Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF-Sleeping with the Enemy Prt18 Pg131(July 22) (Page 9)

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loved it.
liked their cute fights
keep updating

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gr8 update ! plz update next one soon and plz pm :)
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Hi, everyone,  Here's the next update.  Thanks for the wonderful comments.

Part 3
As they got out of the elevator onto the main floor.  Arjun stopped the guys.  "Let's play a few rounds of black jack." he said.  The guys agreed, with only Abhi hesitating for a minute looking over at Arohi.  Arjun sighed. "You now need her permission to spend some time with your friends?"  "No, she's not like that." Abhi said quickly.  "It's just that I'm asking her tonight to marry me so I just don't want to miss out on a good opportunity to get her alone."  "Abhi you have all night to make the biggest mistake of your life."  "Come on let's play a couple of rounds and have a few drinks and then we'll head to Pure."  Abhi finally agreed and let Arohi know that they would meet her and the girls later. 
Arjun watched Abhi as he handed him another drink.  From experience Arjun knew Abhi was not a big drinker.  But as Abhi lost another round on the blackjack table Arjun motioned for the waitress to bring Abhi another drink.  He could tell he was getting tipsy.    Arjun took a drink of his beer and smiled to himself.  A few more hard drinks and Abhi wouldn't be going anywhere tonight.  Least of all near Arohi to propose.  But suddenly Abhi got up. " Okay no more, I need to get to Arohi" he said.   Motioning for Romit, Arjun stood up quickly.  "Abhi what's your hurry."  "This is vegas, we have all night."  "Let's get some shots."  Arjun said.  The 5 guys walked over to the bar.  "5 vodka shots." Arjun said taking out his wallet. "No, make that 10...10 vodka shots."   The bartender lined it up and each of the guys grabbed two and pounded back the shots.  "That stuff is killer." Abhi said shaking his head.  Arjun watched him, nope Abhi wasn't drunk enough yet.  But thankfully Romit piped in.  "I'm buying the next round."  He ordered 10 shots and handed each of them 2.  Arjun himself was starting to feel quite the buzz and looking over at Abhi he could tell he was on his way to be being very very drunk.  Abhi laughed and ordered another round of shots.  This had been too easy, Arjun thought to himself! 
"Arjun, you're a good guy." Abhi said hiccupping as Arjun helped him back to their suite.  Abhi was in no condition to be going anywhere tonight.  "Thanks man, you're a good guy too, that's why I hope you understand why I had to do this." Arjun said reaching into Abhi's pocket and taking out the ring.    Abhi was completely out now, sprawled on the bed.  He looked down at him, and then at the ring in his hand. He put the ring in his pocket and thought atleast tonight was taken care of and tomorrow Abhi wouldn't have a ring to propose with.  There would be no proposal in Las Vegas now, and hopefully once back home Arjun would be able to convince Abhi of what a mistake this really would have been.  One day Abhi would thank him for saving him from Arohi.  Arjun thought to himself.
As Arjun turned around to leave, he grabbed onto the door and then laughed.  He wasn't drunk he thought to himself but he sure as hell felt good.  Nice and mellow he thought as he staggered back outside to his friends. 
Arohi looked around the club.  It was packed.  People were sardined into the place.  The music though was awesome.  They had a table reserved so they walked to it and ordered drinks.  Arohi looked around, lots of cute boys she thought smiling.  Tonight should be fun.  Soon she was asked to dance by once of those cute boys.  She smiled and let him take her hand.  Her cousin Gauri looking at her disapprovingly.  What? She couldn't even dance with someone now, she thought rolling her eyes.  The music was fast and Arohi loved dancing.  She motioned for the other girls to join her.  They spent the next hour on the dance floor.  Arohi finally getting off to grab a drink.  That's when she saw Arjun.  He was talking to a tall pretty girl.  He whispered something in her ear and the girl giggled.  Gag! Arohi thought ordering her drink.  Arjun glanced over at Arohi and smiled triumphantly.  He felt like he'd won something over her.  Even though she didn't know that, he knew he'd won.  He told the girl that he was flirting with that he'd see her in a bit and sauntered over to Arohi.  Arohi didn't see him until he was standing right next to her.  He smiled at her, his eyes droopy.  Arohi glared at him and took a sip of her martini.  As she turned away he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.  She gave him another glare struggling to get her arm back.  "Let go Arjun." she said in an irritated voice  "Let's have a drink."  he drawled.   "I'm celebrating" he said.  "I have a drink." she said still struggling, and I don't care to celebrate anything with you.  "Oh come on Arohi, you know you want to." he said with a dimpled smile.  Arohi stared at him.  What was wrong with Arjun?  "Here put down your girly drink and I'll get you a real drink." he said pulling out his wallet.  Arohi stared at him for a second and then but down her drink.  "Fine, make it good." she snapped. 
