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Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF-Sleeping with the Enemy Prt18 Pg131(July 22) (Page 113)

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Part 17
WARNING:  This chapter is sizzling hot!
Arjun pulled into their driveway and got out of the car. Walking to the passenger side, he opened the door and pulled Arohi out, and into his arms.  "Arjun, we're so wet from the rain, let's go inside and get out of these clothes." she said as he kissed her neck.  "I like the way you think." he said against her neck.  Arohi blushed.  "That's not what I meant." she said biting her bottom lip as he nuzzled her ear.  "Well it's what I meant." he said pulling away and looking down at her face.  "I love you." he said staring into her beautiful eyes.  "I should have said it a long time ago."  Arohi smiled.  "I love you too."  "My heart has been saying it to you for a long time now, it's just my pride that was getting in the way.  Arjun smiled down at her and moved to kiss her when Arohi moved away and sneezed.   "Okay let's get you inside." he said.  "And listen, we're going straight up to our room, don't make eye contact with anyone."  Arohi gave him a confused look.  "Why?" she asked.  "Because wifey" he said pulling her against him.  "I want you all to myself tonight, all night" he said roughly before he kissed her quickly and grabbing her hand started walking to the front door.  As they walked inside, Arohi giggled at something Arjun said into her ear. 
"Where have you been?" Rashi asked looking stressed.  Arohi turned towards her.  "Out with Arjun" she replied.  "And now we're tired and going to bed" Arjun said quickly pulling Arohi along.  "Bed, there will no bed for us tonight!" Rashi said shaking her head.  "I've been calling you!"  "I found out that the 5 chapters that we thought wouldn't be on the Economics final exam because they were already on the mid term will actually be on the final."  "We haven't even looked at those chapters in 6 weeks."  "I don't remember anything!" she cried.  "We need  to study together, I need your notes on everything." Rashi said grabbing Arohi's hand.  "What?!" Arjun said pulling Arohi in his direction.  "When is this exam?" he asked.  "In 2 days!"  "Oh my god in 2 days!" Rashi said looking like she was going to cry.  "2 days is a long time, you two can study tomorrow."  "It's late now, rest is important too." he said pulling Arohi towards the stairs.  "Tomorrow!"  "Bhai are you crazy?!"  "We need to study all night...tonight!" Rashi said pulling Arohi towards her.  Arohi looked at Rashi and then Arjun.  Both had determined looks on their face.  "I need to get out these wet clothes Rash," she said looking at Rashi.  And then I'll come to your bedroom and we can study." she said looking at Arjun and giving him a sad smile.  Arjun's face was almost comical.  He was crestfallen.  All three made their way upstairs with Arjun and Arohi walking into their bedroom.  The second the door closed Arjun pulled Arohi to him.  "You're not going anywhere." he said as he started unbuttoning her shirt.  "Arjun, I have to." she said, pushing his hands away from her and backing away.  Arjun stared at her.  "This sucks!" he said  folding his ams across his chest and pouting like a child.  Arohi giggled.  "Don't worry, it's just one week."  "And then I'm all yours." she said stepping away as he reached for her.  She quickly grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and made her way to the bathroom.  Blowing Arjun a kiss as she shut the door.  Arjun shook his head.  What great timing! he thought to himself as he grabbed his phone to answer his text messages.  
Arohi came out of the bathroom, freshly bathed, no makeup, flushed and gorgeous.  Arjun looked up and threw his phone onto the bed as he got up.  He'd taken his t-shirt off Arohi thought as she felt her mouth go dry.  He was infront of her before she knew it, pulling her against him.  "Just one kiss." he said as his lips came down onto hers for a long deep breathless kiss.  Arohi moaned as his hand slipped under her shirt and her hands slowly traveled up his chest.  Their kiss became hotter, more intense as Arohi pressed herself closer to him.  "Arohi!" they heard.  "Ignore her." Arjun said against Arohi's lips as he continued to kiss her.  Arohi closed her eyes again.  "AROHI!"  Rashi yelled banging on the door.  Arohi's eyes popped open and she quickly pushed Arjun away.  Arjun did not look happy.  Stomping to the door he threw it open.  "WHAT?!" he snapped.  "What took you so long?" Rashi asked, looking past her brother she saw Arohi.  "Do you have your books?" she asked.  Arohi nodded and grabbed her things, walking past Arjun.  She gave him a small smile and he looked back at her with a sad expression on his face.  "Good night" she said from the hallway.  "Good night." he said quietly as he watched her walk away.    
