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FF-Sleeping with the Enemy Prt18 Pg131(July 22) (Page 25)

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very nice FF

i am sure arjun will be chucked out of his room first night


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Please update soon.  Thanks.
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Originally posted by salmankh1

Originally posted by vrshn

yea...we're desperate for an update!!

AAW sad face...But change it to a happy one because I will be updating very soon.  : ) 

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Originally posted by kmh2angel

Originally posted by vrshn

yea...we're desperate for an update!!

from where do u get such sweet smileys

actually its from sweet im..i have the tool bar...if you want then click on the smiley, i think it'll be a link to its siteSmile

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Hi everyone,  Thanks for the lovely comments.  I hope you like the new chapter. 
Part 6
Arohi tried to stifle her yawn.  She was exhausted.  The wedding ofcourse had made for a long day but then once she was at Arjun's house there was custom after custom to go through.  Normally that wouldn't be a problem except she had to follow those customs and traditions with Arjun.  Oh how she hated the sight of him.  But she did grudgingly admit he looked decent.  Okay maybe a little more then decent.  The gold and cream uchkin with some emerald green stones looked really good on him.  But she would never ever in a million years admit that to him or anyone else.  
"Arohi, I mean bhabhi we have one more game then you and Bhai can go upstairs to your room."  Rashi said giggling and making the other girls around her giggle too.  Arohi glared at them.  "What's the game Rashi, because seriously I'm done here." Arjun snapped.    "Bhai, I know you're anxious to get Bhabhi alone but one more game."his cousin Arti said sweetly.  Arjun rolled his eyes.  Alone with the psycho, no thanks. he thought.  "So here's the game.  This is a bowl of milk, you and bhabhi will put in your wedding bands and whoever finds their's first is the winner."  "The winner is who dominates in the marriage." Rashi said in a cheeky tone.  Arohi had zoned out until she heard "dominates in the marriage."  Interesting, she thought, smiling slowly. Arjun stared at the evil smile on Arohi's face.  She's dumber then she looks if she actually thinks she's going to win he thought to himself.  "Fine let's get this over with." he said taking off his ring."  Rashi took both rings and put them in the milk.  Then Arjun and Arohi faced eachother, glaring at one another.  "Ready, set, go" Rashi yelled.  They both put there hand in but Arohi couldn't seem to feel anything.  Oh my god, I have to win this she thought.  "Go bhai" she could hear Rashi yelling.  "Hmm, should of known, becoming friends with the enemy's sister was a bad idea."  "Look at her cheering for her brother."  Atleast Shefali was cheering for her.  "Go bhabhi, go!  Then Arohi saw the triumphant look on Arjun's face, he'd found something.  As he made a move to lift up his hand Arohi pinched it as hard as she could.  "OW" Arjun yelled dropping the ring.  Arohi grabbed a ring and held it up.  Her eyes wide with excitement.  "Bhabhi wins!" Shefali yelled.  Arjun glared at Arohi.  "No she didn't win, she cheated."  Arohi turned wide innocent eyes at him.  "Arjun don't be a poor sport now."  "You haven't changed at all, even when we were children he would throw tantrums when he lost."  "Which was often."  Everyone laughed while Arjun pictured his hands around Arohi's neck squeezing slowly.  "So Rashi what were you saying?"  "Who ever wins dominates in the marriage huh."  "She sent Arjun a knowing look.  Arjun's friends stood next to him teasing him.  "Arjun, hopefully you don't become one of those husbands that follows their wives around like little puppies." "Shut- up" Arjun snapped.
