their life ahead :)
They've given us Arjun Punj and Arohi Sharma...we didn't think there could be any other Arjun Arohi to be able to replace the Punji and Sharma duo, but we were wrong. Arjun Singhania and Arohi Ahluhwaliya made even a bigger place in our heart. Karan Kritika, thank you for giving us such a beautiful journey of KMH2 and even though the show is ending earlier than expected, thank you for keeping those smiles on those beautiful faces and helping us ease our pain of letting KMH2 go.

Welcome back guyzHug
n now Start sharing your views, critics and commentsLOL; not to forget few rules to keep the discussion flow nice..(kindly follow the rules)

1. No actor bashing & No derogatory terms to be used.
2. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this show.
3. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
4. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.
5First 2 pages of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for Mohabbat lounge"

*Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team*

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Some special warm hugsHug to -sanju- for giving us a reason to smile, laugh & danceLOL in between all the tensions, you made our days soo much easy. We owe this happiness to youHug & for getting us this sweet autograph
HeartThank you sooo much for doin this for all we will cherish this all our livesHeart
*Credits* -Sanju- <<- we love you..HugHugHug


Songs suggested based on what happened in today's episode

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:18am | IP Logged
So this is my first post in Mohabbat Lounge ever, and I decided to post here for the sole reason of it being the last episode. :)

So, to start off, it was a repeat of yesterday's scene. Alright. I didn't think it was that bad, but I didn't find it very necessary to recap about 3 - 4 minutes of that scene, I mean we could have had a cute Arjuhi scene instead, but I let that slide. After, it was a few days later, and Chachu came home from the hospital, and Arjun and Arohi were standing by the side, with Arohi doing his Aarti. Bewakoof CV's, Arjun was clearly in a worse state than Chachu, but he was perfectly fine and Chachu wasn't. Confused So okay, well, forgetting that little flaw in the story, Arohi took chachu's aarti, all was good, alright. I didn't mind that.

When Daddu put Arjun and Arohi's hands in each other's it was sooo cute. I loved this part. It really and truly was beautiful. :) And the whole KMH song with the flashbacks. Arjun and Arohi's little scene in the back was adorable too. At least they did play the KMH song. :D

Then I believe it was Arohi's mom and Daddu's scene. Oh. My. God. What was the point of Daddu blaming himself? That was completely unnecessary. That, I felt was a waste of time. :| I mean, taking out this scene, and adding a scene to the end, we could have had a beautiful suhaag raat. :) Embarrassed

Then it was the Chachu and Lovedeep scene, which I have to say, felt nice. This scene was well acted by Nitin and Dilnaz. Clap Clap Clap Some might feel it was unneeded, but I felt that it was a great addition because Chachu had a reason to blame himself, and it showed the proximity between Lovedeep and Chachu. At least it was shown that Chachu regretted what he did.

When Arjun said his family wouldn't accept him, I was just in awe. Well, he had a reason to think that, but he did just jump to a conclusion. He could have gone and checked (but I guess it would've taken too long [THIS IS WHY IT DESERVED A MAHAEPISODE!!!! Angry Angry Angry]). But then the whole cute Arjun and Arohi dialogue and scenes were sooo adorable. The KMH music played quite a bit in this episode which made me happy. Smile

Then the marriage. Okay. Copy/Pasted :| They couldn't have re-shot it? I know they have a budget and all, but really? We wanted an original wedding. I guess, in the end Arjun and Arohi are still married. A new wedding scene or old one, it would've looked similar. I didn't mind it too much, maybe because I wasn't expecting anything better.

Then there were the new scenes, where they were happy together in their wedding clothes. I actually liked that quite a bit. :) I liked the final parts of it. So what if it didn't end with a suhaag raat, or them with children? I feel that Arjun and Arohi are happy, and we could continue the story in our imagination or our fanfictions.

Overall, I didn't mind this episode too much since Arjun and Arohi did end up getting their happy ending. I didn't have high expectations and maybe I was satisfied because of this. Don't smite me too much. :D

Well, that was my first Mohabbat Lounge post. Hope it wasn't too bad. Tongue

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Utter Disappointment

(My thoughts are all over the place out of anger, so please bare with me if wot i write doesn't make sense)
The only good thing about today's episode was the fact that Karan looked SOOO HANDSOME wid that French beard..O -M - GDay Dreaming, and his hair to match...proper young and restlest PIMP DADDY! only thing was missing was some bling..and ofcourse Kitto as always looked Gorgeous...!

