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Ostracizing Rupal : Very unfair (Page 3)

anupditto Newbie

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 11:28am | IP Logged

I have been writing on episodes where I have felt the need to. And this episode also made me want to write but I am not writing.

After reading all this I am not writing, for eveything's written and written beautifully. Carry on people, having wonderfull time reading and admiring the clarity of thought.

tiny15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by koolsadhu1000

The story of Rupal Virani touches my heart and makes my blood boil .
 rupal's story isn't heart felt as shes a selfish & she left her parents wen they needed her support alongwid their oder daughter!!
Manhar and Jyotsna constantly berate her and lay guilt trips on her as if she has done a BIG CRIME for having different goals ...other than being poor .
 they don't berate her 4 having difft goals but the way hse'd chosen 2 achieve it & they also don't want 2 b poor as they r living quite welloff until IMV did this cheap 'harqat"!!
It seems wanting to be rich is a BIG CRIME in this serial . Wanting to be an entrepreneur is a sin . The professions that are 'GOOD" are ...teaching or becoming a 'SACHA" government official .
 i think they'd shown that neither IMV's parents nor any oder member of their family thinks becuming rich is crime & they also never said that only teaching & govt job is gud but they want 2 b rich but wid morals & values still intact & rupal hasn't done such things!!
Rupal Virani dared to dream different . She faces the same fate IMV faced by his parents . Getting ostracized by family .
 if IMV'd faced ostracization then his parents esply mother wud never'd sent him 2 mumbai even 4 a once!! so neither of them faced such things. rather both of them r selfish 2 the core & only thinks that being poor is a crime & poor deserved 2 b treated badly & its quite obvious from the recent epis also!!
Sonal's so called dream was supported tremendously by her parents . Yet they frown down on Rupal's dream of becoming a  succesful businesswoman . Why ? Who says that one dream is noble and the other isn't ? Who decides that ? Manhar and Jyotsna ?
 as i'd earlier said they didn't frown on her ambition of bcuming a successful business woman but bcoz of her selfishness. if she wanted 2 b a business woman she cud've done this evne by remaining wid her family rather wid her so-called moral uncle!!
Siddarth's dream of becoming an artist gets sympathy . But Rupal's ambition of doing something different from the life her family offered her is regarded as PAAP . Why ? Just like Sonal and Siddarth dreamed of something different inspite of being in a rich household , Rupal too dreamt something different inspite of having middle class values thrust on her all the time . Is that a crime ?
 do u want 2 say that being middleclass & their values r worthless & only gaining wealth by any cheap means is sumthing 2 learn?? so is it a crime being a midlle class & having values??and if her parents want her 2 hav gud moral values then why don't they've the right wen similar logic is given wen any1 points finger 2wards IMV 4 being harsh & cruel 4 sid's dreams??why IMV has the right 2 think thta wats gud 4 his children but wen manhar or IMV's parents wants 2 hav gud moral values rather than being such a business tycoon widout morality they r condemnend!!
Her uncle offered her his guidanceand support . He was happy to groom her and she was happy to get groomed . Her parents could NEVER give her that exposure .Here a close relative from her immediate family was offering it to her , why shouldn't she take it ?
 wat type of exposure had/have she got ?? she wasn't  shown getting sum tips from IMV abt how 2 start even 4 once???wow wat a knowledge & experience shes getting!!
If Devki could take on BB's business and accept IMV as a guru by reading his books like Eklavya , why cannot Rupal take the opprtunities given to her ?
 bcoz devki has her morals & values intact wid her alongwid the intelligence  required 4 bcuming a business woman!! and rupal isn't shown doing anything apart sitting there comfortably!!
Devki's dream of becoming a succesful businesswoman was applauded by Manhar and Jyotsna . Why ? Was it LOVE for Devki ...a relatively unknown girl btw , or was it coz she was standing AGAINST IMV ?WinkWink
 same as above!! their luv 4 devki is due 2 her selfishlessness alongwid ambition 2 do sumthing!!
But the same Manhar and Jyotsna frown down on Rupal's dream , saying she is materialistic ! Why ? Coz she is not standing AGAINST IMV ?
 rupal is materialistic unlike devki. and may b they also don't like her 2 support IMV as hes morally & legally a corrupt businessman  2 the core!! though almost all the business ppl r like this but still i hope sum of them hav sum of the morals wid them in reality!!
So Manhar and Jyotsna DO appreciate businesswomen , but only when they stand AGAINST IMV .
 just bcoz hes ruthless & morally corrupt!!
Coz Devki is definetely pursuing a materialistic goal doesn't want to take business to heights to become a SADHU .
 but it doesn't mean 2 bcum ricj u've 2 bcum "shaitan"(devil or evil or dracula). u can still b gud human despite being so rich!!
Manhar and Jyotsna squirmed when Rupal left their house to join her Mota Kaka . But they have no problems instigating the bahu of MOta Kaka . In short , they have no qualms stirring trouble in MOTA KAKA"s household by pitting his bahu against him .
 wat IMV has done till date?? didn't he try 2 lure/instigate sonal by buying a educn institution 2 teach her there!! and he'dn't done out of his nature 2 help her niece but rather 2 satisfy his big stupid ego & so-called honour & reputation!!  manhar & jyotsna never instigated devki. but bcoz they finf her values match theirs they supported her unlike IMV who always employed evil methods!!and didn't spare even his DIL or Bro's family!!
So what shud Rupal do ? Leave her dream of becoming businesswoman and become munciplality school teacher like Sonal ?