Arohi was so happy.  Even if the stupid game didn't mean anything she still was happy she'd won.  The look on Arjun's face had been priceless.  There were going to be many more looks like that on his face.  She would make damned sure of it.  "Bhabi let us take you upstairs to your new room." said Shefali interrupting Arohi's evil thoughts.  Arohi walked up knowing exactly where Arjun's room was.   She'd been in it plenty of times when they were younger.  But walking in it now it was no longer a boy's room, it was definitely a man's room.  Ofcourse someone, probably Rashi and Shefali had decorated it with flowers and candles for their first night.  But the blue and white room with it's  simple dark but elegant furniture was definitely a male dominated room.  She was going to have lots of fun redecorating she thought to herself with a smile.  "Do you need anything bhabhi?" Shefali asked.  "Nope."  "But can you just help me un pin this dupatta."  "I can't reach the pins in the back."  "Arohi, I mean bhabhi you can't unpin it."  "You need to wait for bhai to come into the room."  "It's your suhaag raat." she said pointedly.  "Yeah and you've been watching too many hindi movies."  Arohi snapped.  "Firstly , there is no suhaag raat for the two of us."  "We hate eachother."  "Second, even if there was I wouldn't be sitting on the bed with a big ghunghat."  "Being all shy and demure"  Rashi shook her head.  "Fine." she snapped. " But I still think tonight is going to be special for you two."  Arohi rolled her eyes.  The two girls left saying  good night to Arohi.  
First things first Arohi thought walking to the glass of milk sitting next to the bed.  I'll help myself to this. as she drank the whole glass.  She'd had the same issues with dinner that she had with lunch.  Eating off the same plate.  "EEW!  Then she went to work on her duppata which she finally got off and threw on the ground.  Her jewelry came off next.  And then she started pulling the pins out of her hair and throwing them on the ground.  Her shoes already lay at the foot of the bed.  She looked at the king size bed and started stacking the few teddy bears she was able to fit into her over night bag including Mr. Softy Ahluwaila onto the bed.  She had only brought an over night bag today with only essentials enough for today and tomorrow.  Her parents were bringing the rest tomorrow.  There was going to be a reception held at Arjun's house to welcome Arohi into their home. She didn't really think it was such a good idea since she was only going to be spending a short period of time here.  But she didn't want to hurt Arjun's parents by declining either.   Once she convinced or tortured Arjun enough to divorce her she's be out of here.  Only a matter of time.  
Lost in thought Arohi didn't see Arjun walk in.  "What the hell have you done to my room?" Arjun yelled.  "What?"  Arohi asked looking around at the mess she had created.  "Looks fine to me."  "It's a mess Arohi."  "I can't live in a mess."  "You can't."  "Well then you'd better learn."  she said smiling sweetly.  "And what are these stuffed animals doing on my bed. " "Your bed."  Haha, you're so funny."  Arohi said laughing to herself.  "Yes, my bed."  "Arjun this is no longer your bed."  "What?" he yelled.  "That over there," Arohi said pointing to the sofa "is your bed or there is the bathroom tub."  "Take your pick."  Arohi walked over to her over night bag to grab her pajamas.     "Arohi, I am not sleeping anywhere but on my bed."  "You want to sleep on the sofa or in the tub or on the floor or out in my backyard with the dogs, be my guest."   But I will be sleeping on my bed.  We''ll see about that, Arohi thought rummaging through her carry on.  Where were her pajama's she thought.  Arjun glared at Arohi.  She was such a pain in the ass he didn't know how he was ever going to be rid of her.  Arohi flung clothing out of her bag.  This was ridiculous she knew she had packed them.  After she had flung everything out she reached in and grabbed one last item, pulling it out she gasped.  She threw it back into the bag.  Oh my god she thought to herself please don't let the devil have seen that.  Arjun stared at her.  What was that she just threw back into her bag.  She was looking at him  nervously now.  Arjun walked over to her.  "What was that? he asked.  "Is that something you're planning on using on me tonight?" he asked suspiciously.  Arohi's face turned red.  "NO!" she snapped.  "It's nothing."  "Oh I think it's something." he said.  "Probably something to torture me with."  "I'm on to you wifey."  "Let me see it." he said holding out his hand.  "NO!" Arohi yelled grabbing her bag.  Arjun laughed and shook his head.  "Arohi, will you ever learn."  "You don't think I can get that bag from you?"  "Arjun, it's nothing.  I swear it's nothing." "Please just back off."  "Now I really have to see what it is." he said stalking towards her as she moved backwards.  "Arjun, don't take another step if you know what's good for you."  "Arohi, I think I've already told you how I feel about your idle threats."  "They mean nothing for me!"  Arjun stalked forward and Arohi kept moving backwards until she hit the wall.  She hugged the bag to herself.  There was no way she was going to let him see what was in it.  "Arjun one more step and I'll scream."  "Go for it he said, they're downstairs celebrating for some stupid reason.  No one is going to hear you.    
Arohi looked around trying to think of an escape route.  But there was none.  Arjun stood extremely close to her now, not touching her but close enough that he could.  "Give it over."  "Let's see what you brought to torture me with."  Arohi shook her head no hugging the bag tighter.  He grabbed on to the bag and within seconds had it out of her grasp.  "NO!" she yelled throwing herself at him.  He would never let her live down what was in that bag.  Arjun caught her as she came at him and as he tried to restrain her from injuring herself and him they fell on the bed.  Him on top of her.  Her hair all wild, her eyes wide, her lips, her lips Arjun thought as he remembered what it had felt to kiss those lips.  Arohi stared up at Arjun.  Why was he looking at her like that?  It was making her feel weird, all tingly.  She pushed at him.  "Get off me you freak."    Arjun blinked and got off her.  He paused for a second and then grabbed the bag pulling out whatever was in it. Arohi stared at him in mortified.  Arjun stared at what was in his hand.  A barely there short black see through piece of lingerie hung from Arjun's hand.  
Arjun looked at Arohi and back at the lingerie.  "What is this?" he asked.  "Nothing," she answered reaching for it but he pulled his hand back.  "Nothing?" "Well there isn't much of it but I wouldn't say this was nothing." Arjun said.  "But what I want to know is what are you are doing with it."  "Nothing, I am definitely not doing anything with it." she snapped.  "If you weren't doing anything with it why do you have it on our wedding night?"  Arohi's face turned bright red.  "Arjun, you loser give it back." she said jumping to try to get it from his grasp, but he kept it out of her reach.  "I think someone was hoping for a real wedding night." he said smirking.  "Drop dead." Arohi snapped.  "I want a wedding night with you?" "Please!" " I would rather walk over hot coals barefoot, I would rather fall to my death from the highest building in the world. I would..."  "Alright Arjun said interrupting her, I get the gruesome picture."  ""But I think you're lying."  "But if you want to try it on for me I won't stop you."  "But be warned I won't be tempted because..." looking her up and down he said with a disgusted look on his face. " You're not my type."  Arohi was livid now.   "I couldn't be your type Arjun, you're type has to be blind and dumb.  Arjun's nostrils' flared.  He grabbed her arm.  "You should be careful about what you say." "You know  just for tonight  I may switch my type to stubborn stupid girls who try to seduce me with sexy lingerie."  Arjun and Arohi stared at eachother until Arjun suddenly let Arohi go and threw the lingerie at the her.  "Here, you're boring me.  I'm going to bed."   Arohi held the lingerie back glaring at him.
She grabbed her bag and gathered up her clothes she's thrown onto the floor.  Amongst the clothes she found a note.  "Here's a little something that will knock Arjun's socks off."  PS I burned the flannel pajamas.  Love Neha di. 

