Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF-Sleeping with the Enemy Prt18 Pg131(July 22) (Page 6)

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Thanks for reading this newest story and for your comments.  I hope you enjoy this next part.
Part 2
Arohi walked into the Singhania house and was instantly transported back to her childhood.  She had spent a lot of time here as a child.  Most of it getting bullied by Mr. Know it all Arjun.  But still she had good memories here.   Arjun's sister Rashi and Arohi were good friends but Arohi avoided coming over because she didn't want another run in with the loser.  She looked up, as she heard a deep voice say "Hi uncle." "Hi aunty."  Loser was in the building she thought.  She ignored him and looked past him to Abhi.  "Hi" she said waving and giving him a flirty smile.  Arjun stared at Abhi with disgust as he practically ran over to Arohi.  His best friend had lost his freakin mind he thought to himself.  Everyone exchanged hellos and hugs.  Arjun noticed that Sid uncle's reaction to Abhi was anything but warm.  If only uncle knew that Abhi was planning on becoming his future son in law.  Hell, I can see Uncle Sid saying yes to that alliance in a second.  Just to get his hellion daughter married and out of the house.  He felt sorry for the poor guy who would end up with her.  But he would make sure that poor guy was not his friend Abhi.
Dinner was loud and delicious.  The Singhanias and Ahluwalias were family so there was no formality between them.  Food was cooked together, served casually.  The kids talked over eachother and had no problem cutting eachother off to get in their opinion.  After dinner, the parents dispersed to the living room and the kids to the family room.  Arjun's sisters Rashi and Shefali, Arohi, Abhi and Arjun each grabbed  a sofa or a place on the floor.  Abhi sat next to Arohi on the floor and grabbed her hand, she pulled it away giving him a cheeky smile.  "So Arohi, is everything set for the Vegas trip?" Shefali asked.  "Yup, flights and hotel are booked."  "We're leaving the day after tomorrow and we're gone for 2 nights 3 days." she said excitedly. "Who's we?" Arjun asked .  "Why do you care, you're not invited." Arohi snapped.  "Anyways, as I was saying we've got 2 suites at the Venetian."  "Side by side, so we can party and drink and then head for the clubs."  Arjun rolled his eyes and turned his attention to Abhi.  "You're crazy girlfriend is a handful on a regular day, I can't imagine what she'd be like drunk."  "Excuse me!" Arohi said glaring at Arjun.  "Abhi tell your Loser of a friend to keep his mouth shut. "  "Because if I get started in on him he's going to be begging me to stop."  Abhi looked between Arjun and Arohi, who were both  glaring at eachother.  "Um, Arjun you heard what Arohi said right."  "Abhi you tell your crazy girlfriend to bring it."  "I'm not scared of her."  "I'd like to hear words other then "like, uh huh and whatever" out of her mouth maybe she wouldn't sound so much like a dumb blond." 
Arohi jumped up.  "How dare you?!" she yelled.  "I'm not the dumb blond."  "Dumb blonds are the kind of girls that you go for."  "The kind of girls you can boss around and try to feel superior too, because we all know you have a superiority complex."  "You just love to put people down and try to make yourself look good."  "It's all about Arjun Singhania, no one else matters."   "Well, Arjun I'd rather be a dumb blond then the world's biggest jerk."  Arjun's face was red with fury.  No one spoke to him like that.  He moved forward and Rashi yelled "DAD"  Abhi stood infront of Arohi.  "Arjun calm down" Abhi said.  "Arohi didn't mean it."  Arohi pushed Abhi.  "Ofcourse, I meant it." she yelled.   Arjun lunged at her and Rashi screamed "DAD!!" again. 
When the parents ran into the room the sight infront of them was one of mayhem.  Arjun was being barely held back by his two sisters as Abhi stood infront of Arohi.  Both Arjun and Arohi were screaming at eachother.   Arjun's dad pulled him back.  "Arjun what are you doing?"  "Is this how we treat a guest in out home?" he asked angrily. "Rudra, don't get mad at Arjun." "I'm pretty sure I know who is behind this." he said glaring at Arohi.  Arohi's mouth fell open.  "Dad it's not my fault."  "He started it." she said.  "I started it?!" Arjun yelled.  "I asked you a simple question but the problem is you don't even know how to answer simple questions, no wonder you keep failing out of all your classes."  Arohi threw herself at him.  She caught his shirt and as her dad and Abhi hauled her back, a piece of Arjun's shirt came back with her. 