I just wanna take my frustration out today once and for all...They butchered THE WHOLE DAMN KMH2, wasnt' dat enough to satify their destructive appetite, that they had to litereally Mince the last episode..? HOW - HOw - HOw...Din't they CV get enough Shit by copying and pasting the fire scene, that they did the same thing again with the shadi scene? AND THAT TOO WITH THE LAST GOD DAMN EPI OF THE LOVE SAGA...What should I do? I need something to just smash that CV into billions of peices and crush him like he crushed all our hopes, dreams and our beloved KMH

Waise Last episode thi na ye? cuz it sure dint feel like the last, but it sure met the criterea for the LEAST!AngryAngryAngryAngry
The episode that should've been the MOST beautiful, and memorable, was made to turn out as the LEAST lovable one! It will be memorable only for the fact that it was executed so poorly that I was left bewildered with anger and disbeleif! *Sirf apne Hair utar kar phenke ki kasar reh gai hai*

ITNE ZIADA FLASHBACKS? are you kidding me...Agar wohi dekhni thi to main sara KMH shoro se dekhleti...

Love story thi Arjun and Arohi ki, ya Family reunion tha? and if it was a family reunion, why not put the Singhos in as well..make it a PROPER REUNION! kuch to proper kia hota..
EVERYBODY else was given more dialogues & screen space but the main leads...They were the ones with the least dialogues, and least acting to do...yaar kam se kam thori si sharam kar lete..But yeah i guess who am i kidding..sharam hoti to itni galiyan sunane ke baad adha KMH2 chor kar bhaag jate...

And what was Arjun on about: "accept kia hai---wot accept kia hai???..You forgot what they did to you and can you be so saint.lemme remind you..They beat you up so badly, they put u behind bars, They tried every damn thing to sasperate you and Arohi...What else you wanna know...and you were asking:
"Can you beleive it k main Daddu ko maronga?? - I do, cuz you actually did intend to kill him nahi?
Rediculous Dialogues today - dint make any sens..The whole just felt Forced and completely NOT out of a love story...Hated it hated it..Feels like the Dialogue writers packed up before KMH2 pack up, so the CV had to write today's dialgues as well...

I have some suggestions for the CV of KMH2 -
1. Please never take up any other show lest you destroy any other beautiful love story.
2. Please dont leave your house for months and months lest you see ppl runing after you wid shoes, and stones to beat the crap out of you! (and if you have a brain, out of emberrasement too)
3. Please go buy some Creative Bone, cuz you aint got none!
Baki sari i'm sure there's everybody here who's willing to give you many!

I think for a while something or the other will keep popping up in my head and i'll just continue editing it.CryCryCry