 so just 2 realize her dream she shud've left her parents in the time of need?? and is it bad 2 bcum a teacher & that 2 municipality teacher? then why do we ppl want 2 get educn. i think if IMv wansn't taught by the same municipality teacher he wudn't've even bcum able 2 reach 2 the so-called cheap midlle class!! 
Undoubtedly teaching is a noble profession , one of the greatest .But is wanting to be a businesswoman any less noble ? Is wanting to be a share market genius or ruling the corporate world a crime ?
 not a crime but defntly  atleast 4 me its not among the noble profession if 2 bcum rich i've 2 cut oder's throats!! u needn't 2 cut the the oder line 2 shorten it but u need 2 draw bigger line than the oder1!!
Rupal has explained once that she did not come back only for the rich lifestyle .She came back to learn a lot from her uncle .
 and wat she'd leran from him?? 2 cheat, try 2 murder by burning sum1's work place, 2 put ur own family members behind bars just bcoz it hurted ur stupid ego 4 not getting the contract, crushing ur children's dreams just bcoz u hate being poor or think oder professions lowly in comparison 2 being rich!!
What Manhar and Jyotsna have done by constantly rejecting her advances of love and laying sarcastic guilt trips on her is nothing short of MEAN and PETTY .
 and they r doing right as shes mean & selfish. and why they shud accept her wen once she'd already rejected their values. just bcoz IMV is rich & a successful businessman he is right watever he do but bcoz manhar stands 4 values hes lowly & his ideals r outdated??
Was not Manhar staying under his rich brother''s roof for so many years ?
 but he never joined his business & remained down 2 earth & he always uphold moral values!!
Did Manhar really follow government protocol to the hilt when he ran behind Devki huffing and puffing to tell her not to miss the meeting at the airport ? Was he apprising other applicants in this same way ?
 that wasn't bcoz of govt protocol!! he did bcoz he knew IMV set up a plan 2 ger her out of his way!! and i m also in govt job & if sumhow if 1 of my family member or frnd didn't get such info where its not corrupt practice i wud'd also told& esply wen theres sum1 IMV like prsn is also involved. i wud like 2 give preference 2 devki like prsn & not 2 IMV!!
Seeing that two of his family members r in the bidding , Manhar cud have very well excused himself from the commitee saying it is inappropriate for him to be on this commitee as either decision he takes would reek of favoritsm .Did he do that ? Did he do the APROPRIATE SACHA thing ?
 he did sacha thing!!its ur preception which is blinded by IMV's so-called hard work & richness!! and  r u suggesting running away from the duty just bcoz  ur family members r involved!! then i think all govt employees shud excused themselves wenever theres sum interviews etc. where their relatives or frnds r present!!
No . He stayed put and favoured the novice bahu as he too was itching to teach his arrogant brother a lesson .
 then wats wrong if he wants 2 teach such an evil, egoistic & arrogant prsn a lesson!! but as manhar'd told IMV that it was the decision by whole commitee & not just his & even all liked devki's proposal more which was wid values & care abt  so-called middleclass ppl travelling in planes who in IMV's view r not worth anything & esply wen he himself is there!!
We viewers know that IMV put Manhar in jail . But Jyotsna has no prrof . All she has is a suspicion . Yet she did not hesitate to give an interview to that tabloid journalist Viraj who is clearly doing YELLOW JOURNALISM .
 if viraj is doing Yellow Journalism then wat iMV is doing in the name of business & giving such statements where hes not harming oder's but also his own family members!!! and jyotsna may not've roof but shes convinced & sumtimes wenever sum1 blame oder prsn he/she do this only on suspicion 1st & then try 2 get proofs & that 2 4 the satisfaction of law & society!!
He is using journalism fo a personal MAKSAD . Its not neutral at all , is it ? And journalists r not really supposed to do that .
 and IMV is also doing cheap harqats of sending his own family members just 2 get a contract & he doesn't want 2 b defeated as it hurts his big stupid ego!!
what Viraj did was use the perfect opprtunity to reveal himself and use Jyotsna to get back at IMV .
 so wat?? didn't IMV  used/uses devki 2 get back at BB 4 his rejection of IMV 4 her daughter??why u ppl always justify IMV's acts which r clearly legally & morally corrupt & can't even consider them as a business tactics!!
He is as much a USER as IMV . And Jyotsna who flung Rupal out is NO LESS .
 so wat?? IMV deserve such prsn & rupal also needed a flank as shes not gud daughter or even gud sis!! if she'd even 4 once tried 2 understand her parents or sis she wud've even got support from them 4 bcuming a succesful business woman!!
I don't approve of IMV's deeds but I feel zero sympathy for Manhar and especially Jyotsna .
 these r the same line i m seeing in the UT forum abt taps deed. sorry i've 2 mention that forum here!!!
Edit Add : The episode yesterday showed that the slander articles were published without knowledge of Jyotsna or Sonal . So I take back that part . But I still maintain it was careless and thoughtless of Jyotsna to vent out with the door open . I felt extremely happy with Sonal for giving Viraj his due .
 just bcoz IMV is so- called successful business man viraj's vendetta bcums sin & IMV's "punya"!! and now they shudn't vent out their anger. poor manhar & jyotsna who r not rich so their so-called cheap values & morals r not worth in front of IMV's blood stained money or status!!
and wudn't u'd done such thing if ur own family memeber was framed & u r fully convinced that its done by ur own oder family member!!why  u r not happy wen Baa Or bapu give IMV his due by saying. then why u say they r wrong. now also sonal didn't say anything only bcoz of those values & morals which u r despicing!!SmileSmile