Arjun stared down at his ripped shirt.  He was going to kill he thought.  "STOP IT BOTH OF YOU" Arohi's dad yelled.   "You two are grown adults but are acting like 5 year olds."  "Arjun, I know Arohi is immature but you, you're better then this."  Arohi stared at her dad.  Did he even realize he had just insulted her.   "I'm leaving." she said glaring at her dad and Arjun.  "Abhi, lets go." she said grabbing Abhi's hand.  "Rashi, Shefali I'll see you day after next." " Aunty, Uncle thank you for a wonderful dinner."  "Arjun, drop dead"  With that Arohi was gone.
"I'm sorry." Siddarth said to Rudra later that evening as they sat, together and had a drink.  "I just don't know what to do with her."  "She's so headstrong."   "Sid, why would you apologize."   "I've known Arohi all her life."  "She's just like Rashi and Shefali to me."  "And you can say whatever you want but Arjun has just as much, if not more to do with this as Arohi."  "He baits her and when she lashes out he gets angry."  "Whatelse does he expect."   "The funny thing is he's usually very calm, cool and collected."  "But with Arohi I barely recognize him."  "It's been like this since they were little, I thought things would improve but they're just getting worse."  "I know and just imagine  when they were little we used to talk about getting them married when they were older."  Both men burst out laughing. " Yeah right, they are the most ill suited two people in the world."  The men continued to laugh and soon were discussing something else.  Arjun and Arohi's fights were a normal occurrence.  No one but Arohi and Arjun actually thought about them.
Abhi watched Arohi pace in her living room.  She had just finished calling Arjun every name in the book.  "Abhi, how can you be friends with that jerk?"  "Arohi. he's not that bad, he's actually a great guy once you get to know him."  "Abhi, you're forgetting, that I do know him."  "I've spent my whole life knowing him."  "Believe me, he's not worth knowing" she snapped.  "Arohi, let's not talk about Arjun anymore" Abhi said trying to change the subject.  "Let's talk about Vegas, are you all packed?"  Arohi looked at him like he was crazy.  "No, I still have so much shopping to do, I need sandals, and another bathing suit and..."  Abhi listened to Arohi, relieved that she was finally starting to calm down.  Her and Arjun were like oil and water, they did not mix.  He just hoped that one day they could learn to tolerate eachother because he loved them both.
Two days later:
Arohi and Abhi were the last ones at the gate.   Arohi had had some luggage problems.  apparently her suitcase was 20lbs over weight.  Her dad who had dropped her off at the airport made her take half of her stuff out.  "Arohi you don't need 9 pairs of shoes." he had yelled.  Arohi had reluctantly did as he said.  She didn't want to miss her flight.  As they approached the gate Arohi saw hers and Abhi's  friends...Shefali, Rashi, Tina, Jay, Romit, Sanchit, her cousin Gauri and ARJUN!  Arohi, tripped as she saw  Arjun.  "Abhi," she said gritting her teeth."  "What is that jerk doing here."  "Abhi, gulped looking over at Arjun.  "What was he doing here?"  As they approached the group Arjun looked up and completely ignored Arohi.  "But that didn't stop Arohi from marching over and poking him in the chest with her finger.  "What the hell are you doing here?"  "I'm here to see a movie." he snapped.  "What the hell do you think I'm doing here."  "I'm going to Vegas."  "How dare you, do you have no pride."  "Even after I tell you you're not invited you still come."  "Oh, Arohi I didn't know you owned Las Vegas and that I needed your permission to go there?"  Arjun said sarcastically.  "Now get out of my way." he said pushing her aside and moving over to Romit.  Arohi was fuming.  Mr. No Personality was coming with them.   This trip was a failure even before it started.  Then she looked at her cousin Gauri chatting it up with Arjun.  Actually those two would make a good couple she thought.  They were both sucks ups and know it alls!
Upon arriving in Vegas, they took a limo to the Venetian and settled into their suites which were side by side.  Guys in one, girls in the other. 
Arjun unpacked his stuff.  He had to juggle and change a lot of important meetings so that he could be here to stop Abhi from proposing to the psycho.  He just prayed he was successful.
Arohi rummaged through her suitcase looking for her bikini.  As she pulled it out her cousin Gauri looked at her disapprovingly.  "Isn't that a little too revealing" she said in her usual snooty tone.  Arohi looked at Gauri's conservative one piece.  "Isn't that a little too conservative." she said sarcastically.   Gauri looked down her nose at Arohi.  Why was her cousin even here she thought.  Vegas was for people who liked to have fun.  Gauri just liked to ruin people's fun!  Another thing her and Arjun had in common.