Arjun tossed and turned all night.  There was no Arohi to cuddle against.  He was too used to having her snuggled against him.  He just couldn't get comfortable without her.  Finally at 5:30 when he just couldn't take it any longer he got up and got ready to go for a run.  Maybe that would help him work off his frustrations.  As he passed Rashi's room he saw the door was open.  Rashi lay at the foot of the bed fast asleep and Arohi sat next to the bed with her head resting on it.  Arjun walked in and smiled as he looked at his sleeping beauty.  He crouched down and moved her hair out of her face, lightly skimming his finger against her the side of her face.  Arohi didn't move.  He smiled and then taking her into his arms he lifted her up and brought her back to their bed.  Laying her down gently.  He got in next to her pulling her against him and wrapped his arm around her. He was asleep in minutes.   
Arohi woke with a start.  Where was she? she thought looking around as economics equations flashed through her head.  Oh, she was in her bed, she thought yawning and smiling over at Arjun who was sound asleep against her.  His hand rested on her stomach. Arohi turned over slowly to her side so that she faced Arjun.  He was so good looking she thought, smiling as she continued to stare at him.  And he was hers.  They had wasted so much time fighting.  Now they could finally start their married life, finally be happy.  It was funny how things worked out.  Someone she thought she hated was the most important person in the world to her now.  Arjun's "Good morning." brought Arohi out of her thoughts and back to the present.  "Good morning." she said looking at Arjun and smiling.  "I guess I have you to thank for bringing me to bed." she said stroking his face.  Arjun kissed the palm of her hand and moved closer to her, wrapping his arm tighter around her.  "I couldn't sleep without you."  he said nuzzling her neck.  "Rashi and I were up until 4:30 studying."  "She's a slave driver." Arohi said arching her neck as his kisses became more intense.  "Arohi!" they heard coming from their bedroom door.  "For god sakes!" Arjun said as Arohi pushed at his chest.  Arohi couldn't help the giggle that escaped her lips.  "You get it." he said putting his arm over his eyes." If I open it I'm liable to strangle her." he said.  Arohi opened the door to find a wrinkled, stressed Rashi.  " I can't believe we wasted precious time sleeping!" Rashi said.  "We're leaving for the library in 20 minutes."  "I'll meet you downstairs." she said hurrying away.    20 minutes!  Arohi thought, rushing now. "What time are you going to be home tonight?" Arjun asked.  "Late, remember more studying." she said rushing around grabbing her things and running into the bathroom.  15 minutes later Arohi was running out of their bedroom after giving Arjun a quick peck on the lips.  Arjun shook his head and sighed. Arohi's  sudden interest in her studies was great, and he was happy that she was being serious about them. But the timing couldn't be worse!  At the begininng of their marriage when he couldn't stand to be near her, she was all around him, driving him crazy.  And now all he wanted to do was to hold her in his arms, okay maybe not all he wanted to do, but still, now that he wanted to be with her he couldn't get 5 minutes alone with her.  Shaking his head he got himself ready for work.
Two days later, Arohi walked out of her first exam smiling.  She knew she'd done really well, she could feel it.  Thank god Rashi and her had studied those first  5 chapters of Econ orelse she would have failed for sure!  Grabbing her phone out of her bag she called the person she wanted to share her happiness with the most.  Arjun answered the phone on the second ring.  "Hi wifey." he said.  Arohi smiled.  "Hi Arjun, what are you doing?" she asked.  "Counting down the minutes to Friday, when I'll have you all to myself." he answered.  Arohi smiled.  "You're quite anxious there Mr. Singhania." "You had lots of opportunities before to have me all to yourself." she teased.  "Now, I'm going to have to check my schedule and see if I'm free on Friday."   "I might be going out with the girls to celebrate end of exams" she said smiling.  "Are you playing hard to get Arohi?" Arjun asked, his voice even deeper and sexier.  "Maybe" she replied.  Arjun laughed.  "Sometimes the things you enjoy the most are the ones you work hardest to get." "So you continue to play hard to get and I'll work hard to get you."   "But get you I will." he said in a voice that had Arohi feeling flushed and warm all over.  The fluttering in her stomach showing no signs of calming down.  "A-Rohi" Arjun called into the phone.  "Are you there?"  "Yes" she was finally able to say.  "How did your first exam go?" he asked.  "Excellent!" she replied.  Filling him in quickly.  "Another late night tonight?"" he asked.  "Yup"  "You need anything?" he asked.  "No" I'm good."  "Do you want me to help you study."   Arohi laughed.  "I think we've been over that."  "If you help me study I'll fail for sure." she teased.  "I'll be good" he promised. and then pausing for a moment he said  "Who am I kidding next time I'm alone with my wife the last thing I plan on being is good!"  Arohi felt herself blushing.    "Arohi" Arjun said after a few minutes of silence.  "I've got a meeting in 10 minutes."  "I should get going."   "Okay" she answered.  He waited a minute.  "I love you." he said softly.  "I know" she answered making Arjun laugh.  "I'm going to hang up now." he said.  "Hmm." Arohi replied.  Another minute or so passed in silence.  "Okay Arohi, what's wrong?" Arjun asked.  Another pause.  "Nothing, I just like listening to your sexy voice."  "Keep talking, I'll just listen." she said in a dreamy voice.  Arjun paused.  "You know you're killing me right?" he asked.  "Hmm," was her answer making Arjun laugh again.  "I love you baby and now I really gotta go." he said.  "I love you too" she said with a smile in her voice as she hung up.  Arjun looked at the phone and smiled at his silly wife.  He was still smiling when he walked into his meeting a few minutes later.
The rest of the week flew between studying and writing exams.  Rashi was a drill sergeant when it came to the studying schedules.  They had to be up early and home late every day.  Arjun and Arohi barely saw eachother in those few days.  Usually just good morning kisses that were cut short by Rashi's banging on their bedroom door and Arjun yelling at her to shut up.  Or late night cuddles where Arohi was too exhausted to do anything other then let Arjun hold her.  When Friday did come she was surprisingly not tired.  What she was, was nervous, and excited and giddy with anticipation.  Tonight her and Arjun would have no interruptions she thought to herself.   The girls and her had decided to got out and celebrate tomorrow night, end of their exams and University!  Tonight she wanted to celebrate with the man she loved.  And as if on cue, her phone rang..  Grabbing it she picked it up quickly.  "Arohi beta."  "Hi mom," Arohi said rolling her eyes at herself.  She was getting worse then Arjun.  "Arohi, can you come over tonight." "Maybe even spend the night." her mom asked.  Arohi instantly was worried.  "What's wrong mom?" she asked.  "It's Sonam."  "She's been crying since this morning."  "I don't know what to do."  "Your didi and jiju are out of town, and not back until tomorrow."  "I thought maybe you could talk to Sonam."  "I"ll leave here in 10 minutes and come straight over." Arohi said hanging up.  Sonam had been doing so much better, she thought to herself.  "Since she'd arrived they had spent lots of time together."  "She laughed so much more, she was eating, their was color in her skin."  "She was finally acting like a 16 year old girl."  Arjun had had a big part in bringing her out of her shell.  Inviting her out all the time, always teasing her and making sure she never felt left out.  Sonam had also become quite close to her.  Confiding in her that maybe Rahul wasn't the guy she had thought he had been.  Hearing that had made Arohi want to jump up and do the happy dance.  As far as she was concerned Rahul was the biggest jerk alive and the sooner Sonam figured that out the better it woud be.  But now she was crying.  What could have happened?
"What time are you going to be home?" Arjun asked.  "I was thinking maybe we could go out for dinner to that Italian restaurant we like and.."  "Arjun, I don't think I'm coming home tonight." Arohi said.  "WHAT?!"  "Why not?" he asked.  "I'm at my parents place." "Sonam is upset about something." "I think I should stay with her." Arohi replied.  "Oh, she okay?" he asked.  "I don't know."  "She's in her room and doesn't want to talk to me yet." Arohi replied.  "Okay you girls do your thing."  "Let me know if you need me." he said.  Arohi waited.  "That's it?"  "You're not upset" she asked.  "Why would I be upset?" he asked.  "Well it's Friday, and you know..." she replied.  Arjun laughed.  "Yeah I know it's Friday and yes I know..." he said.  "But Sonam's in a bad place and I think she needs you right now."  "I won't say more then me cause I need you pretty badly."  "But I can wait."  he said.  "I can't wait too much longer though." he warned.  Arohi felt tears fill her eyes.  "I love you so much!" she said swallowing past the lump in her throat.  "Hey, hey, babe don't cry" he said.  "I love you too."  "And we have tomorrow."  "We do have tomorrow right?" he asked worriedly.  Arohi laughed and wiped her tears.  "Yes, we definitely have tomorrow." she said.  "Then we're good."  "The guys wanted to go play football tonight."  "I'll go do that." he said.  "Call me before you go to bed." she said hanging up.  She couldn't even believe that she was in love with Arjun, so deeply madly insanely in love with him.   She couldn't imagine her life without him now.  Love was such a surpising beautiful thing.  The person that you couldn't live with could some how become the person you couldn't live without.  