Arohi crumpled up the note in her hand.  Why was it that her whole family was trying to ruin her life!  Looking back at Arjun she saw him unbuttoning his uchkin.  "I don't have anything to wear tonight. " "Can I borrow a t-shirt?"  Arjun stared at her and then walked to his dresser and pulled out a t-shirt.  "Here." he said   Arohi took the t-shirt and walked into the bathroom.  As she changed out of her lengha and pulled on the t-shirt she pulled the t-shirt down.  It went about mid thigh.  She had dresses that were that length.  But for some reason being in a bedroom with Arjun on their wedding night  she suddenly felt awkward wearing something like that.  She walked out, pulling her t-shirt down as she walked.  Ajun stood in pajama bottoms and nothing else.  Arohi stopped she couldn't help but stare.  His abs were rock hard and his arms were powerfully built.   As her eyes shifted to his face she made eye contact with him and looked away busying herself in organizing her over night bag.   Arjun grabbed a t-shirt and shook his head as he pulled it on.  He would never ever understand Arohi he thought.  One minute she was glaring at him the next she was looking at him with big innocent eyes and kissable lips.  
Arjun threw the stupid teddy bears Arohi had lined up on his side  off the bed.  "Hey," Arohi yelled.  "What are you doing?"  "They sleep with me."  "Sure there's plenty of room for you and these stuffed animals on the sofa."  Arohi's brows furrowed.  She wanted to stomp her foot.  But she was just too exhausted to fight with Arjun right now.  Tomorrow, she told herself, tomorrow would be a new day.  She would start her plan to torture Arjun then.  She grabbed Mr. Softy and went to the other side of the bed.  "What are you doing?" Arjun asked.  "I'm tired I'm going to bed on my side of the bed. " She put a pillow into the middle of the bed.  "Don't come beyond this pillow." she snapped.  Arjun rolled his eyes and turned to his side.  Arohi gave Mr. Soffy Ahluwalia a kiss goodnight and hugged him close drifting off to sleep almost instantly.
Arohi burrowed further into the warmth that surrounded her.  She was so comfortable, she could sleep like this forever.  Arjun felt softness underneath his hands.  He moved his hand up from Arohi's bare thigh up to her bare hip and then to her waist.   Ofcourse as he slept he didn't realize any of this or even who he was caressing.  To him this was all a dream.  A very sexy dream.  His hands moved back down to Arohi's hips and stayed there with him pulling her even closer.  Arohi turned around in her sleep and tried to pull the warmth closer.  She was so tired she just wanted to sleep a little longer.  Hopefully her mom didn't come to wake her.  Or worse her dad, he would for sure make her get up.  No she'll just burrow closer to the warmth and fall back asleep she thought drifting in and out of  sleep.  Arohi threw one leg over Arjun's and then as she pulled herself closer to him her hand slipped under his t-shirt.  Arjun's hand moved to her waist and then back to her hip, again and then again.  Arohi moaned in her sleep as she let her hand move across Arjun's chest.  And then suddenly something registered and her eyes flew open.  Staring back at her was Arjun, just inches away from her.  What the hell was happening here, they both thought to themselves as they quickly  untangled themselves from eachother.  
Arohi sat up pulling her t-shirt that had ridden up, back down.    Not looking at Arjun.  Arjun also slowly sat up.  What had he been doing, what he thought had been a dream had been anything but.  A few more minutes and who knows what they would have been doing.  Arohi slowly got out of bed pulling her t-shirt some more.  Get a grip she told herself.   This is the enemy, you need to get a divorce not live here forever as the dumb wife of Arjun Singhania.  With that  thought she felt her resolve strengthen.  Today was day 1 of making Arjun's life hell.    She pulled out a red, green and antique gold sari from her bag and slipped into the bathroom.  Arjun got up and walked to his closet.  He had to go into work today, even if it was for a half the day.  He'd already wasted 3 days on this sham of a wedding.  Now he needed to get back to his real life.  He grabbed a pair of black trousers and a light blue button up shirt with a black and blue tie.   Where was Ramu kaka with his tea he thought.  
5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 20 mins, 25 mins  Arjun banged on the bathroom door.  "Are you asleep in there?" he yelled.  "I need to take a shower, I need to get to the office."  Arohi glanced at the running shower and smiled.  She stood pinning her sari in place.  She was done her shower in 10 minutes.  Now she was just making sure the water was nice and crisp for Arjun.  Combing her hair and pulling it away from her face she applied a small bindi and did her eyes in a gold and bronze color with red lipsticks on her lips.  Her choora jingled as she checked her sari to make sure it was fine.  "35 minutes." she said out loud looking at her watch.  Let's so see how my hubby is holding up.  She turned off the shower and smiling to herself gathered her stuff and walked into the bedroom.  Arjun was pacing the room.  "Took you long enough." he yelled.  "Really?"  I thought I was barely in there for 10 minutes.  "Well,  go ahead, the shower is really nice and hot."  Arjun picked up his stuff.  "If Ramu Kaka comes with my tea tell him to leave in on the table."  "I'll have it after my shower."  Arohi nodded sweetly and Arjun looked at her suspiciously as he walked into the bathroom.  