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intruderfast IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
naa anupditto, the more the merrierBig smilei very much like ur posts even though there r clash of opinions
@tiny, Hugkaise ho, itne dino baad, main yahaan ka updater hoon aur tum mera update bhi nahin padti

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
Tiny ...Smile
My viewpoint is totally different than yours . I see this serial with my viewpoint .
I do not even want to get into an argument where I want to justify my viewpoint as correct and yours as wrong . I feel , to each his own . I totally respect yours even if we differ .
That said ...I wish to make some things clear coz I feel that u misunderstand my posts .
tiny , nowhere am I saying IMV is a great person or that he does 'PUNYA" . Infact everywhere I say that IMV is the bad guy . But if you really want my opinion ...IMV is neither the hero nor totally a villain . He is an anti hero . For the first time , an Indian serial has dared to show something new has built its story around an aging anti hero . Without IMV , this serial falls . He does shocking deeds but he fascinates at the same time . WHY he does them explained by HIM  is the fascinating factor for me and I notice even to some others .
I have never said being middle class is BAD . I  come from a middle class background myself and my father ran a house of  seven entirely on one salary .I respect middle class values intensely . Infact I am PROUD of them . When I said 'thrust middle class values'  on Rupal ...I mean making an issue of middle class values and forcing it down some one's throat and not allowing that person to dream anything different other than the normal dreams of a middle class person . It is rare that a middle class person decides to be an actor or a business man . Its not common . Most of them study , get jobs , take on responsibilities. I applaud that . But sometimes some rare one does dream differently . I applaud that too .
I do not think being a muncipality school teacher is something faltoo or bad either . If someone wants to be that , very good . But there may be someone who does NOT want to be that . Even THAT is good .
Clearly I have mentioned that I think teaching is a noble profession . So is being a priest . These professions have , in my opinion a spiritual base . They are not ordinary at all .
I don't know from where u got the idea that I look down on middle class people, values and teachers ...I never said that . What I said was I don't look down on those aspring to be rich as something bad .
IMV's bad deeds do NOT justify Viraj's yellow journalism . Two wrongs do NOT make one right . Like Teaching , journalism too is a noble profession . I have been in journalism .  What Viraj is doing is SLANDER . Thats the term . Before printing something u have to take the permission of the source . Without verifying with Devki or Sonal he printed it just like that ...That paper will be closed down if it is sued for millions of rupees for defamation by a business tycoon .
Viraj can indeed PRINT it , but with PROOF that can back him up .Otherwise Viraj is defaming not just IMV but destroying peace of full Virani house and can cause great loss to the OWNER of that newspaper . This is not right as Viraj is merely a chief reporter , not the owner or editor . THAT was my point , not that IMV is doing PUNYA .
I have ALREADY said that Rupal not learning business has been put on hold due to Devki track and that Rupal explained that she came back to learn how to make MONEY . CVS have currently decided to focus on Devki .
I do NOT see Rupal as mean and selfish AT ALL .
I do NOT see IMV as Count Dracula either .
About Manhar's ethics . Like u , many from my family r government employees too . When one sits on a jury or an enquiry commitee or any important government commitee , he or she is expected to be ULTRA NEUTRAL . And if he or she faces a situation where that is compromised as he has to pass a judgement on family members , he can easily excuse himself by giving written statement to superiors , asking them to excuse him from that commitee as it puts him in a difficult and compromising position .Someone else can easily do that job . This is not running away from duty but infact is laudable from an ethical point of view . And since MASTER's ethics r thrashed around like nobody's business in this serial , i pointed this out .
I don't think this serial aims at showing anyone good or bad at all . It merely shows two different parallel tracks of thinking ... 2 different types of SOCH .  Capitalism and materialism has its own thought process and so does idealism . It is this tussle that is fascinating to watch and We r merely commenting on it , thats all .
Lets agree to disagree on this one .Smile

