Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF-Sleeping with the Enemy Prt18 Pg131(July 22) (Page 66)

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Hi everyone, sorry about the delay, it's just been a very busy weekend.  Will try to update soon
Take care

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its ok..
take care dear

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its going to be SWTE before RNBDJ!! wohooo!! i'm jumping around !! haha!!

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We wl wait di. N u tk cr too.

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hey no problem... but im sooo addicted to your ff!!! please update soon 

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update plz plz plz    love ur FF

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Part 12
"And as of tonight I'm going to make sure I have every right over you."  He took a few steps closing the distance between them and pulled her against him.  Crushing his lips against hers.  Arohi struggled against him.  Hitting his chest she managed to pull away. "Get away from me Arjun."  "I'm warning you, don't ever touch me again." she threatened.  Arjun grabbed her arm pulling her roughly against him.  "My touch," Your husband's touch repulses  you," "but you had no problem with Abhi touching you tonight" he said scowling down at her.  Glaring at him she continued to struggle.  "You're disgusting for even thinking such a thing."  "Am I?"   Arjun asked "I saw you two of you at  Roy's" "Really cozy in your corner booth.  Arohi stared at him.  "How do you want me to respond to that?" she asked baffled.  "What do you want to hear Arjun?"  "Do you want to hear that  Abhi and I are having an affair and we were meeting secretly at Roy's?"  Arjun's eyes grew wide with anger.  "You already seem to have made up your bloody mind, that's why you keep bringing it up."  "Then yes I melted into Abhi's arms and I loved it". Arohi said angrily. "AROHI!" Arjun shouted.  "No , that's what you want."  "When you already know  the truth is that I've never let another man touch me the way you have."  "I've never let anyone else physically close to me like I have you."  "But you don't want to hear that."   "You want to hear what what you think is right."   "Then yes Abhi and I are lovers." Arohi snapped.  Arjun's eyes flashed as he pulled her back against him. "You're going too far Arohi" he grated out. "Do you think you're going to keep saying this sh*t and I'm just going to stand here and listen to you."   Arohi struggled against him.  "Let go!" she said.  "NO!" Arjun yelled and then he kissed her.  Rough and demanding.  Arohi tried not to react but then as he moaned against her mouth and softened his kiss...she leaned into him.  His hands that had gripped her arms now settled on her hips and he kissed her over and over again. Arohi was losing herself in the sensations she was feeling but she forced herself to push away.  "No, Arjun!" she said backing away.  "I am not going to let you off that easy."  "You accused me of something today and I will never forgive you for it."  Arjun sighed.  "Arohi listen to me. "  "No!" she said.  Her eyes filled with tears.  "You can listen today."  "Because after today I don't want to ever have this conversation again."
 "Do you know how alone I felt at the party tonight, as I watched all the happy couples on the dance floor!" Arjun stared at her.   "I like every other girl, dreamed about meeting my soul mate, falling in love, living happily ever after."  A sob escaped from Arohi's lips.  "But, instead I got a husband who hates me."  "I don't hate you Arohi." Arjun said as he raked his hand through his hair.  "Now who's the liar?" Arohi said softly.   "I pictured a life and it's not the one I'm living." she said.  "You and I are like oil and water."  "We can't mix." "Yet I can't help my reaction to your touch." she said wiping the tears that were now rapidly falling down her face.  Arjun took a step towards her.  "No!" she said taking a step back.  "Let me finish."  "I cant help the intense passion between us but I don't kid myself in thinking that you and I will have a happily ever after."  Arjun's eyes darkened.  "What you accused me of today shows me what little you think of me."  "I am a lot of things but I'm not a cheater."  "As long as I'm married to you I wouldn't be with anyone else."   "I know you think I'm a spoiled, selfish, silly brat." "And I admit I am all those things."  But I would never cheat on my husband."  "Even if he was you."  
Arjun rubbed his hand over his face.  "Arohi" he said taking a step towards her.  "I don't want you in here tonight." she said stone-faced.  Her face wet with tears. "If you don't leave, then I will." she said softly   Arjun stared at her.  "I'll go" he said finally.  Arohi waited as he grabbed a few things and then looking back at her one last time he walked out of the room closing the door softly behind him.  Arohi waited and as she heard the click of the door she slid to the ground and let the tears fall, her body shook from her sobs. 
