Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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i am sooo proud to be a KMH fan... i just cant believe it!!! All of you guys, every single one of you KMH fans are just awesome!!! I dont have any words to describe you guys!! simply amazing... after that, i run out of words to say!!! But i would like to say that all of you have done a great job to keep KMH alive and if it wasnt for you guys, then most of us.. no ALL OF US would have been dying for KMH! Not that we're not crying for it now, but still, all of you lighten the load of it being gone. Gham itna bara ab nahi lagta... jitna pehle lagta tha! So i would like to thank all of you on behalf of each and every KMH & KK+KK fan!!!! Love you guys!!!!! ???

that was really sweet!! welcome aboard! hope you have fun here at the forum :):)
i'm varshini and i'm raman di's biggest fan!! :D
Well soo nice to meet you!!! im loving india forums!!!

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Part 14
I'd prefer to look at my beautiful wife and continue on to the next phase of our date.  Gulping Arohi asked "What next phase?"  "The making out phase" he said slowly bringing his lips down onto hers.   Arohi tried not to lose herself in Arjun's kiss, but once Arjun put his mind to something he could be very persuasive.   So before Arohi knew it, she was kissing him back.  Hearing her little moans only had Arjun pulling her closer.  When he finally pulled away he leaned his forehead against hers and said softly "We should continue this at home, in our bed."  "I'd forgotten how uncomfortable making out in a car was."  "Hmm." Arohi said, her eyes still closed.  And then suddenly her eyes popped open and she pulled away.  "Forgotten how uncomfortable making out in a car was?"  she asked her eyes flashing.  "Just how many times have you done this before?" she asked.  "Arjun stared at her.  Arohi's eyes narrowed.  "I should have known, you were adding me to your long list of conquests."  "WHAT?!" Arjun asked, shaking his head as if he heard wrong.  "What are you talking about?"   "I'm talking about you bringing me to a place you have brought your other girl friends."  " No wonder you've been so weird lately.  The compliments, the freakin date, no wonder you've been so nice."  "This was just another tactic to get me into bed."  Arjun stared at her and then slowly his eyes filled with anger.  "You are a very stupid girl." he said slowly.  "For your information, I already have you in my bed!"  "And IF I just wanted to sleep with you I would have done it weeks ago."  "How dare you!" Arohi said her eyes flashing.  Arjun grabbed her arm and pulled her to him.  Their faces inches apart.  "You can deny it all you want, but you and I both know you want me just as much as I want you." he said furiously.  "But I don't need to trick a woman into my bed!"  "Let go" Arohi said struggling.   "Done!" he said releasing her wrist.  "I should have known psycho's like you never change."  "You're always going to be suspicious of everything I do, no matter how genuine I try to be."  Arjun started the car pulling out.  Arohi glared at him.  "Yes, I'm going to be suspicious, and I have every right to be."  "Up until a week ago you were planning on ways to make my life hell, and now suddenly you want us to date!"  Arjun stared straight ahead.  "You're right, I'm the stupid one for thinking that things could be different between us."  "I should have known that unstable, crazy girls like you never change." Arohi glared back at Arjun.  "No, I won't change."  "I'm not going to become one of the brainless bimbos you're usually interested in."  "SHUT-UP" Arjun snapped.  "I don't want to hear your voice right now!"  Never one to be left behind Arohi quickly opened her mouth.  "No!" "You shut -up!"  Arjun sped up and turned on the radio tuning out Arohi's voice.
 Pulling the car into the driveway he got out ignoring Arohi altogether.   Marching into the house, Arohi was right behind him.  "What a jerk" she said out loud as she shoved past him.  "Arjun glared at her, as he watched her running up the stairs.  Arjun caught up with her at the top shoving her aside.  Both glaring at eachother.  Arohi steps behind Arjun as they both walked into their bedroom.   "I hate you so much!" she said grabbing her pajamas.   "Feeling's mutual!" Arjun snapped walking towards the bathroom.  Arohi quickly rushed towards the bathroom, shoving Arjun and slamming the door on his face.  Arjun felt his blood boil.  What was wrong with this girl?  Why did she make everything so difficult!   Sometimes he felt like wringing her neck.  They had had a wonderful evening. Prospect Point was turning out to be a great end to the the already great evening and what did she do?!  She ruined it just like she ruined everything, with her stubbornness and stupidity.  What was he thinking when he thought things could be different between them.  She would never let them be different because she didn't want them to be different.  Looking up he saw Arohi walk out of the bathroom.  She ignored him.  Shaking his head Arjun walked past her.  2 steps forward ,4 steps back, he thought angrily. 