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bips IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 7:34pm | IP Logged
I always wonder - why is being materialistic looked on as such a bad thing ?

tiny15, no one is justifying what IMV does but that doesn't mean that chest thumping morality is any better.

Rupal came to meet her mom because her father was arrested. She was worried. She doesn't have the benefit of knowing IMV's nature like her mother or father. So when he says he didn't do it, she finds no reason to not believe him. Her mother making her the whipping-boy is not justified. Her mother ranted that she should go and continue taking "bheekh" not only from IMV but charu also.

Excuse me while i gag on the hypocrisy, You stay with IMV for years - he is the one who spends all the money on your food & living. You take all those luxuries but simultaneously put your nose in the air and lecture him on your superior morals and 'sanskars' at every turn.
But of course you graciously bore the burden of living in a palace, having been waited hand and foot by a dozen servants in the name of keeping the family together. How horrible and painful it must have been, no ?

And where did uttaran come from ? That show is an absolute mess. And i was there for some time - no one said that what tapu did was justified. Barring one or two pakka fans, all people said that she made the show interesting and there were a lot of childhood insecurities and issues that resulted in her behaviour.

Why do people view characters in a simple black and white light ? There is a world of grey in between. Its pretty much the standard formula on tv,  rich-ambitious-BAD  and   poor-moral-GOOD.

If corruption and manipulation are bad then self righteousness is no good either. If IMV doesn't like anyone going against them then jyotsna/manhar are pretty much the same - its their way or the highway. The difference is that IMV will get back at you by causing money problems whereas they will guilt and badger you emotionally.

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khamosshhh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 5:59am | IP Logged

@ koolsadhu1000

A very well written post, but just a few disagreements.
True Manhar and Jyotsna hv been unfair with Rupal, but when Rupal came Jyotsna's frame of mind wasn't quite right and all the anger she was harbouring against IMV she spilled it out againt Rupal. Ttrue that does not excuse a mother's behaviour, but it's a very human reaction to have. (BTW they haven't shown Rupal working yet wid IMV and this shuld be rectified as tht was d reason shown for her returning to IMV's house).
The thought did cross my mind that how can Manhar be in the committee as his close relatives r the bidders? It's not only unethinical but also I think it must be against the rule as even when there r competitions, the fine print says tht participants cannot be relatives of ppl working for tht particular company. So d serial makers made a mistake there.
As far as Manhar going 2 the airport to inform Devki, it was shown melodramatically for impact...and I don't find anything wrong in Manhar informing D as all r concerned parties were informed.

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 6:17am | IP Logged
Why do people view characters in a simple black and white light ? There is a world of grey in between. Its pretty much the standard formula on tv,  rich-ambitious-BAD  and   poor-moral-GOOD.