Arjun walked into the guest bedroom and slammed the door behind him.  And then walking back to the door he reopened it and slammed it again.  He was furious at himself.  His jealousy had made him lose control.  He had been so blinded by it that even though he knew Arohi wouldn't be with another man, as long as she was married to him, he still tried to hurt her, hurt her like he'd been hurt when he saw her in Abhi's arms.  But that wasn't the only reason he was so angry with himself.  Listening to her talk about the life she had pictured for herself, the life every girl pictures for herself, he was forced to admit that he was the reason that she didn't have that life now.  Fine they were both drunk in Vegas, got married, made a mistake.  But when his dad had pressured him into staying in the marriage, into making it a real marriage.  He should have said no.  The families would have been mad for a while but eventually they would have gotten over it.  He's the guy.  This was something he could have done for Arohi.  Marriage wasn't a joke and that's how they had been treating it.  All because he hadn't stood up and said no.  Now Arohi was suffering because of him.  But the realization that had hit him hardest was that now that they were married.  He couldn't let her go.  He couldn't give her the divorce she wanted, because unwittingly along the way he had developed feelings for her.  He didn't know what it was, but he no longer was going to deny it either.   Through all their fights and name calling and drama she had some how sneaked into his heart.  
As he got into the bed he thought back to earlier when he had seen Arohi is Abhi's arms.  He had been so blinded by jealousy that the sadness in Arohi's eyes as she looked back at him, hadn't registered.   He'd never seen sadness in Arohi' eyes before or maybe never bothered to see it.  But tonight she'd been sad.  If she'd been happy to be in Abhi's arms she wouldn't have been looking at Arjun with those sad eyes.  She wouldn't have been looking at him at all.  Maybe, just maybe, Arohi felt something for him too.  Arjun fell asleep listening to the rain outside.  Arohi hated thunder, but thankfully it had died down.
Arohi woke up suddenly.  What time was it she wondered groggily glancing at the clock.  She had tossed and turned most of the night, not falling asleep until close to 5:00.  Yawning she slowly got out of bed.  It was 11:00.  She'd overslept and missed her class.  Which was fine, because today she didn't want to leave her bedroom.  She just wanted to wallow in self pity all day long. That and eat a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream!   She dragged herself in the bathroom taking a long shower and then pulled on a black cotton salwar kameez with fushia thread work along the cap sleeves and neck.  Her stomach growled.  Arjun would be long gone, so there was no danger of running into him. Maybe she'd go down and have some lunch.  As she walked down the staircase she saw the front door open and Arjun walk in. She stopped, and they stared at eachother.  She was just too tired for another confrontation with him.  As she started to turn around to go back up to her room. He called her name.  "Arohi"  "Wait a minute."  "I wanted to talk to you." he said.  By this time he had walked to the foot of the staircase.  Arohi paused and stared at him.   "I'm sorry for last night."  he said softly.  " I don't know what got into me.  I acted rashly and I hope you can forgive me.  Arohi continued to stare at him, her expression still cold and distant.    Then she walked down the rest of the stairs brushing past him.  Arjun looked at her retreating back.   He made a move to go after her, but stopped as he watched the front door open and his family walk in.  Smiling and laughing.   Glancing at Arohi, he saw her face instantly change as she saw his family.  Hugging everyone happily.  His family had always been her family too.  "Arjun what are you doing home in the middle of the day." his dad asked as Arjun walked up to them.  "I forgot a file" he said looking at Arohi.  The file had just been an excuse to apologize to Arohi.  His dad nodded.  "I've gotta get back to the office"  "I'll see you all at dinner tonight."  Arjun said.  Arohi was careful not to look at him.  Instead she busied herself with Shefali and Rashi. 