"I'm going to the pool, who's coming with me?" she asked.  Everyone said yes including Gauri albeit grudgingly.  Arohi threw on her cherry red bikini and cover-up.  As the girls walked by the guys suite Arohi knocked on the door.  Abhi opened it.  "We're going to the pool." she said walking in. "Do you guys want to come?'  She pointedly ignored Arjun.    The guys grabbed there stuff and Arjun not to be left behind also grabbed his stuff.  Arohi stopped him.  "Sorry you can't come to the pool with us?"  "Why you own that too?" he asked getting ready to push past her.  "No didn't you see the sign, no dogs allowed".  Arjun had to be restrained from choking her as Arohi walked out of the room smiling. 
Arohi had just finsihed applying her sun screen and was reaching for a magazine when she heard Tina next to her gasp and then say "WOW."  Arohi glanced at her and then looked in the direction she was looking in.  Arjun stood at the edge of the pool wearing board shorts and nothing else.  Arohi felt her mouth go dry.  WOW, she thought before she could stop herself.  When did Arjun get a body like that?  The last time she's seen him without a shirt was probably when he was 10 years old. He sure didn't have the 6 pack abs and rock hard body then. Then she furrowed her brows. What the hell was she doing looking at the enemy's body.  He might have a nice chest but he was hideous in every other way she thought as she watched him dive into the swimming pool.  Show off!  she thought as she forcibly turned her eyes back to her magazine.  
Arjun swam a couple of laps and as he ran his hand through his hair he glanced at the other side of the pool and saw  a flash of red, he took another look.  And stared.  Arohi, was not the knobby knee skinny little Arohi anymore, she's definitely grown up and filled in, in all the right places.  He stared at her her long legs which led up to some pretty sexy curves.  Then he stopped.  What the hell was he doing looking at Arohi Ahluwalia.  And why had he used the word sexy and her in the same sentence.  He wanted to throw up.  Maybe the Las Vegas desert heat was going to his head.  he dipped back into the pool and swam the other way.  Arohi stood next to the pool, flirting with Abhi.  She loved flirting, it was so much fun and guys were so easy to manipulate.  A little smile here, a little touch on the arm, a little giggle and they fell all over themselves to do whatever she wanted.  Is was too easy.  "Abhi, she said twirling a wisp of hair. "Will you grab me a a drink please."  "Sure what would you like?"  "Um, get me something fruity."  "Maybe  a strawberry margarita please."  He smiled and kissed her hand before walking away."  "Abhi was a great guy, maybe one day she'd let him kiss her.  But not yet.  She'd actually not let any guy kiss her yet.  She was saving her first kiss for someone special.  Who knew maybe that would be Abhi she thought look back after him.  
Arohi stood by the pool, and casually scanned it.  She didn't see Arjun.  Good she thought as she lightly dipped her toe in the water.  The water seemed to be a nice temperature.  She dipped it again and suddenly she was falling. "AAAH" she screamed as she ungracefully fell into the water.  Arjun stood back in the pool and smiled.  Arohi Ahluwalia was looking a little hot he thought he'd cool her off.  Arohi flayed around in the pool, going underwater and as she came up sputtered water.  Then she grabbed on to something or someone and she held on tight.  Gasping and still coughing she said in a panic.  "Please can you help me I don't know how to swim."  But as she looked up at who she was holding on too she let go and right away started sinking again.  Arjun hauled her back.  "You don't know how to swim?" he asked shocked.    "Arjun, let go of me." she yelled.  Arjun promptly let her go and as she came back up from the water she grabbed on to him again.  "You loser, why did you let me go?" "she yelled.  Arjun rolled his eyes.  She had her arms wrapped around his neck and was pressed up against him.  Holding on for dear life.  "How did you get to be 23 and not learn to swim?" he asked shaking his head.  "There are 3 years that know how to swim."  "Shut up, I don't like swimming."  "So I didn't learn."  "Well maybe you shouldn't jump into pools if you can't swim." he said sarcastically.  "I didn't jump in." she snapped.  "Someone pulled me in."  She was trying not to think about the fact that she was pressed against him and that his arm was around her waist.  This was the most embarrassing moment of her life.  Who would have pulled her in she thought and a second later she gasped and turned a glare towards Arjun.  "You pulled me in didn't you?!" she asked angrily.  Arjun smirked at her.  "You looked like you needed some cooling off." he said.  "Arjun Singhania you are the devil" she said gritting her teeth.  "If I never see you again, it would be too soon."  "Hey, it's this devil that saved your life" he snapped.  She glared at him again. " It's also this devil who tried to kill me."  "You'e such a drama queen." he snapped.    Their faces were inches apart as they glared at eachother.  That was how Abhi found them a minute later.  Abhi stared at Arohi and Arjun.  What the hell, how did this happen he thought.  He cleared his throat, nothing,  Then he coughed loudly.  Arohi and Arjun snapped out of it and looked up at him.