It had been 2 days since  they'd had their fight.   Both doing their best to avoid eachother. Things seemed like they'd gone right back to square one for them.   "Arohi are you coming to Romit's birthday party tonight" Tina asked.  "I don't know." Arohi answered picking up her books after class.  "It should be fun."  "He always throws good parties."   Tina said.  "Yeah, except the DEVIL will be there too."  Arohi said frowning.  "Ofcourse Arjun's going to be there, he's one of Romit's best friends."   "But that doesn't mean you have to miss the party."  Tina replied.  "I don't know, I'll think about it."  Arohi said as the two girls walked out of the classroom. 
Arjun looked around at the huge crowd of people in Romit's house spilling outside around the pool and on to the deck.  Romit always knew how to throw a party.  No one left one of his parties sober or without talking about it for days to come.  Arjun took a drink from his glass and made eye contact with a tall attractive girl who was giving him a flirty smile.  Arjun forced himself to smile back but he still looked away.  What was wrong with him!  A pretty girl shows blatant interest and he felt nothing!  On the other hand he had a wife that hated his guts, yet he couldn't get her off his bloody mind, even when she was doing crazy things that made him so mad that he wanted to strangle her.  "Great party huh?" Arvind said coming up to stand next to him."  "Yeah just great." Arjun said still thinking about Arohi and frowning.  "Where's Arohi?' Arvind asked.  "I don't know."  "I'm not her keeper."  "She could be anywhere she wants to be as long as it's far far away from me!"  Arjun said finishing off the rest of his drink.  "Oh." Arvind said giving him a confused look.  "It's just that I thought things had changed between you two."  Arjun gave a cold laugh.  "Well you thought wrong!"  "You should know your sister in law would never let things change."  Arvind stared at Arjun's brooding expression.  "I'm going to get myself another drink." Arjun said stalking away from Arvind. 
"See aren't you glad you came?" Tina whispered excitedly to Arohi.  "Ecstatic" Arohi said sarcastically.  "You know every year something exciting happens at one of Romit's parties."  Something that people talk about for months."  "I wonder what will happen tonight."  "Maybe Arjun Singhania will get pushed into the swimming pool" Arohi answered back.  "Will you stop harping on Arjun."  "For someone you don't like you sure talk about him enough." Tina said rolling her eyes.  Arohi's eyes widened but before she could snap at Tina, Rashi and Shefali walked over.  The 4 girls headed to the bar to get drinks.  
Arjun heard her laugh before he actually saw her.  Turning around slowly he glanced her way and then had to look back.  She looked so damn sexy.  Her short sleeveless emerald green silk dress hugged her curves.  As she turned he could see that her back was almost bare.  "Who's that in the green dress?" Arjun heard someone say behind him.  "She's hot."  "Who ever she is, she's going to be mine tonight."  Arjun clenched his fist.  He glared in Arohi's direction and then before he knew it, he was marching over.  Grabbing her arm he pulled her to the side and said gritting his teeth "What are you wearing?!"  Arohi looked at him like he'd lost her mind.  "Excuse me?"  "What kind of question is that?"  "I'm wearing a dress, can't you see that?!"  "Yes I can see it but there's some people here that can't see it."  "Not that there's much of it there for them to see!"  Arohi gasped.  "Are you freakin kidding me, compared to the rest of the girls here I'm dressed like a nun!"  "I don't think you had a problem with any of their outfits, but me, you zero in on right away."  "Because they aren't my wives, you are!" he snapped before he could stop himself.  Arohi stared at him emotionless.  "I will not have anyone ogling what's mine!"  He snapped. "Are you drunk?" she asked struggling against him.  Because you are making no sense  whatsoever."  "Now let go before you embarrass yourself further."  Arjun glared at her, but did let go.  Arohi shook her head at him with a disgusted look on her face.  Turning around she walked away. 