The afternoon brightened considerably for Aroh,i having Rashi and Shefail back.  By the time dinner rolled around Arohi was feeling back to her old self.  Except she was still ignoring Arjun.  Arjun didn't miss the cold vibe Arohi was sending his way. Giving a frustrated sigh he ate his dinner.  He's apologized.  What more could he do?  Him apologizing to her was already a pretty big deal as it.  He couldn't help it if she wasn't satisfied by that.  After dinner Arohi lingered downstairs as long as possible with Rashi and Shefali.  She was hoping that Arjun would be asleep by the time she went up.  But as she finally made her way into their room and saw him standing at the window, she knew it had just been wishful thinking on her part. 
Arjun turned around at the sound of the door closing.  Arohi ignored him as she walked to the closet pulling out her pajamas.  "How long can you ignore me Arohi?" he asked.  "Forever!" she responded before she could stop herself.  He smiled.  "Forever is a long time, I'm sure I'll do something soon enough to irritate you."  "Then you'll forget about ignoring me and instead concentrate on torturing me."  Arjun said with a small smile.  Arohi glared at him as she walked into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. 
Walking out she grabbed her phone and noticed the missed call from her sister.  She quickly rang her.  "Where did you two love birds disappear to last night, without saying bye?" Neha demanded into the phone.  " I had a headache so we left early." Arohi lied, avoiding Arjun's gaze.  "Headache, likely story" Neha said laughing.  "DI!"  "What did you call me for earlier?" Arohi asked in an irritated voice.  "Oh yeah, well I didn't have a chance to tell you last night but our cousin Sonam is coming for a visit from Vancouver.  "Oh that's nice." Arohi said "Well not really nice for masi because apparently Sonam is getting into some trouble back home, she's hanging out with the wrong crowd, caught smoking."  "You know the drill." Neha said.  "So masi wants to send her here to learn to be a good girl from her Indian cousins."  "Apparently masi doesn't know you at all." Neha said dryly.  "Shut up di!"  Neha laughed.  "She's arriving tomorrow night, so why don't we spend the weekend at  mom and dad's and hang out with Sonam."  "I'm fine with that, but what about jiju?"  "Last time you slept over, he called 10 times because he missed you so much and then came and picked you up early the next morning."  Arohi said dryly. "We were newlyweds then!" Neha said.  "Newlyweds!"  "This happened 2 months ago just after you celebrated your 4th wedding anniversary." Arohi snapped.    "Whatever!"  "I've had a talk with him and he said he won't bother us."  Neha snapped.  "Right!"  Arohi said rolling her eyes.  "Forget about me, now you're married too, will Arjun want to be away from his wife for a whole weekend?" Neha said with a giggle.   "He won't care if I'm gone."  Arohi said softly as she glanced at Arjun who was now sitting on the bed, working on something on his laptop.  "I need a break from my life." she said to her sister.  "Alright, I'll see you Friday night then."  "Bye di"  Arohi said hanging up.  Arohi got into bed and turned to her side, facing away from Arjun.  Arjun stared at Arohi's sleeping form for a few minutes before he switched off his laptop, and laying down closed his eyes.
Arjun woke up and yawned.  Arohi was sleeping next to him, facing him, but for once not sprawled on top of him.  He didn't like it!  This wasn't the way he was used to waking up.  He stared at Arohi's sleeping profile.  And then he smiled as an idea came to him.  He quickly slipped off his t-shirt and then moved closer to Arohi.  Gently lifting her arm he placed it around him.  Then as she stirred and moved closer to him he managed to get his arm around her.  He held her tight.  She stirred again burrowing into his chest.  Arjun smiled wickedly as he closed his eyes, drifting back to sleep.
Arohi woke up with her face pressed into Arjun's very naked chest.  Feeling disoriented she didn't move, just laid, blinking against him.  And then she realized what she was doing and tried to pull away.  But Arjun wasn't having any of that.  As he pretended to be asleep he held her tightly against him.  She pushed but the oaf seemed to move even closer, if that was even possible.  "Arjun" she said against his chest.  She got a snore, as an answer back.  "Bloody hell!' she thought to herself.  And to top it off, she was starting to get that usual delirious feeling that was brought on when she was this close to him.  The effect he had on her without even trying, hell he was fast asleep and she was still feeling tingly all over.  Then it hit her, he was fast asleep.  She looked at the gorgeous chest she was laying against.  She slowly lifted her hand and lightly touched his chest and then lightly ran her hand down his chest to his stomach, feeling the hard muscle against the palm of her hand.  Suddenly, Arohi pulled her hand away like she'd been burned.  His deep intake of breath when she had touched his stomach was evidence that he was very much awake.   What the hell had she been doing she thought horrified.   Arjun laid still.  Arohi red faced, lifted her head and looked up at him.   "Let go!" she said furiously.  Arjun paused and then let her go.  She quickly got off the bed racing to her closet. She grabbed the first dress she saw and practically ran into the bathroom.  Arjun had to stop the laugh that threatened to escape from his lips.  She was horrified, but she was also curious.  The ever curious Arohi he thought.  Damn he hadn't been able to help his intake of breath orelse he'd love to see what else she was would have done and whatelse she was curious about.  