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  worst ending of show
i really hated today epi for everything.what was that?epi start hote hi mere dreams chakna chur ho gaye. yesterday i thought shayad chachu died n i was happy but no he was alive with magarmach ke [email protected] tumhare julmon ki koi maafi nahi hai.u hav commited more than crime n sin.our dear arohi n arjun forgave bcoz they r saint persons but we will not forgiv u.n plz dont cry. it looks funny.try to take comedy scenes only. it will suit u better.
    btw what is fault of arjuhi?ahhulawalia ne unhe apnakar kya bada kaam kardiya. i really wish to be an orphan other than having ahhulawalia type family.worst family i hav ever seen n why arjun is feeling happy for this?n arohi mom is thinking circumstances bure the. circumstances my foot. what u thing of urself n ur family?i really dont hav words to describe how much i hate this family but i m sure they deserve more hate.
    cvs ji plz aap kal kise mental hospital me jaakar treatment karaye. u need it urgently. u know what u did? u broke thousands of hearts wit this epi.u gave the worstest endimg which we never thought in our worst nightmares. u guys acted lyk devils.if u luv ulluwalia so much then plz take them to ur home. we never wan to see their faces.u made kmh story of ulluwalia ki ullupanti.i wan to shoot u right now.
   copy pasting marriage i wonder what r they thinking of us? r wefool? why we r taken granted frm [email protected] sorry dear but today i hated u alot n lot.
   @channel my all bad wishes to u. u guys will go in drain. may u go offair asap!may ur rks bcomes floppest show! n the worst of all may u get same pain which we r getting frm many days n today too!
   @karanika u know u r our heart. we luv u in the way none can luv anyone in same way. ur smile is our smile. ur pain is our pain. i know today u r sad n i wish god to giv ur every pain to us. it will b the best gift to us frm god as least we will get anything of ur share. may u get heights n top n u deserve this more than anyone.we promise u that we will never luv anyone more than u n we will b always with u.we will follow u everywhere. luv u karanika muahhh.plz smile always.ur smile means a lot for us n may  b this is ending of kmh2 but this is begining of new journey of much more fame n happiness.we luv u  both.
   @kmh thanx for giving us our arjuhi but not any thanx for ulluwalia. thanx for giving us new definition of selfless luv which we will never forget in my life.u r treasure fous.n we luv u a lot n will always luv u. Cry it is  very painful to say u goodbye so i m not going to say it n u know a part of my heart is saying u wll come tommorow too. fingers crossed. god is other name of miracle. may b kal kuch miracle ho jaaye.i will sleep with this hope though i know today i will not b able to sleep whole night but if i then plz come into my dreams to cheer me. i luv u dear.i cannot liv without u n i dont wan to die now. luv  kmh.
@arjuhi u r the most cuttest couple of the world. ur cute fights ur romance ur selfless luv everything was so hearttouching n arjuhi luv not only touched our heart but also our soul couple can beat arjuhi1 n arjuhi 2 in defining pure luv. arjuhi rocks. 
   @my all ml frds my luv for u all cannot b describe in words. i m really thankful to all of u for giving me so much luv n support for which i was most undeserving. i luv u all a lot.@pranii idont need to say how much i luv u?i laways u as my family.u r d most important for me.sorry for all the mistakes which i did but my anger with u was always the result of my luv with u. sumtym i actedoverpossesive for u. sumtym i bcame overdemanding. sumtym i acted overfoolish but still u bear me n luv me. thanx a lot for maing me believe into frdship n giving me meaning of frdship. i will miss u the most dear.
@shibz u know talking with u on phone is d most pleasing thing to me. i feel lyk heaven.i wan t share every minute detail of day with u n i know i irriatate u a lot due to this plz forgiv me for this but still i wan to say i luv u a lot.
@olly sweet gal u r lyk me. u r crying gal like me but u r arrogant too. sumtym u make me very angry but still i like u frm heart.plz never change ur luv for karanika.i luv ur luv for karanika.
@kavya di n aks u r lyk elder sis to me.kavya di if in kmh2journey if i respect anyone as much as i luv karanika that was only u.with due respect i wan to bow my head before u. thanx foreverything. thanx for holding our hand in this journey. u made this journey so much beautiful.luv u di @aksh what i say abt u?u r the one who can make us laugh when we hav every reason to cry only. u r the one who can giv life when we r near to death.u r very spl n be always like that.@ari u r most sweetest person here. i luv ur luv for karanika. i hav proud on u n karanika r lucky to hav u as a fan n we r lucky to hav u.u r a little crazy n i luv ur this quality.@kuki i m missing u a lot n missed u in the last months journey of kmh. take care of ur health n jaldi se achi ho jao.i wish u a very speedy recovery.will miss u.@anj n sanju i never interacted with u two a lot but still i hav a very splplace for u both n its true.always be happy n now be more studious. u hav to achieve a lot in ur life. upto 12th we hav to do hard study n after that the phase of smart study will come so ur tym is of of luck to u.@aanchi may god make u the most happiest gal in the world.i dont wan to see female punji always happy atleast for the sake of tag of our arjun punj[email protected] n jannat i luv ur sense of humour n i really wish to hav like u but i m not that lucky to hav this. u guys r very very sweet more than sugar. i luv to read ur pagalpanti n thanx for giving me smile a lot of tym.luv u dear.@arjuhi4ever kmhnasha n roshni luv to read ur posts as i feel uncomfortable in grp chat so never could catch u in ml but i really enjoy to read ur posts.always luv karanika like that.
      Crywill miss each n everything