Throughout the night Arohi felt Arjun's eyes on her.   She barely heard or registered the conversation around her because every part of her, every cell in her body was in tuned to what Arjun was doing and how he was looking at her.  She felt herself feeling hot and cold every time she caught his now gaze on her.   Instead of being flushed with anger she felt herself flushed with desire.  Sighing she wandered into the house hoping to catch a quiet corner where she could collect herself.  Ofcourse, with a party this size that was next to impossible.  She wandered over to one of the french doors, which had a walk out balcony.  Staring out at the night sky she felt a hand on her shoulder.  Swinging around she saw Abhi smiling at her.  "Hi" he said.  "Hi Abhi."  "How are you doing?" she asked turning back towards the sky.  He came and stood next to her.  "Good."  "Great party huh?"  "Yeah, just great."  she answered.  "I haven't seen you in awhile."  "Is everything okay?"  "You didn't return my text last week either?"  "You're text?" Arohi asked confused.  "Oh yeah, that one for coffee?"  "Sorry, I've just been busy."  she answered.  "No worries, maybe we can try for this week."   "Sure, I'll let you know." she answered.  "You seem distracted tonight." Abhi questioned.  "Is everything alright?"  Arohi smiled at him.  "Everything is fine."  "I think I'm just tired."   "I think I'm going to leave soon."  "Do you want me to drop you off" Abhi asked.  Before Arohi could respond she heard "What do we have here?" as Arjun  walked onto the now crowded balcony.  Abhi frowned at Arjun.  "Arohi, I can drop you off now." Abhi said still staring at Arjun.  "Old flames reunite."  "How touching." Arjun said with a cold laugh.  "Arjun!"  Arohi snapped.  "No, am I wrong?"  "It's just funny how I keep finding you two together, alone."  he said snidely.  "Arjun, you're going to far." Abhi snapped.  "Abhi, my friend, or should I say ex friend I haven't done anything yet."  "Even though I keep finding you with my wife."  Abhi glared at him.  "The wife you stole from me?"  he snapped.  Arohi stared at the two arguing men.  "She should be with me right now."  But instead she's in a love less marriage with you."  "Abhi!" Arohi snapped.  "Stop it both of you!"  "I am so sick and tired of this conversation."  "What do you think I am, some sort of toy."  "Now, I'm Arjun's, now I'm Abhi's!  "That's not how it works!  "I can't believe two grown men are acting like little boys!"  "And guess what I'm sick and tired of both of you!"  With that Arohi shoved through both of them and ran back inside.  Leaving both Arjun and Abhi to stare after her.
Walking back outside Arohi grabbed herself a drink.  She drank it back all at once grabbing another one off a passing tray.  "Whoa!" Rashi said coming up Arohi.  "Slow down!"  "No!" Arohi said.  But she was feeling the mellow effects of the alcohol now.  She hadn't felt relaxed in weeks.  Lately she felt like she was so high strung and always on alert.  The alcohol was making her feel a lot better.  "Come on Rashi, let's get another drink." she said pulling Rashi to the bar."  Arjun walked back outside and felt a tap on his shoulder.  Turning around he saw the flirtatious smiling face of the girl he had made eye contact with earlier in the night.  "Hi, I'm Sophia" she said holding out her hand.  "Arjun" he answered shaking her hand.  "Great party huh?" she said looking around.   "Yeah great." Arjun answered looking around for Arohi.  "Are you here with anyone?" she asked with a smile.  Arjun made eye contact with Arohi who glared at him and then flipping her hair turned back to the guy she'd been talking to.  He saw her wobble a little as she turned.  "Wanna dance?" was his answer.  Sophia smiled happily and nodded her head.  Taking her hand he led her to the dance floor.  Arohi watched Arjun put his hands on "the girls" hips.  "Bast**d she thought to herself as she finished her drink.  Double standards.  Her dancing with Abhi had been war but him dancing with some girl was perfectly fine.   "Would you like to dance?" asked the guy she'd asked the time from and then seeing Arjun pretended to talk to to make him jealous.    "No thanks" Arohi said turning around and heading back to the bar.   