Everytime Arohi thought about what Arjun had caught her doing this morning while he was supposedly asleep she felt her face turn red!  But it wasn't her fault.  If you put a hot body next to someone, they would be dead not to be interested just a little.  But how was she going to stop this everyday morning wake ups.  Short of sleeping in the bathtub she really couldn't think of a solution.  She was happy that she's be at her parents for a couple of days.  Atleast, she wouldn't need to share a bed with Arjun.  She was busy all day at school and luckily when she got home she found out that Arjun was going to be late at work so wouldn't be home for dinner.  Great she thought. She wouldn't need to to see him.  Sure, he'd apologized but that didn't mean she had to forgive him.  She went to bed that night with all her teddy bears surrounding her.  There was no way her and Arjun would be coming anywhere near eachother tonight, she thought as she drifted off to sleep. 
 Arjun yawned, as he pulled back the covers ready to get into bed.   And then almost burst out laughing, at what he saw.  Arohi was practically falling off the edge of the bed, because her teddy bears took over the rest of the bed.  Including his side.  She had gone to a lot of trouble, he thought as he took each teddy bear and threw it on the ground.  Getting into bed he shifted to her side pulling her away from the edge of the bed and against himself..  She didn't even stir as he stared down at her beautiful face.  Putting his arm around her he drifted off to sleep.
"Sonam, how's the family in Vancouver?" Neha di asked.  Sonam shrugged.  "Fine."  she answered, giving yet another one word answer.  Arohi stared at her little 16 year old  pretty but defiant cousin.  Been there done that, she thought to herself.  "I see."  "So is there anything you want to do or see while you're here?" Neha asked.  "No"  Sonam answered.  Arohi rolled her eyes.  This was going to be a long weekend at this rate.  "Well if you don't want to do something that's fine, but I do!'  "Should we go shopping  tomorrow morning?" Arohi asked.  "Oh and then we can go for facials."  "I really need one."  "I'm too young for facials." Sonam said.  "Says who?" Arohi snapped.  "You could use a facial."  "It's not just good for your skin, it'll be good for your mood too."  "And why are you wearing so much make -up?"  "You're 16 years old!"  "You have great skin."  "Lay off the foundation."  Sonam stared at Arohi in shock.  Neha just glared.  "I like my make up." she finally said.  "Well I don't".  "And if you are going to wear foundation please wear the right shade."  "Not the hideous color you're wearing now."  "We'll go shopping tomorrow I'll help you pick out one that's better suited."  Sonam continued to stare at her.   Neha quickly changed the subject.   "Arohi, when are you and Arjun leaving for your honeymoon?"  "When hell freezes over." Arohi said dryly.  "I see" Neha said looking at a suddenly interested Sonam.  "Why don't you want to go on your honeymoon?" Sonam asked.   "Because I'm married to the devil." Arohi said without thinking.  Sonam's eyes widened.  "What I meant was that"  "Yes we'll be going on the honeymoon soon."  Sonam looked at her suspiciously.  Thankfully, Neha's phone rang at that moment.  "Arvind, your clothes are ironed and put on the chair next to the armoire."  "I already told you that before I left."  "Yes, I love you too Neha." said with a smile.  "You're going out for drinks with Arjun and Romit tonight."  "Oh that's nice." Neha said winking at Arohi.  Arohi rolled her eyes.   The word subtle didn't exist in her sister's vocabulary.  
Arjun stood next to Arvind and Romit, each will a glass in their hand.  "That girls hot." Romit said elbowing Arjun.  Arjun looked up at an attractive young woman dancing.  Seeing him looking at her the girl gave him a flirtatious smile.  He looked away.  "She's alright." he said.  Romit looked at him and frowned.  "Alright?"  "She's definitely more then alright."  Romit snapped.  As he looked at both Arjun and Arvind he shook his head.  This is what happens when you have married friends.  Arvind was looking at his watch like he wanted to get out of there and Arjun just looked bored.  What could be boring about pretty girls.  "I think I'm going to go."  "It's getting late." Arvind said suddenly. "It's 10:00?" Romit said with disgust.  "Since when is 10:00 late on a Friday night?"  "Neha has you completely whipped."  "Neha isn't even home." Arvind snapped.  "Where is she?" Arjun asked taking a drink from his glass.  "Where is she?"  "The same place your wife is, at their parents for the weekend."  Arjun's eyes widened.  Arohi's staying at her parents place this weekend.  "Why?"  Arvind quickly filled him in.   "You must be happy."  "A weekend without Arohi would be great for you."  Arjun didn't say respond.  A weekend without Arohi would actually be kind of boring now.  Who was he going to fight with?  Who was going to drive him crazy, who was going to sleep cuddled against him?  No clothes and jewelry laying all over his room all weekend.  No one to make a mess.  A weekend without Arohi should be a good thing, but for some reason it felt anything but.  "So let me get this straight, you have a weekend without your wife and you want to rush home at 10:00."  "Seriously I need to get myself some single less boring friends. Romit said shaking his head.  Arjun rolled his eyes at Romit.  "No, I'm not rushing home."  "I was thinking that maybe I'll stop off and see Neha." Arvind said not meeting his friends eyes.  Romit shook his head with disgust.  Arjun let out a chuckle.  "Dude, you are so whipped."  "You're not going anywhere."  "Romit's right, a weekend without your wife will do you some good."  With that he ordered them all another round of drinks.
Arjun woke up the next morning with a headache and a hangover.  Looking over at the empty side of the bed where Arohi should be, he gave a small smile.  If Arohi had been here she would have made sure Arjun  suffered as long as possible from the headache.  Stop thinking of Arohi!  Arjun said to himself.  Instead enjoy the silence that not having Arohi here brings.  With that thought Arjun got himself ready for the day.
Arohi listened to her sister laughing at something Arvind jiju was saying on the phone.   Sighing she took a bite of her sandwich.  "Why don't you call Arjun and see how he's doing?"  her mom asked.  "Why would I do that?" Arohi asked.  "I don't care how he's doing."  Her mom frowned at her youngest daughter.  "You should care."  "He's your husband."  Arohi shrugged.  "He's my nightmare, is what he is." she snapped.  Her mom sighed and changed the subject.  There was no winning with Arohi she thought.  "How's Sonam settling in?" she asked.  "Where is she by the way."  "Locked up in her room." Arohi said shaking her head.  "I don't even know why Masi sent her here."  "She's acting like she's been sent to jail."  "She doesn't want to do anything other then text her friends back in Vancouver."  "She doesn't even want to go shopping."  "What 16 year old female doesn't like shopping?"  And on top of that I think she had some serious confidence issues that's why she wears so much make up." Arohi remarked to her mom.  "Will you lay off the poor girl" Neha snapped as she sat down.  "She's you remember what a terror you were at that age."    "Hell you're still a terror."  Arohi glared at her sister.  "So when's jiju coming to pick you up?" she asked sarcastically.  Neha glared back at her.  "He's not!"  "I told you, he's fine being away from me all weekend."  "But..."  "BUT!"  Arohi said smirking.  "Let's hear your but" she said laughing.  "Well it's just that Arvind and Arjun haven't met Sonam yet so I told them both to come over tonight."  "We can BBQ."  "You told Arjun to come here too?!"  "Why?!"  Arohi yelled.  "Arohi!" her mom said giving her a look.  "Ofcourse Arjun would be invited too, he's your husband."  Taking her sister's arm Arohi pulled her aside.  "I am here so I can have a break from my dear husband and you invite him to come over."  "Well I didn't invite him I told Arvind too."  "But that doesn't matter.  "Don't make such a big deal."  "He'll probably spend the whole evening with dad and Arvind, you'll barely notice he's even here." Neha said smiling.  Arohi stared at her sister.  Oh she would know Arjun was there, alright.  When Arjun was in the same room as her, there was no way she didn't know he was there.  Her whole body buzzed with the realization that he was in close proximity of her.  
"Fine, I'll be there around 6:00ish."  Arjun said hanging up the phone with Arvind.  Arvind had called and persuaded him to come out to hang out at Arohi's parents place tonight.  Initially Arjun was hesitant but he didn't really have any plans tonight and he was kind of, sort of, maybe missing Arohi.  So he let himself be convinced and agreed to come over.  He knew Arohi wouldn't be happy, considering she didn't even tell him she was leaving for a whole weekend.   But when was Arohi happy with anything he did.  