bips I watch this serial only for this grey thats splashed around . The beauty of this serial is that it minimizes the black and white segregation that we see in other predictable serials .
I noticed that IMV hurts people only when they cross his goal . He does not hurt just because he enjoys being mean . There are people who hurt only coz they enjoy it .IMV hurts only and only when his one and only passion in life ...Vaibhav group is stopped from flourishing . I would not describe IMV as a mean man . But I wud definetely describe him as a ruthless man .
Till the point people around him dislike him but do not interfere in HIS life or Vaibhav Group's development , IMV is indifferent to them . He may not like them or respect them but he does not harm them ...he is indifferent to them . But the moment they put their foot in the way of Vaibhav Group , IMV is a rattlesnake whose tail has been stepped on .
Lets see the list of people he harmed and for what reasons .
1] Sabina . He flung her out of his life coz she threatened to take his son Vaibhav away . Vaibhav is the pillar of his Vaibhav Group as he has minimal expectations from Siddarth .
2] Devki :  He wud not  have even noticed her , but she crossed him in the bidding and his attention was pulled towards her . He immediately realised his mistake of underestimating her intelligence when she first applied to his group and got her fired from Rising Group so she cud join Vaibhav Group .
He put her in jail for two days to rattle her as she cost Vaibhav Group a considerable loss . The expectation is She shud now see sense and join Vaibhav Group .
IMV does not hate Devki personally at all . He wants her intelligence , her capability to benefit Vaibhav Group . He wants her by HIS side so that together they can capture the international market . THAT is IMV's goal .
3] Manhar : Till the point Manhar left his house , IMV was angry with him as a brother , but indifferent to him on a serious level . Manhar took Baa away from him and accepted BB's charity ...but IMV did not immediately set out to get him kicked out of his job . He cud EASILY have done it , but he was not interested . He took Rupal away from him to give him the same sense of betrayal he felt . That was a personal fight . IMV had even become resigned , though angry , to the fact that Manhar lived in BB's flat and was now having his own set up . But IMV took his job away from him and put him in jail when Manhar played a very active role in taking the much dreamt contract away from Vaibhav Group . When he crossed Vaibhav Group ...IMV got nasty and ruthless .
4] Siddarth ...IMV stopped him from becoming an artist coz choosng that vocation wud mean having one pillar less for Vaibhav Group and he meant to hand the legacy of Vaibhav Group to his children after he was gone . I don't think IMV dislikes art as such  He is indifferent to it if not a  connosseuir. He flicked it aside when it threatened to take Sid away from Vaibhav group .
IMV personally hates only BB . Again , not coz he is mean and never really liked BB's face . He hates BB coz BB took Chandraprabha away from him and killed her by marrying her to that Dalichand . He holds BB responsible for her death .
So seeing this serial I have come to the conclusion that IMV , although egoistic , materialistic , does not HATE for HATE"s sake . He fights back ruthlessly only and only when he is CROSSED .  Especially when his passion ...Vaibhav Group is crossed . Then he doesn't hesitate to use corrupt , manipulative , ruthless means even .  Boundaries don't mean a thing to IMV . He crosses boundaries .
And so I find his villainy refreshing as it has shades of solid grey . While doing every villainous action , we see his thought process and I find it fascinating . He is singlemindedly passionate about Vaibhav Group and business is his only passion after ChandraPrabha . It keeps him alive .
koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 6:34am | IP Logged
The thought did cross my mind that how can Manhar be in the committee as his close relatives r the bidders? It's not only unethinical but also I think it must be against the rule as even when there r competitions, the fine print says tht participants cannot be relatives of ppl working for tht particular company. So d serial makers made a mistake there.
As far as Manhar going 2 the airport to inform Devki, it was shown melodramatically for impact...and I don't find anything wrong in Manhar informing D as all r concerned parties were informed.
Exactly my point , and I hope CVs read us and do put this in IMV's mouth when he questions ethics . In my opinion , the ethical thing wud have been to excuse himself from that commitee . I wud have done it even if there was one family member in the final list . Not giving her coz I wud be accused of favoritism wud be unfair to HER . And giving hER , however capable she may be , wud have reeked of favoritism . So I wud excuse myself from the commitee by explaining myself in writing . I dont find this running away from duty . I find this extremely ethical .
All the concerned parties were informed ...but how ? Via mail , right ? Thats government procedure for u . Were they informed personally by the 3 members in the commitee , did they go to their homes to inform them or run after them by tracing them if they r not available ? So Manhar shud send Devki the mail and sit back , waiting for her to appear before commitee on the appointed day  His job as commitee member ENDS THERE .. If she doesn't , too bad , she missed it . I'm sure he wud NOT have run to airport for Ishvar or for any other member .
What does this mean ? Was he intending to break Ishvar's guroor all along ? It LOOKS like it .
And So I say ...He brought this one on himself .
Jyotsna being upset I agree . But She has been judgemental , along with Manhar , since a long time now .
Also , she is a Virani bahu like Charu . She shud NOT have vented with doors open . I dont say she shud not vent . Thats her emotional prerogative  But in private .

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