Arjun ordered them each a shot of grey goose.  Arohi stared at it.  She didn't really drink a lot of straight alcohol but she wasn't about to show Arjun that.  She drank it back and then made a face.  EEW she thought.  "Good huh" Arjun said, ordering her another.  Arohi bit her lip.  She couldn't say no, he would think she couldn't handle it.  She held it infront of herself and then forced herself to drink it.  "That's enough." She said grabbing her martini and walking away.  Arohi walked back to the dance floor but she was starting to feel dizzy and tipsy.  She giggled as she gave a little hiccup.  She was holding her martini and because she was alittle dizzy it was spilling on the dance floor so she stood and drank it back quickly.  Another hiccup and another giggle.  The music was even louder now, and everyone was dancing close to eachother.  She noticed Arjun and the guys had joined them on the dance floor.  But she didn't pay too much attention, she felt really good and she just wanted to move with the music.  Arohi was so lost in that music that she didn't notice Arjun until he was right behind her, not until she felt his hands on her hips.  She glanced behind her and looked up into his face.  He gave her a drunk smile.  "Arohi, I like the way you dance." he whispered into her ear, in his deep sexy voice. Arohi stared up at him her eyes wide and then she hiccupped.  "I need another drink." she said pulling away from him and pushing through the crowd.  She ordered another grey goose shot, and then another one when she saw Gauri looking at her disapprovingly.  What had gotten into Arjun she thought.  Probably another one of his tricks, but it didn't matter cause she felt too good right now. 
Arohi leaned against the bar and smiled, her eyes suddenly feeling heavy.  She opened them wide and then saw Gauri laughing up into Arjun's face.  Arohi stared at the two of them.  Arjun looked up from what Gauri was saying and looked straight at Arohi.  He stared at her with hooded eyes.  Then excused himself from Gauri and walked to Arohi.  Arohi stared up at him, she was drunk.  She knew it that was the only reason she said yes to his question of "do you want to dance Arohi."  She nodded and he led her into the crowd on the dance floor.  He put his hands onto her hips and she put her hands onto his shoulder.  And as they got pushed closer and closer by the crowd on the dance floor her hands moved slowly from his shoulders to around his neck.  They swayed together to the music, not speaking just looking at eachother with half closed eyes. 
Arjun couldn't take his eyes off Arohi's lips.  He wondered if they were as soft as they looked.  Arohi was feeling warm all over.  She was pressed up against Arjun, and she liked it, liked it a lot.  Suddenly, behind them an argument started up and people were getting pushed and shoved.  Arjun grabbed Arohi's hand and pulled her off the dance floor, pulling her towards a small covered area underneath the stairs.  He pressed Arohi against the wall as they looked out at the dance floor.  Security was trying to get the fight under control.  "Are you okay?" he asked.  "Yes."  Arohi answered looking up into his eyes and then her eyes drifted to his lips.  What would it feel like to kiss Arjun she thought.  The thought brought that butterfly feeling to the pit of her stomach.  Arjun looked down at her and then pushed away from her.  "Let's get out of here." he said grabbing her hand. 
Arohi let Arjun lead her out of the club and they didn't stop until they were back into the hotel's main lobby.  Arohi giggled as Arjun tripped.  Arjun let go of her hand.  "What are you giggling about?" he asked.  Arohi giggled again.  "You, I'm giggled at you."  "You're drunk." she said.  He looked at her, his eyes glazed.  "And you're sober?" he asked.  She hiccupped and shook her head no.  Then the two of them burst out laughing like that was the most hilarious thing in the world.  "Let's have another drink." Arohi said seeing the waitress pass by.  "I don't think I should have another drink. Arjun replied.  "Don't be so boring." Arohi said stopping the waitress and ordering 2 more shots.  As they drank them back, Arohi smiled slowly at Arjun.  "Let's go see the water show at the Bellagio."  She grabbed his hand, almost falling and then giggling some more.  They walked to the Bellagio, tripping and falling every which way.  Stopping people and asking them where the Bellagio was and then laughing uproarisly about nothing.  Finally getting to the water show, Arohi made Arjun pose in front of it while she snapped pics with her phone and then she posed infront of it and then they had passersby take pictures of them posing infront of it.  To the passersby they looked like a couple in love. 
They wandered around the strip.  Stopping off at a hotel and buying an 18 oz margarita glass.  Like they needed anymore alcohol.  Arohi danced as she walked along the strip, she held her heels in one hand and grabbed Arjun arm with the other.  "Let's dance" she said throwing her shoes on the ground and putting her arms around Arjun.  He pulled her too him and they swayed to the music in their heads.  Arjun twirling her making Arohi giggle and giggle.  They were well beyond drunk now as they passed by a little white wedding chapel.  "Oh my god." Arohi said excitedly dragging Arjun to the door.  "Is this one of those Elvis wedding chapels?" "I want to see."  There was no one in there as Arohi ran in, and then caught herself from falling.  With her hands on her hips she looked around disappointedly .  "Arjun, I want to see an Elvis wedding ."she pouted.  "Well then you've come to the right place." said a voice behind her.  Arohi twirled around and her mouth fell open.  It was Elvis Presley!  She screamed.  