"Arohi why don't you change, maybe dress up a little bit."  "Freshen up your make -up." her sister said.  "Why?"  Arohi asked suspiciously.  "No reason." Neha said.  "I mean no particular reason, it's just Arvind and Arjun coming over."  "And I just thought since you and Arjun haven't seen eachother for a couple of days you might want to look pretty for him."  Arohi frowned.  "First of all it's not the Prince of England coming over, it's JUST Arjun."  "What he thinks of me means next to nothing to me."  "Secondly just because you and jiju can't seem to spend a a minute away from eachother, doesn't mean all couples are like you."  Arohi snapped.  "So you consider you and Arjun a couple?"  Neha asked.  Arohi stared at her sister in shock.  "Out of everything I just said, that's the one thing that stood out."  "We're not a couple in the true sense of the word BUT we are married so technically we're a couple."  "Right."  her sister said smirking.  "AAAH" Arohi yelled throwing her hands up in the air and walking away.  As she climbed the stairs and walked to her room she passed by Sonam's room.  She stopped as she heard the young girl sobbing.  Opening the door a crack she saw that Sonam was on the phone.  "Please Rahul"  "I'm sorry, my parents made me come here."   "After they found out I shop lifted I got into so much trouble."  "No I'm not blaming you Rahul," she sobbed into the phone.  "I didn't tell anyone I shop lifted for you."   "I just miss you so much."  "Don't you miss me?"  "Please Rahul don't say that."  "I'm trying to be everything you want me to be."  "I've even lost weight like you wanted me too."   "You have to go?"  "Okay, but will you call me?"  "I left you so many messages but you haven't returned any of my calls."  "Hello," "hello Rahul."  Arohi watched as Sonam hung up the phone throwing herself on the bed sobbing.  Arohi quietly shut the door and leaned against it.  Poor Sonam she thought and that bas**rd Rahul was obviously using her.  No wonder masi sent her here.  She needed to help her little cousin, but how.  Sonam had totally alienated herself from everyone.  Arohi walked into her room trying to think of a solution.
Arjun smiled at something his father in law was saying and casually glanced around for Arohi.  He'd been here for a half hour and no sign of Arohi.   Knowing her she would probably stay away from him all night.   As if guessing Arjun's thoughts, his father in law asked Neha where Arohi was.  "I'm not sure," she said glancing at the staircase.  "I checked her room earlier but she wasn't in there."  Arohi's dad frowned.  What was he going to do with this girl he thought.  Nothing said a little voice in his head, she's just barely started talking to you.  This is between her and Arjun, let them sort it out.  "The BBQ is ready, why don't we go outside and start dinner." he said.    Everyone  but Arjun followed him out.  Arjun excusing himself to make a quick phone call. Walking outside, who should be there, but Arohi, curled up on a chaise reading a magazine.  "Arohi, I've been looking for you." Neha snapped.  "Well you found me." Arohi said not looking up from her magazine.  Neha took a deep breath  "We're about to start the BBQ, can you grab the marinated meat please?"  "It's in the fridge."  Arohi sighed.  "Cinderella," "Cinderella" she said getting up.  Never a minutes peace, her sister was always making her do something or another.  
As she walked inside and came around the corner into a hallway.  She collided with Arjun.  Arjun caught her against him before she could fall.  Their faces inches apart, Arohi and Arjun stared at eachother.  Arjun's hands on Arohi's hips, and hers on his shoulders.  Arjun gaze drifted to Arohi's lips, which got Arohi's heart racing.    "Hi" he said softly.  "Hi" Arohi answered back.  Neither one moving out of the others arms.  Still staring into eachother's eyes.  A cough is what finally pulled them back to the present.  Quickly pulling away from eachother Arohi took two steps back from Arjun.  "Di" she said as she saw her sister giving them a big smile.  "Sorry to interupt but I needed to get by, to grab the meat."  she said.  "Di, I told you I would get it.'  "I asked you 10  minutes ago to grab it"  "But I guess you got distracted." Neha smirked, looking at both Arohi and Arjun.  "I'll get it." Arohi said quickly walking past Arjun and her sister.  Arjun looked back at Arohi.  She was a sight for sore eyes, he thought.  Then shaking his head he thought to himself he was getting as bad as Arvind.  The Ahluwalia sisters had that effect on their husbands.  
Arohi practically ran to the kitchen.  Trying to calm her racing heart she told herself over and over again that being in his arms did not effect her, it had just been shock from colliding with him that made her lose herself in him for 10 minutes.  They stood in that hallway staring at eachother for 10 minutes!  How could that even be?  Di must have have been exaggerating.  But in her heart, Arohi knew if was probably true.  When she was that close to Arjun she easily lost herself in him.  Be strong, keep your distance she said to herself.  Taking the meat out of the fridge she made her way back to the backyard.    Ofcourse the first person she made eye contact with was Arjun.  She quickly looked away.  