"Okay everyone, I have an announcement to make."  "First is everyone having a good time?"  Cheering and yelling ensued.  Romit laughed.  "Second is everyone drunk?"  Louder cheering and yelling.  "Excellent."  "So we're going to be playing a little game inside, suggested by one of the pretty ladies present!"  "Thanks Sophia!" Romit said looking around for Sophia who stood next to Arjun.  "The game is spin the bottle"  "Many of you have probably played it when you were young."  "So we're making an adult version of it."  "The premise of the game is for each lovely lady to spin the bottle in a group of guys."  "Whomever the bottle stops on is whom the lovely lady kisses."   "BUT to make it interesting the two will get 10 minutes alone in a room together."  Everyone cheered. "Ofcourse we're not pressuring anyone to play,"  "If you're interested come inside or continue to enjoy the party."   Arjun looked at Sophia who stood just a little too close to him now.  "You suggested this stupid game?" he said shaking his head.  "It's a great ice breaker."  "Aren't you going to come inside and play?" she said smiling and winking at him.  "No thanks" Arjun said turning away and spotting Rashi and Shefali.  Thankfully still outside.  He quickly walked over.  "Don't even think about going inside to play that stupid game." he said scowling.  Rashi rolled her eyes.  "God forbid we have any fun." she muttered.   "I heard that." Arjun said still scowling.  "Where's Arohi?" he asked.  All three looked around, but Arohi was no where in sight.  "She's been drinking, a lot." Rashi said worriedly looking at her brother.  Arjun's eyes widened as he looked at the entrance.  If Arohi wasn't outside then she was probably inside!  "Sh*T!" he said clenching his fist.  He quickly headed inside.  
Arohi looked around at the crowd of people inside.  She grabbed a wall to stop her fall.  "Arohi, this is such a cool party" Tina squealed.  Arohi nodded with a big tipsy smile on her face.  "So much fun!" she said giggling.  "Come on let's go stand in line for the spin the bottle game, you're playing aren't you? "  "Arohi had no idea what she was talking about but she still nodded yes. She was feeling too good right now, she was willing to agree to anything.  Tina grabbed her hand and led to the already forming line up.  Arjun walked in and looked around for Arohi.  There were so many people in here.  "Where the hell was she?" Pushing through he ran into Romit.  "Have you seen Arohi?" he asked.  "Arohi?"  "No."  "She's probably outside."  he answered.  Arjun looked around and finally spotted her.  She was three away from the front of the line up.  He quickly made his way too her.  Grabbing her hand he said " let's go!"  Arohi looked at him and frowned.  "Waaait!" she said slurring.  "Where are you taking me!" she said looking at him with half closed eyes.  "Away from here!"  "Do you know what you're about to do here?" he said in a deceptively soft voice.  "Yes I know what I'm about to do!?  Arohi slurred pulling her hand back.  Turning towards Tina she asked "What am I about to do here?"  Tina and Arjun both rolled their eyes and Tina quickly filled her in.  Arohi's eyes widened and she hiccuped.  "OH!" she said steading herself against Arjun.  Arjun shook his head.  "Now do you see!"  "I can't believe how stupid you are!"  "Now come on let's get out of here!"  Arohi glared at him.  "I'm not stupid." she drawled.  "I want to be here!" she said with another hiccup.  "Stop being a brat and let's go, unless you want me to carry you out of here!" Arjun snapped looking around at the large group of guys.  Arohi would be in a locked room with some guy for 10 minutes over his dead body!  "YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!" Arohi slurred emphasizing every word with a poke to Arjun's chest.  "You're up next." a girl said to Tina.  Putting Arohi next in line.  Arjun looked around.  If he did carry her out of here it would bring so much unnecessary attention and embarrassment to them.  But there was also no way in hell he was going to let his wife kiss some other guy.  Looking around Arjun did the only thing he could do.