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:22am | IP Logged aapne accha nahi kiya.. i hate u, n i will hate u for the rest of my life..
these are specially for u: 
burried emoticonblow up his ass emoticonbranch punch emoticonhang up emoticonmurdering smileyshoot in wall smileyexplode emoticon

KMH.. farewell, happy ending mila 2 second ka.. u'll have a better ending in our hearts..promise.. pakka... Hug

@ari.. lets get to work

so here we go again.. i have 3 ppl to address:
1)Prashant Bhatt, Creative Head, KMH2 Team and whoever else is responsible for this show and the end product as in the last episode:
I loved Season 1. I hated its ending and I used to think there was no worser way to end a show. It was abrupt, it was incomplete and it left us hanging in the air and thirsting for more.  happy ending ho kar bhi happy nahi the hum.. But still i love season 1 and punji n arohi!! i can watch reruns of it any number of times. I was over the moon to find out season 2 was here.. n when it came, it came wid a bang and I was proud of the outcome, the dialogues,the twists, the plot.. the performances.. everything was mind-blowing.. n then PB came.. i expected the same or better work from season 1 n since it was so awesome i was excited upon ur arrival into the situation..

then came the downfall of this season.. this may sound rude n harsh but its the truth.. all i know is you are the creative head of this show and you are responsible for the turn that the story took. the way it was handled, BG, Story, Dialogues, Direction, Editing.. (Please let me know if you are not alone in this, I would hate it if I left out anyone in my tareef sessionAngryEvil Smile.) And guess what, the last 2 weeks were the worst. Season 2 did not deserve this treatment. The end was worse than our scariest nightmares.  Copy pasting that wedding scene was a rude joke in our faces. Using Season1 title track instead of Season2's tere sanson was a sarcastic 'here you go' for all our requests. We love both the songs equally but everything has its own time and place.. going back to the ending track in general.. Arjun's character is totally lost in the fight scene. Rajvir is getting undue importance.. we get it.. arohi's family had to be redeemed but, in the redemption track you have lost sight of who is the lead in the show. Arohi is tending to chachu instead of Arjun.. next we know.. directly Arjun Arohi are forgiving everyone.. no sight of Singhanias.. Mikhail is dead? not dead? who cares right!!Angry Ahluwalias shown to be the good family while Singhanias exit wid the bad image - super dislike.. in fact, in every respect the ahluwalias have shown to be girgitwalias n singhanis have turned out to be in the consistent grey.. any day i wud choose singhanias over girgitwalias!!! this is a show, a youth show no less.. its meant to have an underlying story, a statement, a moral value - what are you guys offering to the youth out there? that its ok for families to adopt kids and ruin their lives? that its ok for families to abandon their kids in time of great need, throw them in jail and then apologize in 2 min and be done with it? that people fall in love, struggle with their families and forgive them everytime? you guyz really need to rethink why you make a show!! the industry is purely a business and i get that. but you need to realize that your customer at the other end is a human being wid emotions and opinions and that you need to cater to that. 

Turning an epic love story into a common family melo drama was your way of saying, "thanks for all your support, but this is our show, our work, we will ruin it in anyways we please and you guyz can go fly a kite for all we care!!" well lemme remind you.. if fans hadn't requested, no one in the telly industry would have brainstormed to bring a second season for the show!! so this show is our baby too and you have played with our emotions, butchered the plot, abused your powers!! such irrevocable damage .. you guyz should win an oscar for effectively earning the curses of the masses. I really wanna get on a flight to mumbai right now and kick your a** for having done this.. and the fire scene.. your masterpiece PB.. why did you ruin it yourself? you have insulted your own work and karan n kritika's efforts by plagiarizing your work to save god knows what!!! 

so *taaliyan* to you for having won the worst creative in the history of tellywood from me!! PB- please do not ever associate yourself with a love story show.. your forte is family drama and stick to it please!! do this mercy on the viewers, i beg of u!!