Everyone, including her had a great evening, Arohi grudgingly admitted to herself.  The food had been wonderful, the easy conversation, the laughter.  When Sonam had finally come downstairs, her jaw had dropped at the sight of Arjun.  Arohi had hid a giggle.  She had to admit Arjun had that effect.  He was a good looking guy.  Ofcourse he had no effect on her cause his evilness made her immune to his charm.  But she did notice that he made Sonam feel comfortable almost right away.  And he was really sweet to her, joking around with her like her would to Rashi or Shefali.  Tonight was the first time since Sonam had arrived that Arohi had seen her laugh.  She had not fully opened up to them but atleast she wasn't as withdrawn.  Maybe there was hope yet for Sonam.   
"Look at the time." Arohi's dad said yawning.  "Way past my bedtime."  "Sitting with you young kids has brought me back to my childhood." " I'm tired too, I'll come up aswell." Arohi's mom said.   Arjun and Arvind both started to stand.  "No, no you two sit."  "Infact why don't you two just spend the night."  "It's late what's the point of leaving now."  Arohi's dad said. "Sounds good."  Arvind said quickly.  Neha smiled as she hit his arm.  Arohi stood behind her dad glaring at Arjun as she shook her head NO.  "Arjun, you will stay son?"  Arjun glanced at Arohi and then her dad.  "Sure I'll stay too."  He said.  Arohi's eyes shot daggers at him.  "Alright then good night everyone." said her parents.  Sonam had gone up earlier complaining of jet lag.  Arohi glanced at her sister who not a second after her parents left the room, was already in her husbands arms.  "Disgusting!" Arohi snapped as she turned her attention back to Arjun.  "What the hell is wrong with you?" she snapped.  "Why would you agree to stay?!"  "I don't know, it's late."  "I've been drinking."  "I'm tired." "So I decided to stay." he said.  And you're here, he thought to himself smiling.  "Please wipe that nasty smile off your face."  "These are not reasons to stay here."  "I'm on vacation."  "Vacation away from you."  "You're ruining that vacation."  "Arohi, you're whole life is one big vacation." And I don't see how I'm ruinng anything for you."  "I'll just sleep on my side of the bed and you sleep on yours."  "Unless you want to come sleep on my side of the bed with me, or on top of me which is what I know you usually prefer." He said softly as he stepped closer to her.  Arohi felt herself blushing.  "Shut up Arjun."  She snapped as she turned around and walked away from him.  He caught up with her when she went around the garden to a little hidden gazebo with a large wooden bench.  "Let go of me." she said as Arjun caught her arm.  Arjun smiled but let go and Arohi sat down on the bench ignoring him.    Arjun sat down next to her.  "You know you're quite pretty when you frown like that."  "You should do it more often."  "When you smile you look horrible."  "Just horrible."  Arohi stared at him frowning more.  "Yes just like that." "Gorgeous."  "Just gorgeous."  "Your beautiful smile does nothing for you, but your frown does wonders for your face."  Slowly Arohi's frown started turning up as Arjun kept talking about her frowning Arohi couldn't help the smile that now tugged at her lips.   "Oh no you're smiling."  Arjun said laughing as she hit his arm.   "I'm blinded by your smile."  Arohi hit him again but this time he caught her hand.  Their faces just inches from eachother he said.  "Let me finish."   "I love your smile."  Arohi's smile slipped as her eyes grew wide.  "Even though it's so rarely directed at me, everytime it is, I'm blinded by the beauty of that smile."  Arohi's heart skipped a beat.  Arjun paused and then moved forward and his lips pressed against hers, she leaned into him.  The kiss was just a caress at first, but once Arjun's lips had touched hers he couldn't help but kiss her softly.  When Arjun deepened the kiss and heard Arohi's little moan, he pulled her closer to him and kissed her passionately. His kisses and caresses making her crazy, she pulled herself even closer to him.  Arjun pulled her on to his lap, never once releasing her from the intoxicating mind numbing kiss.  
That's how Neha and Arvind found the couple a short time later.
First I'm so sorry about the delay.  It's just been one of those weeks.  Anyways I've updated SWTE first because I'm trying to figure out exactly what route I'm goign to take with RNBDJ.  I will post something for that in the next few days.  In the mean time hope you enjoy this update.  I wrote this as a turning point in their relationship.  Atleast for Arjun.  Please let me know what you thought.
Thanks for reading.