"Hey guys thanks so much for understanding."  "No problem man, we totally understand, you two are newlyweds and want to spend some alone time together."  "Pretty hard in a party like this."  When she spins the bottle we'll back up, leaving you as the only one in the circle." "Thanks guys!" Arjun said smiling.  So he had to tell a little lie.  It's better for people to think him and his WIFE want to spend some quality time alone together rather then the actual truth that his wife is crazy!  Arjun moved to the circle and sure enough as Arohi tripped and then spun the bottle he was the only one left standing in the group.  "Give them 15 minutes!" some one yelled, "they're newlyweds."  "Let's go!"  Arjun said grabbing her hand and practically pushing her into the bedroom.  Closing the door behind her, he started.  "Happy now!?"  "You've embarrassed us infront of everyone!"  "Mission accomplished for you."  Arohi threw herself on the bed.  "Arjun, don't you ever get tired of being so self righteous?!"  And then she started giggling like she'd said the funniest thing in the world.  "Relax and stop killing my buzz!" she said smiling.  Arjun stared down at her.  Her cheeks flushed, her eyes half closed, a smile playing on her lips.  He felt his mouth go dry.  "Your buzz is what's landed us in this situation!"  he said.  "Arohi got up and instantly tripped forward.  Arjun caught her around the waist.  "You know other guys would be so happy to be in here with me!"  "I'm hot you know!"  Arjun rolled his eyes.  "Says you!" he said.  "Oh really!" Arohi said pulling away and stepping back, she stumbled again, this time on to the bed.  Her giggling started again.  Arjun stared down at drunk Arohi, who still managed to look so damn sexy.  Putting her finger to her mouth she shushed herself.  "No more giggling!" she said with a giggle.  Slowly standing up.  "So you don't think I'm hot Arjun Singhania!" she said slurring his name.  Arjun just stared at her.  "Okay, we'll see about that!"  Arohi reached behind her, struggling at first but managing to un zip her dress.  Arjun's eyes widened.  "What are you doing?" he asked quickly.  "Showing you how hot I really am!" she said stumbling.  And then pushing down her dress.  The dress pooled on the floor at her feet and Arohi suddenly stood infront of Arjun in her bra and underwear.  Arjun's mouth fell open.  "See I'm hot!" she said putting her hand on her hip and then stumbling again.  Arjun's caught her.  And the second his hand touched her bare skin he was lost.  He was only human, how much longer could he resist his sexy wife.  His lips found hers and he kissed her with all the pent up desire he felt.  "You are so damn hot" he said against her lips as she ran her hands through his hair.  Arjun kissed her shoulder and then bit her neck, bringing his lips back to hers for a deep hard kiss.  Arohi pressed herself closer, feeling his hands on her hips.  He kissed her greedily like he couldn't get enough of her.  Arohi melted right into his kisses.  Her little moans letting him know not to stop.  "Arjun make love to me" she said pulling at his shirt.  Arjun groaned.  He leaned his forehead against hers and said "Sweetheart, you're killing me!"  Arohi brought her lips back to his and groaning he kissed her but quickly pulled away, moving a few steps back.  Arohi stood infront of him, with her hair all messy and sexy from his hands,  her lips bruised from his kisses, her eyes half closed, her body so perfect.  Groaning he grabbed her for another kiss.   "Babe, when I make love to you, you're going to be stone cold sober so that you remember every single second of it."  "And we're going to have all night."  "All damn night!" he said kissing her again.  "But tonight is not that night." he said pulling away and grabbing her dress, he helped her back into it.  Trying to smooth back her hair.   "We've gotta go now."  Arohi nodded, and leaned against him.  "Can I get another drink?" she asked with a hiccup.  "NO!" Arjun replied, opening the door and slipping his arm around her.  
They got some good natured ribbing from the guys, and "AAWs and how cutes" from some of the girls.  Arjun managed to get them out of there quickly.  Once outside he looked around for Shefali and Rashi.  Spotting them he said "Let's go!"  One look at his expression and neither sister argued.  "Arohi drove should I drive her car back?" Rashi asked.  "Yeah thanks." Arjun replied.  "I'll come with you too!" Arohi slurred to Rashi  pulling away from Arjun.  "NO!"  "You're coming with me." he said pulling her towards the driveway.  There was no way he was letting her out of his sight.  Getting to his car he opened the passenger side door and Arohi looped her arms around his neck, putting her head against his chest.  Arjun paused and then his arms tightened around Arohi's waist as he held her against him.   "Hmm." Arohi said against his chest.  "I like it here."  Arjun smiled.  "And I like you here." he said pulling her even closer.  "And I plan on keeping you here" he thought to himself pressing a kiss into her hair.  