"What's going on here?" he asked with a smile.  "Nothing" Arjun said ."Other then the fact your dumb girlfriend decided to jump into the pool when she can't swim."  Arohi glared at him again.  "I didn't jump, some big oaf pulled me into the water." she snapped.  "Okay well, why don't you guys move over to the shallow end so Arohi can come out."  "Oh yeah, shallow end Arohi thought looking at Arjun.  She held him tight as they floated over to the shallow end.  And then Arjun let her go, and she grabbed the wall and Abhi pulled her up.  Arohi got out of the water dripping wet and as Abhi grabbed her a towel she stared down at Arjun.  Don't worry Arjun I'll get you back for this she thought.  Dried she settled back into her chair and tried not to remember the feeling of being pressed up against Arjun. 
Arohi took a long shower and came out of the bathroom to find everyone gathered in her suite.  "So where are we going tonight?' Abhi asked.  "We've got VIP service at Pure so we'll go there." Arohi said.  "I'm starving, lets get pizza" she said looking through her dresses to see what she was going to wear.  Everyone agreed except Arjun.  "Pizza, no thanks let's get Mexican."  Everyone agreed, except Arohi.  "No, we're getting pizza." she said.  "No, we're getting Mexican."  "Nooo, I said we're getting pizza, so we're getting pizza." she said with her hands on her hips.  "Noo..." Abhi cut them off.  "Let's get both." he said.  "Please let's go both." he said pleadingly.  "Fine" both Arohi and Arjun snapped turning away from eachother.  Abhi shook his head, this was only day one.  How would they get through the next couple of days without one them killing eachother.  He was already exhausted from playing referee.
Dinner came and everyone ate as they got ready for the night.  They used both suites to get ready in, going back and worth between the two.  Arohi wore a short, tight fitting,  emerald green chiffon dress.  It fit her like a glove and ruched all along the side cinching it even more.  She wore black and gold drop earrings and black 3 inch heals.  Her hair she wore in curls which she had tied so that the curls fell over one shoulder.  Abhi saw her and felt his breath catch.  Tonight he was going to ask her to marry him he thought.  The most beautiful girl in the world was going to be his wife.  "Abhi, where's Rashi?"  "I need to get my gloss back from her." "She's in our suite, should I grab her."  "No." Arohi, said.  "I'll get her."  Arohi rushed out of her suite and walked into the other suite, not paying attention as she rummaged through her clutch.  The she hit a brick wall.  "Ow," she thought looking up at the brick wall AKA Arjun, as he steadied her.  They stared at eachother for a second before she shoved past him.  Arjun looked back at her retreating back.  Shaking his head.  This was Arohi, he reminded himself looking back.  She might look damn sexy in that dress but she was evil and he had to make sure that evil didn't latch on to his friend.  
They headed for the club without knowing that this night was going to change their lives forever.
So there it is, please let me know what you think and if I should continue.

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actually i can't wait to read the part after their marriage where they'd probably be breaking each others head apart!! :D :D

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Luvd it too much. Wao!hw much childish they are. Plz update soon. Cnt wait much. Hats off 2 u 4 both wondrful ff.

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Great! Love their constant fighting and bickeringBig smile
Very excited to read what's going to happen and lead to that morning afterBig smile

Update soon and also please update RNBDJ!

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oo another entertaining chapter! haha i love how much of brat Arohi can be in front of Arjun...they sure know how to tick each other off
cant wait for another chapter!!
thanks for the pm :)
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when will the next chap be up?Big smile

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sure u mst !!
n am w8ng fr d next update
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Wow, that was great mindblowing update.. Waiting for next chap...

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