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What kind of love? - My thoughts

anjubala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Good morning/evening friends,
We saw yet another emotional episode today. Let me up-front tell you how utterly disappointed I was/am with Nivedita. Yesterday I was little sad for her too as she herself was breaking from inside seeing Viren in that condition and the way she was forcing her decision on him. But today even that sadness is gone from my side. I am all ready to pull out my hair because of this ziddi Nivedita. But on other thoughts why should I??? Let me start my ranting now so that it is out of my system:-
Nivedita thinks what DS has told her, she has FBs of her talk with Viren but then what is the end result of all this self-realization or self thoughts - Nivi still does what she thinks is right. Today her decision of not changing her decision tells us that for Nivi she and her decision is abov all. She gives a damn to others and to the elders of the family. Her guilt and repentance takes precedence and nobody, I mean nobody can change that. Nobody can put some sense in her. How is she a sanskari or samajhdar girl that NT dadi and KS felt proud of? WIll dadi and KS still feel the same for her? Is Nivi not showing her bachpana by sticking to this ridiculous decision of hers that is spoiling so many lives. You know when I saw this scene wherein she tells her decision and breaks Dadaji's bharosa I went back to thinking mode to see Nivi's character from the beginning and came to the conclusion that since the day 1 for Nivi it has been only herself. We said and still say that she keeps others happiness infront of her. Is that true? No, it is not. If it was then today she would have changed her decision as nobody is happy with her decision. But she did not. So, she has always thought about herself without consulting the lives that will be or have been affected by her decision. There is a proverb - "Meri murgi ki ek taang"..Same case if that of Nivedita.. Maine jo soch liya so soch liya.. Duniya idhar se udhar ho jaye mein nahin badlungi..SO, yes CTs have kept that stubborness and that character intact so far.
It also made me think about the beginning title or promo of this show "Kyon hai Nivedita ko pyaar se inkaar"..Now I know because she does not know what is love. She does not know what a love between a boy or a girl / man or a woman means. Agar usse pata hota to woh Siddharth ko na chorti. She is not able to differentiate between this love and the normal love that we have for others.. Her love for her man is way less than her love for her Di. She has never understood the depth of love between a man and a woman. That is why so easily she gave away her love for Siddharth and Siddharth kept on insisting and arguing.
And now same is happening in case of Viren too. He is trying his best to make her understand but no use. Again the same thing is being repeated by her - her love for her Di and now her daughter is coming in between her love for her man. So still she does not know the meaning of this kind of love. She has been fortunate to have been loved by 2 guys (unfortunate that they both are brothers, if they were not then this day would not have come), love that happens between a girl and a boy but it has been just 1-sided. Siddharth loved Nivi and now Viren loves Nivi. She has loved them too but not to the extent like them. Their side of love has made them possessive, jealous when seeing Nivi with someone else (like Sid used to get unsecure and jealous seeing Nivi talking to Viren before marriage and then VIren got the same feeling hearing his mom talk about Sid-Nivi friendship) but that has not happened with Nivi. She has never got the feeling of jealousy or mine or possessiveness for either of them. I think this is the problem with Nivi. Once she is able to diffferentiate then there is no looking back. She will give all her love to Viren but will be able to give love to their baby as well as Dwita as that love and attention is different from what Viren needs. I will wait for that day to come.
OK, let me not divurge and come back to episode...
Today who was the winner - NIVEDITA and loser - The whole Sood family. I felt bad for each and everybody today and see the result of her zid - nobody in the house is happy. Hanste hue ghar mein maatam cha gaya, just because of 1 person. Jo ladki is ghar mein itni khushi leke aayi usi ki wajah se sabko itna dukh hua. Itna effect hua ki Siddharth ko itna bara step lena para. My heart went out to Siddharth and Dadaji today. DS does not have to go through this pain in this age. Kitne saal aur jiyenge? He was so happy to become great-grandpa for second time but Nivi snatched away that happiness from him. Itne bare insaan ki baat nahin suni Nivi ne.She broke his vishwaas that Nivi will make the right decision.
Because of her zid, Siddharth had to take the step of weaning Nivi from Dwita as it is not good for both of them. Dwita will not be happy as her growth wil be hampered by Nivi's extreme kind of love which is infact guilt and repentance. Dwita has become the cause of her chacha-chachi's unhappiness so how can this baby be happy? Nivi, wake up..see because of you now Dwita will be under the care of a 3rd person even though she has such a loving family but her dad had to make this decision because of your stupidity. If you have behaved normally and loved like a maasi and not tried to be her mom things would have been fine and Dwita would have got everybody's love and care but now till you understand this simple thing, she will have to be in the care of an unknown person. My heart went out to Dwita - she is the innocent one and the ultimate victim with no fault of hers. Will Divya be happy now seeing her little one in arms of another lady?