Arohi was asleep within minutes.  And as Arjun looked at her innocent face he thought about what her reaction would be tomorrow.  She'd probably find a way to blame him.  But as she stirred in her sleep, he smiled.  It didn't matter, because now he knew that there was no turning back for him.   He was falling for her, and falling hard and he was pretty sure she had feelings for him too.  No matter how much she denied it.  He wasn't going to let her push him away again.  If she hadn't realized it that was fine.  He had and he knew they'd be worth fighting for, even if the person he was fighting with was also the person he was fighting for.  
Arohi woke up groaning.  My head, oh my god my head she thought.  Death had to be less painful then this . Why had she drank so much?!  She slowly opened her eyes and as usual Arjun lay next to her with his arm thrown over her waist.  Even glaring hurt ,she thought turning her face away from him and closing her eyes.  And then suddenly her eyes popped open.  Where were her clothes? she thought.  She was just wearing her bra and underwear.  Shoving Arjun she whispered "WAKE UP!"  Arjun groaned and just pulled her closer, his hand moving up her waist.  She shoved him again.  Trying to lift his arm off of her.  Nothing!  So irritating! she thought as she closed her eyes and tried to think what should she do next.  She was pretty sure they hadn't done anything last night.  As the nights events started coming back to her, she slowly opened her eyes, a blush creeping up her neck.  She had asked Arjun to make love to her.  Oh my god she thought to herself red faced.  How was she ever going to face him and his smug smile again?  He would never, ever let her live this down.   The whole evening had been one embarrassment after the other as she remembered the whole Abhi and Arjun incident.  Deep in thought she felt Arjun shift and then from the corner of her eye she saw him open his eyes.  Arohi quickly shut her eyes pretending to be asleep.  She felt Arjun move her hair out of her face and then lean down and softly kiss her forehead.  Then he pulled away and got out of bed.  Arohi didn't move.  She couldn't face him right now.  She could hear him moving around the room and then the bathroom door shut.  Opening her eyes she laid there thinking about the previous night's events.  The amazing kisses.  Taking off her dress.  She had wanted Arjun, and he could have taken full advantage of her.  Hell she had basically thrown herself at him, he could have done anything he wanted and she would have let him.  But he hadn't.  Even after everything she had said at Prospect Point he had proven her wrong, proving that he wanted more from her then to just sleep with her.   She had been wrong, wrong about so many things.   Hearing the bathroom door open she quickly shut her eyes again.  She heard Arjun moving around the room and then she felt him pause infront of her.  Staring down at her.  She couldn't see his eyes on her but she could feel them. Finally he moved away and then she heard the door shut behind him.  She opened her eyes and slowly got out of bed.  Sitting on the night table were 2 advils and a glass of water.  He knew she'd need them.  
Arohi made it through the day of classes.  Exams were coming up and she was going to get very busy.  But she also wanted to show Sonam around a little bit.  She had been opening up more and more to Arohi so Arohi wanted to spend as much time as she could with the young girl.  As she left, she got a call from her sister.  "Arohi, I heard about your drunken escapades last night."  "You and Arjun, ik kamre mein band ho, aur chabi kho jaya!" Neha sang.  "Please shut -up di!"  Arohi snapped.  "It wasn't like that"  "Oh  really, well then how was it?" she asked with another giggle.  According to what I've heard you and Arjun came out looking very satisfied."  "DI!!" Arohi snapped mortified.  "I'm hanging up if this is all you called me about!"  "No, no don't hang up."  "I wanted to find out if you wanted to take Sonam to the fair tomorrow night."  Arvind and I were going to go so we thought we'll invite you and Sonam too."  "Sure, I don't have any plans"  "Okay I'll text you the details."  "We'll see you around 7:00, tomorrow night."  "Sounds good." Arohi said hanging up the phone.  Looking at her watch she knew she'd delayed as much as possible.  Arjun should be home now, it was time to face the teasing and I told you so's.  Sighing Arohi got into her car.