2)Imagine channel
You guyz.. i have bashed you a lot on your FB account and on YT..and ofcourse since your customer service and administrative staff sucks, you are probably blissfully unaware of your public image..  the truth is.. you guys suck.. am waiting for the day your channel gets knocked off.. KMH's end is the beginning of your end.. you are effectively the 'Serial-Killer' of tellywood.. you have totally lost it with ending shows that are no where near the end to start new shows that are starting on a bad note due to the reactions of the angry fans of those shows that have gone off air.. Can't wait for CrapGin UnImaginative TV Network to go bankrupt!! Will celebrate for sure that day!!
- you did not upload all the episodes of KMH 1 and KMH 2
- you did not maintain a playlist for KMH1  and towards the end you added a playlist for KMH2 which ofcourse is incomplete.
- you did not air promos at the right time, sometimes you did not air them at all
- you uploaded episodes before they were aired - i see this as a ploy to undermine the show's TRPs.. 
- you have cropped scenes in the episodes aired in UK, god knows what you did with the ones in other countries.

RKR, personally I think is a useless concept.. but still, I wish Ratan all the very best in all her endeavors and may she find her soul mate.. I feel bad for her that she is gonna be taking the brunt of Imagine's crappy decisions. 

3) Ekta Maam- I have respect for you and I resent that your shows are suffering due to your 'busy schedule'. Please don't start more shows and ruin them. Please take only that which you can handle. You are spreading yourself too thin. You gave us KMH and KMH2 and am eternally grateful to you for that. But please I beg of you, dont bring KMH3.. because I fear its fate is not going to be any different than the last two seasons. I wrote this before and I want to reiterate it here:
if at all there is a KMH3..Learn from your previous mistakes.. n here is ML ka gyaan1) make it a new story, 2) plz confirm the whole plot before you start shooting, 3) don't get amnesia in the middle of the season. 4) dont change CVs, Directors, Dialogue writers and script writers during the season. 5) keep the plot central to the main lead since the theme of this show is love story.. we r not interested in side story!! 6) most importantly don't air it in Imagine!! 7) have a title track, a title track video and remember to use it well during the season.8)Promote the show well else do not complain about TRPs - make good usage of promos and maha episodes.

while am at it.. i want to say this loud and clear.. this show is about Arjun and Arohi's love story.. it is completely justified for fans to appreciate them and want their scenes more. Rajvir's character was never meant to be a lead. He was part of the family and was a side role that supported or antagonized the leads. I do not have any qualms in stating that I did not wish to see Rajvir's character so much. The story did not make sense there.. The police have been portrayed very badly. I suppose its not the fault of the actors how the story goes. They work with what they got.But it is completely upto me how I watch the show. If the creatives can play with the story as they please and certain actors can give unnecessary spoilers thereby ruining my viewing experience, I am fully in my limits to fastfoward any scene I please.. i have unliked the pages that i dont want info from .. but information is like wild fire.. its always in your face.. i resent the unprofessional attitude in people who think they can leech of other people's stardom and barter information and spoilers for attention!! and I also accept that when I watch the show, my views are mixed with my views about the actors and my views of them offscreen. Up until now, I have kept my comments regarding the acting part of it and the offscreen drama separate and I would continue to do so.  and regarding constructive criticism, its criticism - whether its constructive or destructive is in the hands of the person its meant for.. its meant to be used to improve yourself.. not to fight. when a mature person faces criticism, they absorb the useful parts and ignore the rest.. unlike some others who garner sympathy regarding the same.. as for being a fan of KMH, i am a proud fan of KMH who has stood by the story, defended and bashed it equally when it went haywire!! I watched this show first n foremost for Arjun and Arohi. And then for Karan n Kritika and then the rest of the team. 

k sorry had to take a break in between... Wink
Enough said on what was wrong.. and what was right.. the show had to end.. and it did now.. will never forget how it started Day Dreaming and how it ended Broken HeartCry...
Want to thank all the people on the KMH Team.. the good, the bad and the cursed.. it's not like a bad ending implies a bad show.. but it does imply a bad after-taste.. 

thank you Karan, Kritika, Ekta, the Creative team, the technical department, Shekhar sir, the music dept, Divy Nidhi Sharma, Aparajita Sharma, the directors, and the rest of the cast: Mohan Ji, Abhay Ji, Mrinalini, Rupesh, Sana, Karan, Parul, Dilnaz, Pyomori, Priya, Aradhna, Danish, Areesz, Nitin, Saptrishi,Farukh, Hemakshi, Shardul, Saurav and our chota packet bada dhamaal - Sami!! it was a brilliant effort and much cherished roller coaster ride!! Good luck to all of you.