I loved Siddharth and he has taken the right decision. We all know it is temporary as Sid himself would not want Dwita to be away from family and in care of an unknown person but who pushed him to take this step - Nivedita. Dwita is away from her dadi too.. VD was shocked and broken.. usse uska haq cheen liya gaya and who is the cause - Nivedita. Aaaj paheli baar VD ko HL ke aagey jhukna para, maafi maangni pari and who is the cause - Nivedita. DS had to take side of Sid in his decision and who is the cause - Nivedita. How can Nivi request DS to explain to Sid when she herself is not understanding. Loved DS and his reply to her - zamana badal gaya hai aur ab meri iccha aur decisions ki koi value nahin hai. Jab tumne nahin maana to Sid kyon manega. Nivi had nothing to say as she knows he is right. Her dad had to again listen to CC and her blabberings and the cause is - NIvedita. Viren had to give up his happiness and the cause is - Nivedita.
Nivedita wake-up. Your one decision or zid is ruining so many lives. It is not worth it. This decision of yours will become the biggest burden for you and you will not be able to live peacefully. Wake up and try to differentiate between different kinds of love. You are more than capable of giving that to all. Do not misuse your love - till now you have only emotionally blackmailed your guys - first Sid and now Viren. You very well know that they will stand by you that is why you used them to get what you wanted. So not right.
I loved when VD spoke up against CC today. How dare CC say because of Dwita..what is the fault of this little innocent life who has just come in this world? It is your bahu who is causing al this grief and not Dwita. Dwita has not asked her to do this. I hoped VD had said the same to Nivi too that Dwita is my responsibility and I can very well take care of her, the way she said to CC.
Precap - Loved this strict Siddharth. Nivi has left no choice for him now. Viren is helpless as he has tried and he had to give-in to his wife whom he loves so much. But nobody can stop Sid now as Dwita is only his and he has full right to take decisions for her. Yes, Nivi is only Maasi and can never be mother.. If you all think this stmt of Siddharth has removed all the doubts of their reunion as Sid will never accept Nivi as his wife and hence she will never be Dwita's mother.
Poor Viren again stood by side of his wife and in such a helpless tone asks Sid as Viren also knows why Sid is doing this. Sid again will become the factor in bringing them close.
Sorry for the long post.. My thoughts are all jumbled up.. Please comment.

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wadi..doll IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:27am | IP Logged
i agree with you completely yaar jus watch the epi    loved siddarth today yaar  i agree  thanks for the wonderful analysis yaar itz awesumm  yaar ...  siddarth  did the right decision by bringing governess
now she will understand  nivi dissapoint me badly today yaar how cud she  do that everybody try to explain her shez is really ziddi yaar ... felt really bad for viren yaar he was soo broken  yaar  wonderful analysis love it keep it upp you rock ...thanks 

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anjubala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged
No comments so far and so many views??? Is it that bad...

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zarmeeno IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:37am | IP Logged
Anju loved ur post and I have been saying the same thing since this track has started that she has been the cause of pain not just for Viren but for everybody.

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diyaloveskinny IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Anju Love Ur post again Dear,   thanks for this wonderful analysis,  I was waitng for this since long, Anju u have explained each and everything sooo well and I  completely agree with U,   and Yes U r right Sid is doing the right thing now so that it forces Nivi to change her decision and he has to make her realise how wrong she is,  Sid will be the one to get Nivren close,  Thanks again ANju Dear for ur analysis

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UZIS IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 March 2011
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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged

Anju dear

u said it all
i dont hav anything to say as i m really disappointed by nivi's decision n her strange ziddi nature.
it seems to me that she still has to understand the true meaning n essence of love n husband-wife relationship. 
since the last few episodes, i m finding it difficult to relate to nivi's character (its not the same as it is used to be)

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anjaani07 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 January 2011
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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Wow anju, awesome analysis!! I havnt seen the epi yet cos I'm at work but agree with wat u sed about Nivi not being able to differentiate btwn different kinds of love. I feel so sorry for Viren who loves her so much but has to live knowing she doesnt put his happiness first. When u see the list of people she's hurting as written in ur post it's shocking really & I feel no sympathy for her.

Ok I will comment again after watching the epi! Also happy birthday Hug

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Honey_berries Senior Member

Joined: 25 April 2011
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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Very well written, Anju. You have nailed down everything so perfectly that i don't have any disagreement here. I have been saying this from day one that Nivis feeling of repentance is way more than her love for Dweeta. In such case Nivi will be the worst and least suitable to bring up the tiny soul. Nivis possessiveness and thought of repentance will keep dweeta away from the love and happiness she deserves. Nivis unstable mind while bringing dweeta up will give rise to another Nivi.. which the soods would not like. In order for dweeta to become a women of substance she needs utter love and positivity around.. not pessimist and succumbed person like Nivi who only and only thinks about herself.
I am so happy that Sid is taking a stance to save her daughter from going into a black hole... kudos mere sher Sid

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