Ramu kaka walked in not a minute later.  "Arjun baba's tea." he said.  "Thank you kaka."  "But I think he said he didn't want it anymore."  "But you're made it so I'll just have it" she said taking a sip.  Ramu kaka looked at her oddly but shrugged his shoulders and turned to leave.  Arjun baba wasn't going to have his tea today, but if he didn't have tea in the mornings he was so grouchy and he usually got a headache.  Oh well what did he know.  Now that he was a married man maybe things would be different from his normal routine.
Arjun cursed Arohi as he took a freezing cold shower.  He couldn't believe she had used all the hot water.  He was in and out of the shower in 2 minutes and quickly getting dressed when he noticed all her things littered around his bathroom.  Creams, body lotions, make-up.  She had been here for how many hours and she'd already taken over all his space.  How was he going to live with this girl without killing her.  Arjun walked out of the bathroom.  He could feel his headache starting he needed his tea.  Looking over at his table he didn't see any.  "Ramu kaka," he called where's my tea."  "Kaka came running.  "Arjun baba" I thought you told Arohi bitiya that you didn't want any tea today, so she drank it."  Arjun shook his head, ofcourse she did he thought.  "I can make you some more it'll just take a little bit of time."  Arjun checked his watch.  "No kaka leave it, I'll just grab some at the office."  'When he had a full fledged headache he thought to himself angrily.
Arjun came down and joined his family at the breakfast table.  "Good morning" he said to everyone.  "How did you sleep Arjun?" his older cousin Anup asked.  "Or shall I ask if you slept at all?"  Arjun looked at the guy with disgust.  Why was it that everyone thought you could make crude comments about  somebody's wedding night.  He was just happy they didn't kill eachother last night.  Even though what happened this morning had shook him a little.  He was going to make sure it didn't happen again.  If she didn't have  pajamas he would  buy them for  her, many, many of them.  He wasn't going to chance sleeping with a half dressed Arohi again. 
"Good morning bhai." Rashi said walking up to the table.  "How did you sleep?" she asked giggling.  Arjun rolled his eyes.  "Arjun beta, good you're here."  'What took you so long?" she asked."  Arjun glanced at Arohi's smiling face and didn't say anything.  "Anyways look at what Arohi's made for you."  "It's the very first  dish she's made for you all by herself.  Arjun looked worriedly at the bowl that was placed infront of him.  "What is it?" he asked hesitantly.  'It's halwa." Arohi said sweetly.  "Made especially for my husband. "  "I hope you like it."  "I worked really hard on it," she said shly.  "Ofcouse he'll like it." Arjun's dad said coming up to the table.  "Come on Arjun take a bite." "Arjun stared at it like it was poison."  'I'm not hungry." he said.'  Arohi the crying queen quickly brought tears to her eyes"You don't like it." she said lip trembling.  Arjun's dad seeing her tears glared at Arjun.  "No, no he loves it."  "Arjun eat!" he snapped.  Arjun glared at Arohi.  Was he a 5 year old  little boy that his dad was telling him to eat.  But nevertheless, he ate.  He took a bite and spit it out.  "What did you put in this, it's disgusting!"  Arohi promptly burst into tears.  Everyone comforted Arohi and glared at Arjun.  "Arjun!" his dad yelled..  "What's wrong with you?'  "She's worked so hard on it."  "Now come on and eat it."  Arjun stared at his dad with his mouth open.  "What was happening here he thought.  "Dad," Arohi said sweetly.  "I've made something else for all of you."  She brought out kheer for everyone.  "I hope you like it." she said passing it to everyone.  Arjun smiled evilly.  Thank god now they could see what a bad cook she was.  And his dad can forget about making him eat this dog food, hell even dog food would probably be better then this.  
Arjun's dad took the first bite of the kheer and closed his eyes smiling.  "This is delicious." he said.  Everyone else nodded not speaking because they were too busy eating the yummy kheer.  Arjun stared at her.  What was happening here?!  He forced himself to take another bite of the halwa when he saw his dad pointedly stare at him.  Arohi could barely contain her glee.  She knew exactly how to make halwa, but Arjun would never know that.  The fun part was watching Arjun suffer through the meal.  As she saw him take another bite she almost let a giggle spill out.  She was going to make sure he suffered through every last bite.  I promised you hell Arjun, and I don't go back on my promises she thought smiling slowly to herself.
Please let me know what you think.

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Yay! i m soo lucky :D got to see ur update, wasnt expecting it this soon. thanks :D

luved the previous one :) reminded me of KMH2 soo much :( now going to read this :D

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awesome!! i love it!! its gettin hawt in here! somebody turn on the fan..haha.!
and the halwa part was freakin awesome!!

i can't wait for more!! its too always make me want more!!

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o god poor arjun...
arohi is such a devil...LOL
mr.softy alluwalia is back...Big smile
thnx for d pm...
waiting for d next update...

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