"Sonam," "Please open the door." Arohi called.  "You know I'm not going to leave until I've seen and spoken to you."   Arohi waited and then she finally heard a click and then the door opened.  Sonam stood infront of Arohi, tear stained.  Arohi looked at her and Sonam letting out a sob threw herself into Arohi's arms.  Arohi didn't say anything, she just held Sonam closing the door behind her and leading Sonam to the bed.    "Let it all out." Arohi said stroking Sonam's hair and letting her cry.  Slowly the tears started to subside.  Arohi held her as the sobs became little hiccups, grabbing a tissue she passed it to Sonam.  They sat that way for a long time, Arohi holding Sonam against her until Sonam was finally able to talk.  "While Rahul was with me he was also seeing another girl."  A girl named Reena."   "She's pregnant with his child."  "She's 16 just like me."  "Neither one of us knew about the other."  Sonam said softly.  "That bast**d Arohi said.  "That disgusting pig." she said shaking her head.  "I could have been that girl." Sonam said sitting up and looking at Arohi.   Arohi stared at her.  "Did you two sleep together?" she asked holding her breath and praying the answer was no.  "No" Sonam said shaking her head.  "He wanted to, but I kept stalling."  "I just can't believe he would have done this to her and I"  "What kind of person treats someone like that."  "He used both of us."  "Me to steal for him."  "And Reena, well you know." she said sadly.  "I trusted him so much, how will I ever trust anyone again?"    "I know" Arohi said.   "But unfortunately this is part of growing up and learning about people."  "Granted this was an extreme case."  "But the good thing is that most people are not like Rahul."  "And as you grow up you will learn more and more about trust and relationships."  "Both you and Reena have a tough road ahead of you."  "You've been hurt in a big way and it's going to take you a long time to trust again."  "All I ask is that you remember that you have your family to help you through this."  "Your family to lean on and support you."  "You've realized what Rahul is," "That was half the battle."  "Now you need to work at moving past this." That's where we all come in to help."  Sonam nodded fighting back more tears.  Arohi hugged her young cousin and thanked god that it hadn't been Sonam in Reena's position.
"So, are we meeting at the club tonight or all going together?" Tina asked.  "Going together." Rashi answered for everyone.  Arohi stared at her friends.  She'd told Arjun that Saturday was their night and she'd made plans with her friends.  What was she going to do now.  They were all sitting in her bedroom.  She'd just gotten back from her parents place after making sure Sonam was okay.  Getting up Arohi walked to her closet and starting looking through her dresses, when she noticed a deep turquoise fitted silk dress, sleeveless with a sweetheart neck line.  It fell to just above her knees.  She's forgotten about this dress, she'd been with Arjun the day she had bought it.  It was actually Arjun that had made her buy it, she remembered what his reaction to her in that dress had been.  He had had a hard time keeping his hands off of her, and then the way his eyes had gotten all dark and intense.   Hmmm. Arohi thought.  Arjun had said he'd work hard to get her.  "But get her he will" said a little voice in her head.  Arohi smiled to herself.  Let's see how bad she could make Arjun want her. she thought as she turned back to her friends.  "What's everyone wearing ?" she asked.
Arjun walked into his bedroom and unbuttoned his shirt.  He'd been in meetings all day so he hadn't had a chance to speak to Arohi. She still wasn't home? he thought to himself looking at his watch.  He pulled out his phone to send her a message when he noticed a note taped to the mirror in their room.  Arjun pulled it off and a slow smile appeared on his lips as he read it.  "I'm going to U-Lounge."  "If you want me, come and get me."  Arjun shook his head.   Picking up his phone he sent Romit and Arvind both text messages telling them to keep their evening free, that they were going to U-Lounge. 
Arohi sipped her drink and looked around.  No Arjun yet she thought.  "Let's go dance." Rashi said pulling the girls on to the dance floor.  The dance floor was packed with people.  As the girls danced they were pushed apart as more and more people jammed the dance floor.  Arohi moved to the music but as she separated from her friends she found herself moving to the side of the dance floor trying to locate them.  Lifting her hair off the nape of her neck she fanned herself trying to cool herself down.  That's when she felt a set of hands settle on her hips.  "Looking for me?" Arjun said into her ear  as he pulled her against him.  Arohi slowly smiled.  His hands moved up a little.  "You wore this dress on purpose didn't you?" he growled into her ear. "To drive me crazy" he added.  Arohi turned around slowly looping her arms around Arjun's neck.  "Now, why would I do that?" she asked innocently.  