"You two love birds have come to the right place." Elvis said handing them some paper work.  "I just need some basic info and a credit card please.  "Arjun do what he says," Arohi said practically jumping up and down.  "He's Elvis Presely."  Arjun shrugged and handed him the credit card and becasue he could barely see straight he just skimmed over the document putting in Arohi and his names and personal info.  "All right we're all set." Elvis said.
He handed Arohi a bouquet of plastic flowers. Turned on a a cd player, which played, here comes the bride and the ceremony started.  Arjun stood at the front.  His eyes were completly glazed over.  He was getting married he thought but the actual thought did not register.  Arohi walked and then stumbled down the isle.  She looked beautiful Arjun thought with a drunken smile on his face.   Elvis started the ceremony and a few I do's later, Arjun hearing the word ring took Abhi's ring out of his pocket and put it on Arohi's finger.  "I now pronouce you husband and wife."  "You may kiss the bride."  Arohi looked up at Arjun and he pulled her to him and placed his lips on hers.  Gentle and  sweet and then he pulled away looking at Arohi's smiling face and half closed eyes and he brought his lips back down to hers and this time there was nothing gentle about the kiss.  He kissed her like he couldn't get enough of her and she kissed him back, opening her mouth and moaning when he deepened the kiss.  Elvis clearing his throat did not register.  Neither did his coughing a few minutes later when Arohi and Arjun were still kissing eachother like they wanted to rip eachother's clothes off right then.  "ALRIGHT THEN!" Elvis said loudly tapping Arjun on the shoulder.  Arjun pulled back looking dazed.  "Huh." he said.  "Would you two like a wedding photo."  The two nodded their heads yes.  And so Elvis took a picture of Arohi barefoot, holding her plastic flowers.  Her lips bruised from Arjun's kisses, her eyes dazed, her hair messed up from Arjun's hands.  With Arjun standing next to her in his blue button up shirt missing it's top 3 buttons, his face covered with stubble, his eyes hooded, his hair mussed from Arohi's fingers running through it and his lips looking like he had just soundly kissed his new wife.
Elvis handed them their package with their wedding certificate and photos.  Arjun grabbed Arohi's hand and marched outside.  Once outside he pressed her against the wall and kissed her again.  She was like a drug.  Now that he'd had a taste he couldn't stop.  Arohi kissed him back.  She wanted more, as she pressed herself closer to him.  Arjun pulled away and dragged her along again.  They grabbed a cab and Arjun reached for Arohi the second they got into the back seat and kissed her again.  She was practically on his lap when they got back to the Venetian.  Arjun passed the driver some bills not even bothering to count it.  The cab  driver smiled thinking to himself "newlyweds."  Arjun and Arohi stumbled to the elevator, laughing and kissing once in the elevator.  "What floor are we on?" Arjun asked staring at the number panel.  It took Arohi a minute to remember.  "12, I think." she said as he pushed the 12th floor and then turned around and cornered her in the elevator kissing her hungrily.  They stumbled out of the elevator when they heard it open and looked down the hallways on either side.  "Where do we go?" Arohi said hiccupping.  They both burst out laughing. 
Somehow laughing and giggling and kissing they made it to Arohi's suite.  Throwing the door open they walked in and Arjun slammed the door shut behind him.  Backing Arohi against the wall he kissed her like he was never going to stop.  Arohi pulled at his shirt, trying to unbutton it but her fingers weren't working.  Instead she moved her hands into his hair and pulled him closer.   Arjun pulled away looking at her with dark heavy eyes.  Arohi looked at him and even in her drunk state she knew what was about to happen.  And she wanted it to happen she thought breathlessly.  They continued to look into eachothers eyes, when Arjun led her to the bed and sat her down pushing her back.  Arohi, laid down on the bed, feeling butterflies in her stomach.  Arjun looked down at her giving her a drunken smile and then suddenly he was falling on the bed.  Arohi looked at Arjun who was half on her.  She struggled out from underneath him.  He'd passed out she thought as she yawned.  I should get up she thought as her eyes slowly started to close.  I should... she thought as she drifted off to sleep.
So there it was.  I hope you liked it.  I'll be updated RNBJ tomorrow.  Thanks for reading. : )

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Not read d update yet...jus got excited 2 commesnt...Tongue
n guess wat i read...Rab ne update 2moro...Dancing.Dancing.Dancing.Dancing.Dancing.Dancing.Dancing.Dancing...

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aw! I'm late...i went to hve lunch n u updated
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superb upd8...Smile

u r really blessed wid the gr8 writing skills...Clap  Smile
thnks for d pm...Smile
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Wao!they got married. My my...luvd it dr.
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wow this must have been the funniest wedding ever! many drinks man? I feel asthough i'm drunk...lolz!
Awesome passionate as expected!

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