Karan Kritika - Star I will miss you sorely. Have loved you as Karanika and Arjuhi, separate and together and will wait for your next endeavor. You have amazing talent and personalities and I am proud to be a fan of you both. p.s. Karan u looked hawwt in that french beard n hair.. Day Dreaming sucks we got such short scene of u in that new look Cry

ML- no goodbyes, no farewells, we always have and we will go through this hell and heaven together.. mwah to all of you.. jadoo ki jhappis... Hug sorry yet again for a mt.everest.. but abhi toh aadat pad hi gayi hogi.. plus i also know there are ur mt.everests waiting for me to climb.. tit for tat is MLSA style LOL

Kitani Mohabbat Hai - I hate you, coz I love you. I regret having fallen for you and this pain and heartache is too much to bear. I am skeptic about watching any other shows for I will never connect with any other show like I did with you. You taught me love, how to fall in it, how to rise in it. Life will never be the same without you and so I go forward with you in my heart and my hard drive Tongue Farewell my friend, my love, mwah!!HeartHug

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:28am | IP Logged
*Edited* -_____-
Yooo wasssuuuppp Tongue
Remember me Ermm if you don't huh too bad I won't stop myslef from writing here Approve
Finally this journey comes to an end -____-  Where do i start with my feelings towards KMH they are unexplainable and unexpressable. This journey we started together though I used to watch this show and felt alot about it but I came to ML after like some days, my stay here was beautiful if we use one word for it. We did masti together, cursing together , crying together oh and drooling together Blushing it was soo much fun I still remember the time when arjuhi kissed for the first time I was like Stern Smile << all the time ROFL We have soo many memories etched in our heart forever which we are never going to get and I will make sure of that Approve
We have MLians have been blessed with soo many good kind pur and diamond hearted people that it amazes me sometimes to think that i am actually their friend. Only because of these people we are own every where whether its IF, KK angel's or KK2 themeselves ( dude we have a proof of it in the form of an autograph Wink) And I certainly am blessed to love admire and adore people like Karan Kritika. I am actually proud to be there fan they are soo sweet cute and adorable that you cant help but loving them Blushing I mean who wouldn'y love them oh yeah blind peeps Clown but lets not go there Tongue These 2 are soo down to earth that you actually admire their life and friendship with their friends Blushing 
KARAN KRITIKA this is for you guys >> I will always love you and will keep supporting you no matter what happens and whatever you do in life i will be there for you as a fan I am inspired by you and your relation with eachother and others Embarrassed
Now getting to the last episode of this season which in my opinion should have been the epic
-____- but ahhh alas actually never let my expectations down on her I actually believed that this show would get the similar rushed abrupt ending like its last season . Why cant ekta and the CVs actually show a slow paced ending which we fans would cherish all our lives is it soo hard for them to build a unique ending to a love story but well their uniqueness is quiet unique itself too so nvm my blabbering Ermm  Today the disappointed me big time nothing was actually their for which we could say this was the last episode they did try to show the happy ending but they failed in that and what they did with the wedding was totally unacceptable I mean how could they just copy paste the whole freakin scene there Stern Smile We know you people have less budget but you guys are just being a miser here now Stern Smile And why the heck both season ended with a 2 min arjuhi wedding and both of them posing at camera and smiling I mean HECK DUDE WE DEMAND MUCH MORE THAN THIS Stern Smile  We give out our blood and soul to a serial and what we get in return this stupid abruot ending with a nonsense scene this is certainly not happening you guys should be screwed for this mess up CensoredDead  I am soo sad that a i don't even have a good memory to cherish about the last episode of KMH Stern Smile , leave us even the actors weren't satisfied with this ending Dead You played with our emotions and I wont forgive you for this ever Cry
In the end I would like to use some dialogues from my favourite movies LOL
" Hum phir milain ge kyunki ye zindagi bohat lambi hai aur waqt bohat kam"
And "Picture abhiu baqi hai mere dost "
So MLians don't be sad that this journey is ending so will our journey of ML is going to end, NO NEVER not until I am alive I wont let this ML fade away we will cherish it always and we will still discuss the happening like we used to do before just in a different way Wink So dont worry we aren't going anywhere we will back soon with more masti and more fun as it is humein ML SE KITNI BOHAT HAI Heart

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