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Posted: 26 June 2011 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
me first!
neha n arvind found them like that?? haha!!
res. will comment after my college gets over!!
your ff has made me so crazy that i have sneaked my phone into the class!!!


the smallest detail of this update has also created such deep impacts in my mind!! truly,this update was very beautiful (yea...that's the word!)

di,i have to tell you this first,this update for reason i feel is the best update ever,i mean your updates have always been high on passion and have been very practical till date but this update was very high on emotional content! i remember the update in which arohi was confused with her feelings for arjun in RNBDJ,it was quite emotional,but not this emotional!

Arohi's character has always been of the one who did things without giving a second thought,but in this update every action of hers was very well justified! it had to be justified because in other ways it would have looked like anyother silly tantrum she throws! but this time her anger was anything but silly! her anger was expected and she had the right to be!

Arjun's jealousy and hurt was very well described! clearly,arjun is realising his feelings towards her,and probably he'll be the first one to realise his love Smile though arjun's way of trying to force himself was very wrong and unforgivable, you had beautifully explained the way his emotions were messed up and yet again you justified his actions very well! no one could have pulled this off this well! 'coz if you missed out a little detail too,this update might have ended up
making us hate one of characters! i mean it would have looked as if arohi was over reacting or arjun was man handling her!!

it was like watching a kJo film for me! like the part were arjun and arohi were lost in each others meant something more was growing between them,something far more than their physical attraction!

they way arjun pacified arohi towards the end was too good,soft and romantic, the way he progressed from making her smile to a slight brush against her lips to a passionate kiss was very lovable!
and did i forget the sonam part?? it nice,the way you explained a teenage girl's insecurities! i guess this girl is going to help in show casing a deeper version of arjun or arohi in the upcoming the way,arohi noticed how arjun was making her feel at home,and the place were arohi had compared arjun's behavior with sonam as the was he would have been with rashi and shefali was awesome!

the way you show neha and arvind relationship and the way they inspire arjun and arohi,
was also beautiful ( i don't know why i feel that arjun n arohi are inspired by them,may be because both the couples are compared in every step :) )

highlight of the episode was both arjun and arohi, and the way their relationship has changed! from arjun's feelings it was clear that he was falling for arohi, and although arohi's feelings were vague,it is clear that she has already fallen for him unknowingly(why do i think that its going to take more time for her than the RNBDJ arohi took, to realise her feelings)!
 and yea...finally,i don't know why but i think that this kiss is not going to lead them any further! i mean may be something is going to happen that night...may be something because of sonam? or will arjun and arohi end up becoming one??
to know the answer to the question,i'm going to have to stay tuned! i know thatLOL
so...i'm impatiently waiting for your update :)

p.s: i loved every bit of this update!
sry...the comment became quite long..i think i was in the mood to write!Big smile
also sorry i didn't add those cute smileys cause the comment was already too long ang it would make it look longerLOL
avoid any grammatical or spelling mistakes coz i didnt get time to re-check it :)'re the BEST!
now...i'm not going to update my ff now 'coz i ran out of time n 'em gonna have to leave for my test! wish me luck :D

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