Arjun pulled her closer, moving his hands up her back.  "I can think of a few reasons." he said kissing her neck.  They had now been pushed onto the dance floor, their bodies pressed together as they moved to the music.  "You're so sexy." Arjun said against her ear as she moved against him.  "Let's go home."  Arohi almost said yes.  But what would be the fun in that? she thought.  Instead she pulled away from him and through the crowds of people, started moving away.  Glancing back and giving him a flirty, sexy smile.  Arjun's eyes narrowed and seeing the smile he couldn't help the smile that appeared on his own face.  If she wanted to be chased.  He would chase her.  But once he caught her he wasn't about to let her go.  Arohi glanced back and saw that Arjun was making his way towards her too.  Turning back she smiled and kept moving.  It was fun driving Arjun crazy.  "Arohi!" Tina called grabbing her hand and pulling her as she walked past them.  "Oh, there you guys are" Arohi noticing that Arjun was still making his way off the dance floor.  Turning back towards the girls she said.  "Arjun's here, I'll probably go home with him soon." she said.  The girls nodded and as Arohi looked back towards the dance floor she didn't see Arjun anywhere.  "Where did he go she?" thought frowning.  "Okay, I'll see you later." she said turning away. 
 Hmm. she thought.  This was not how she had planned it she thought as she walked towards the bathrooms.   A large set of windy stairs led up the second floor which led to the bathrooms.  Arohi was at the bottom of these stairs when she felt a hand grab her arm and pull her behind the stairs to a hidden alcove.  Arjun pressed her against the wall.  His hands gripping both of her arms.  Arohi stared up at him.  Her mouth dry.  Her heart beating rapidly.   He let go of her arms now resting one hand on her hip. The other hand making it's way up to her face.   His  thumb traced her bottom lip and then slowly he bent down... his lips an inch apart from hers.  Arohi forgot to breathe.  His hands on her hips pulled her closer to him, making Arohi gasp and then his lips were on hers.  Hot and demanding.  Arohi groaned, moving her hands into his hair as Arjun kissed her.  The kiss was greedy and Arjun wasn't going to stop until he left Arohi limp with desire.  She could already feel herself melting into him.  When he did tear his lips from hers he moved to her neck.  "Oh my god" Arohi whispered as he kissed her neck, trailing up to her ear he bit her ear lobe.  Arohi pulled his lips back to hers and gave him a long sweet hot kiss back.  Pulling away Arjun leaned his forehead against hers.  "Let's go home" he said roughly.  Arohi couldn't speak.  She nodded and he grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the alcove and through the crowds of people to the front entrance.  Walking outside they were hit by cooler air.  Arohi needed it, she was on fire.  
Arohi startled as she felt Arjun slam on the brakes.  They were home she thought.  She'd been too engrossed in replaying what just happened back at the club and thinking about what was about to happen she hadn't even noticed they were already home.  "That was the longest drive of my life." Arjun said leaning towards her and kissing her again.   Pulling back he got out of the car and walked to her side pulling her out.  He picked her up in his arms.  "Arjun, what are you doing?" she asked breathlessly.  "Someone might see us."  "Let them" he said, his eyes dark with passion.  Arohi couldn't break eye contact with him.  The house was dark as Arjun climbed the stairs with Arohi in his arms, only putting her down when they walked into their bedroom.  "Did I mention how sexy you look in this dress?" he asked.  "You might have." she said moving away from him.  Arjun walked closer to her as he slipped off his shirt.  Arohi smiled as she took another step back.  "Why do you run Arohi?" he asked slipping off his watch as he walked towards her.  "So that you can catch me" she said giving him a sexy smile.  Arjun chuckled.  Arohi's back hit the wall making her stop as Arjun walked up, placing one hand on either side boxing her in.  "I think I caught you." he said softly.  "What's my prize?" he asked.  Arohi smiled as she unzipped her dress slowly  and let it slip to the ground.  Arjun's eyes grew wide.  "That's not just a prize, that's a whole bloody jackpot!" he said as her pulled her against him.  Arjun's kisses drove Arohi crazy and by the time he picked her up and carried her to their bed, she was delirious from wanting him.  They made love for the very first time, and it was everything Arohi had thought it was going to be...Passionate, sweet, soft, greedy, frantic, slow...perfect.     They fell asleep in eachothers arms listening to eachother's heart beats.  Life was perfect as long as she was in Arjun's arms was Arohi's last thought as she fell asleep.
Sorry about the delay.  Please let me know what you think of this latest installment.  Thanks for being such loyal readers

