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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Devil's Den - Main apni biwi ko harne nahi dunga

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 7:40am | IP Logged


Im sure most of you have heard that Star One plans to revamp, here is my thought on the issue!


What would be the logical reason to end GHSP, I dont see any, why take away food that serves ur plate! I know its all business, still revamping and axing all existing show is a drastic move! They all know it too! Do they want to compete with their own channel Star Plus with saas bahu sagas! What a move!!!!!!!!!!!




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my bakar...
what do i say about the episode... like i was telling ppl yesterday when i chatted with them that i totally agreed wid geet's realisation that it is extremely important to soothe the hurt hearts now and not later... her duty as a daughter has to take precedence to her duty as a wife... right now her husband shud understand her priority and he does... i loved the first scene...
maan-dev scene... dev too knows his bro will not leave geet to take care of the issue all by herself... n we all know that too... MSK's expression said it all... naughty look ... i love that look of his... it said it all... he will be there checking every step of hers...
like pammi, lucky understands the depth of maneet's love... it was really nice to see that he wanted to get mama punished for his revelation of maan thru the recording... lucky i love u... but the whole mama-lucky sequence was a bit tooo OTT...
Beeji's tappad to mama was awesome...
hmmm so teji the great had taken a loan from a money lender who has sold their house... y do i feel that the new buyer of the house wud b daman??? n msk the mahaan will save them... n take them to delhi...
yipeee delhi track will begin...
geet thinking bout maan... n nandini telling geet bout the problem in the house... geet calling maan n maan trying to pull geet's leg without realising  how serious she was... hmmm... well well after a long time i got to see maan in office attire... loved that 30 secs of maan's avataar...
Episode had good flow... decent dialogues... n acting was fine... lucky-mama scenes were a bit too OTT... rest all was fine... the only thing missing in the epi was maneet presence... the episode lacked the presence of either of the leads... n thats what dragged the epi down... hope that tomorrow we get more of maneet --- if not maneet atleast maan and geet individually... overall epi...i wud still rate at a 8/10...
about the track... well i dont think msk has bought the house ... he will help them get back the house... n this time i dont think he will cheat... he might take lucky's help ... make lucky nice infront of beeji... help lucky buy back the house... n later lucky will reveal that Maan helped get the house back...
ok ok ab chalo.. continue voting at the petition...

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a Bird & Dot free zone !!!

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we will shoot you. HAAN!

This is particularly in light of the moderator warning 
(chk here..
and henceforth every Devil (old & new) solemnly pledge to NOT indulge in crooning aka bird language 
(except : ofc the pengu tribal linguistics)
and here is the dare.. 
one more croon frm a bird and u know what...!! HAAN!!Approve


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- Devils of the Devil's Den-

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Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs! Anj won't post ur IF bail!

5. This is not Dadimaa's Darbar, so don't spam about the best way to bake ham, etc.!

6. We r going to open new Den before airtime and shift there once the show finishes whether u ve reserved ya not! So, be PHAAST!

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TSharan IF-Rockerz

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Totally enjoyed the episode today. Geet's perspective and Maan supporting her was good.
if I forget what dev did earlier...then the current dev is a likeable character and SS is doing a great job!  I also like GC-SS chemistry...their scenes are enjoyable and good. I liked the conversation brothers had and the way Dev said he didn't want to create a confusion in Nanu's life since she has already accepted Daman was a good move by the CVs
Lucky and mama are another lovable pair ...LOL! I loved the way lucky twisted everything and put mama in trouble. He deserved it

Geet's dialogues were good and logical so thank u barry!!!

MSK is BACK!!!! Looking forward to it tomorrow.
More later...