All through dinner Arohi waited for some sort of smirk or smug smile or knowing look from Arjun.  Nothing!  She got nothing.  He made no eye contact with her whatsoever.  By the time dinner was over, Arohi was feeling frustrated.  This was not what she had expected.  In their room, she got herself ready for bed and then waited for him to come up.  He was late!  And when he finally did come up he grabbed his things and headed for the bathroom.  Again not a word.  What was going on here, she thought to herself confused.  Arjun came out of the bathroom whistling.  Arohi frowned.  He got into bed next to her and switched off his lamp.  Laying down and facing away from her.  Arohi stared at his back.  What the hell! she thought forcing herself to lay down too.  She'd spent her whole day thinking about last nights events and preparing things she could say, and Arjun doesn't say a word.  It doesn't work like that!  She got up and flipped on her lamp.  Arjun didn't stir.  Then she leaned over to see his face, leaning further and further until she could see his eyes, they were closed.  As she was about to move back Arjun shifted and turning around he pinned her underneath him.  Arohi forgot to breathe as she felt Arjun's weight settle on top of her.   His eyes opened and smiling he asked "Can I help you with something Arohi?"  Arohi stared back at him like a deer caught in the headlights.  "Um, I, Um, was, Um."  she stammered.  His smile got bigger.  "You, Um?"  "Sorry I'm not following."  "Di, Jiju and I are taking Sonam to the fair tomorrow night, do you want to come?" she said in a rush. Where the hell had that come from? she thought to herself in horror.   Arjun stared down at her, his eyes twinkling.  "Arohi Singhania, are you asking me out on a date?"  Arohi was horrified.  "NO!"  Um NO!" she said staring up at him with huge eyes.  Still pinned underneath him.  "I just thought that Sonam had liked you, you being there might help her open up some more."  "That's why I thought I'd invite you." she rambled.  Arjun's gaze drifted over her face pausing at her lips.  Making Arohi anxious and her heart rate quicken.  "I'll come along and I think both you and I know why."  "Why?" she asked without thinking.  "Because I want to spend my evening with my sexy wife who has a birth mark in the most interesting of places.  Arohi gasped and Arjun kissed her.  A long, slow kiss that left her breathless.  "Good night" he said rolling off her and flinging his arm around her possessively.  It took a long time for Arohi's breathing to get back to normal.  
So I hope you all like the extra long update.  Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments.  Without the awesome readers and comments I would never be able to continue with this FF.  Please let me know what you think about this update.  It'll probably be a few days before I post the next update for RNBDJ.  Take care

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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res. will comment after col :):)

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 July 2011 at 12:57am | IP Logged
happy to see the pm and update - will read and comment
as usual the update was very long and super duper -
raman, every update of yours is always better than the previous one - u r just  a great writer  - i really admire ur flow of words and flow of thoughts in all your ffs
great work - ur ffs makes me love arjuhi more and more and more and more
if it will take u some time to update RNBJ - we dont mind reading another uodate of SWTE before RNBJ (laughing) - hey u wont believe how eagerly i was waiting for this update of SWTE - this ff is turning out to be simply superb - amazing story, amazing knok-jhoks among arjuhi - i think u should be one of the main CVs of KMH3 - it will just rock.

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vaishnavi... Senior Member

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Posted: 04 July 2011 at 1:06am | IP Logged
omg soo hawt .M running out of words nw
Perfect ...Arohi shud also realize dat she loves arjun :D

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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 July 2011 at 1:08am | IP Logged
M jst fall in luv wid arjun. Muuhhh! I luv him. He is totally a man. In whole update i was lost in arjun. 4m jealousy 2 luv again a real husband n a luvr. If he wishd he cn tk advantage of arohi's situatn bt he is such a gentalman who dnt want 2 make luv when his partnr is out of dis wrld. He wants 2 make his luv special.
For me todays update all realts 2 arjun.
I felt sad 4 arohi when both avi n arjun shoutd in 4nt of her. Avi is doing much here. I cn undrstand him bt dnt lyk him. As far as arjuhi r married he shud stay away 4m dm. Arohi was in full mood today. Cnt imagn her in those situatn.
N last bt n d least,as always u rock di. Superbly seductve,sexy wid depth emotnal update.
Luv ur ff. Luv u di.

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karan.kritzkmh Senior Member

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Posted: 04 July 2011 at 1:16am | IP Logged
loved the update just reading everything sttopped my breath lol update soon

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justprati Goldie

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Posted: 04 July 2011 at 1:29am | IP Logged
wow...its amazing...arjun d most caring n luving husband ever..he's jst tooo good yrrr...
i luvd d update...very beautifully written...hats off o u n ur writing man...i simply luvd it...
cant wait 4 d next chappy...this ff is getting addictive now...thnx 4 d next chappy soon
tc :)

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