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at last at last - got an update -
What do i say raman - no words to express my feelings
the update was worth the long awaited wait
at last arjuhi has become one - just luved this chappy raman - u are such a wonderful writer - putting in all their emotions and making us, readers, feel each and every emotion of arjuhi
how many haddi's did u bring in before uniting them - luved it -
fantabulous update -
hoping to get an earlier update next time please

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life was perfect as long as she was in his arms!!
this is what she felt and its the same as we feel!!
our lives are perfect as long as she is in his arms!
and our lives feel devastated when she is away from him!!

first two paras were a laughter riot for me!! i could not stop laughing!!
update was hawwwtt!!
i loved it!
you know what i feel every time arjun kisses her?? its like she is his drug and he needs her to survive!may be its because you mentioned it in one of the initial updates that she was like drug to him...but from then this is what goes through my mind every time i read abt him kissing her!

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i'm speechles


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amazing update

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JUST AMAZING and so BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing

 hahahaha poor Arjun first Rashi then Arohis mom and the party LOL

Hug thanks for this great updates Hug
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another amazing update... i don't think anyone can bring out the arjun-arohi passion as much as you do Heart

awesome dear... just awesome!!! loved the way they both are equally passionate for each other... it was worth the wait Big smile

please update sooner and longer next time... getting more and more greedy!!!! hehehe Wink
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wonderful continue plz great job

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