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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A very exciting episode today with a good unexpected twist in the end and the precap of MSK back in actionCool
For the first time I jumped to conclusion too soon yesterday with the last dialogue of GeetLOLOuch...but today the dialgoues of Maan and Geet made total sense and hats off to Barry for thatThumbs Up..Today Geet fully justifies what did she really mean by her daughter ka dutiesThumbs Up
Geet's reasoning for staying back was bingoClapClap..She not only wanted to make sure Biji is not angry with her but also wanted to clear all the accusations that were put on MSK by clearing all Biji's misunderstandingsThumbs Up;And she asked MSK to leave because obviously she will not want to see MSK stay in that house and get humiliated by Teji and coThumbs Up...Also Loved MSK when he gave his support to Geet in her fight between a daughter and a wifeClapClap...Awesome sceneClap
Ok I think I can guess the next storyline based on the turn of events that we saw today
There are two options here regarding Biji's House fiasco...
1st Option
Someone else hv  brought the house of Biji...But now MSK will buy the house from that someone else and will present it to BijiCool because in the last scene we saw Geet in restless tone called up MSK and we all know that MSK cannot see his wife so restlessEmbarrassed but Biji and Teji might refuse to take the house back since MSK got the house for them and they r not too fond of himOuch...but now that the house belongs to he can stay there and manaofy(convince) allBig smile...even Biji ka family hv 1 month ka notice period to look for another they too will continue to stay in same houseLOL...and this time MSK will win everyone's heart as MSK onlyCool...
2nd Option
MSK himself hv brought the house...its all MSK's masterplan so that he can go back to Amritsar and be with his wife in that same house but with full power and authority till the time Geet sorts out the issues with her familyEvil Smile ;This can b another option because in that Dev-MSK scene ,MSK gives a hint to Dev that he has a plan in his mind to come backWink ;This will showcase MSK a bit selfish but thats how MSK isCool...he can go to any limits to be with GeetTongue ;In this case he can be with Geet in the same house and try to win everyone's heart as well by mayb helping out Teji in his businessErmm...
I will prefer the 1st option over 2nd one because in 2nd option once again MSK will hv to take the route of betrayal which might not go down well with Biji's familyErmm
Anyways Grt  unexpected  twist by the CVs in terms of trpsThumbs Up..And MSK's entry with his bodyguards in the precap was too goodBlushing
Lucky-Jugnu scene was good and funny but I thought it was dragged too much and could hv been shorterErmm; Liked the humourous dialogues here about Ranjha-Laila and Jugnu's way of describing BalluLOL..but liked I said it was dragged too much and after a point looks a bit boringSleepy
Biji and Teji's dilemma regarding the whole matter looks realisticThumbs Up
MSK-Dev scene was good as well and show a good chemistry between both brothersThumbs Up..Good to seee Dev is no more a Devdas and is acting sensiblyLOL
Episode Rating:8/10..The whole twist in the end and precap along with the starting Maaneet scene makes the episode worth a watchBig smile

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-Deepzz- Moderator

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Good continuation from yesterday's episode…I liked the understanding Maneet have with each other.

This makes their separation they went through worthwhile. They are on the same wavelength and have utmost trust in each other.Embarrassed

Geet was honest and laid down her wish to stay back and mend fences with the family.She wants to clear the misconception about MSK. Geet received unconditional love at Amritsar…It would not be prudent on her part to leave things unresolved with Beeji..So she wants to be a good daughter and calm their anger. Our heartthrob MSK too supported her decision.Embarrassed

Dev and MSK conversation scene I liked since I choose to believe this is GHSP-2 Dev who has no connection to the Dev(il) and they are Ram-LakshmanLOL 

Samir and GC's are very competent actors who command the screen presence.Thumbs Up.

Mamay-Lucky scenes are always a delight. Lucky feels for Maneet so much. I liked this side of a devoted brother to Geet.Smile

Beeji and family are in a mess now due to Teji mortgaging the house to a lender to finance his new business. Well as expected Kanjoos Khurana will rescue his Saala Teji and may teach him some business tips.ROFL

I loved the hubby-wifey cute convo on the phone ….MSK is such a hen-pecked hubby…Immediately he forgets going to KC and reaches Amritsar in style in his Mercedes and new Ray-ban Aviators.ROFLROFLROFL

Precap……..Does our bad boy MSK look hawt in his Ghajini Uniform or what???Simply majestic.Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Adi is back……..Yayyy Dancing

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geet.a IF-Sizzlerz

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Thank God the day I decided to write I got a good interesting epi!

Hi everyone- here is my chota sa chapad chapad

I heard yday's precap led to lots of bash bash in advance- that too for a dialogue that was taken out of context ?LOL many times? LOL- precaps are always misleading..and this was a dialogue in between a set of dialogues.LOL

I really didn't find anything not okay in this epi

Well, let's see where and why and what of that dialogue, which umm was a part of a set

"i'm sorry maan, main yahan se nahi jaaungi"

"main is ghar ko is ghar ke logon ko naraaz karke nahi jaa sakti maan"

don't get me wrong- but i can't hurt these ppl

If i go without clearing MU, they'll think U HAVE BETRAYED THEM and YEH MUJHE MANZOOR NAHI

Till maasi forgives and believes our honesty, i won't leave.

biji needs to be made okay abhi- taaki baad mein...

she has responsibilities towards this house and she'll improve whatever has gone wrong.

He understands- he wants to stay

AND we have the BG tune- THE MANEET tune- their linking tune- aren't they in perfect harmony as hubby wife now- perfect convo here?

as wife she should go, but TODAY, beti ka farz is bigger. 
They are aamne saamne, and geet needs MAAN for it.

As her hubby, she's not separating maan from geet. 

I loved this scene- aww 
"agar yeh ladayi ek beti aur biwi ki beech ki hai toh main apni biwi ko kabhi haarne nahi doonga"
mrs msk won't lose.

Okay now this is what i think of the whole thing-

Geet was given shelter by this family- a NEW one if you like who has no idea of what Geet had gone through so obviously couldn't come into picture- they were never meant to come- the just now exist and they gave her home and love.
They gave her space to heal, and they are rightly hurt by the treatment and the lie.

Of course, we have seen both maneet ka persp as well as persp of the family-and both are right in their own ways.

However, she doesn't want to hurt those people, her family- excepting maan, the only one that cares about her. So why hurt them? isn't it her chance to heal the wounds she's given her maasi who dotes on her?

Aah the line now, the precious one liner barry loves to throw in for special effects- why barry why? LOL

anyway- beti ka farz is important now- seen in the entire convo- it's a pretty cool dialogue to say

Geet is not merely maan's wife- she's also a daughter of this house- and just as she can't see maan hurt, she can't see these people hurt either.
She requests him to understand, that unless HIS name is cleared, she won't come- HER love towards maan can't be faulted.

I for one won't leave if i have hurt the ones i love- i mean seriously, can't the girl love people other than maan?
and it's not like she is saying that she doesn't care or whatever- so what is the entire issue about?Confused

Anyway, continuing, maan understood perfectly,because she sought her married status-her hubby for help. 
She is a beti, but she's also maan's wife and therefore needs him to be there FOR her as she stays here trying to heal the cracked hearts.

DEV and MAAN ka convo- dev understands both maan and geet- he understands that maan won't let geet stay alone and do everything alone but take equal responsibility.
and he understands too geet ka priority at that point

He leaves and she misses him; which was just awww to see...

Teji ka business shuru hone se pehle hi bund- and it seems maan has something to do with the house

MAan says nothing can be done- and Geet hangs up after saying bye. HE is also about to say something else but she has hung up till then.

The precap- may be maan coming back to settle the problem OR maan being the one who bought the house. Like it happened in HP.
Of course, this time he will give it back- what i wouldn't like would be how this might come across- the family under maan's ehsaan is something im not looking forward to watching

The other possibility could be-maan makes the impossible possible, he tries to make a deal with whoever has bought the house, he goes to the house and akss them if he can help in any way. And finally, wins their hearts by gradually working on the deal.

There is Adi in the precap, with maan, which means he has picked up adi in the way- if he has bought the house originally, i'm sorry but i won't take it in very good taste but if he buys it now, it would be helping as a son. 

It was a very very entertaining performance by both these actors- each expression was a riot and the dialogues combined with great acting to produce a beautiful light-hearted effect which wasn't at all OTT

MAma got slapped..aww :(( but it was so hilarious the way teji looked so confused and biji slapped mama saying- mil gaya insaaf? HAHAHA

and the way he put his hands on his cheeks like a little boy-awww

I liked the epi- at least it shows an inkling of a story, which might just be destroyed again tomorrow..haha but i hope FINALLY there is somewhere to go- as dev also said" AAGE kya"

Exactly CV's...I hope aage kuchh achha hai :P

Great to see a depagdi-ed maan!
finally- GOD i was soo missing his head
He looks great too- EXCEPT THE STUPID GOGGLES- GHH they are REALLY not flattering- makes him look like a sadakchhaap gunda with those- smash them and he looks like a billionaire business tycoon

Well,that's all for today :)
Barry- the lines were wow! *jhapkisses*

Acting- jugnu- lucky take the prize 

THE ORIGINAL MANEET BG tune was back- OH GOD, i missed it so bad!

I liked the epi, let's see what happens tomorrow

Love to all

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sun29 IF-Addictz

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 reserved for my pravachan

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Let's see how MSK saves his biwi from losing!  Embarrassed

Precap video, thanks to Shin


Thanks for Pics Shin

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